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What is Page Buddy on Samsung smartphones?

Date of last update: October 13, 2020

Page Buddy , a feature in Samsung smartphones that creates dedicated, contextual home screen pages. These pages will appear to ask the user what tasks they want to perform when an accessory is attached or removed. In addition to tasks, the device will replace the applications available in the favorites bar with the recommended applications according to the accessory.  

What is Page Buddy on Samsung smartphones?

For Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II, when the S-Pen is disconnected from the device, a separate home screen is created. Similarly, Page Buddy will be created on the Samsung Galaxy Grand home screen when a headset has been connected.


Here are the actions performed when Page Buddy is enabled:


• A page friend icon will be added to the right side of the page indicator. 

• The page companion will appear when you are on one of the home screens.

• The Page Buddy includes convenient shortcuts at the bottom of the screen to relevant applications.

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What is Pagebuddynotisvc? 

f3b331a204ef62cf60ce2f3705f43e98Staff 2 2 min read  

If you have found the app called pagebuddynotisvc on your Samsung smartphone and you don’t know what this app does, then you have come to the right place. If you have seen the unknown app on your device then you might think it is some kind of malware or virus and you need to check the app you are seeing suspicious and today we Let ‘s talk about the pagebuddynotisvc application .

What is Pagebuddynotisvc?

First, we need to know what Pagebuddynotisvc is. In short, Pagebuddynotisvc is a service located on Samsung smartphones. A pagebuddynotisvc is the Samsung headset. When the headset is connected to the phone, the buttons displayed in the notification area are due to this. This is a completely benign service, but increased battery consumption may be due to pagebuddynotisvc. This service also provides error messages once the headset is on the smartphone.

You can turn it off if you want, but it’s better not to. Go to your phone’s settings, then touch and more in the application manager. Now choose All to view all apps. If you are sure that you do not need this service in any way, you can also delete it permanently.

This application also allows to send feedback error messages when you connect headphones to your mobile device.

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Should you be afraid of pagebuddynotisvc

People are afraid of unknown things. As we all know, many people dislike this app just because its name looks malicious. The second reason might be because this app can drain your device battery quickly.

How to remove pagebuddynotisvc

If you want to remove Pagebuddynotisvc app then you need to follow some simple steps but think before you remove this app but if you still want to remove it then follow:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap More
  • Tap Application Manager
  • Select All to select all apps (third-party and system apps)
  • Select pagebuddynotisvc
  • turn it off
  • Restart your device.

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One downside or remove or disable pagebuddynotisvc:

Here’s why you shouldn’t delete this app.

  • You will no longer receive error notifications related to your headphones.
  • You won’t get notifications that your volume is too high, which is not good for your health.

But what if you deleted the app and you need it?

How would you do?

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How to recover pagebuddynotisvc after deletion:

If you want to recover the app, you will need to do a full system reset (reset to factory defaults)

This way you will get everything you had when you bought the phone, wait for a rollback in the system update.

Warning: Performing this action may result in the loss of all your files, photos and videos if you do not back them up.

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