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  • [Fixed] YouTube Sidebar Not Showing on Computer

[Fixed] YouTube Sidebar Not Showing on Computer

By Vicky | Follow | Last updated on June 01, 2021


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Many YouTube users reported that YouTube sidebar not showing . It is not known why the problem occurred. This post gathers some solutions to the problem. If you have the same problem, try it.

In this page:

  • YouTube sidebar not showing
  • Solution 1: Clear YouTube cache and cookies
  • Solution 2 – Log back into your account
  • Solution 3 – Disable or update browser plugins
  • Is the YouTube sidebar back?

YouTube sidebar not showing

The “YouTube sidebar is missing” issue has bothered many YouTubers and one user posted the issue on

A few hours ago, the sidebar on the left side of my screen that showed the library, subscriptions, and trending areas disappeared.

Why did the sidebar disappear? The reason is uncertain. But some users said that the YouTube sidebar appears on the left side of the screens after several minutes. So wait several minutes and see if the sidebar reappears.

If not, there are solutions to the problem: clear YouTube cache and cookies and other solutions, re-login to YouTube accounts, etc. Below are detailed tutorials on these solutions. Try them.

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Solution 1: Clear YouTube cache and cookies

Some YouTubers said clearing cache and cookies was helpful. So try it.

Here is the tutorial on how to clear YouTube cache and cookies on PC. If you are using the YouTube app, please refer to the tutorial on how to clear YouTube cache and cookies on mobile phones.

Step 1: Open a browser (here take Google Chrome for example).

Step 2: Open the Google Chrome menu by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Select More tools option from the menu and then select Clear browsing data option .

click on More tools → Clear browsing data

Paso 4: En la pestaña Básico , seleccione el intervalo de tiempo y el historial de navegación, las cookies y otros datos del sitio, o las imágenes y los archivos almacenados en cache.

clear YouTube cache and cookies

Step 5: haz click in Borrar data to eliminate the hidden and the cookies of YouTube.

When finalizing the compensation process, go to the YouTube page and see if you see the sidebar. If aún falta, try the next solution.

Solución 2: vuelva a iniciar sesión en su cuenta

El tutorial sobre cómo cerrar sesión en YouTube en PC se encuentra a continuación.

Paso 1: haz clic en tu avatar en la página de YouTube.

Paso 2: Haga clic en la opción Cerrar sesión del menú emergente.

choose Log out

Étape 3 : Connectez-vous à nouveau à votre compte.

[Solved!] How do I sign out of YouTube on all devices?

[Résolu !] Comment se déconnecter de YouTube sur tous les appareils ?

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Lire la suite

Solution 3 – Désactiver ou mettre à jour les plugins du navigateur

Désactiver les plug-ins :

Étape 1 : Ouvrez Google Chrome, puis accédez à son menu.

Step 2: Click on More Tools option and then choose Extensions option .

Step 3: Uncheck the plugin bar you want to disable.

Devil the browser plugin

Update plugins:

Step 1: Navigate to chrome://extensions/.

Step 2: Enable Developer Mode on the top right corner and then click Update button.

update plugins on google chrome

When the update process is complete, go to the YouTube page and see if the sidebar appears.

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Is the YouTube sidebar back?

Did you get your YouTube sidebar back after trying the above fixes? Hope all the above mentioned fixes can help you get rid of “YouTube sidebar not showing” issue. If you are having the issue on mobile phones, reinstalling the YouTube app might help.

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