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  • Reyn’s English battle quotes have surely clicked the internet.
    • “Now it’s Reyn Time  !”, which causes Reyn Time to be treated as an actual concept or actual time of day. It’s even become an ascended meme since Shulk’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros..

      Shulk: It’s Shulk time!

    • ” Dude ! What a bunch of pranksters! With the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, this too has become an ascendant meme. He rode even higher with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, because now Shulk can literally fight a bunch of Jokers.

      Pit : It makes us look like a bunch of pranksters.

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    • The “Alley-oop!” Reyn’s crying when she jumps is also memetically popular.
    • Reyn would be Alrest’s most powerful being / “Reyn has become the pilot of Aegis!” external linkExplanation The names of many of Reyn’s weapons have become Hilarious in Hindsight with the release of the sequel. Since many of Reyn’s weapons are referred to as “drivers”, many have joked that he can literally wield Alrest’s drivers, which are humans and other beings who control the blades. Likewise, one of her early game weapons is called the Aegis Guarder, leading people to joke about how Reyn would be able to wield the significant Monado Sword of Atonement in XC2 known as the Atonement. ‘Aegis.
  • You know Reyn had to do it for them Explanation Reyn’s new artwork from the Definitive Edition features him posing similarly to that found in a pre-existing meme with the caption “You know I had to do it for them”, leading to comparisons.
  • “The real final boss is Reggie from Nintendo of America.” Explanation Because the game was not originally slated for a North American release due to declining interest in JRPGs at the time, people made jokes that the real boss final was Reggie Fils-Aime, then president of Nintendo of America, preventing the game from having an official release.


    • To a lesser extent, “The real final boss is Gamestop.” Explanation When the game was finally released in North America in 2012, it was a Gamestop exclusive. And of course, because Gamestop controlled the stock and therefore the price, they quickly “pulled it off the shelves”, lied about how many copies they had in stock, and inflated the price to over 80- $100 in the United States, with unlucky Canadians paying over $200 CAD for their copies.
    • “The real final boss is eBay or Amazon.” Explanation Due to the aforementioned price hike by Gamestop, copies of Xenoblade would cost well over $140-$200+ on the second-hand trade.
  • Territorial Rotbart te asesinará solo por existir. Explicación The Bionis’ Leg is infamous for having various extremely high-levelled monsters that will likely one-shot the player if they so much as look at them funny the first time they enter the area. The most infamous of them, and usually the first one encountered, is the Killer Gorilla Territorial Rotbart, which got an expy in Xenoblade Chronicles X and a “successor” of the same name in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
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  • ¿Quieres saber si alguien más es fan de Xenoblade ? Comience con la primera línea del poema “Blossom Dance” de Dunban y, por supuesto, se apresurarán a terminarlo por usted.
  • Shulk “¡Realmente lo estoy sintiendo!” se ha convertido en esto a partir de Super Smash Bros. , donde lo dice en su tráiler de presentación y como una de sus burlas.
    • “¡Realmente lo estoy sintiendo!” se hizo tan popular que se convirtió en citas de batalla de personajes específicos en ambas secuelas, Xenoblade Chronicles X y Xenoblade Chronicles 2 . Incluso mejor en el sentido de que el propio Shulk aparece en este último, y si está equipado con Zeke , pueden decirlo uno tras otroexternal link . (Zeke incluso tiene un acento del sur de Inglaterra como la mayoría del elenco en las primeras Xenoblade Chronicles ).
    • Explicación  del salto Monado Due to many first learning of Shulk from Super Smash Bros., it’s common for new players to assume there will be a Monado Jump art in the game, despite the fact this would be useless in combat and unusable outside it. This was actually an original art created for his Smash Bros moveset. There is, however, a Monado art of the same color in Monado Purge, which is first used while jumping, making it an infamous place for new players to confuse the two.
  • Glorioso Futuro Sharla. Explicación Glorious Future is a Shulk skill that instantly maxes the Talent Art gauge after a vision. This can be linked to Sharla, whose Talent Art causes her rifle to overheat and render her useless for a few seconds. Fans found this so hilarious they challenged themselves to beat superbosses with it.
  • « Savez-vous si Egil est en partie oignon ? »
    • Quelqu’un a essayé de continuer avec “Savez-vous si Shulk est biologiquement lié au rôle?”, Mais cela n’a pas très bien fonctionné.
  • Comme un couteau chaud dans du beurre ! Ha ha ha ha ! ” Explication La façon dont Metal Face se moque de Shulk concernant le semi-tueur de Fiora. Accéléré avec l’avènement du mème de coupe au couteau à 1000 degrés.
  • Utiliser les noms Zanza, Bionis et Meyneth à la manière de Oh, My Gods! a aussi tendance à être fréquent.
  • “BESTEST,” the description given to Riki by a nopon boy shortly after he returned from battle with Telethia, has also recently approached memetic levels, especially among the YTP community. Other often quoted lines of Xenoblade YTP include:
    • ” What are you saying ? / “Put a sock in it!”
    • “HOW LONG ARE YOU IN THE FORCE?” » “40 seconds.” “I DON’T WANT AN EXCUSE!”
    • “CHAMPIONS DON’T COMPLAIN, THEY EAT WITH WINE!” (cut to Vangarre at a table with a plate of spaghetti and a glass of wine)
  • “POOR MELIA” caught on after Chuggaaconroy repeatedly exclaimed it in his Let’s Play, to the point that director Tetsuya Takahashi mentioned it in an interview for Definitive Edition external link.
  • You will know that our names go with everything. Explanation The song is usually played at an unconventional event or through an awesome action sequence from another medium similar to Rules of Nature.
  • “Justice for Melia!” and “Melia seeks revenge!” It became all the rage once the Definitive Edition’s “Future Connected” epilogue was announced and Melia took care of all the material, including key art external link◊ (which appears to show her holding a stick Monado). The joke became that it was a reward for getting the somewhat short story stick in the original game. Even the developers mentioned in an interview that’s why they included it external link.
  • “Melia has weird eyes?! Explanation In the original concept art, High Entia, specifically Melia, were meant to have an effect in their eyes in which they had a second “inner iris” in their pupil. However, the texture resolution for the Wii and 3DS versions of the game was, shall we say, unfavorable to this particular detail. One of the things noticed about Melia during the March 2020 trailer for the DE was that the game finally had the detail and resolution to actually show her eyes (and she’s so center of the camera on a few shots that people wonder if Monolith was ‘t ‘t maybe show it deliberately).
  • “Jenna Coleman is back as Melia?!?!” Explanation In early Future Connected trailers, Melia was left muted, making it unclear whether Jenna Coleman, who had gained massive fame after her initial stint as Melia, would return to the role (since her asking price would probably be astronomically higher than it was in 2011). The trailer released on May 5external linkonly added to the confusion, as it sounded like Coleman, but it was hard to tell if that sounded good or if it was just Coleman being a decade older and returning to a role long left out . Asking if Coleman was back as Melia became one of the main topics of discussion and speculation leading up to DE’s exit. Eventually, it was revealed that yes, Coleman would indeed return as Melia.
  • “Wow, puberty hit Melia like a truck.” Explanation Once it became clear that Coleman was back as Melia, it was also clear that she…the two hadn’t had the same vocal training as dedicated voice actors to maintain and develop her tone. vocal over time (Coleman having become a dedicated television performer in the decade since XB1), and also dealt with the rather shonky vocal direction that has plagued Xeno projects since XB2 and not trying very hard to get a good performance matched her. The end result was Melia’s very first line in Future Connected being, shall we say, just a bit deeperexternal linkthat we could remember. That’s not helped at all by Adam Howden, his ever-present co-star for Future Connected, both a dedicated voice-over artist (and therefore having that tone training) but also much more accustomed to take-over direction. unique and having much more recent experience with Shulk, so it’s much easier for him to go back to his old performance. Coleman actually settles into the role she remembers as the game progresses (although she still struggles a bit with modern Xeno’s uneven vocal direction), but that first impression is still a little shaken.
  • Duncan and Rain ExplainedIGN’s video review for Definitive Edition mistaken Dunban and Reyn’s names by calling them Duncan and Rain respectively. Fans responded by creating images mocking him, such as putting Dunban’s face on a can or replacing Dunban with a character named Duncan, most commonly from Total Drama.
  • Egg McMuffin inside the ham. Explanation A common mondegreen for some God-Slaying Sword lyrics.
  • Running away is a valid tactic. Explanation One of the many things you can do in Xenoblade is to run away if a battle escalates or a much higher level enemy has joined the battle, as discussed in a tutorial section. It has since become a joke in the community.
  • I think I was bitten by a fly! Explanation Starter Villain Xord has become a hilarious fan favorite for his Large Ham performance and his very thick Cockney accent. During his battles, like many other bosses with their lines, he tends to repeat the line “OI THINK A FLOI BIT ME” when hit.
  • You will pay for your insolence! Explanation One of Lorithia’s battle quotes has become very popular because it comes up quite often and Lorithia is considered by many to be the most difficult in the game. A specific Scott Pilgrim video had the main villain say almost exactly the same line, only for the comments section to be fully supported by Xenoblade fans.
  • “Summon… COFFEE!” Explanation Melia’s “Summon Copy” ability is that she says “Summon…COPY!” only it looks like she’s saying “Coffee”
  • Shulk’s unwanted sword. Explanations and Spoilers Starting New Game Plus or Theater Mode in Definitive Edition allows Shulk to customize the look of his weapon. This allows said weapon to appear at various inappropriate times, such as when Mumkhar or Zanza pick it up.
  • “It’s Dunban over there!” Explanation and Spoilers When Shulk and the party encounter Fiora under the influence of Meyneth at Valak Mountain, Shulk tries to remind her of her family, with a sort of redundant statement; due to the delivery and out-of-context nature, it became a hit with fans. The official Nintendo of America Twitter account has also joined in the fun by posting a clip of Shulk saying the line at least once a month.
  • “I want you to kill George.” Explanation Upon realizing that Richard Ridings, who plays Egil’s father Miqol, also plays Daddy Pig in Peppa Pig, external linkpeople joked about the latter’s desire to kill external linkhis son external link.
  • Enemies too strong? Explanation The addition of Casual mode, which was an easier difficulty in the game, appeared every time you died 3 times to an enemy. This caused a lot of anger until a patch came along that allowed the player to disable it in the settings. People have also compared it to Easy Mode which is now selectable due to it spawning in very similar circumstances.
  • Fiora’s infinity sandwich. Explanation When Fiora brings lunch to Shulk at the start of the game, many fans noticed that Shulk’s sandwich didn’t show bite marks or get smaller the more he ate it. This led to jokes about it being either really terrible and Shulk only pretending to eat it to spare Fiora’s feelings, or it’s a kitchen miracle that can solve the hunger in the world through the magic of video games. Of course, the real reason is that simulating eating food was too much work for the animators, especially for a single cutscene, but it’s not as fun as the alternatives.
  • “I’ve been waiting…I’ve been waiting for THIS DAY!” Explanation Egil’s line when he tries to get revenge on Zanza after the latter wakes up from Shulk’s body. Can be reused for just about anything you’ve been waiting for, like new Xenoblade announcements.
  • Memes from early Xenoblade Chronicles often cross over with those from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, meaning you’ll likely find a spare “FORGET ME DON’T”. “Do you think you can take me?” in memes based on the first game external link, or even videos of XC2 characters dropping lines of memes from the original.
  • “Where is our super boss Mythra? Xenoblade Chronicles 2 featured extensive crossover content from not only the original Xenoblade Chronicles, but also Xenoblade Chronicles X and even Xenosaga, with Xenosaga’s Elma being transformed into a brutally difficult Bonus Boss. With the success of XC2 and more so after its deuteragonists Pyra and Mythra were recognized as iconic characters in the sequel, some fans lamented that Definitive Edition didn’t include its own set of crossover content, with a common suggestion being Mythra. like a brutal Time Attack. Bonus Boss in the same vein as XC2 Elma.
  • Klaus ‘No heart and nobody. Explanation What Zanza and The Architect are compared to by Kingdom Hearts fans, as Zanza is a big evil villain who appears in the last 20% of the first game but impacted the rest of the villains and has a big meaty form of he one-winged angel and the architect is an emotionless stoic shell that lives in a tall mechanical tower.
  • Xenoblade is BIONICLE. Explanation The initial premise of Xenoblade Chronicles, which revolves around lifeforms living on the bodies of warring giants in a Science Fantasy universe, has received many comparisons to LEGO’s BIONICLE line of products.
  • Dunban’s love of wet rats. Explanation Dunban gets 8 hearts by receiving wet rats as a gift. Although Reyn loves them even more, the mere thought of a grown Badass benefiting from such a goofy gift has led to many My New Gift Is Lame jokes and memes.
  • Reyn, you are a lifesaver! external linkExplanation A battle quote from Shulk to Reyn, which in the linked clip is followed by Reyn transforming into a candy Lifesaver. Similar clips have been made with “You’re a lifeline” phrases in other games, such as Fire Emblem Fates external link, Torna~The Golden Country external link, and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes external link. Also an Ascended Meme, as Shulk himself calls Zeke a lifeline for his appearance in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, while Noah does the same with Lanz in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
  • Shulk’s Scream Explained Amidst Shulk’s otherwise normal grunts of pain is a particularly melodramatic scream. It’s commonly used in YouTube Poop videos such as this one external linkas a wacky sound effect due to its absurd exaggeration in most situations.

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