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How to fix “Another update is currently in progress” error in WordPress

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Do you want to fix the “another update is currently in progress” error?

This error prevents updating WordPress. Normally, debería disappears automatically. Pero si no es así, tendras que arreglarlo manually. 

In this article, we will show you how to fix the “another update is currently in progress” error in WordPress, step by step.

How to fix "another update is currently in progress" error How to fix "another update is currently in progress" error

Why do I get the error “Another update is currently in progress”?

This message usually appears when running a core WordPress update on a deuxième plan and a user intends to start another update process.

During the main refresh process, WordPress automatically sets a refresh block on the WordPress database. This is a database block that prevents ejecting simultaneous updates to the website, which can cause WordPress errors or destroy important data.

Other refresh and progress error Another update error in progress

This message is set to automatically disappear in 15 minutes or until the refresh process is complete. Sin embargo, if this is atascado en este mensaje, deberá eliminarlo manually. 

Ceci étant, let’s take a look at how you can fix the “another update is currently in progress” error in WordPress.

Fixing the ‘Another update in progress’ error in WordPress

In order to experience the error of another update in progress, you need to delete the ‘core_updater.lock’ archive from the WordPress database. The simplest form is to use phpMyAdmin .

Nota: antes de realizar cambios en su base de datos o archivos de temas de WordPress , es una buena idea crear una copia de seguridad completa del sitio web. Para obtener más información, consulte nuestra guía sobre cómo hacer una copia de seguridad de su sitio de WordPress .

Primero, debe iniciar sesión en el panel de control de cPanel de su cuenta de alojamiento de WordPress . Estamos usando Bluehost , por lo que su pantalla puede verse un poco diferente si está usando otra empresa de alojamiento.

From your Bluehost dashboard, you’ll need to click on the Advanced tab on the left. Next, navigate to the ‘Databases’ section and click on the ‘phpMyAdmin’ icon. If you don’t see a phpMyAdmin option in your hosting dashboard, you should contact your hosting company’s support for help.

Open phpMyAdmin from CPanel Open phpMyAdmin from CPanel

This will launch the phpMyAdmin app, where you need to select your WordPress database. Once you click your database, it will display all of the tables inside the database.

Then, you need to click the ‘Browse’ button next to the WordPress options tables (wp_options).

Select database and wp options Select database and wp options

This brings up all of the rows inside the options table. 

You need to find the row with the option name ‘core_updater.lock’ and click on the delete button next to it.

Then click on wp-options on phpMyAdmin Click on wp-options in phpMyAdmin

Now, phpMyAdmin will automatically delete the row from your database. 

When you go back to your WordPress website, the another update in process error will be gone, and you can continue updating your site. 

If you’re still seeing other errors, then you can see our beginner’s guide on troubleshooting WordPress errors to get more help.

We hope this article helped you learn how to fix the ‘another update is currently in progress’ error in WordPress. You may also want to see our guide on how to choose the best web design software and our expert picks of the best live chat software for small businesses.

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How to Fix the Another Update in Progress Error in WordPress

October 28, 2020

By Sasa Stojanovic


How to fix Another update in progress error in WordPress

As you may know, all aspects of WordPress are updated quite frequently. This is done for various reasons, which include adding new features or functionalities, solving bugs, or addressing security issues. Therefore, WordPress users are advised to perform regular updates, so that they don’t miss out on all the possible improvements.

However, when performing updates within WordPress, you might encounter Another update in progress error. The reason for the name comes from the error message that is displayed when the error occurs.

Error message

This is a common and annoying error, but it has a very easy fix. In this article, we will touch upon the reasons why it occurs and the ways you can solve it efficiently.

Why does the Another update is currently in progress error happen

This issue usually occurs when a WordPress user, or multiple users, are simultaneously trying to perform a WordPress update while a WordPress core update is running. During a core update, an additional row called core_updater.lock is placed within the wp_options table of the website’s database. It serves to prevent any other updates from being run while the core update is in progress. After the WordPress core has been updated, the core_updater.lock row will be deleted, which will allow users to perform any other updates. The error message will disappear then, or it will be gone automatically after 15 minutes.

Sometimes, due to server issues, the update process may not complete and leave the core_updater.lock line in the database . This would leave you stuck with the error message. In this case, you must use one of the two methods described below to resolve the error. You can also use these methods if you are just in a hurry and don’t want to wait for the error to resolve automatically.

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How to fix Another update in progress error

In this article, we will show two simple ways of solving this error, so you can either use a plugin or manually fix the error via phpMyAdmin. In essence, these two methods are very similar. They take different approaches to achieve the same end—removing the added core_updater.lock row from your database to solve the error. Therefore, choosing which one to use comes down to personal preference. Having said so, let us proceed to the steps.

Using a plugin

The plugin we found most useful for solving this error is the Fix Another Update In Progress plugin. After installing it, you should navigate to Settings > Fix Another Update In Progress. If you are currently experiencing the Another update is currently in progress error, then you will see the following message, written in red: WordPress Update is locked. Click the button below to fix it. You should click on the Fix WordPress Update Lock button below to solve the error. This will delete the core_updater.lock from your database.

Fixed another update in progress

After a brief period required for processing, the issue will be solved. You will see the following confirmation message: Success! You’ve successfully fixed “another update in progress!”.

Afterward, if you want, you can continue with your updates by pressing the WordPress Update link below the confirmation message. This will take you to Dashboard > Updates.

Fixed another update in progress

Using phpMyAdmin

As this error has a very simple fix—deleting the core_updater.lock—you can also solve it manually by deleting it from your database. To do so, log in to cPanel using your credentials and click on the phpMyAdmin option, located in the Databases section.


Then, select the database belonging to your website, find the wp_options table within, and click on it.


Before proceeding, we have two pieces of advice to share with users that might have trouble finding the correct database or the wp_options table. If you have already completed the steps mentioned above, you can simply disregard the following advice.

  • Figuring out the database name

First, if you aren’t sure what the name of your database is, you shouldn’t worry. You can easily figure out the database name by looking into your wp-config.php file. To do so, click on the File Manager option, located in the Files section of cPanel.

File manager

Then, navigate to your root WordPress directory, often called public_html. Find the wp-config.php file within, right-click on it, and choose the View option.

Configuration WP

The data linked to the database will be near the top of the file. Find the following line of code  :

définir ( ‘DB_NAME’ , ‘your-database-name’ ) ;

define( ‘DB_NAME’, ‘your-database-name’ );

define( ‘DB_NAME’, ‘your-database-name’ );

The part with your database name will be replaced with the actual name of your database.

Configuration WP

  • Default database prefix changed

Pour des raisons de sécurité, certains utilisateurs peuvent décider de changer le préfixe de base de données par défaut de wp_ en quelque chose qui n’est pas si largement reconnu. Si vous utilisez un préfixe de sécurité différent pour votre base de données, au lieu de rechercher la table wp_options, vous devez rechercher yourprefix_options. Bien sûr, la partie avec votre préfixe sera remplacée par votre préfixe de table de base de données réel.

Now that you know how to find both your database and the appropriate table within it, you should complete the steps mentioned before by opening the right table. After that, we can proceed to the last steps in this troubleshooting tutorial.

Once you find yourself within the wp_options (or yourprefix_options) table, look for the core_updater.lock row. Then simply press the Delete option next to it.


Since WordPress database tables are often quite large, finding the core_updater.lock row can be quite difficult and/or time-consuming. To help you manage this, you can choose to display more rows per page. That’s done by scrolling to the bottom and selecting a higher number of rows than the default 25 rows. Alternatively, you can use the Filter rows option also located at the bottom. By searching for a keyword like core or updater you can narrow down the number of rows you need to examine.


After you locate and delete the core_updater.lock row, you will see a success message similar to the one shown below.


Afterward, you can log in to your admin dashboard, navigate to Dashboard > Updates, and proceed with any remaining WordPress updates you wanted to run.

Final Thoughts

Errors can happen during any stage of managing a WordPress website, and this includes running updates. Luckily, the WordPress Another update is currently in process error can be solved quite easily. By following the steps we outlined in this article, you can solve it in a handful of minutes. And you will be free to proceed with performing any other WordPress updates you like. Since this error is quite common and can be troublesome at times, we suggest bookmarking this article for future reference.

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How to Fix “Another Update is Currently in Progress” Error in WordPress

Last update: June 20, 2022

Little figures building and blocking a structureclose

When WordPress crashes, it can be quite frustrating trying to figure out what’s causing the problem. It’s especially annoying when the issue goes unresolved for hours and prevents you from using an important part of your site.

Obtenez-vous une erreur étrange sur votre page Mises à jour vous empêchant de mettre à jour le noyau WordPress ou même votre thème et vos plugins ? Parfois, ce problème se résoudra de lui-même, mais si vous avez attendu longtemps et que vous êtes toujours bloqué sur ce message, il est peu probable qu’il se résolve tout seul.

Pressé? Enregistrez cet article au format PDF.

Fatigué de faire défiler ? Téléchargez une version PDF pour faciliter la lecture hors ligne et le partage avec vos collègues.


Voyons pourquoi ce problème se produit et quelques suggestions pour que votre site fonctionne à nouveau.

Table des matières

  1. Causes de l’erreur de mise à jour en cours
  2. 3 façons de corriger l’erreur de mise à jour WordPress en cours

Check out our video guide to fix “Another update is currently in progress” error

Causes of update in progress error

When your site is working as expected, navigate to the Dashboard > Updates screen to view your current version of WordPress. You can also launch an update for the WordPress core, your theme or your plugins.

WordPress Updates ScreenWordPress Updates Screen

But if your site has been updated recently, you might notice a brief message has taken over or appears when you try to update or reinstall anything: “Another update is currently In progress”.

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This removes all update buttons and prevents you from doing anything else on the page.

WordPress update progress screenWordPress update progress screen

If you know you just ran an update, this is actually a feature to prevent you from accidentally breaking your site while an update is downloading.

Si vous n’avez pas démarré la mise à jour vous-même, cela peut avoir été causé par la fonction de mise à jour automatique ou un autre utilisateur de votre site avec des privilèges de haut niveau a pu lancer le processus de mise à jour.

Mais s’il est normal de voir cet écran pendant qu’une mise à jour est en cours, il n’est pas normal qu’il y reste pendant des heures.

WordPress verrouille intentionnellement votre base de données, mais parfois le verrou n’est pas supprimé correctement. Peut-être que la mise à jour ne s’est pas terminée correctement en raison d’un problème de connexion au serveur ou de quelque chose d’autre qui s’est mal passé, mais vous pourriez rester bloqué indéfiniment sur l’écran “Mise à jour en cours”.

When WordPress crashes, it can be quite frustrating. 😥 This guide is here to help you 🤓Click to Tweet

Why Core Updates Lock WordPress Database

So why this strange message? Why would WordPress intentionally block access to the updates screen like this?

Each time WordPress runs a major update, it adds a row to the database to prevent any other updates (including plugin and theme updates) from running during the update. sometimes up to 15 minutes after completion. It doesn’t matter if the update takes 5 seconds to install; updates will still be blocked for 15 minutes.

There’s a good reason for this. If a database table is updated simultaneously from two different sources, it could result in database corruption and serious data loss on your site.

For example, if you run a theme and a core update at the same time, there’s a small chance that both operations could end up modifying the same database table and taking your whole site down.

This update lock prevents you or any other auto-update routine from corrupting your site and your important data.

That’s why it’s recommended you wait out the 15 minutes and don’t attempt to manually remove the lock to run a second update, as it could have serious consequences.

But if you’ve been waiting and waiting and your Updates page just isn’t fixing itself, you will need to take manual action. (And when you’re done, you may want to check out our guide to repairing database tables in case the failed update broke anything).

3 Ways To Fix the WordPress Update in Progress Error

It’s normal to see the “update in progress” message for about 15 minutes after an update is initiated, so don’t jump to messing with your database too quickly. But if you’ve waited some time and are still seeing the error, it’s probably time to take further measures into your own hands.

Wait at least an hour since you first noticed the message, then try out one of these steps. Always remember to backup your database and your site as a whole before editing back-end files, especially if you aren’t familiar with the process.

And if none of these steps work or you’re just not comfortable trying to fix it yourself, you can always reach out to your host and ask for their help.

Use a plugin

Usually fixing this requires digging into your database or getting used to advanced dev tools like WP-CLI, but if you don’t want to risk breaking anything, there’s a lot option more simple.

Correction du plug-in Another Update in ProgressFixed another update in progress

Le correctif d’une autre mise à jour en cours fait exactement ce qu’il indique sur la boîte. Bien qu’il s’agisse d’un plugin plus ancien qui n’a pas été mis à jour depuis longtemps, des critiques récentes indiquent qu’il fonctionne toujours très bien (et ses 10 000 installations actives en témoignent).

Il n’y a pas non plus beaucoup d’autres alternatives disponibles, c’est donc la meilleure option dans le référentiel WordPress. Mais il ne semble plus être pris en charge par le développeur, alors utilisez-le à vos risques et périls.

Pour l’installer, connectez-vous et accédez à Plugins > Add New . Recherchez “réparer une autre mise à jour en cours” et cliquez pour installer le plugin.

You can also download the plugin manually and click Download Plugin on this page.

Once you enable it, you will see a new menu under Settings titled Fix Another Update In Progress .

Access the remediation settings of another update in progressAccess the remediation settings of another update in progress

If it detects the lock in your database, it will display this screen. Simply click the Fix WordPress Update Lock button and the database entry should be instantly removed.

Click the Fix WordPress Update Lock buttonFix WordPress Update Lock Button

Après cela, vous êtes prêt à partir et votre page “Mises à jour” devrait être à nouveau utilisable. Ce n’est pas une bonne idée de laisser des plugins inutilisés sur votre site, vous pouvez donc continuer et les désinstaller si vous ne voyez pas ce problème se reproduire.

Utiliser PhpMyAdmin

Même si vous n’avez jamais fouillé dans votre base de données auparavant, cette solution est assez simple et sûre tant que vous ne touchez à aucun paramètre sensible. Assurez-vous simplement d’exécuter une sauvegarde avant de toucher quoi que ce soit dans votre base de données et de ne supprimer que la seule ligne interrompue.

First, you need to login to PhpMyAdmin. Kinsta users can open MyKinsta and access PhpMyAdmin through its interface. If you’re using another host, you can usually access it through cPanel.

Access databases in cPanel. Access databases in cPanel.

From the left menu with several drop-downs, open your site’s database and select wp_options .

Access wp_options in cPanelAccess wp_options in cPanel

Once you click on wp_options, you should see a table of different database entries. You may see it right in the list or your table may be way too big. If you can’t find it, use the Filter Rows bar above the table and enter ” core_updater.lock ” to jump to it directly.

Now just click Delete on the “core_updater.lock” line.

Removed core_updater.lock line.Removed core_updater.lock line.

With that, you’re free to go back to WordPress and update your site again.


If messing with your sensitive database feels a bit too uncomfortable, or all those tables make you feel overwhelmed, there’s a quick and easy solution: WP-CLI.

This is the WordPress command-line interface, a way to interact with your database or other aspects of your site without needing to manually navigate through cPanel and PhpMyAdmin. Enter one line of code and your problem is instantly solved.

Many WordPress hosts these days (including Kinsta) already come with WP-CLI installed, so you don’t need to do any difficult setup.

As with editing your database directly, you should still back up your site before running the command line.

Check out How to SSH in for more tips, but here’s the basics: Windows users will need to install a program like PuTTY, while Mac and Linux users already have a built-in terminal.

PuTTY DownloadPuTTY Download

You will also need to get your SSH credentials from your host. You may find what is in cPanel under SSH Access, or Kinsta users can find it in the About tab in MyKinsta .

Windows users should install PuTTY and increase the number of hosts/IP, port, number of users and counterpart proporcionados by this host.

Mac and Linux users can simply open Terminal and access this command:

ssh [email protected] -p port number

Enter your password if prompted.

Ahora, you are using PuTTY in Windows or Terminal in Mac or Linux, debería poder ingresar comandos en su servidor. Write the following:

option wp eliminar core_updater.lock

Make changes in the command line. Making changes on the command line.

Getting there is a bit difficult, but with that one command, your troubles are over.

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L’erreur “Another update in progress” can be very annoying when it appears. A small database bug can cause a lot of confusion if you can’t update your site for days.

Unfortunately, adjusting it is a simple enough task. If you access WP-CLI or PhpMyAdmin, you can simply remove the blockage and the site will return to normality. If no se siente cómodo haciendo eso, install a complemento que lo haga por usted.

And if nothing works, you can always contact your host and ask them to remove the broken database entry.

Just remember to give the message 15 minutes à une heure avant to go to the trouble of trying to fix this, as it may resolve itself sooner than that. That données database lock is placed there for a reason, and it can harm your database if you delete it sooner than it’s supposed to.

WordPress errors are common and it helps to know what to do when they arise.


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Video WordPress another update is currently in progress

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