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Import error when importing photos or videos from iPhone or iPad

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When I try to import photos from my iPhone/iPad, I get the following error:

An error has occurred, your files may not have been imported.


  • windows 10


If the iPhone/iPad is configured to back up photos and videos to a cloud service, not all of the files may be available for import and cause this error. 


  1. If your phone is connected to the computer, disconnect it. 
  2. Go to the Settings  app on your iPhone/iPad. 
  3. Tap Pictures
  4. Under the Transfer to Mac or PC option , tap  Keep Originals
  5. Reconnect your phone to your computer. 
  6. Import photos/videos as you normally would. 

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Import a video project into Google Ads

Once you’ve received a unique code from your Ads Creative Studio contact, you can use it to import your videos into Google Ads. Follow the steps below to get started.

Before you start

  • Make sure your Google Ads account is enabled to import video projects from Ads Creative Studio. If not, contact support.
  • An Ads Creative Studio user with standard or admin access must export the project from Ads Creative Studio and share a code with you.

Import a video project into Google Ads

You must have access to a Google Ads account to import a video project from Ads Creative Studio. To import, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an import and enter a code
  2. revise and modify
  3. Select a YouTube channel
  4. Download videos from YouTube
  5. Download video information

After giving your project a name, you can leave the page and come back later to complete the rest of the process. To see a list of all imported projects and their current status, go to  Labs > Ads Creative Studio Import .

Step 1: Create an import and enter a code

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Labs .
  3. Click Import from Ads Creative Studio . If you don’t see this option, your account is not enabled for this feature. Contact support to activate it.
  4. To start an import, click Create ImportDYM2N7CqWNn7d3Vnv0TAqlkavs0dBmIdtEmr .
  5. Paste the code you received from your Ads Creative Studio contact.
  6. Cliquez sur Continuer pour passer à l’étape suivante. Si vous obtenez une erreur, consultez ces conseils de dépannage.

Étape 2 : Réviser et modifier

Toutes les modifications que vous apportez au projet importé n’affecteront que la copie du projet qui se trouve dans Google Ads.

  1. (Facultatif) Donnez au projet un nom mémorable au cas où vous auriez besoin de le référencer ultérieurement. Après avoir nommé le projet, vous pouvez quitter la page à tout moment et revenir plus tard pour poursuivre le processus d’importation.
  2. (Optional) Review the video titles and targeting criteria set in Ads Creative Studio.
    1. Edit video titles.
    2. Add video descriptions.
    3. Review targeting criteria. You can edit this later or use it to inform your targeting settings when you add the video to a campaign.
  3. Select all videos to upload to YouTube. Note: If you don’t select all of the videos at this step, you won’t be able to upload the unselected videos in a later step. Instead, you can repeat the import process from Step 1, reusing the same code to upload the remaining videos.
  4. Click Continue to go to the next step.

Step 3: Select a channel

  1. Choose which YouTube channel to upload the videos to. Videos will be uploaded as unlisted to the channel you choose.
    • Private channel – Upload to a private, Google-managed channel. This channel is not browsable on YouTube like other channels. This option is recommended if you don’t have permissions to upload to your advertiser’s YouTube channel, or if you want to keep these videos separate from the videos on your channel.
    • Your own channel – Upload to a channel that you have permission to upload to (using the same Google Account you use with Google Ads). This options is recommended if you want full control of the videos along with access to analytics and other YouTube Studio features. If you choose this option and the YouTube channel you’re looking for doesn’t show up, ask to the channel admin to add you as a channel editor or manager using your Google Account email. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can resume the upload later.
  2. Click Continue to go to the next step.

Compare YouTube channel options

Revise los beneficios, los inconvenientes y qué tipo de canal se recomienda según sus necesidades.

canal privado

  • Cargue rápidamente si no tiene acceso a un canal de marca
  • Evita saturar tu canal de marca con videos no listados.
  • Cualquiera que tenga acceso a la cuenta de Google Ads puede subirlo rápidamente.
Posibles inconvenientes
  • No es compatible con las funciones de anuncios que requieren elementos del canal de YouTube, como el logotipo o el nombre.
  • No access to analytics, can’t edit the video directly
  • Videos can’t be moved to your own channel later
  • Can’t create shareable playlists
Best for
  • Quick uploads when you’re unsure who to contact to upload to a brand channel
  • Standard bumper or in-stream campaigns

Your own channel (or a brand channel)

  • Videos are uploaded to a channel you control
  • Can view video analytics and edit in YouTube Studio
  • Videos are unlisted by default, so they’re not public or searchable unless you want them to be
  • Videos can be made public to all subscribers
  • Videos can be part of private or public playlists
Potential Drawbacks
  • Google Ads user must be given manager or editor permissions for the channel
  • Unlisted videos can still be seen by channel editors and managers
Best for
  • Brands that want to keep all video content in one place
  • All video ad types

Step 4: Upload videos to YouTube

  1. Wait for the videos to upload.
  2. Si hay algún error al cargar los videos, puede revisarlos aquí. Para obtener ayuda con la corrección de errores, vaya a Solucionar errores de importación de video .
  3. Una vez completada la carga, haga clic en Continuar .

Paso 5: Descarga la información del video

Después de cargar los videos, puede descargar la información del video para usarla en su campaña. Puede descargar una hoja de información de video, que incluye una lista de títulos de video e ID que puede agregar manualmente a su campaña, o puede descargar una hoja que puede usar para crear o editar su campaña de Google Ads con Google Ads Editor .

Ambas hojas incluyen la siguiente información:

  • Fecha de carga
  • Información de la campaña de Google Ads: campaña, grupo de anuncios, nombre del anuncio, URL visible, URL final
  • identificación de vídeo
  • título de YouTube
  • descripción de youtube
  • Información sobre las reglas de Ads Creative Studio: ubicaciones, idiomas, temas, público, datos demográficos

Elija el tipo que funcione mejor para usted

Utilice la hoja del editor de anuncios de Google si:

  • Está trabajando con muchas variantes e información de segmentación y quiere ahorrar tiempo copiando información.

Use la hoja de información del video si:

  • Está trabajando con un número menor de variantes e información de orientación.
  • Debe enviar la información a una agencia de medios externa que pueda usar las identificaciones de video y la información de orientación para la configuración de la campaña.

Descargue una hoja de información de video

  1. Click Download. A window appears with two options. Both files are in comma-separated values (CSV) format.
  2. Click Download video info.
  3. To continue, click Download again. The file will be downloaded to your computer. If you don’t want to download it right away, you can return to Labs at any time to download the file.
  4. Click Done. You’ll be taken back to the list of imports.

Cómo usar una hoja de información de video

If you prefer to manually create your campaign from a list of videos with YouTube information and targeting notes, use the video information sheet.

Edit the campaign, ad group, and ad names

Generic names will be used for the campaign and ad group names in the video information sheet, for example “Campaign 1”, and “Ad group 1”. The variant name in Ads Creative Studio will be used as the ad name. Update these names as needed.


Refer to targeting information as you set up your campaign

The Ads Creative Studio rules in the video information sheet are meant to be used as a reference for setting targeting information in your Google Ads campaigns. These rules can’t be used to directly set targeting in Google Ads. Instead, as you create your campaign, ad groups, and ads, make sure to match up your targeting with the intended targeting described for each video.

Descargar una hoja del editor de anuncios de Google

  1. Click Download. A window appears with two options. Both files are in comma-separated values (CSV) format.
  2. Click Download Google Ads Editor CSV. This file includes the default Google Ads campaign hierarchy along with the targeting values set in Ads Creative Studio.
  3. Choose a Google Ads campaign type: Video action campaign, Reach or standard, Reach non-skippable, or Reach bumper.
  4. Enter a project name to help you identify the campaign. This project name will be used as the name of the CSV file, and it will be included in the Google Ads campaign and ad group names. For example, if you enter the project name “My video ads”, the CSV you download will be called “My video ads.csv”. The campaign name will be “ACS_My video ads_campaign_1”. Similarly, the ad groups will be named “ACS_My video ads_adgroup_1”, and so on.
  5. To continue, click Download again. The file will be downloaded to your computer. If you don’t want to download it right away, you can return to Labs at any time to download the file.
  6. Click Done. You’ll be taken back to the list of imports.

Cómo usar una hoja de Google Ads Editor

If you need to create all new campaigns and ad groups based on targeting rules set in Ads Creative Studio, you can use Google Ads Editor to bulk import them. You’ll need to provide additional information before you can post the changes to your Google Ads account. See below for more details.

About campaign, ad group, and ad names

Lorsque vous téléchargez un fichier CSV Google Ads Editor, vous êtes invité à saisir un nom de projet. Ce nom de projet sera utilisé comme nom du fichier CSV et sera inclus dans les noms de campagne et de groupe d’annonces Google Ads. Par exemple, si vous utilisez “Mes annonces vidéo” comme nom du projet, les campagnes et les groupes d’annonces de la feuille seront nommés “ACS_Mes annonces vidéo_Campagne 1” et “ACS_Mes annonces vidéo_Groupe d’annonces 1”. Le nom de la variante dans Ads Creative Studio sera utilisé comme nom d’annonce. Vous pouvez mettre à jour ces noms si nécessaire.


Importer le CSV dans Google Ads Editor

Importez le CSV dans Google Ads Editor, puis cliquez sur Terminer et vérifier les modifications .

Check targeting information in comments

Creative Studio Ads doesn’t support as many targeting options as Google Ads. If the Ads Creative Studio user wants to use Google Ads targeting options that aren’t available in Ads Creative Studio, they can add custom signals. These signals will appear as comments at the ad group level in Google Ads Editor. Check these comments for more details on the intended targeting.

Review campaign changes and fill in missing information

The targeting defined in Ads Creative Studio will determine the campaign and ad group structure in Google Ads Editor. Review the changes and fill in any missing information before posting them to your account.

  1. Review the list of imported changes. Google Ads Editor will display a list of errors and warnings. You will need to fill in the missing details:
    1. Campaign details:
      • Budget
      • Budget type (daily average vs total campaign)
      • Start date and end date (Note: if you don’t include a start date, the current date will be used when importing the sheet)
      • Bid strategy (based on ad group type)
    2. Ad group details  :
      • Target bid based on bid strategy (e.g. CPV, CPM, CPA) 
    3. ad details
      • Display URL
      • end url
      • (Optional) Based on ad type: call-to-action, headline, description
  2. When you’re done reviewing the changes, click  Publish to apply the changes to your Google Ads account.

Find and Resume Imports

After entering a code and giving an import a name, you can come back at any time to open it and continue to review and download videos or download video information.

  1.  Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Labs .
  3. Click Import from Ads Creative Studio .
  4. Find the import in the list.
  5. Click Resume Import , then continue with the import steps.

If you have finished importing a project, you can re-download the video information at any time. In the list of imports, find the “Actions” column and click Download Video Info .

Fix video import errors

Troubleshoot Creative Studio announcements import issues

If you’re having trouble starting an import in Google Ads, check the following:

  • If the import code is more than 60 days old, it may have expired. Ask your Ads Creative Studio contact to share a new code.
  • If the import code is invalid, the project may have been modified. Ask your Ads Creative Studio contact to make sure the project status is “Completed”.

Troubleshoot common YouTube upload issues

If you’re having trouble uploading videos to YouTube, check the following:

  • If you can’t select a YouTube channel, check that it has upload permissions.
  • If you encounter an error uploading your video, check out these common issues:
    • YouTube video title is longer than 95 characters
    • YouTube video description is over 5,000 characters
    • YouTube video description contains unsupported characters (“<” or “>”)
    • YouTube channel upload limits exceeded. Please try again in 24 hours.
  • For more troubleshooting information, see Common upload errors in the YouTube Help Center.

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