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Path is file error when loading tests with Karma and Webpack


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I’m trying to setup the Karma tester in a webpack project I’m working on. I have a few test files that I tried to include, but Karma keeps giving me the error: Path is a file ‘/_karma_webpack_/app/w/tests/components’. Why does MemoryFileSystem fail with this message? Any help is appreciated.

My karma.conf.js:

// Require webpack configuration rather than duplicating it var webpackConfig = require(‘./webpack.config’); webpackConfig.devtool = ‘inline-source-map’; module.exports = function(config) { config.set({ basePath:”, browsers: [‘Chrome_without_sandbox’], // Note: PhantomJS has too outdated, pre-ES5 WebKit to work with Browserify singleRun: true, customLaunchers: { Chrome_without_sandbox: { base: ‘Chrome’, flags: [‘–no-sandbox’] // w/ sandbox it fails under Docker } }, frameworks: [‘mocha’], files: [‘./app /w /tests/**/*-test.js’], webpack: webpackConfig, webpackMiddleware: { noInfo: true }, preprocessors: { ‘./app/w/tests/**/*-test.js’: [‘webpack’] } }); };

I tried loading files with require.context and wrapping them, but the result is the same…so I thought the problem might be with what MemoryFileSystem was expecting as input.


let webpack = require(‘webpack’); var bower_dir = __dirname + ‘/bower_components’; var config = { //devtool: ‘cheap-module-eval-source-map’, devtool: ‘eval’, input: { app: [‘webpack/hot/dev-server’, ‘./app/w/scripts /app.js’] }, resolution: { alias: {} }, output: { path: ‘./app/w/dist’, filename: ‘app.js’, publicPath: ‘/dist/’ } , module: { noParse: [], loaders: [ { test: /\.js$/, loader: ‘eslint!babel?optional[]=runtime’, exclude: /node_modules/}, { test: /\.json $/ , loader: ‘json’}, { test: /\.png$/, loader: “url?limit=10000&mimetype=image/png” }, { test: /\.woff$/, loader: “url? limit= 10000&mimetype=application/font-woff” }, { test: /\.ttf$/, loader: “url?limit=10000&

Error log:

ERROR [karma]: [Error: path is file ‘/_karma_webpack_/app/w/tests/components’] Error: path is file ‘/_karma_webpack_/app/w/tests/components’ on MemoryFileSystem.mkdirpSync( /Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/karma-webpack/node_modules/webpack-dev-middleware/node_modules/memory-fs/lib/MemoryFileSystem.js:116:10) on MemoryFileSystem.(anonymous function) [as mkdirp] (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/karma-webpack/node_modules/webpack-dev-middleware/node_modules/memory-fs/lib/MemoryFileSystem.js:193:34) on Tapable .<anonymous> (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:244:27) at /Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:187:20 on /Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack /node_modules/async/lib/async.js:239:13 on _arrayEach (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:91:13) at _each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:82:13) to Object.async.forEachOf.async.eachOf (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/ internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:238:9) at Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/ webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles(/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)twenty)twenty)twenty)twenty)js:239:13 at _arrayEach(/Users/magnuslien/ Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:91:13) at _each(/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/ lib/async.js:82:13) on Object.async.forEachOf.async.eachOf (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:238: 9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/ Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)js:239:13 at _arrayEach(/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:91:13) at _each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop -frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:82:13) on Object.async.forEachOf.async.eachOf (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack /node_modules /async/lib/async.js:238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js :215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)13) to _each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter /woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:82:13) to Object.async.forEachOf.async.eachOf(/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each( /Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules /webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:twenty)13) at _each(/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:82:13) at Object.async.forEachOf.async.eachOf (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop- frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend /node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:twenty)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async /lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)238:9) on Object. async.forEach.async.each(/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles(/Users/magnuslien/Documents /internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:twenty)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async .each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop- frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/ async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:twenty)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async .each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop- frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/ async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)twenty)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable .emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/ Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/ Compile.js:234:20)twenty)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable .emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each (/Users/magnuslien/ Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/ Compile.js:234:20)emitFiles(/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each(/Users/magnuslien/Documents /internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler .js:234:20)emitFiles(/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:234:20)238:9) on Object.async.forEach.async.each(/Users/magnuslien/Documents /internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:215:22) on Tapable.emitFiles (/Users/magnuslien/Documents/internprosjekter/woop-frontend/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler .js:234:20)


“devDependencies”: { “babel-loader”: “^5.3.2”, “browserify”: “^11.0.1”, “karma”: “^0.12.31”, “karma-chrome-launcher”: “^ 0.2.0”, “karma-mocha”: “^0.2.0”, “karma-sourcemap-loader”: “^0.3.5”, “karma-webpack”: “^1.7.0”, “mocha”: “^2.2.5”, “proxyquireify”: “^3.0.0”, “webpack”: “^1.11.0”, “webpack-dev-server”: “^1.10.1” }

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asked on August 25, 2015 at 10:38

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Magnus Magnus

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I had the same problem.

Somehow the webpack.config.js is not allowed to have the input app.

To add

webpackConfig.entry = {};

just below the line

webpackConfig.devtool = ‘inline-source-map’; in your karma.conf.js

It worked for me


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answered on August 27, 2015 at 5:38 PM

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Joris Wijlens Joris Wijlens

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  • Cela a résolu le problème, merci ! Après avoir appliqué le correctif, j’ai reçu une nouvelle erreur : callback() : le rappel a déjà été appelé. erreur, mais j’ai résolu cela en réécrivant le modèle glob dans les fichiers : [‘./app/w/tests/*-test.js’].

    – Magnus

    31 août 2015 à 13:11

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Video There was an error loading the files from the path

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