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Hunger? Let’s talk sliders!

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Belly buster…gut bomb…slider…sounds appealing? While the United States has a great history of greasy fast food, “sliders” have taken the meaning of greasy to a whole new level. Luckily for the reputation of American cuisine (and for the health of our hearts), sliders have gone from miniature fat bombs to elegant culinary creations and are now appealing to people of all backgrounds and tastes.

What exactly is a slider and where does it come from?

Sliders refer to miniature burgers. The name originated in the 1940s, when sailors in the United States Navy called sliders “sliders” because of their extreme fatness. In one or two bites, the burger slides from the bottom! The slider was first created at White Castle, a popular American fast food chain. White Castle became famous for its cheap and bold sliders and the tradition continues to this day.

The White Castle System of Eating Houses was founded in Witchita, Kansas in 1921. As America’s oldest hamburger fast food chain, the centerpiece of the menu was none other than a nickel burger. To promote its famous burger, White Castle regularly ran promotional ads in local newspapers with coupons for five burgers for ten cents. Over time, the burger got smaller and the price kept rising, but the popularity never waned. In fact, White Castle was the first burger chain to sell a billion burgers. While White Castle is an American icon, franchises have been sold around the world, including Japan, Malaysia and Mexico.

The Modern Cursor

As interesting as it is to remember these historic mini burgers, we are now in the era of the gourmet slider. Around 2007, the image of a slider began to evolve into a very different dining experience. Sliders are now present in some of the trendiest and most exclusive restaurants with expert chefs constantly inventing new combinations. See you later the traditional beef burger and hello chicken, pork and beef!

The slider has done wonders for the restaurant industry. For conscious dieters, the idea of ​​a small gourmet burger is appealing because it’s less food, more fun. However, some critics see the sliders as an excuse for chefs to sell rolls, and even smaller portions of meat, at very high prices. Savings aside, there’s no denying that eating a delicious, cleverly designed slider is downright fun. Ordering sliders instead of a medium-sized burger also allows you to try different varieties of burgers. Due to their small size, sliders are often served in pairs.

With celebrities like Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart now championing the slider on their shows, the hype and popularity surrounding these freebies shows no signs of abating any time soon.

Check out this link to see if your city is home to one of the best sliders in the United States!

Interested in creating your own specialized slider? Take a look at these recipes for inspiration.

Finally, the sliders do not stop only at the appetizer or even the main course, they have also become desserts.

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Crafting the Ultimate Slider: American Social Perfects the Burger in Brickell

May 20, 201622 de junio de 2021 sociales estadounidenses Blog

Very small hamburgers – no one can resist them! The term “slider” comes from Navy slang, perhaps as early as the 1940s, later adapted by burger chain White Castle to refer to their small burgers. Suddenly, sliders were everywhere. The original term may have come from the way patties on the grill at sea would slide around every time the ship moved, or it may have referred to the large amount of grease the navy used when cooking them.

What makes a slider?

Technically, a slider is not just a small burger – a slider is a small burger where the patty is cooked with onions and pickles. A true slider is made by cooking the onions, putting the patties on top and then flipping the entire thing and cooking further.

However, a lot of chefs call any mini burgers sliders and some refuse to use the term at all, perhaps because of its fast food associations. Sliders have moved far past that, though, and onto the menu at classic diners and fine restaurants like American Social in Brickell Miami.

They’re also popular with large groups and caterers as they are small, easily portable, and you can have the right number for your appetite. They also tend to fit well with the current small, shared plate trend, with a plate of sliders being fun to share with a group at the table.

Get the Best Sliders at American Social in Miami Today!

Some restaurants take the concept of the slider beyond burgers. American Social makes some of the best burgers in Brickell, and our menu includes four takes on the “mini burger.” Our classic sliders are served on challah buns in sets of three. You can also get sliders with bacon and beef blended patties, because everything is better with bacon! Or get black truffle short rib or BBQ pork belly sliders, the latter on a brioche bun. We are also proud to offer a sampler containing all four of our delicious sliders, just in case you can’t make up your mind! Are you hungry now? Swing by American Social for the best sliders and burgers in Brickell. Try the slider sampler and work out what you like the best, or go for a full size burger or sandwich instead. Either way, sliders are an American classic!



Our Blog

Cursor history History of the Slider

Here at Texas Chicken & Burger, we’re incredibly proud of our delicious sliders, offering the perfect snack – or in combination, the perfect easy-to-eat, pleasurable meal. Sliders can be considered the fun-sized hamburger for many reasons – their cute tiny size, the ease in which they fit into a single hand, the amount of fun it is to eat them – however, their history is way less documented than that of the storied, iconic hamburger. In this blog post, the culinary experts at Texas Chicken & Burger will document some of the fantastic history of the slider! History of the Slider The term ‘slider’ originated during the 1940s, when United States Navy sailors started referring to mini-burgers as ‘sliders’ due to their level of grease – as well as the fact that the burgers would be easy to slide down their throats due to their deliciousness and two-bite heft. Sliders became popularized through White Castle, an old fashioned chain restaurant. They marketed their burgers with cheap prices for large amounts of cheap-beef frozen hamburgers – and over time, the size of the burgers shrank while the price increased! They utilized this as a budget and cost-saving exercise, and sliders eventually became a key component of that strategy.   Slider Cooking Technique Sliders are cooked differently than the typical griddle or grill seared hamburger. Instead they are cooked from a ball of meat on an oiled griddle, which then get smashed onto the griddle (often with onions which then offer their delicious juices to help cook the meat.) After a quick sear, the slider is flipped, and then the seasoning and toppings are added directly onto it and allowed to quickly cook on the grill or griddle. This allows sliders to be cooked at a rapid pace, and the hot temperatures allows for delicious searing and caramelization.   Contemporary Sliders In 2019, we’re in an era where people want fresh, never-frozen fast food as opposed to the cheapest and fastest possible fast food. Sliders are now featured as  fun food in upscale gourmet restaurants, with chefs revolutionizing this classic food with new combinations of meat like chicken, pork, and even veal! Sliders are popular to diet-conscious eaters, as it’s a perfect way to cut calories while still enjoying the iconic taste of a burger. Sliders are often served in groups or pairs, which allows eaters to sample many different parts of a menu! Here at Texas Chicken and Burger, we’re doing sliders and hamburgers true justice – instead of offering low-quality meat at a cheap price, we’re offering high quality, fresh, never-frozen, and totally delicious burgers for a fair and affordable rate. This quality control is something that our brand is proud of – as we take great pride in our food, and it’s ability to satisfy even the most discerning of fast food connoisseur customers. Stop on into your local Texas Chicken and Burger today to see what the hype is all about; we promise you’ll love our bona-fide, Southern style, iconic, and delicious fast food!

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