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Solution: Word, Excel or PowerPoint have an error that prevents the function from being correct

May 30, 2022PorNamratha Nayak

Many users report that they encountered an error while accessing MS Word, Excel or Powerpoint and produced an error. The complete error message visto por el usuario al acceder a Word is the following:

Lo sentimos, pero Word se ha encontrado con un error qu’impide que funcione correctlyamente. As result, Word deberá cerrarse.

¿Quieres que lo reparemos ahora?

Debajo de este mensaje, verá el botón Repair ahora. Include al ejecutar la tarea de reparación, el problema no se resolvingá. At the beginning Excel and PowerPoint, also the mismo error message, only Word replaces with Excel and PowerPoint.

Word/Excel/PowerPoint master root has encountered an error which prevents the function from working properly and users intend to refresh the MS Office application. During a refresh, these applications come with a configuration for operation and compatibility.

If also violated this article with MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, go ahead and read this article. Aquí, hemos enumerado algunas correcciones que se pueden seguir una a la vez para ayudar a superar este error.

Table of contents

  • Solution 1: Eject the application from Office with administrator derechos
  • Solution 2: Repair Microsoft Office
  • Solution 3: Eliminate all add-ins
  • Arreglo 4 – Edit register
  • Solution 5: Refresh Windows Security
  • Solution 6: Refresh Microsoft Office
  • Solution 7: Perform Windows Refresh
  • Fix 8: Uninstall and Reinstall MS Office

Solution 1: Eject the application from Office with administrator derechos

1 -Busca the application of Office in the busqueda of the barra of tareas of Windows.

2 – Haga clic derecho en el icon de resultado de búsqueda y luego haga clic en ejecutar como administrador .

Ejecutar administrador minimo

Solution 2: Repair Microsoft Office



1. Simply press Windows and R key combination to open the Run box .

2. Type ms-settings:appsfeatures to open the Apps & Features page in Settings.


Ejecutar Ajustes Aplicaciones Características Min.



3. Recherchez Microsoft 365/Microsoft Office dans la liste des applications.

4. Click on the three vertical dots associated with Microsoft 365/Microsoft Office and choose Modify.


Office 365 Change Installation Minimum


5. When prompted by User Account Control click on Yes.

6. Choose Quick Repair on the prompt that asks how would you like to repair your Office programs.

7. Click on the Repair button.


Office 365 Modify Quick Repair Min.


8. Confirm the operation by clicking on Repair again.


Office 365 Confirm Quick Repair Minimum


9. Restart your PC and check if the problem is resolved.

If the issue still persists, then perform all the steps above but choose Online Repair in step 6 and continue the repair operation.


Office 365 Edit Repair Online Min.



Fix 3 – Remove all Add-ins

1 -Open Excel, Word or powerpoint, whatever application you are having issue with.

2 -Now, Click on File , then click on Options from the left menu which appears.

3 – Thereafter, click on Add-ins from the left menu.

4 – Now, click on Go button located near manage add-ins section.


Pants Capture 2022 05 30 182924 min


5 – Uncheck all the add ins and click OK and close all the windows.

Now, try again.

Pants Capture 2022 05 30 183153 min

Fix 4 – Edit registry

1 – Search registry editor in the search box and click on the search result to open registry editor.

Before doing anything with registry editor, Just click on File and then click on export to save a backup of registry.


Registry archive Exportar nuevo mínimo


2 – Now go to the following path in the registry editor.


3 – Now delete the following folders.

  • Experience
  • Heap experience
  • Experiment Ecs
  • Expand the Licensing folder  and delete the CurrentSkuIdForApp folder under it.

Pants Capture 2022 05 30 182115 min


4 -Close the registry editor and restart the PC.

Fix 5 – Update Windows Security


1. Ouvrez la boîte de dialogue Exécuter à l’aide de la combinaison de touches Windows et R.

2. Tapez ms-settings:windowsdefender et appuyez sur Entrée pour ouvrir la sécurité Windows.


Ejecutar Ms Configuration Defender Min



3. Cliquez sur Protection contre les virus et menaces dans la liste des zones de protection.


Protection contre les menaces de virus de sécurité de Windows Min.


4. Scroll down to find Virus & threat protection updates.

5. Click on Protection updates here.


Actualizaciones mínimas de protección contra amenazas de virus


6. Now, again click on Check for updates.


Mises à jour de protection Buscar mises à jour Mín.


7. Once the update completes, close all the open windows and save any work.

8. Restart your system. Check if you are able to open the Office app without any error.


Fix 6 – Update Microsoft Office


1. Open any Office app (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook).

2. Hit the Windows key and type Word and select the Word app in the list.


Iniciar Palabra Abierta Mín.


3. Click on Account in the left pane at the bottom.



Min. de cuenta de archives de Word


4. Here, click on Update Options next to Office Updates.

5. Choose the option Update Now in the dropdown that opens.


Opciones d'actualisation de la cuenta de Office Actualizar ahora Mín.


6. It will check for any updates to the Office application. If there are any updates, they will be downloaded and installed.

7. Once the update is done, restart your Office application and check if the error message is resolved.

Fix 7 – Perform a Windows Update


1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog.

2. Type ms-settings:windowsupdate and hit Enter to open the Windows Update page.


Ejecutar Ms Configuration Windows Update Min


3. Here, click on Check for updates button.


Mise à jour de Windows Windows 11 min


4. Windows will start checking for any new updates. Wait till the updates are downloaded and installed.

5. Once the update completes, restart your computer.

6. Check if you are able to access the Office applications without any error.



Fix 8 – Uninstall and Reinstall MS Office


Note: Save all your work before uninstalling Office. Make sure you have your Microsoft account email and password to reinstall the digital download of Office.



1.  Click on this link to download an EXE file which is the Office uninstall support tool.

2. Once it is downloaded on your PC, open the file. This will install Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant application on your PC.

3. In the Support and Recovery Assistant, choose the app as Office with which you are having a problem. Click on Next.


Sara Seleccione Oficina Min


4. Choose the appropriate problem as I have Office installed, but I’m having trouble uninstalling it. Click on Next.

Sara Seleccione Problema Mín.



5. Choose the version of Office that you want to uninstall. Click on Next.


Version minimale de Sara Office


6. Restart your computer after the uninstallation process.

7. Now, reinstall Office by downloading the digital copy of Office using your Microsoft account from the Microsoft website.

Note: In case you have a hard copy of Office, you can use the CD/DVD. Make sure you have the license key of Office and you will need to activate Office after reinstallation.

8. Sign in to your Microsoft account using your credentials.

9. Go to your subscriptions to view your purchases. Here, click on Install to install the Office program.

Check if this resolves the error for you.

Thanks for reading.

We hope this article has been informative enough in resolving the Office Has Run Into an Error That is Preventing It From Working Correctly error on your Windows PC. Comment and let us know the fix that worked for you.

You can also download this PC Repair tool to Locate and Fix any PC issue: Step 1 – Download the Restoro PC Repair Tool from here Step 2 – Click on Start Scan to find and Fix any PC issue automatically.

Namratha Nayak

A software engineer turned into an educator with vast teaching experience in universities. Currently working towards my passion for writing.

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Dépannage : erreur lors du chargement du complément (MS Word)

Vous pouvez obtenir “Erreur lors du chargement du complément” lorsque vous essayez d’installer SmartCite dans Microsoft Word 2016+ à partir du Store. Cela est dû à un problème d’authentification, mais ne vous inquiétez pas – c’est une solution facile ! Pour résoudre ce problème, vous devez vous déconnecter de Microsoft et vous reconnecter. Nous avons décrit les étapes ci-dessous :

  1. Sign out of Microsoft Word by clicking Word > Sign Out… 
  2. Restart Microsoft Word and log in again.
  3. Open the INSERT menu and click “Get Add-ons or Store.
  4. Type SmartCite in the search field and press enter.
  5. Click Add next to the list
  6. Then please find the SmartCite in the Reference tab (far right) and click to open it.

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File Repair 4 Minute Read

[Solved] We’re sorry, but Excel encountered an error

Updated July 7, 2022

Ravi Singh

Written by

Ravi Singh

Alexis Llontop

Approved by

Alexis Llontop


  • Fix Methods We’re sorry, but Excel has encountered an error problem
  • 1. Run Excel in Safe Mode
  • 2. Disable compatibility mode
  • Conclusion

Summary: In this guide, we’ve discussed about “We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error” issue that appears when a user tries to access MS Excel or XLS/XLSX workbook file in Windows. We have mentioned various methods that may help you troubleshoot the problem and resolve the issue without any data loss. However, if these methods fail to resolve the issue, you can always use an Excel repair tool, such as Stellar Repair for Excel.

Téléchargement gratuit

‘We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly’ is an error message that usually appears when you try to access or open MS Excel program or Excel workbook (XLS/XLSX) after a Windows or MS Office update. The error message may also pop up when the Excel workbook gets damaged or corrupted due to sudden power failure, system crash, malware/virus intrusion, or MS Excel problem caused by an incompatible add-in or program file.

In case you have encountered this error message and can’t access the Excel workbook, you can follow the methods discussed in this guide to open the Excel workbook and resolve the We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error issue.

Lo sentimos, pero Excel se ha encontrado con un error. Methods to Fix We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error Issue

When the error message, “We’re sorry, but Excel had run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Excel will need to be closed as a result. Would you like us to repair now?” is displayed, it provides a Repair Now option. You can click on the Repair Now button to start repairing the Excel file.

If this fails, follow these methods to troubleshoot and resolve We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error.

1. Run Excel in Safe Mode

You can run Excel in Safe Mode and then open the Excel file. This will help you identify if any setting or incompatible add-in is the reason behind the issue. The steps are as follows,

  • Press Windows key + R

excel mode seguro

  • Type Excel /safe and press ‘Enter‘ or click ‘OK’ to open MS Excel in safe mode

If MS Excel opens without displaying the ‘We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error’ message, then remove or disable the Excel add-ins. The steps to remove or disable add-ins are as follows,

  • Navigate to File > Options and then click on ‘Add-ins

compléments d'excel

  • Click on the Go button to view available add-ins

compléments déshabilitants

  • Uncheck the checkbox to disable the add-ins

2. Disable Compatibility Mode

If the previous method fails to resolve the We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error issue, follow these steps to disable Compatibility mode in MS Excel.

  • Right-click on Excel (.exe) file and choose Properties. You can find Excel (.exe) file at the following location,
    • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\Excel.exe
    • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\Root\Office15\Excel.exe

ejecutar el solucionador de problemas de compatibilidad

  • Click on Compatibility and then uncheck all the boxes. Click OK to save the changes

Now try to open MS Excel or XLS/XLSX file and check if the workbook opens. If it doesn’t, follow the next method.

3. Repair MS Office Installation

To repair MS Office installation, follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel and click on ‘Uninstall a program

Panneau de contrôle

  • Select MS Office from the list and then click on ‘Change’

sélection ms oficina

  • Choose the ‘Repair’ option and then proceed with the wizard to repair the MS Office installation

réparer ms oficina

If this doesn’t fix the issue, you may need to remove all MS Office files and registry keys from the system. Then fresh install the MS office. You can follow this guide on Microsoft support to clean uninstall MS Office.

However, if these methods fail to fix, ‘We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error’ issue, you can use an Excel repair software, such as Stellar Repair for Excel, to resolve the error and access the Excel (XLS/XLSX) worksheet.

The software extracts the data from damaged workbook and saves it in a new Excel sheet at your desired location. The software is safe as it doesn’t alter the original Excel document and recovers all components, tables, charts, etc., from Excel sheets with 100% accuracy and precision. Once saved, you can open the new Excel document in MS Excel without encountering ‘We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error’ message.


Lo sentimos, pero Excel se encontró con un error que se puede resolver mediante la solución de problemas de MS Excel o la reparación del libro de Excel dañado o corrupto mediante el uso de una herramienta de reparación de Excel de terceros , como Stellar Repair for Excel. Los métodos manuales pueden tomar tiempo para resolver el problema o pueden fallar al corregir ‘Lo sentimos, pero Excel se ha encontrado con un error’. Sin embargo, este software de reparación de Excel extrae los datos del archivo de Excel dañado y lo guarda en un nuevo libro de trabajo de Excel al que puede acceder a través de cualquier programa de MS Excel sin encontrar ningún mensaje de error.  

About The Author


Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh is a Senior Writer at Stellar® . He is an expert Tech Explainer, IoT enthusiast, and avid nerd with over 7 years of technical writing experience. He writes about Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, email migration, Linux, Windows, Mac, DIY Tech, and Smart Home. Ravi spends most of his weekends working with IoT (DIY Smart Home) devices and playing Overwatch. He is also a solo traveler who likes to hike and explore new trails.

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