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Hey! My name is Ricardo Prieto and I work (and write) on web design, layout and user experience at SiloCreativo, where we help people develop their projects with tutorials, advice and resources.

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Like every year, it’s time to sit down with our beloved WordPress bar setup and start testing the new templates in search of the best WordPress themes for 2015.

And so, after the good reception of the articles in the previous editions (2013 and 2014,) we decided to start this list with the same philosophy of the previous editions: an open compilation where we will add new WordPress themes that will surprise us or incorporate something new or very good.

The rules are simple: WordPress themes must incorporate something that we love (it can be the combination of fonts, excellent loading speed, great use of responsive design…) and which has been done this year (updates are not on this list, Avada, Enfold and other popular themes are already in the other lists.)

So let’s see them!

What do you expect from the best WordPress themes?

Today, if you want a WordPress theme, you must check that it has a number of prerequisites:

– The first and most basic thing: the responsive design , that is to say a theme adapted to all devices and screen resolutions. It will be very good for the user experience, but also Google will give us a better positioning (In Spanish). Therefore, responsive design is mandatory (and if it’s also mobile-first, the better.)

– La seconde, la vitesse de chargement . Si un site Web se charge lentement, les utilisateurs se fatiguent et quittent le site avant de voir le contenu. Et cela peut affecter des pertes importantes si votre site est un ecommerce (plus d’informations sur cette présentation). Par conséquent, nous recherchons des thèmes WordPress avec une vitesse de chargement rapide. (C’est aussi l’un des facteurs SEO les plus importants aujourd’hui.)

– Et troisièmement : que ce n’est pas un thème saturé . Nous entendons par là que le thème WordPress que vous choisissez doit avoir exactement ce dont vous avez besoin. Des millions d’options inutilisées ne servent qu’à rendre votre site plus lourd et plus lent. Alors comme nous en parlions récemment dans le Barcelona WordCamp, réfléchissez avant de choisir votre thème…

If you already have it clear, it is time to select the topic. With WordPress, fulfilling the basic requirements and having a good theme, you can perform almost any kind of web: A blog, an online store with ecommerce plugins, a corporate enterprise web…We have made a list by categories:

  • Best Corporate WordPress Themes (Business)
  • Best WordPress Themes for Blogs
  • Best WordPress Themes for Portfolios
  • Best WordPress Themes for Ecommerce (full article for projects with WooCommerce)
  • Best WordPress Themes for pictures and images (full article)
  • WordPress themes with support and documentation in English and Spanish

With these links you can navigate directly to the section that interests you.

Best Corporate WordPress Themes

Brick – Multipurpose WordPress: with a good design is possible

brique-theme-wordpress brique-theme-wordpress

+ InfoVer Demo

We are not very fond of multipurpose WordPress themes, as they are not intended to solve any particular problem and they bring too much extras that you are not going to use and make your web weighs more. Brick, however, deserves a special mention, because it cares enough details in the design, which is not usual in this type of templates.

Such themes are often ideal for web designers (or configurators of WordPress) who have some knowledge and have a specific need to set up a website to a client. With a little skill and without touching code you can get excellent results. And if you manage to become familiar with the theme, the next project will go faster and you will have more time to polish or add more details.

Do not look for load speed or optimization in this theme, but a lot of flexibility, good design and especially scalability. You can go adding new sections as the project grows (service section, portfolio, contact, or online store.) This is a Swiss Army knife tastefully designed.

Zephyr – Material desing also in WordPress

theme-wordpress-material-design theme-wordpress-material-design

+ InfoVer Demo

One of the design trends this year is the material design. Google has made a very concrete way of working certain forms and effects in apps, and although they are recommendations, they seem to have penetrated a lot.

That is why it was a matter of time that it arrived to WordPress through a theme or a plugin. And the best result that we have seen so far is the Zephyr template. The theme comes in the form of multipurpose (that is, without specific topic,) and can serve to a portfolio, as corporate website, blog…

Of course, due to the amount of CSS and JS files that it incorporates, and the parallax effects, you will see how the speed of loading and navigation is not very fluid, so if you decide on this theme, it would be nice to do some optimization work or WPO.

Listify – Creating a directory with WordPress

wordpress-theme-for-directory wordpress-theme-for-directory

+ InfoVer Demo

Every day I am amazed how easy it is to realize a good entrepreneurial idea by WordPress and their themes and plugins. And Listify is a clear example. With this premium theme you can create a system of lists or directory with the corresponding geolocation.

Imagine creating a store directory or a list of the best restaurants in your town with WordPress. Listify it used to that. The simple interface very oriented to have a good user experience makes this theme the best in its sector

As for compatibility, if you are thinking about monetizing the project, it will be possible through its integration with WooCommerce and some more plugins (including various of contact forms.)

Plain – Corporate and minimalist theme

simple wordpress theme simple wordpress theme

+ InfoVer Demo

With the explosion of entrepreneurs and startups, it has been “standardized” (if in this sector is possible to standardize something,) a type of a very specific web: websites for startups. And Plain, this WordPress theme fits perfectly for startups.

The reason is to convey an idea or product in the most visually and clearly way, guiding the user through a series of steps (1, 2, 3 …): product, service, equipment and call to action; all with good pictures (or videos for those who can afford it…)

Besides this, several premium themes are perfect if you are a web designer, but generally, for a corporate theme they are not necessary. The loading speed is not really good (below 50/100 for both responsive as desktop on tests of Google.) The design is right. It meets expectations. Definitely, it is a good choice for developers and designers to use as a framework.

Construction – WordPress Theme for construction

construction-wordpress-theme construction-wordpress-theme

+ InfoVer Demo

Construction is one of those templates that has cleared its purpose and solve a problem clearly: to create a website with WordPress for construction companies. And it succeeds with flying colours.

The design is correct and functional. Good use of fonts and some extra effects like parallax bring visibility to some sections of the website. All buttons follow the dynamics of flat design, so the overall presentation fulfill its mission

Like many other templates, this one includes some premium WordPress plugins in the global price, such as slider revolution or visual composer; perhaps they are not much necessary, but they can come in handy to go one step further.

Best WordPress themes for Blogs

Rosemary – WordPress for It girls and Instagramers

rosemary-wordpress-theme-mode rosemary-wordpress-theme-mode

+ InfoVer Demo

WordPress themes for bloggers that publish daily photographs of themselves with models of clothes, hairstyles, accessories… are fashion; and the formula works, as more and more bloggers have been achieved recognition and fame with their blogs.

Rosemary is one of those templates that fit perfectly into this category. The combination of fonts is important to the overall aesthetics (serif for titles and sans-serif for other texts.) The rest of the design is very simple, without fanfare but following current trends.

The loading speed is quite good, as the theme has not unnecessary extras: a slider designed to consciousness, a fast responsive, but not mobile-first, and good compatibility with plugins for Instagram. This is all what you need. 🙂

Note – WordPress theme for bloggers who like to experiment

note-theme-wordpress note-theme-wordpress

+ InfoVer Demo

In SiloCreativo we love the experiments and the people who risk. So go with the brave and those who propose new and experimental themes.

Such is the case of Note, a responsive WordPress theme for blogs that incorporates some effects and styles that are reminiscent of Meduim, a publishing system guided by the personal blogging more than the style magazine.

We like the effect of outstanding images in each post when you hover over it, and the good use that makes of several CSS recources, achieving a very good responsive experience. The loading speed is correct (upgradeable to mobile,) but removing it, it is a perfect theme for a personal blog with great style.

Xtrem Mag – A multipurpose magazine for WordPress

wordpress-theme-magazine wordpress-theme-magazine

+ InfoVer Demo

One of the most frequent uses of WordPress is the magazine or digital journal, and there are a lot of good proposals of designs as templates in this category. Xtreme Mag is a good example. Just seeing the demo you can see the complexity that can manage to get so many widgets and custom areas.

The design is correct. It is not the strong point, although the editor interested in this theme valued more the flexibility to build a good home than tiny details related to the design of this theme. Perhaps the parallax effects do not have much sense here.

As for the loading speed, it will require a good job of optimization to make the website load faster and improve your positioning in Google . Furthermore, the responsive design is very usable and accessible. This is a good point, as it is difficult to solve for a magazine.

Monster – Theme for bloggers without complications

blog-theme-monster blog-theme-monster

+ InfoVer Demo

For bloggers who do not want to complicate their life, they always have available simple themes such as Monster, with just the necessary options to install and start running in seconds.

With a simple and clean design, Monster is an excellent theme if you are not looking for sliders, parallax or other ornaments that tarnish your great content. If you prefer to publish a great responsive design with a good user experience, Monster succeeds.

Making good use of the options that brings WordPress (custom menu, wallpaper, search engine …,) this theme gets a seemingly easy: to meet the needs of users with blogger profile. As for loading speed, it has to be improved (below 40/100 on tests of Google,) but if this does not matter … Monster is a good choice!

Best WordPress themes for Portfolio

Kalium – WordPress theme for architects and minimalist designers

laium-clean-thème laium-clean-thème

+ InfoVer Demo

Kalium is one of those themes that are designed for a very specific portfolio, and is this case to a design studio or freelancer with very clean and minimalist works. It can also fit nicely for an architectural or interior design looking for a WordPress template where display photos of works.

The design is basic but very functional. The pace of the vertical elements in the portfolio is very nice, and the design of the blog is also correct, all based on black or white colours. The fonts are corrected (sizes too small, not very accessible.) The responsive design is suitable and easy to navigate on lower resolution devices.

We must highlight the good documentation of the theme (including videos) and premium plugins including a pair of them to create slider and the visual composer to create own pages with drag and drop.) The loading speed is not really good, but instead we have a good WordPress template to show the world our portfolio.

Have you chosen your WordPress template in relation to what did you expect?

The best advice I can give to someone looking for a WordPress theme is to pick one that fits right your needs (with the options you need.) This must be like a suit, if we fall short we will be ridiculous, and if we fall long, probably we will think we have gone gaining a lot of fabric for the same price, but we risk falling down.

A theme with many premiums plugins and hundreds of options that costs the same as a simple theme without extras is not the best purchase. In the long term, the optimization and configuration tasks of the theme will take us time and money, besides using only a very small part of what the theme gives us, so the performance will be affected.

Therefore, look for something that exactly meets your objectives, a design that fits your style and has a good responsive experience. Other things, believe me, will become a liability. I hope this selection of the best WordPress themes 2015 has been helpful for you!

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Los 55 mejores temas gratuitos de WordPress receptivos para 2022

Anna Fitzgerald

Anna Fitzgerald

Updated: May 20, 2022

Published: June 29, 2021

Los dispositivos móviles generaron el 54,8% del tráfico global del sitio web en el primer trimestre de 2021.

Site owner who installed a free WordPress theme

Dado que los dispositivos móviles han representado aproximadamente la mitad del tráfico web en todo el mundo desde principios de 2017, es esencial que su sitio web sea receptivo . Si está en WordPress, crear un sitio receptivo es tan simple como instalar el tema de WordPress correcto. 

Responsive WordPress themes automatically change their layout and format based on the size and resolution of the screen in which they’re being viewed. This helps ensure your website visitors have a positive user experience, no matter if they’re using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 

Now that you understand the advantage of using a responsive WordPress theme, let’s check out your best options. 

Grow Your Business With HubSpot’s Tools for WordPress Websites

Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Below are 70 of the best WordPress themes that are both free and fully responsive. Installing and activating any of them on your WordPress website will help you provide seamless experiences to desktop and mobile visitors — without costing you a dime. 

1. Astra

As one of the most popular WordPress themes in the official WordPress repository, Astra is known for its ease-of-use and high performance.

In addition to being lightweight and fast loading, Astra is fully responsive so your site is optimized for different device sizes. The theme includes controls that allow you to manage typography, headers, and more for both desktop and mobile screens.

Astra is also famous for its compatibility. It works with all major page builders and nearly every WordPress plugin.

Astra responsive

2. Blocksy

Blocksy is a free minimalist theme that’s lighter and faster than most WordPress themes. In addition to offering features to speed up its load time, like code splitting, Blocky comes with seven starter sites that are tailored toward different niches. These starter sites — including ones for product review sites, apps, ecommerce stores, and blogs — have a clean and highly customizable design.

Blocksy Free WordPress Theme Travel Demo

Image Source

3. Kadence

Kadence is another popular theme in the WordPress repository known for its responsive design, speed, and customizability. 

The theme is built to load only the resources you need on a single page, which helps improve the overall load time of your site. In addition to speed, Kadence offers lots of customization options. You can set global color palettes, typography, and buttons to easily modify the design of your site. You can also use the theme’s powerful header and footer builder to create truly unique sections on your site.

Kadence WP Theme

4. Sydney

A clean and modern business theme, Sydney is one of the most widely used free WordPress themes. This theme offers a great design with the flexibility to customize your site with a color scheme, custom logo, sticky navigation menu, and more. It’s also fully responsive so your site will look beautiful on all devices.

Boutique démo du thème WordPress responsive gratuit Sydney

5. Illdy

Ideal for freelancers and agencies, Illdy is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be customized using the WordPress Customizer. You can use the parallax background header to catch your visitor’s attention immediately and keep them scrolling down the homepage to see your projects grid, testimonials, and more. 

Built on the Bootstrap CSS framework, this theme is responsive and mobile-friendly so your website will look great on any device.

La démo du thème Illdy présente une conception réactive d'une page

6. Rosa Lite

Rosa Lite is the free version of the best-selling restaurant WordPress theme by Pixelgrade. It combines design and performance so that any small business can create a website that stands out. Rosa Lite offers a unique grid layout with parallax scrolling, a built-in menu system, and color palette system so you can customize your website’s design with just a few clicks.

It’s also designed to work seamlessly with the Gridable plugin. Gridable allows you to create an adaptable and fully responsive grid with up to 12 columns and as many rows as you want. You can learn more about the process in Rosa Lite’s documentation.

Le thème réactif gratuit Rosa Lite comporte un curseur d'image de table de restaurant

7. The Optimizer

The Optimizer is a fully responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme with a multipurpose design.

You can manage all of your site’s details from the powerful theme options panel. The Optimizer theme is created with HTML5 and CSS3 to make it quick and lightweight. Also, the SEO-friendly design will ensure that your content gets better rankings in search results.

Le thème WordPress de l'optimiseur

Image Source

8. Hestia

Hestia is a simple and modern one-page WordPress theme that’s ideal for online businesses and startups that want to prioritize navigational ease.

With Hestia’s responsive layouts, you can quickly create and launch your site without worrying about its performance on mobile devices. It also comes with a  responsive and user-friendly mega menu, which makes it easy to arrange and organize submenu content.

La démo réactive gratuite du thème Hestia comprend des sections de parallaxe et de boutique en ligne

9. Shapely

As one of the best one page WordPress themes for business or landing page websites, Shapely comes with everything you need to showcase your business, including widgets for adding a blog, portfolio, shop, blog, products and services, clients, and parallax section.

Built on Bootstrap, Shapely is not only fully responsive — it also has a 12-column grid layout that’s ideal for displaying lots of posts, projects, and products on the page.

free responsive theme Shapely features navbar and parallax image

10. Simple

Simple is an attractive, free WordPress theme that will make your site look great even on small-screen devices. As the name implies, this theme comes with a simple and clean design that’s perfect for any small business website. The Simple theme comes with an easy-to-use theme customizer, which you can use to give your site a unique look.

Simple wordpress theme

11. Vertex

Vertex is one of the best free minimalist WordPress themes designed for creative professionals and agencies. With this theme, you have the power to showcase your content stylishly in a slider, grid, and list layout. You also get an extensive list of options for customization, including background colors and images, logos, and social sharing icons.

Like all modern themes, Vertex is fully responsive. Whether your visitors view your site on a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or desktop, your site will look outstanding.


12. Ember

Ember is another stunning design that is fully responsive. The design features a responsive slider on the homepage so you can promote multiple pieces of content and help boost their visibility.

Be it the parallax background or the typography options, you have everything at your fingertips to craft your site just the way you want it. The easy-to-use customizer makes the process simple.

ember free wordpress theme

13. Hello Elementor

Hello is a clean, lightweight theme designed to work seamlessly with the Elementor page builder plugin. Written with only the most essential code, Hello offers impressive load times and performance. Unlike other themes on this list, Hello is responsive by default but does allow you to customize your site by device. 

Simple, easy, and intuitive, Hello Elementor is ideal for new website owners looking to get their site up and running in a short time. Since Hello also enables developers to easily access and edit the theme’s codebase to make any changes they want, it’s also for more advanced users looking to design their site from the ground up.

free responsive theme Hello Elementor template with background images and CTA button

14. Neve

Neve comes with a professional design and everything you need to create a modern shop to sell your products. Responsive and and incredibly lightweight (with a default WordPress install weighing less than 28KB), this theme will not only make your site look great on all modern devices — it will also perform great on all devices.

Book Shop demo of the free responsive WordPress theme Neve

Image Source

15. Venture Lite

Venture Lite is a beautiful business WordPress theme with a fully responsive layout. Venture offers different homepage sections — including a Features, About, Team, News, and Contact section — that can have the parallax scrolling effect to keep readers engaged. It’s ideal for creative agencies, small businesses, startups, and freelancers.

Venture free wordpress theme

16. SimpleShift

SimpleShift is a super flexible, multipurpose WordPress theme that offers a stunning design and numerous features. This single-page and responsive WordPress design is perfect for any business website. It includes the impressive parallax effect for a modern, professional website.

simpleshift wordpress theme

17. Zakra

Zakra is a high-quality, multipurpose WordPress theme that is great for many niche sites. In addition to being fully responsive, it’s also fast loading and SEO-friendly. 

You can customize the design of your site easily using the built-in WordPress Customizer. Zakra also allows you to add images, call-to-action buttons, social media profile links, custom logos, and more.

Professional demo of free responsive WordPress theme Zakra

Image Source

18. NewsMag

NewsMag is ideal for any kind of news, magazine, media, or personal blog site. The theme is created with Bootstrap so it’s responsive and mobile-friendly. 

You have the option to create a custom homepage for your site with the help of available widgets and sliders. There are four different kinds of blog page designs, and you get Font Awesome icons to style your site.


19. Activello

Activello is a beautiful, free WordPress theme that is created with the Bootstrap framework. It’s a fully responsive design, which will make your site work seamlessly on all modern devices.

The homepage looks stunning with the full-width slider that you can use to promote the best content on your site. Also, you can customize the design to suit your needs and capture users’ attention.


20. SociallyViral

SociallyViral is one of the most popular WordPress themes created by MyThemeShop. This is a highly engaging and responsive theme that’s great for blogs and viral news sites.

It offers an advanced theme options panel, where you can set up your site with ease, as well as unlimited color schemes, Google Fonts, advanced typography options, unlimited sidebars, unlimited background options, and more.

Although it is a relatively heavy theme, it hides most of the content behind a “Load More” button. Because load buttons require less content to appear upfront to the user, the web page is generated much more quickly than it would if using infinite scroll or pagination. That means your site will look and perform great on any device.

free responsive WordPress theem SociallyViral features a grid of posts

21. Suki

Suki is a high-quality, free WordPress theme with a responsive design and over 1,000 customization options.

This one-page theme comes with important sections, including a team showcase, slider, projects grid, and testimonials section. It also offers seven pre-designed demos for different business niches and purposes, including a clothing shop, professional speaker, accounting business, wedding photographer, and cleaning service.

Motivational speaker website demo of free responsive WordPress theme Suki

Image Source

22. Phlox

Phlox is an award-winning theme for WordPress. In addition to offering over 160 complete website demos, Phlox provides a mobile-first design, responsive touch slider, and modern typography so that users have a great experience browsing your website no matter what device they’re on.

You can change the look and feel of your site using the live theme customizer. Unlike other free themes, Phlox adds a variety of customization options and widgets.

Influencer demo of free responsive WordPress theme Phlox

Image Source

23. Clean Box

Clean Box is a beautiful, powerful WordPress theme. This grid-based design comes with a fully responsive layout that will adapt to any screen size.

This is a highly flexible theme designed with HTML5 and CSS3 code, making it light, fast, and SEO-friendly. You can also customize the design of your site by using the real-time WordPress Customizer.

Clean Box WordPress theme

24. Minimalist

Minimalist is a personal portfolio theme for WordPress. It comes with a clean design that will keep the focus on your content. The theme is fully responsive so your site will look great on all devices.

This theme offers different post formats: standard posts, videos, images, quotes, links, and more. This variety extends the usability of the theme and helps you publish many types of content on your blog.

Minimalist WordPress theme with responsive slider and vertical navigation menu-3

25. Piclectic

A stunning free WordPress theme for bloggers, Piclectic will enable you to create an attractive and successful blog in no time. Unlike other themes on the list, Piclectic has a fluid design. That means it simply resizes elements instead of rearranging or eliminating them on a page based on breakpoints (like responsive themes do).

In addition to a fluid design, Piclectic comes with a powerful theme options panel, unlimited colors, and tons of other amazing features.

free responsive WordPress theme Piclectic features image grid

26. Futurio

Futurio is one of the best multi-purpose WordPress themes. Built on Bootstrap, this theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It also comes with 16 free demo sites and a one-click demo importer so you can get your site up and running in less time.

You can also fully customize your site thanks to the over 100 customization options and custom widgets Futurio offers. 

Ocean demo of free responsive WordPress theme Futurio

Image Source

27. Hueman

Hueman is one of the most widely-used and highly-rated free responsive WordPress themes. Thanks to its ease of use and versatile design, this responsive theme is ideal for magazines and blogs. 

Once installed, Hueman enhances the WordPress Customizer so you have more customization options. For example, you can add a left sidebar to all pages or to your Contact page only. Or you can add a unique navigation bar to one specific page on your site, and much more.

free responsive wordpress theme Hueman demo

28. Moderna

Ideal for corporate business sites, Moderna is a high-quality, responsive WordPress theme built on the Bootstrap framework. This Bootstrap-based theme offers advanced features like a portfolio filter, AJAX contact form, and multi-column footer for your contact information, latest blog posts, and other important links. 

To customize this one page theme you can add sliders, videos, and animation effects and use its built-in color picker to select the perfect color scheme.

Moderna theme demo features animations in this one page responsive design

29. Auberge

Auberge is a fully responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme is specifically created for restaurants, cafes, and recipe blogs. It comes with premium features like a header slideshow, translation-ready code, and schema markup, which will help Google and other search engines provide enhanced search results to users.


30. Deep

Deep has been a well-established WordPress theme for nearly a decade, providing both free and premium multipurpose themes. Deep’s core focus has always been on speed, functionality, and user-friendliness. Alongside being powerful and lightweight, Deep offers a collection of more than 120 demos and brings a unique and eye-catching design to your website. 

In addition, Deep users can access 160 predefined website templates to use ranging from blogs to newsletters and even covering niche themes. Deep is fully compatible with WooCommerce and Elementor, Deep can be easily personalized using Elementor drag-and-drop feature without any coding knowledge. Deep is teemed with lots of features including the Woobuilder, a unique newly-released tool for customizing your WooCommerce dashboard, and is translation and RTL-ready.

deep wp theme homepage

Image Source


I-EXCEL is a feature-packed WordPress theme with a beautiful, responsive design. It comes with multiple page templates, including a masonry-style blog layout and impressive portfolio page. It also offers a custom slider (as well as the option to use third-party sliders), unlimited color options, and over a dozen demo sites. 

Each of these demo sites can be installed in one click and automatically adapt to iPhones, iPads, and other small hand-held devices.

personal demo of free responsive theme I-EXCEL

Image Source

32. Vega

Vega is a free multipurpose theme that’s ideal for a personal blog or small business website. It offers a responsive design with bold colors and hover animation effects to keep your visitors engaged.

With Vega, you also get:

  • 3 pre-built color schemes
  • full-screen image banner
  • parallax backgrounds

free responsive WordPress theme Vega

33. Awaken

Awaken is a sleek WordPress theme that will make your site look great even on the smallest screens. The theme is created with Bootstrap, making it that much more flexible. Among the theme’s many features, you will get a featured slider, video widget, multiple ad widgets, and social media profiles to keep your visitors engaged.

Awaken WordPress theme

34. JupiterX Lite

JupiterX Lite is a Bootstrap-based theme that’s ideal for ecommerce stores. It offers hundreds of pre-designed demo sites, or the option to build a site completely from scratch.

Using the built-in WordPress Customizer and third-party Elementor page builder, you can edit previously untouchable parts of your store, including your product lists, single product pages, shopping cart, and checkout pages.

free responsive WordPress theme JupiterX Lite demo of ecommerce furniture store

35. Biography

If you want to create a website to showcase your experience and skills and build a personal brand, Biography is a great option. This responsive theme comes with all the sections you need to keep readers informed and engaged, including a services, skills, portfolio, and timeline section as well as a contact form. 


36. Quick

Built on the Bootstrap framework and offering over 50 customizable components, two bundled plugins, and four pre-designed layouts, Quick is ideal for building responsive, mobile-first projects for businesses, startups, and agencies.

This theme allows you to apply a sleek hover effect to images and other elements to grab your visitors’ attention. It also provides a built-in calendar so you can promote events and accept bookings on your site.

Quick Theme Demo-1

37. True North

True North is a stunning free portfolio WordPress theme that will showcase your work in style. This theme is simple yet powerful, and comes with a fully responsive design.

True North offers a theme options panel, where you can upload your logo, change backgrounds, and more. It also comes with a portfolio post type so that you can present your work to attract new clients. 


38. Meeta

Meeta comes with a simple, attractive design and is packed with features. This theme is created on the WPZoom framework, which makes the design highly customizable. It comes with a fully responsive design and various custom widgets to bring different functionalities to your site.


39. Vantage

With over a million downloads, Vantage is an extremely popular free WordPress theme. Designed by SiteOrigin, this fully responsive WordPress theme is built for the SiteOrigin Page Builder. This drag-and-drop interface offers you complete control over the look and feel of your website. 

free responsive wordpress theme Vantage

40. Receptar

Receptar is designed to help you create an easy-to-read and content-rich site with high-quality images and stunning typography.

This responsive theme supports the Beaver Builder page builder, Jetpack plugin, and schema.org markup for rich snippets. It also includes translation-ready code, a front-page slideshow, customizable colors, and other cool features.


41. HarmonUX Core

Ideal for blogs, HarmonUX Core is a magazine-style WordPress theme that provides a responsive and SEO-friendly design. This theme is  fully customizable and offers a content slider, custom widgets, social profiles, and opt-in forms, among other features.

HarmonUX Core WordPress Theme

42. Accelerate

Accelerate is a free multipurpose WordPress theme that will work for any business niche or type of blog. In addition to supporting all post formats, the layout is simple and responsive. That means, you can use this theme to display a wide variety of content.

In addition to being optimized for speed and performance, Accelerate is highly customizable. You can use multiple color options, advanced typography, and custom widgets to create a truly unique site.

Accelerate WordPress Theme

43. Evolve

Evolve is a multipurpose theme that can help make your WordPress site look professional.

Based on the Bootstrap and Kirki framework (a widely-used customizer framework), Evolve is a responsive and highly customizable theme. It comes with multiple header layouts, blog layouts, widget areas, slider options, and social media links. All these features combined make it an ideal choice whether you’re creating a business website or a personal blog.

Evolve Bootstrap-based WordPress theme demo-1

44. Esteem

Esteem works just as well for personal blogs as it does for a business site or portfolio to showcase your work. This responsive theme is also highly customizable. You can create a custom header and background, choose your color palette, upload a custom logo, and more. 


45. Ample

Ample is a stunning responsive WordPress theme that’s best for portfolio and one page sites. You can create impressive sliders, adjust the layout and style it with unlimited colors, and select a custom background to make your site look unique.

Thanks to its responsive design, Ample adapts automatically to different screen sizes, including iPhones, iPads, and other small hand-held devices.

free responsive WordPress theme Ample features homepage slider

46. Customizr

Customizr is a top-rated theme in the WordPress directory. As you might imagine, Customizr is a highly customizable theme that allows you to feature content in grids, sliders, and custom headers and footer.s 

It is also responsive, fast, and compatible with all browsers. Designed to look almost like an app on smartphones, Customizr is also built to load your posts and images just before becoming visible when a user scrolls down the page. This makes your site fast and easy-to-read, especially on mobile devices.

Customizr WordPress Theme

47. Brawny

Brawny is a powerful theme with a highly customizable and responsive design. It comes with five layouts, bold typography, a sticky menu, scroll-to-top button, and other features that will make your site attractive and easy-to-navigate.

This can be a great design option for business and corporate sites as well as professional blogs. You can use this theme to create an online shop as well because it supports the Jigoshop ecommerce plugin.

Brawny WordPress Theme

48. Dispatch

Dispatch is a fully responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme for photography, portfolio, corporate, personal, and business websites.

Created with HTML5 and CSS3, this theme is high-performing and customizable. You get plentiful color options, image sliders, more than 300 font icons, pagination, custom widgets, sidebar options, and more.

Dispatch WordPress Theme

49. Interface

Interface is one of the best flat WordPress themes. It comes packed with features, like four layouts for every post or page, five templates for pages, eight widget areas, six custom widgets, a featured slider to highlight your content, and more.

This theme is designed to automatically adapt to any screen size, including tablets and mobile devices. However, unlike other themes, Interface allows you to disable this responsive feature if you choose.

interface free WordPress theme

50. ColorMag

ColorMag is a feature-rich, magazine-style theme that’s among the best sellers in the WordPress directory. Optimized for speed and search engines and offering advanced typography, color options, and custom widgets, this responsive theme is perfect for any news or personal blogging site.  

If you create a lot of content on your site and want to keep your users engaged, no matter what device they’re on, this is a great option.

Dark demo of free responsive WordPress theme ColorMag

Image Source

51. Rowling

Rowling is a clean and simple theme for content-rich sites. It comes with a great design and features to make your site stand out from the crowd, including highly readable typography, two menu locations, social menu support, custom accent colors, and more.

The layout is also designed to adapt for devices of all sizes. That means your posts will look just as great on a 27” iMac as on a smartphone or tablet.

Rowling WordPress Theme

52. MH Magazine Lite

MH Magazine Lite is one of the most popular free responsive WordPress themes for digital magazines, news sites, and blogs. It’s not only fully responsive — it’s also one of the fastest loading WordPress themes so you don’t have to worry about website performance on any device. 

MH Magazine Lite theme demo

53. Wallstreet

Wallstreet is highly-rated free WordPress theme for business and corporate sites. It offers three beautifully designed page templates for the homepage, the blog, and a full-width page. Since it was developed using the Bootstrap framework, Wallstreet is fully responsive. 

You can use this theme to create an online shop as well because it is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

Wallstreet Theme

54. Smartline Lite

Smartline Lite is a professional-looking design for news and magazine sites. Like other themes in this list, Smartline Lite provides a fully responsive design with bold colors so your site pops on any device. 

The best part about Smartline Lite is its highly flexible front-page template. You can use built-in widgets with this template to create a truly unique homepage with ease.


55. Appointment

Appointment is a great WordPress theme for creating blogs and websites in any business niche. Developed with Bootstrap, it is fully responsive and retina-ready with a range of built-in widgets and customization options to help you build a successful site. It comes with different page templates and post formats, gorgeous typography elements, tons of widget positions, and more.

free responsive WordPress theme Appointment features hero image slider and colorful banner

Create Your Responsive WordPress Website

Responsive web design is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s a critical investment in your user experience, conversion rate, and business’s future.  The responsive WordPress themes above will provide a seamless user experience to your website visitors as they move from desktop to mobile to tablet. 

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.


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Home Internet 90 Best Free WordPress Themes for 2015

Top 90 Best Free WordPress Themes for 2015

90 Best Free WordPress Themes for 2015

author-Srikanth ANSrikanth AN – Last Updated: December 22, 2018 12:32 pm

With the new year just kicking off, you need to put your best foot forward into the internet world. WordPress has become the mother tongue of the internet with over 60 million websites powered by this ubiquitous content management platform. This fact alone is suffice to support the evident tremendous support available for this platform on every corner of the internet. While the huge support is a definite advantage for such a powerful platform, it is out to create some trouble for users with the endless possibilities and choices at hand.

Many WordPress users still baulk at its non-existent limitations to customize the blog or website. With numerous plugins and themes, WordPress is easily the most versatile platform on the web. The look and feel of a WordPress website depends on its theme. If you are not willing to code your website’s design or get it done for a few hundred bucks, or splash the cash on premium WordPress themes, well, there is still hope for you. There are tons of Free themes for WordPress, although finding them isn’t too exciting. So, we’ve done the tedious part on your end, finding all the best free themes for WordPress that you could use in 2015.

Table of Contents:


  • Best Free Business WordPress Themes
  • Best Free Photography WordPress Themes
  • Best Free WordPress Themes For News Sites
  • Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes
  • Best Free WordPress Themes For Creating Blogs
  • Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes
  • Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes
  • Best Free One Page WordPress Themes
  • Best Free WordPress Theme Frameworks
  • Best Free WordPress Themes For Businesses

Flozo Business Theme

Flozo Business Theme

Flozo is a free WordPress theme for businesses and entrepreneurs to have an online presence through WordPress. This free theme is responsive and includes support for audio and video posts. Developed by Flyerzone, this theme is great started to have an online presence for for business like advertisement and social media agencies.

View Demo | Download Now

Revera Business Theme

Revera Business Theme

Revera is a free/premium theme for business websites on WordPress, developed by Fabthemes. This free theme is responsive and built on Twitter bootstrap, which gives an elegant look to your business website. The main home page slider can be used to showcase your best works. This free theme can be upgraded to its premium version available at Themeforest for $14.

View Demo | Download Now

Florence Business Theme

Florence Business Theme

Florence is a beautiful, minimalistic theme for businesses on WordPress. This is a great free theme with a minimalistic approach to showcasing your work and products, along with your clients’ testimonials. With custom backgrounds, responsive design, different post formats and featured image slider; this is a great theme for people in social media agency and other design agencies.

View Demo | Download Now

Invert lite Business Theme

Invert Business Theme

Invert lite is a free responsive WordPress theme for businesses in manufacturing and advertisement fields. This free SEO optimized theme developed by SketchThemes, is easily customizable and can be set up within minutes.

View Demo | Download Now

Customizr Business Theme

Customizr Business Theme

Customizr is one of the widely editable free WordPress theme for business. The theme comes in eight different color schemes and can be easily customized from WordPress live customize tool. Apart from being responsive, this free theme offers features you wouldn’t expect from it.

View Demo | Download Now

Evolve Business Theme

Evolve Business theme

Evolve business theme is a free, responsive and slick theme running on Bootstrap and parallax scrolling to give it an edge over other free themes for your advertisement agency or other such business. Entirely customizable, this theme’s logo, background, header, Google fonts and retina-ready icons will make you forget that this is a free WordPress theme.

View Demo | Download Now

Magee Business Theme

Magee Business Theme

Magee WordPress theme is a free, fully responsive theme with an impressive design and highly customizable admin panel settings. The theme is built on bootstrap and the icons and fonts are completely customizable. The theme is compatible with all versions of Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox and Safari. Showcase your business works with its built-in home page slider.

View Demo | Download Now

Bizz Business Theme

Bizz Business Theme

Bizz WordPress theme is a clean and minimal free responsive theme for businesses and portfolios. This free theme comes from WPexplorer, and has multiple custom post types, homepage slider and eye-catching icons. You can have unlimited portfolio pages with this theme for your social media or marketing agency.

View Demo | Download Now

Engrave Lite Business Theme

Engrave Business Theme

This WordPress theme comes from ThinkUp Themes, and it includes a responsive design layout, seamlessly integrating into devices of all shapes and sizes. The theme is responsive, retina ready, includes over 600 Google fonts and over 10 sidebar widgets. Businesses in the manufacturing industry can also make the most of this theme by showcasing their products in a stylish way.

View Demo | Download Now

LocalBiz Business Theme

LocalBiz Business Theme

This is a clean, free, minimal, responsive theme for WordPress based businesses and to showcase their portfolios. The admin theme panel can be used to easily customize icons, logos, headers, shortcodes and image sliders.

View Demo | Download Now

  • Best Free WordPress Themes For Photography

Creative Portfolio Theme


Creative theme is a free, responsive WordPress  theme for photographers to showcase their portfolio in a beautiful fashion. The full screen slider on the homepage makes it easy to catch the attention of your visiting users. With custom background image and colour customizer, a lot of things about this free theme can be changed from the theme options.

View Demo | Download

Pure Portfolio

Pure Portfolio

The minimalistic approach of this WordPress theme takes to displaying one’s portfolio is simply amazing. A beautiful, retina ready and responsive theme is what this free theme is all about. It includes a powerful admin panel to customize the layout of your website and all the essentials related to it. It features a Pinterest-style grid display of your photos and images, which can be sorted out by keywords.

View Demo | Download


Spotlight Portfolio theme

This WordPress theme for photographers is highly customizable, with over 17 custom layouts to choose from. The auto generated thumbnails can be customized up to 18 different auto-generated sizes. This free theme is entirely responsive and can be easily customized from the theme options. This minimalistic theme is translation ready and includes different homepage layouts to choose from.

View Demo | Download 

Touchfolio theme

Touchfolio theme

Touchfolio is a free responsive, touch optimized WordPress theme for photographers, designers and artists to showcase their work effortlessly on multiple devices. It includes two types of gallery display and a super fast touch navigation and is SEO optimized.

View Demo | Download

Snapshot theme

Snapshot theme

Snapshot delivers your images crystal clear on the WordPress platform. The wide homepage image slider fits perfectly into your visitor’s browser to deliver your images with grace. The drag and drop functionality allows you to edit the layout of the website easily.

View Demo | Download

SKT Full width

SKT Full width

SKT Full width is a free responsive theme that concentrates on covering the entire screen space of your visitor. This theme concentrates on showcasing your images strikingly, and is a best fit for photographers, artists and designers. A semi-transparent menu on the side allows easy browsing of the webpage. You can also turn your portfolio into an e-commerce website, with easy integration of WooCommerce.

View Demo | Download

Portfolio theme by Gavik

Portfolio theme by Gavik

This free minimal grid style photography theme for WordPress offers a premium responsive layout for your images. You can showcase your work including interior artwork, photography and such beautifully with this free WordPress theme.

View Demo | Download



Gridly is a free, minimalistic and responsive WordPress theme that takes grid based display of your portfolio. This free theme is great for graphic designers and photographers to display their works on a self-adjusting grid and a minimal design.

View Demo | Download

Hatch Portfolio theme


Hatch is a free, responsive and minimalist theme for photographers and designers based on WordPress. The responsive design ensures your portfolio looks great on both mobile devices and computers. Using a Fancybox script, it provides a beautiful image and gallery management features in addition to some essential customizations.

View Demo | Download


Shuttershot free theme

Shuttershot is a free, full screen and responsive WordPress theme for photographers. Its primary attention to details in displaying your photography with grace makes it a great choice for your photography website. You can set up your home page as a custom, full-page slider to display your work with pride.

View Demo | Download

  • Best Free WordPress Themes For News Sites



Now you can present your news scoops in a pleasant and visual manner. Hueman is a free and completely responsive WordPress theme for news blogs and magazines. With support for theme documentation and translation ready, Hueman is a very popular free news theme with over 100,000 views gathered from its landing page.

View Demo | Download

NewsPress Lite

NewsPress lite

NewsPress Lite is a fully responsive free WordPress theme, beautifully displaying your news articles on various devices. This free them serves great purpose for online news blogs, magazines and news agencies. It includes a multi-layer slider that could showcase the featured news on your homepage.

View Demo | Download



JustWrite is a free, fully responsive and magazine styled WordPress theme for your news articles. The theme is focused more on your content, which is the basis for your entire news blog or magazine. With inclusion of a theme customizer, options panel, custom widgets, localization, fonts, jQuery slider and much more, this free theme offers everything you would normally only come across a premium WordPress theme.

View Demo | Download

The News


TheNews is a free and responsive WordPress theme for news magazines and blogs. It includes theme options, featured post slider,shortcodes, widgets and is WooCommerce ready and SEO optimized.

View Demo | Download



Developed by KopaTheme and run on their proprietary framework, FastNews is a free, responsive news magazine theme for WordPress. Multiple layouts, unlimited sidebar, featured posts slider, translation ready and feature-rich widgets are some additional benefits to using the FastNews theme.

View Demo | Download



Yegor is a free, responsive WordPress news theme, developed by Fabthemes. This free theme is built on Bootstrap framework, and therefore makes it an extensible theme. This theme supports custom menus, featured images, widgetized sidebar and footer.

View Demo | Download



Mesocoloumn is a free community news cum eCommerce theme for WordPress. The theme is fully responsive and is cross-browser compatible. The theme supports integration of BuddyPress and WooCommerce for extending your news channel into a community news magazine or website.

View Demo | Download



WallPress is a free, responsive and minimalistic news theme for WordPress. It includes a DW Social feed that lets you integrate your news website’s social media accounts to the website. This theme includes a grid layout, infinite scroll and lazy load to make your news content stand out. Its customization panel would let you take care of the essential theme settings like font color, logo and so on.

View Demo | Download

WP MashThirteen


There are very few of us internet users who haven’t heard of the very popular online social media news website – Mashable. If you are a fan of not only the website, but its theme, you can get it now for free. Built on Bootstrap 3, WP MashThirteen gives your blog a Mashable-inspired feel and works with TwentyThirteen parent theme. A responsive layout and customization options make the theme operate smoothly.

View Demo | Download

  • Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes



Magazine style WordPress blogs can make the most of Fashionista free theme. The theme is fully responsive and is built on Bootstrap 3. The theme is simple, clean and elegant to showcase your content in an elegant fashion. With theme options and custom widgets, this theme is completely customizable to fit the needs of your WordPress magazine.

View Demo | Download

Boldr Lite

BoldR lite

BoldR is a free, bold and responsive WordPress theme for magazines. This theme is built on IceFit framework and would offer you premium-style design for your online magazine.

View Demo | Download



Berlin is a free and responsive WordPress theme for minimal online magazines built on WordPress. Drag-and-drop supported slideshows also work beautifully on mobile devices. The theme includes a few great features like theme customization options, automatic updates, translation ready, custom page templates and custom menus.

View Demo | Download



Gadgetry is a free WordPress theme, basically built for technology magazines running on WordPress. The theme is completely customizable including colors, backgrounds, layouts, slider and much more. The theme is fully responsive and is retina ready.This theme is built on Fuse Framework and its entire settings can be controlled from the admin panel.

View Demo | Download



PlayBook is a free and responsive WordPress magazine theme, that comes with a two column post layout. With custom widgets, unlimited backgrounds and colour schemes, this free theme is completely customizable from the theme options.

View Demo | Download



ComboMag is a free and responsive magazine-inspired WordPress theme, developed by MagPress. The theme is easily customizable with built-in colour schemes, header, navigation, sidebar and footer. The theme includes over 600+ Google web fonts is perfectly suitable for online blogs and magazines.

View Demo | Download



Sparkling is a free and fully responsive theme, developed by Colorlib. The theme offers a fresh perspective on online magazines and is comlpetely attractive and pleasant. The full screen slider and theme customizations put it on par with a few premium WordPress themes.

View Demo | Download



Fullby is a latest free, responsive WordPress theme based on Bootstrap framework. The theme supports image gallery and embedding videos, responsive grid layout, featured content and a lot of customizable widgets. A lean blogging theme with a magazine layout is all Fullby is all about.

View Demo | Download

Why Hello There


Developed by Diablo themes, Why hello there is a free and responsive theme for WordPress. The Flexslider integration makes it display images beautifully on the homepage. The responsive design, full-width page templates many fonts and featured posts slider make this theme a great fit for magazines.

View Demo | Download



Resolution is a free, responsive WordPress theme for magazines, developed by Kopathemes. This modern, flexible theme is entirely customizable and includes a ton of features. It includes a lot of page layout options, Google web fonts, header options and much more.

View Demo | Download

  • Best Free WordPress Themes For Creating Blogs

Twenty Fifteen

Twenty Fifteen free wordpress theme 2015


Twenty Fifteen is one of the default themes offered by WordPress. This sleek WordPress theme allows you to showcase your content in a grid or a slider fashion. You can use this free, responsive theme that caters equal attention to images and content alike, and will suit well for your travel blog.

View Demo | Download



Travelify is a free, responsive WordPress theme for logging your travel experiences in a picturesque fashion. The theme pays great attention to the way your content is displayed and with adequate coverage of your images, it makes a great case for blogging your personal experiences.

View Demo | Download



Adelle is a free and responsive WordPress theme for fashion bloggers. If you are one of those fashionistas with an eye for beautiful dresses and makeup, Adelle is a great theme for your blog. François Et Moi is a famous fashion designer who makes use of the customized version of this theme for her fashion blog.

View Demo | Download



Developed by ThemeGrill, this free, responsive WordPress theme is a great fit for many online blogs, including fashion and lifestyle blogging. ‘The lover list’ is a famous fashion blog run using this free WordPress theme and you can instil similar features in your fashion/lifestyle blog.

View Demo | Download


Techous News

Developed by WPDance, TechMag is a free WordPress theme for technology blogging. The theme isn’t fully responsive and it does feature a 3 column display of your content and is cross browser compatible. The theme is SEO ready and is customizable through its simple control panel.

View Demo | Download

Metro Creative X


Metro Creative X WordPress theme is a boon for technology bloggers. This free and fully responsive metro style WordPress theme is based on Masonry grid and is optimized for all devices. The theme is SEO ready and loads faster than one would expect it to, given the way it was coded.

View Demo | Download


Point Free WordPress theme

Point is a free WordPress theme for online bloggers. This WordPress theme is multi-purpose, which means it can be widely used by different blogs ranging from travel and lifestyle to technology and social media. Multiple website layouts, backgrounds and colour schemes, homepage slider and extensive options panel are its key features.

View Demo | Download



Drop is a free, responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme suited for travel/lifestyle blogs and personal blogging. The featured paragraph in-article with a drop-cap letter gives it a professional feeling and is easy to read.

View Demo | Download

DW Timeline

DW Timeline

Developed by DesignWall, DW Timeline is one of the most beautifully crafted free and responsive personal and lifestyle blogging theme for WordPress. This free theme also suits well for travel blogging, with a Facebook timeline-inspired look to it.This theme is built on Bootstrap 3 and supports Theme wrappers.

View Demo | Download



Inkness is a free, responsive WordPress theme crafted beautifully for any kind of blog, including fashion, travel/lifestyle and personal blogging. The theme is built on Bootstrap framework and includes responsive image slider, theme options, SEO-optimized and a 4 page layout.

View Demo | Download

  • Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes



View Demo | Download

New Standard

The New Standard

Mystile is a free and responsive WordPress eCommerce theme, developed by WooCommerce. Provided the fact that it is developed by WooCommerce gives this theme an edge over the others. You can beautifully display your eCommerce products in this flexible layout.

View Demo | Download



If you are planning on starting an eCommerce blog aimed at the younger lots, KidShop is a great free eCommerce theme for your WordPress blog. The theme is fully responsive and you can create a completely customizable eCommerce website using the WooCommerce plugin.

View Demo | Download



If you intend on getting started with a minimalistic eCommerce blog, look no further to SoCute. Socute is a free, minimalistic and fully responsive theme for WordPress. The WooCommerce plugin in the backdrop powers this rich and versatile eCommerce blog based on WordPress.

View Demo | Download



This free and fully responsive WordPress theme for eCommerce websites is based on Flat UI design. The WooCommerce plugin powers this four-coloumn eCommerce blog based on WordPress.

View Demo | Download



Make is a free and fully responsive WordPress eCommerce theme. This theme is based on WooCommerce plugin and runs on Bootstrap framework. It includes a host of customization options and everything could be handled simply from the admin themes option panel.This theme is fully optimized for Jetpack, WooCommerce and Gravity forms.

View Demo | Download



Virtue is a free, responsive and highly customizable WordPress eCommerce theme. This theme is built on the Bootstrap framework and includes WooCommerce plugin to power this beauteously crafted online store.

View Demo | Download



Fruitful is a free, clean, minimalistic and responsive WordPress theme for eCommerce websites. The uncluttered design looks stylish and elegant, that makes it a great fit for your online eCommerce website based on WordPress. It includes jQuery, Nivo and Flex sliders to give it an edge over the other themes when it comes to displaying your eCommerce products.

View Demo | Download

Unite Demo

Unite Demo

Developed by Colorlib, Unite Demo is a free and responsive WordPress theme for eCommerce websites. The homepage full slider can be used to draw attention to featured products or ongoing offers and discounts. The theme is completely customizable from the theme options and is built on the WooCommerce plugin.

View Demo | Download



Simple is a free, minimalistic, responsive WordPress eCommerce website theme. This theme is supported by Shopify and this theme works well even on mobile devices. Its sleek animations, uncluttered design, customizations and theme settings make this theme one of the best free eCommerce themes for your WordPress website.

View Demo | Download

  • Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes



ARTworks is a free and fully responsive WordPress theme that features beautiful pictorial display and and infinite scrolling. This theme is great for artists, photographers, designers and other creative individuals to showcase their works in beautiful grid layout.

View Demo | Download

Suburbia theme


Suburbia is a free, responsive and highly customizable WordPress theme for the creative individuals. The theme although built in the design of a magazine, features the build enough for an artist to build his online presence around.

View Demo | Download



Exhibition is a free and responsive WordPress theme, and just as the name itself suggests, this theme is built to exhibit your art works and other creative endeavours of yours online. This theme is great for artists to display their portfolio on the web using WordPress.

View Demo | Download

Zerif lite


Zerif lite is a great free and responsive WordPress theme for small businesses to showcase their portfolio online. The theme is highly customizable and will work for many online businesses to showcase their portfolios. This multi-purpose WordPress theme is SEO optimized and is written using clean HTML code.

View Demo | Download



For the creative lot who are writers, Writr is a free, responsive and minimalist WordPress theme. The theme is inspired by Tumblr and comes with six different color schemes to choose from.

View Demo | Download



For online writers who prefer flat design, StanleyWP is a free and responsive WordPress theme to showcase your written works exquisitely. The theme is highly customizable with theme options, page templates, awesome fonts and homepage builder.

View Demo | Download



Wilson is a clean, free and minimalistic theme for WordPress users who are looking at a fresh and written word focused blog. The theme includes custom widgets for quotes, images and videos and the theme is translation ready with support for many languages built-in.

View Demo | Download



For non-profits who are based on WordPress, Danko is a free and responsive WordPress theme for your good cause. This theme is specifically built for charity organizations to present their work efficiently and also accept donations from the homepage itself.

View Demo | Download



Foundations is a free WordPress theme for charities and non-profit organizations to spread their message effectively. The feature slideshow and three colour scheme allows users to configure the look of the website as they wish. With a link to accept donations on the homepage, this theme is excellent for non-profits.

View Demo | Download

Our Band

our band-screenshot

If you run a music website, Our Band is a great free and responsive WordPress theme for showcasing your songs online. The theme makes use of HTML music player to let your visitors hear your works online. A great presentation of the website makes it a great fit for individual and music bands alike.

View Demo | Download

  • Best Free One Page WordPress Themes



OneEngine is a free, responsive and versatile one-page WordPress theme for your online brand. The multi-purpose one-page WordPress theme comes with a drag-and-drop layout that makes it one of the most customizable theme. A parallax background and over 60 animations and 600 fonts, the customizations are sharp and powerful.

View Demo | Download



Developed by aThemes, Quill is a free and responsive WordPress theme that perfectly suits for business and media organizations. A full-width slider, parallax background, Font awesome icons and widgetized footer are some of the key features of this attractive theme.

View Demo | Download



Developed by Fedeweb, Minimable is a free and responsive WordPress theme is highly scrolable and it allows feature of your staff in a beautiful fashion. The colour scheme of this theme can be completely customized to fit the needs of your brand.

View Demo | Download


intro image

Another free offering by aThemes, Intro is a free, responsive one-page WordPress theme. A theme options panel, parallax header and backgrounds, Google fonts and translation-ready is what all this theme is about.

View Demo | Download


business one

Business One is a free, responsive one-page WordPress theme for business and corporate companies. The theme is highly customizable, SEO optimized, Bootstrap 3 based, Google fonts, theme customization panel and much more.

View Demo | Download



Onesie is a beautifully crafter one-page free and responsive WordPress theme based on parallax scrolling. It is perfect fit for simple businesses, individuals and event webpages. The theme is completely customizable ranging from the theme’s colour schemes, backgrounds, logo, header image, favicon and so forth.

View Demo | Download

Halcyon Days

Happy Days

Halcyon days is a free, responsive and one-page WordPress theme that is written on HTML5/CSS3 and the clean design makes it a perfect fit for media and other corporate businesses.

View Demo | Download

Launch Effect

launch effect

Launch Effect is a free and responsive and one-page theme for WordPress. The theme is simple-yet-powerful in providing a retro parallax effect to your website. The theme includes a parallax website live stats and a customizable landing page.

View Demo | Download



Developed by ShapeBootsrap, Starter is a free, responsive and one-page theme for WordPress based mobile developers. These developers can use the theme to showcase their portfolio in a parallax background fashion.

View Demo | Download



Legend is an elegant, responsive and free one-page WordPress theme. Developed by Dyzingiri, the theme is exquisitely built and is based on Twitter bootstrap. Use it as a landing page for your business with showcasing your portfolio, team, contact form and so forth.

View Demo | Download

  • Best Free WordPress Theme Frameworks



Thematic is a free WordPress theme framework which is search engine optimized and is highly customized and completely widgetized. The theme is a great fit for professional bloggers and WordPress professional developers.

Visit Website



PressWork is a great framework for WordPress that features a great front-end editor to give power to users to change the look and feel of their website live. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to create dynamic content as you go. With Google fonts, widgetized sidebars and footers, this is a great free framework for developers and bloggers alike.

Visit Website



Whiteboard is a clean, minimalistic and powerful framework for WordPress users. You can speed up your WordPress development process by using this framework. Whiteboard includes the key WordPress features and eliminates the rest.

Visit Website

Hybrid Core

hybrid core

Hybrid core is a free framework for WordPress that lets you get started on your development process by changing a few lines of code in the functions.php file. Hybrid core lets you develop your themes, your way.

Visit Website



Developed by RocketTheme, Gantry is a free framework for WordPress and Joomla. Gantry is one of the most richest and powerful frameworks for WordPress and also does not limit itself to a single CMS.

Visit Website



UpThemes is a free framework for WordPress that uses settings API and a theme customizer to build your own themes, the way you like. The settings API makes theme options panel extremely light and easy-to-use.

Visit Website



Reverie is a simple and elegant framework for WordPress, that is entirely versatile and is based on ZURB Foundations, a powerful tool to build prototypes. Clean and simple, this theme is built on HTML5/CSS3, Sass and Scss.

Visit Website



Basado en HTML5 y desarrollado con precisión para redes basadas en dispositivos móviles, Bones es un poderoso marco gratuito para WordPress. Construido básicamente para desarrolladores, este marco ofrece personalizaciones de la mayor complejidad posible. El marco no necesita temas secundarios y se puede usar por proyecto.

Visita la página web

Restablecimiento de HTML5

HTML5 reset

La mayor parte del desarrollo de temas de WordPress comienza con archivos HTML y CSS básicos y HTML5 Reset facilita el desarrollo de temas de WordPress. Acelere el desarrollo de su tema de WordPress utilizando el marco de reinicio de HTML 5 para eliminar la codificación HTML y CSS insignificante.

Visita la página web



Roots is a free markup for WordPress that is designed for cleaner HTML code and a unique theme envoltorio for the encabezado plantilla markup. This marco incorporates HTML 5 Boilerplate, Twitter bootstrap and grunt.

Visit the webpage

 VEA TAMBIÉN: 25 Best WordPress Addons for 2015

Stay tuned for more updates on the best WordPress themes and let us know in the comments section below if you know of a great theme that should be included in this list of the best free WordPress themes of 2015.

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This tool allows you to easily convert your articles into audio files for increased accessibility

This tool allows you to easily convert your articles into audio files for increased accessibility

WordPress to automatically block Google FLoC

WordPress will disable Google’s FLoC ad tracking system on websites

Publish WordPress blog posts as Twitter feeds

WordPress now lets you share your entire blog post on Twitter

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5 Best Automatic WordPress Backup Plugins

Alternatives Google Adsense

18 Best Google AdSense Alternatives to Make Money with Your Blog

Find stock photos and royalty-free images for blogs and websites

How to find stock photos and royalty-free images for blogs and websites

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Test the MSI Raider GE67 HX

MSI Raider GE67 HX review: Buy for gaming, stay for OLED


Any gamer worth their salt knows that after a certain budget threshold, it’s best to build a gaming PC to get the best experience. But what if you are someone who travels frequently? Or maybe you could be someone who […]

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 a vedette

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 (2021) review: A house with no view


Portable computing is no longer a free expense, it’s basically a requirement and requires careful thought. With the laptop market filled with companies and laptop models, it’s hard to filter out the noise. Even more difficult is finding a laptop […]

sony linkbuds reviews

Sony LinkBuds test: there is no link!


In a world where we were looking to eliminate the noise around us, Sony decided to do the opposite; provide us with a way to enjoy our music and ambient sound. For exactly this experience, the […]

Google Google translator

Google Google Translate

Video WordPress themes 2015 responsive

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