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Business Directory Team/ Last Updated March 10, 2022

How to Use the Best WordPress Plugin for Article Directories

Sharing articles has never been easier with our WordPress article directory plugin. Find out how to get started in just three steps!

Article Directory WordPress Plugin - What is an Article Directory?

If you’re looking to share articles with your audience, choosing the right software is essential. However, choosing a WordPress article directory plugin is not always easy. It can be difficult to find one that balances powerful features with user-friendly settings.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our Business Directory plugin. With the help of this tool, you can build an effective article directory without breaking a sweat.

What is an article directory?

Before we start, let’s talk about article directories. An article directory is a website with a collection or summary of articles. They can be on a wide variety of topics or a narrow niche article directory.

Business Directory is the best WordPress directory plugin. Buy it for free!

These articles can be obtained all over the web. It’s a great way for publishers to get extra backlinks and traffic. Even for a hobby blogger, an article listing site can be a big help. Submitting articles to directories has great potential to grow your audience.

When building your own article directory, you will need to spend time building excellent domain authority and SEO. A valuable site like this will deliver the most valuable backlinks and traffic. And of course, if your website offers a lot of value, it’s also easy to monetize.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create an article directory in just three steps. We’ll also give you some tips to help you maximize your benefits. Let’s go!

Step 1 – Customize your item listings

Let’s start by setting up your home directory. First, make sure you have installed and activated the premium version of our plugin. Then adjust the main settings as needed.

Next, you will need to create your directory pages. Our plugin will offer to do it for you:

A prompt for users to add a directory page.

Alternatively, you can create your own by adding a [company directory] shortcode to a page. You can also add a submit page the same way with the [businessdirectory-submit-listing] shortcode .

You can then edit the default form fields you want to apply to your posts. For example, you can add options for users to include their nicknames, external links, or short descriptions. You can do this by going to DirectoryForm FieldsAdd New Form Field :

The add new form field screen, a step to use the article directory plugin

If you’re looking to build a niche article directory, using unique form fields can help you be more specific. For example, if you are collecting articles about movie stars, you can add a field that asks what movie the author is writing about.

Add the required information and save your changes. To change the order in which these form fields appear, you can return to Form Fields to rearrange them.

Step 2: Allow visitors to submit articles

Now you can make it easy for users to submit their own articles. Start by deciding on your payment plan: you can set up plans or stick with free shipping.

Then, you’ll need to set up your front-end submission form. Go back to the listing page you created in step one. After you publish it, you should see a form that looks like this, but includes the fields you chose:

An example of the page where users can submit a listing to a niche article directory

Now visitors can send their articles to be included in the directory. If you want to read these posts before they go live on your site, go to Directory → Settings → Listing and make sure that the default listing status is set to Pending.

Step 3: Add a powerful organizational system

At this point, you should have used our article directory WordPress plugin to build a simple site. Nevertheless, you may also want to add a few organizational features to take it to the next level.

For example, we recommend setting up categories. These can make it easier for users to browse your website. You can start by installing the category add-on, then navigating to Directory → Directory Categories:

The screen to add a new category using our WordPress article directory plugin.

Fill in the fields on the left-hand side to add your new category. You can also create hierarchies to make finding specific articles even easier for your users.

We also recommend that you add a search function, which is an essential directory tool for any website. Simply use our built-in shortcodes to display simple or advanced search fields:

find a list of items

For more information on this tool, you can check out our knowledge base article on search functions.


Sharing articles shouldn’t be a struggle. Fortunately, if you’d rather focus on the content than the setup, Business Directory Plugin has got you covered. With the help of our software, you can build a top-tier article directory in no time.

In this article, we showed you how to use our article directory WordPress plugin in three steps:

  1. Customize how you want to display your article listings.
  2. Enable your users to submit their own content.
  3. Add organization features like categories and search systems.

Business Directory Plugin has all the functions you need to kickstart your new directory. Check out what our premium plans can help you do today!

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4 Article Directory WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free and Paid)

Updated on July 3, 2020

por Neeraj Agarwal

The article directory is an effective way of online content marketing. It allows you to categorize your articles in the desired sequence. Moreover, your visitors can also publish their articles on your website from the front-end itself.

A large number of authors publish their articles in the popular article directory. Hence, it might be a great deal for you to create an article directory. Consequently, it will make your website more popular and then the traffic will get increased.


If you also want to have your own article library where you can arrange the articles in the categories and sub-categories. Then, you can go for article directory WordPress plugins.

So, that you don’t have to put extra efforts in coding. These plugins will make it easy for you.

To assist you, I’ve hand-picked some paid as well as free article directory WordPress plugins. So, you do need to hang around in searching for the best plugins.

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Here is a list, make sure to click on the button below to explore more about the plugins.

1. roo! Framework

Roo! Framework is a compact and easy WordPress plugin for creating link directories, article directories, business directories, classified ad listing and so much more. It allows the users to add their items to the directory based on multiple precedents.

It blends 3 different plugins that are Jobbin, Roo Classifieds, and Roo Link Directory then comes in one complete framework which has the functionalities of these plugins in a single place.

roo- Framework WordPress Plugins Article Directory

Cost Figure

On downloading it from the, you’ll have to pay $19 only.

More Features

  • Items can be added from the back-end by the admin as well as from the front-end by the users.
  • When an item is pending to publish then, it will show the bubble notification reminding them to publish.
  • You can add unlimited categories and sub-categories in the desired order.
  • It comes up with easy and simple shortcodes to embed it easily on your website.

Get More Details Here

2. Article Directory WordPress Plugin

This Article directory WordPress plugin displays the catalog of the articles on the main page. This plugin removes the hefty tasks of changing the source code every time in order to arrange the articles in a sequence.

With the help of this plugin, you can create different categories of your posts and also you can build multiple sub-categories of your main category.

Articlesss Articles Directory WordPress Plugins

No Charges

This plugin is free to download.

More Features

  • Possibility to show the articles in parent and child categories.
  • It allows you to show the category description in the link title.
  • The plugin provides you the specific pages for each and every category.
  • You can showcase your categories in a specified number of columns.
  • Facility to add the icons to each category using CSS.

Get More Details Here

3. Frontend Publishing – Article Directory WordPress Plugin

Frontend Publishing allows your guests to publish their publications and articles without giving them permission to access the sensitive member area. It automatically displays an error when posts don’t meet your website’s submission guidelines.

If you want an amazing article directory where the guest user posts their articles from the front-end, then this is the perfect article directory WordPress plugin.

Frontend Post Post Directory WordPress Plugins

free download

This WordPress article directory plugin is open source software. It can be downloaded from

More features

  • You can define user roles for all members and allow certain user roles to publish their content.
  • It provides you with the shortcode to create the front-end submission form.
  • The shortcode is available to create a list of user posts.
  • You can specify if you don’t want to follow links in the body of the article.

Get more details here

4. List of Category Posts

This is a free WordPress article directory plugin that allows you to easily list posts in a category using the shortcode. Whenever you want to add the post to the category, you can simply add the [catlist] shortcode and you are good to go.

This shortcode accepts the list name, ID, post display order, and post count.

List of Category Articles Article Directory WordPress Plugins


It won’t cost you anything, you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. You can download this plugin from the official WordPress site.

More features

  • Provides full documentation on how to customize and view posts.
  • You can add your custom CSS for further editing. There are several elements in the plugin which can be changed according to your choice.
  • This plugin includes a widget for simple functionality. You can include as many widgets as you want.
  • There are also video tutorials available on how to use the plugin.

Get more details here


So that’s our take on WordPress article directory plugins. If you want to create an article directory on your website, look no further than picking up one of these plugins mentioned above, they will make the creation process as easy as ever.

Well, we have mentioned the paid and free article directory WordPress plugin. So, after exploring, you can download the plugin that suits you best.  

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Video Using article directory plugin

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