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We provide the ability to embed a game into another game. This means you can have a packaged “game” (the embedded game) placed inside another larger game (the main game).  

Here are some scenarios where a game designer might want to embed a game:

  1. To put decks in collapsible boxes inside a larger game box
  2. To keep decks separate so customers don’t have to sort them (note that cards from these decks cannot be sorted in any particular order)
  3. To create a deluxe version of a game (for example, a version containing the original game plus expansion and/or bonus content)
  4. To create a legacy game or escape room whose components need to be bundled/hidden so there can be a big reveal
  5. To put boosters in a booster box

There are some limitations:

  1. Only one overlay layer is allowed. A game can be integrated into another game; however, a game that has an embedded game cannot be embedded into another game.  
  2. You will pay the management fee of $0.89 for the integrated game as well as the management fee of $0.89 for the main game.
  3. Component sheets are not shared between the built-in game and the main game.
  4. Bundled kit and master kit parts are not combined for bulk quantity discounts. For example, if the embedded game contained five pawns and the main game contained five pawns, you would not qualify for the 10+ quantity discount. (You will still receive a volume discount if the bundled game or main game contains 10 games or more.)

How to embed a game:

Here is the process for adding an in-game to the main game: First, create the game you want to embed into another game.  

Then click on “Add an integrated game”.file-vxu818mnUO

Select the game you want to integrate from the list of your games and click on “Integrate”:file-PmgSuLqU6Q

You will see the information for this game appear on the right side of the screen. You can then adjust the amount to your liking, edit the game or remove it as an inbuilt game.   file-z7KTBItOve

Frequently asked Questions:

Does an embedded game have to be in a box?  

No. If the supplied kit does not come with a box or other type of bag, it will be packed in a plastic zip lock bag.  

Will the embedded game be packed?

If the supplied set comes with its own box, it will be shrink-wrapped. Any set that includes a box will be shrink-wrapped (except booster packs and clear plastic boxes, which cannot be shrink-wrapped).  

If both the in-game and the main game are available for sale, will my in-game also get credit for sales of the main game?


Can I order empty Booster Packs and fill them myself?

Yes, if you create a set that contains boosters and no cards or other items, the booster will arrive with only one end sealed and the other open. If this is what you want, don’t forget to specify in the delivery slips of your order that you want open packages.

Do sales of my bundled games increase when the main game is purchased?

Yes, when the main game is purchased, the in-game games will also get additional sales.

  • What is integration and when to do it on Facebook and Twitter

What is integration and when to do it on Facebook and Twitter

Definition: Embedding refers to the embedding of links, images, videos, gifs, and other content into social media posts or other web media. Embedded content appears as part of a post and provides a visual element that encourages more clicks and engagement.

Integrating external content is an effective way to increase engagement with social media posts. A study by Social Media Examiner showed that images increase engagement rates by 87% on Facebook posts and 35% on Twitter.

Why Content Integration Increases Engagement

Embedded content includes but is not limited to blog posts, articles, images, videos, .GIFs, etc. Using embedded content to integrate other media into posts is effective for two main reasons:

  • Stands out: With a sea of ​​content to browse, embedded content makes a post stand out to users in their news feed.
  • Offer something of value: Users don’t have to read a message and understand the purpose of the embedded content. A video title, link or other form of media conveys a purpose and immediately offers something of value to users and is more likely to be seen as informational, rather than intended to benefit the business in some way or other. ‘another one.

Integration on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook automatically converts most external links included in posts to an embedded format. Videos can be played from the embedded link without users having to leave the News Feed.

Twitter has a similar system specifically for brands called Twitter Cards. Brands that partner with Twitter can have content automatically displayed in posts linked from their websites. Cards can display four types of content:

  • Pre-written summary and page thumbnail
  • Summary with a big picture
  • Media such as video or audio
  • A direct link to download a mobile application.

Video What does embedding a video mean apex

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