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RESOLVED! Error “Cannot save here, please choose another location” – a summary

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January 12, 2022



  • What is the “Unable to save here, please choose another location” error?
  • Why am I getting this error? How to fix it?
    • Method 1: Try giving administrators full authority over the problematic folder. 
    • Method 2: Give Full Control to Your User Profile
    • Method 3: Disable User Account Control
    • Method 4: Run the program as administrator
    • Method 5: Disable Protected Mode feature
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    • 1.) How do I unlink Microsoft OneDrive?
    • 2.) How to hide Microsoft OneDrive?

As an Internet-based storage platform with a large share of space offered for free, Microsoft OneDrive is used for free by approximately 445 million users. However, “You cannot save here. Please choose another location” is a common problem faced by Microsoft Outlook users.

What is the “Unable to save here, please choose another location” error?

This problem usually occurs when the user tries to save a document under a new name in the pseudo-folder (virtual folder) which provides quick access to all recently created or modified files on your computer.

Why am I getting this error? How to fix it?

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This problem mainly occurs when the user does not have the necessary permissions to perform the given operation.

Además, varios usuarios informaron haber recibido el problema “No puede guardar aquí, elija otra ubicación” en su PC, descubrieron que la razón detrás de esto para ellos era que non tenían los permisos necesarios para realizar esta operación.

Este problema le impide guardar algunos archivos y le enseñaremos cómo solucionarlo correctlyamente en Windows 10.

Method 1: institute otorgar autoridad completa a los administradores sobre la carpeta problemática. 

Para hacer esto, simplye siga estos sencillos pasos que se detallan a continuation.



  • Paso 1: haga clic con el botón derecho en el directorio problemático y elija Propiedades en el menú.
  • Paso 2: Vaya a la pestaña Seguridad y haga clic en Editar.
  • Paso 3: seleccione Administradores en el menú y marque Control total en la columna Permitir.

Note: If Full Control is already selected in the Allow column, you may need to pick any option from the Deny column before checking Full Control in the Allow column again.

  • Step 4: After you’re done, click on Apply and OK to save changes.
  • Step 5: Now repeat these steps for the Users group if it’s available in the Security section.

If you’re witnessing the same error message again while trying to save files to a certain location, you might be able to solve the problem by providing Full Control to the Administrators group on your PC. As modifying security permissions is a more complicated operation, you should avoid doing it on system folders.

Also, modifying permissions might lead to other problems, so be cautious and avoid changing the security permissions of system directories and files.

This issue should be totally addressed after assigning Full Control to the Administrators group, and you should be able to save files to this directory without any further complications.

Method 2: Giving Full Control To Your User Profile

Several people say that providing Full Control to your user profile would solve the problem. This is really straightforward, and you may accomplish it by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Security tab like we showed you in the previous steps and click on the Edit button.
  • Step 2: Now click on Add button.
  • Step 3: In Enter the object names to select the field, enter your username and click on the Check Names button.
  • Step 4: If everything is in order, click on OK to save changes.
  • Step 5: Now select the Full control option and save changes.

Method 3: Disable User Account Control

User Account Control is a valuable feature in Windows 10, just like it was in earlier versions of Windows. This is a security feature that will alert you if you or any program attempts to conduct an activity that needs administrator permissions.

Even while this is a vital security feature, it can occasionally cause your system to malfunction, resulting in users not having permissions to save in the location problem. Disabling User Account Control may provide a minor security risk, but in most circumstances, it will not affect your computer’s performance.

To do this, follow the steps given as follows

Step 1: Press Windows Key + S and enter the user account.

Step 2: Select Change User Account Control settings.

Step 3: Move the slider all the way down to Never notify and click on OK to save changes.

Method 4: Run Program As An Administrator

If you’re using an application that doesn’t have administrator access, you don’t have permission to save files to this location, a warning may display.

Simply run the program that is causing the issue as an administrator to resolve the issue. You should be able to save files without any issues after that.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: First locate the problematic application and right-click it.
  • Step 2: Now choose Run as administrator from the menu.
  • Step 3: Next, you need to right-click the problematic application and choose Properties from the menu.
  • Step 4: Now, go to the Compatibility tab and check Run this program as an administrator option.
  • Step 5: Now click on OK and Apply to save changes.

Method 5: Disable The Protected Mode Feature

If you see this error notice when using your web browser, you may be able to resolve the issue by simply turning off Protected Mode. Check if the problem still exists after you’ve made all the necessary modifications.

To do this, follow these steps

  • Step 1: Press Windows Key + R and enter inetcpl.cpl in the Run window.
  • Step 2: Press OK or click Enter.
  • Step 3: Go to the Security tab and uncheck Enable Protected Mode option.
  • Step 4: Now click Apply and OK to save changes.
  • Step 5: After doing that, restart your browser, and it is done.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.) How To Unlink Microsoft OneDrive?

To unlink your Microsoft OneDrive, you need to follow these instructions given below

  • Step 1: Select the white or blue OneDrive cloud icon in the taskbar or menu bar.
  • Step 2: Now select Help and Settings, after that select Settings.
  • Step 3: On the Account tab, click Unlink this PC.
  • Step 4: Now click unlink account.

2.) How To Hide Microsoft OneDrive?

You can also conceal or remove OneDrive in various Windows versions. The OneDrive mobile app may also be uninstalled from Android and iOS devices.

To hide OneDrive on Windows 10, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Select the white or blue OneDrive cloud icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar.
  • Step 2: Select Help & Settings and then Settings.
  • Step 3: On the Settings tab, uncheck all the boxes under General.
  • Step 4: On the AutoSave tab, set the Documents and Pictures lists to This PC only, and uncheck the other boxes.
  • Step 5: On the Account tab, click Choose folders.
  • Step 6: Check and uncheck the option Sync all files and folders in my OneDrive in the Sync your OneDrive files to this PC section. To close the box and return to the settings, click OK.
  • Step 7: Click OK to save your changes in the Settings box.
  • Step 8: Abre la Configuración nuevamente. In the pestaña Cuenta, haga click in Desvincular OneDrive. Cierre el cuadro Bienvenido a OneDrive que aparece.
  • Paso 9: Abra el Explorador de archivos, click with the next button on OneDrive and click on Propiedades.
  • Step 10 − In the General tab, next to Attributes, check the Hidden box. This hides OneDrive from File Explorer.
  • Step 11: Again, select the OneDrive Help & Settings icon Help & Settings and select Quit OneDrive. This removes the OneDrive icon from the notification area.

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