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An introduction to geometry.

A point in geometry is a location. It has no size, that is, it has no breadth, length, or depth. A point is represented by a dot.


A line is defined as a dotted line that extends infinitely in two directions. It has one dimension, length. Points that are on the same line are called collinear points.


A line is defined by a colon and is written as shown below with an arrowhead.

a b ↔ AB ↔

Two lines that meet at a point are called secant lines.

A part of a line that has defined endpoints is called a line segment. A line segment like the segment between A and B above is written:

a b¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ AB ¯

A plane extends to infinity in two dimensions. It has no thickness. An example of a plane is a coordinate plane. A plane is named for three points in the plane that are not on the same line. Below we see the ABC plan.


A space extends infinitely in all directions and is a set of all three-dimensional points. You can think of a space as the inside of a box.

space box

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Draw a point, line, line segment, and angle on a coordinate plane.

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Points and lines

In geometry, points and lines are the fundamental concepts that we must learn before learning different shapes and sizes. A point is a dimensionless shape, since it only represents a point, while a line is a one-dimensional shape. Colons are lines used to draw different shapes and sizes in a plane. These shapes can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

What is a Point?

Un point est un point dans un plan ou une feuille de papier. Un point n’a ni longueur, ni largeur, ni hauteur. Il détermine l’emplacement ou la position dans un plan.


Mettez un point sur un papier et marquez-le comme A ou avec n’importe quelle lettre majuscule, pour montrer un point. Maintenant, si vous voulez montrer trois points différents, mettez trois points sur un papier et marquez-les comme X, Y et Z. Nous pouvons lire ces points comme point X, point Y et point Z.

Types de points

There are different types of points in geometry, such as:

  • Collinear and Non-collinear points
  • Coplanar and Non-coplanar points

Collinear points lie on the same line but non-collinear points do not lie on the same line.

Coplanar points line on the same plane but non-coplanar points do not lie on the same plane.

What is a Line?

A line is a straight path formed by connecting a set of points in a plane. It is a one-dimensional shape that has length but no width and height. A line extends infinitely in both ends towards opposite directions. We can use upper case letters to denote a line. Also, a line can be marked with a single small letter, such as m, l, etc.

For example, AB is a line but we can also mark it as ‘m’.

A line

Types of Lines

The different types of lines can be categorized into:

  • Intersecting lines
  • Parallel lines

Cuando dos rectas pasan por el mismo punto se llaman rectas que se cortan. Significa que las dos líneas se cortan o intersecan entre sí en un solo punto. Vea el siguiente diagrama de líneas que se cruzan.

Lines of intersection

Cuando dos rectas no se encuentran en ningún punto, se llaman paralelas. Un ejemplo de líneas paralelas es una escala o una regla que tiene sus bordes opuestos paralelos. Otro ejemplo son las líneas ferroviarias.

parallel lines


  • Dos rectas no pueden encontrarse en más de un punto
  • Dos o más líneas pueden intersecarse en un solo punto

Un segmento de línea y un rayo

Un segmento de línea es una línea que tiene dos extremos definidos. Si un segmento de línea tiene dos extremos A y B, entonces se denota por la barra AB.

a line segment

Un rayo es una línea que parte de un punto y se extiende indefinidamente en una dirección. Tiene un solo punto final.

Un exemple d’éclair est la lumière d’une torche qui commence à une extrémité et va sans fin dans une direction.

problèmes de pratique

  1. Tracez les points sur un plan : Point A, Point B et Point C.
  2. Plot points A, B, and C, which are collinear.
  3. Give examples of points that are not collinear.
  4. Draw intersecting lines AB and CD and mark the point of intersection with O.
  5. Two lines l and m are parallel to each other. Draw the two lines.

Frequently asked questions about points and lines

What purpose?

A point is a point marked on a plane that represents position.

What is a line?

A line is a series of points that are connected by a straight path and extend to infinity in opposite directions.

What are the points on the same line called?

Points on the same line are called collinear points.

How many points form a line?

We need at least two points to determine the line.

Do the lines have endpoints?

Lines have no endpoints. They extend endlessly in the opposite direction.

What are the properties of points?

A point has zero size. It is dimensionless. It has no length, width and height.

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