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Targeted messages to adblock users

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I see a popup asking if I want to hide targeted messages

Rana Cassidy

Modified on: July, 2 August 2018 at 10:56

November 25, 2017 update: one week, a rotating filter on one of the filter lists that the United States AdBlock, Adblock’s ad elimination list, this notification is constantly popping up. Los autres de la lista (que no están afiliados a AdBlock) arreglaron el filtery actualizaron la lista. AdBlock receives the automatic update.

If you see the “Hide Directed Messages” notification and it doesn’t appear constantly, this is expected behavior. Keep reading !

What’s going on?

You visit a website and a small box appears that looks like the image below.

¿Qué meaning?

This site is known to display messages targeting AdBlock users. The website is currently found with a list of sites you know that use annoying messages to ask visitors to disable AdBlock. “Obtrusive” messages are those that appear and take up the entire screen, like the one on Sites that display discreet solicitations, such as, are not included in the list.

Do you want AdBlock to hide targeted messages? Do you want to enable a filter list in AdBlock that can prevent websites from showing you annoying requests to disable AdBlock?

The list of filters is called Adblock advertising suppression list. Note the lowercase “b” in “Adblock”. This filter list removes warnings about ad blockers in general, not AdBlock specifically. Subscribe to a list of filters and a technique to access the content of anti-ad blocking sites.

The solo notification debería aparecer la primera vez that visiting a website is on Adblock’s advertising suppression list because the list is disabled.

What can I do about it ?

Click Yes to enable the Adblock warning removal list. Click No to leave the filter list disabled. Either way, you shouldn’t see the message again. Making a choice tells AdBlock that it no longer needs to show you the notification.

If you close the notification without selecting Yes or No , it will return the next time you visit a website that is included in the Adblock Warning Removal list.

The website you are currently visiting when the notification appears is the one the notification refers to. However, the choice you make will apply to all Web sites you visit from now on. The configuration is not specified on the website of any. For ce faire, the notification facilitates the activation or deactivation of the Adblock advertising suppression list. You can easily do this manually in the FILTER LISTS tab in the AdBlock options.

I clicked “Yes” but changed my mind.

If you clicked Yes but now want to allow sites to show you requests to opt out of AdBlock, whether they are annoying or not, turn off the Adblock warning suppression list in AdBlock options, FILTER LISTS tab.

I clicked “No” but changed my mind

If you clicked No but are now tired of seeing annoying requests to disable AdBlock, enable the Adblock warning suppression list in AdBlock’s options, FILTER LISTS tab.

Please note that the Adblock warning removal list may not be able to prevent all websites from displaying AdBlock opt-out requests. If a request is not blocked and the site does not allow you to view its content with AdBlock running, please see this article for suggestions.

How to target Adblock users for your pop-up campaigns

Claire Dela Cruz Abbey

January 11, 2021

All, CROs,

If you use pop-ups for your brand campaigns, you know for sure that your main enemy is ad blocking software.

Some website visitors, 30% of users to be precise, utilize the said software to avoid your pop ups from getting across their screens. Thus, preventing you from converting them into sales, subscribers, or leads. Not to mention that it costs you money whether you admit it or not.

The Problem

Adblock is an extension/plugin that filters and blocks page elements, advertisements, and other content on the internet. It is a tool commonly seen in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

Source: Scoopbyte

In general, it’s used to spare visitors from seeing such elements while they browse online.

However, some ads, including pop ups, are being used by website owners and entrepreneurs to boost engagement and conversions. Most of them carry promotional content and information that often gives more value to the brand and to the customers.

They’re essential in helping you generate more income for your website, especially if advertisements are your only source of revenue. If your sponsors see that their ads aren’t performing well, they might back out, which affects your business.

If you don’t address the issue, sooner or later, you’ll already feel the negative impact through your declining revenue and website performance.

The Solution

The good news is that you can bypass these adblocking tools!

Poptin has recently launched its newest Adblock detection targeting rule which helps you reach those Adblock users and engage with them. This is to ensure that clients get the best results while using our lead generation toolkit.

The Adblock detection feature allows you to display your pop ups to Adblock users only. This is pretty helpful in creating targeted campaigns for them. It was tested with the major adblockers like Adblock, Adblock Plus, uBlock, and more.

It is important to note that Poptin is generally not affected by Adblock. Unless you’re creating a targeted message for Adblock users, your pop ups will still be automatically shown to all website visitors.

Benefits of Using the New Adblock Detection Feature

How to Use Adblock Detection Targeting Rule

  1. Login to your Poptin account. If you don’t have one, sign up now with Poptin for FREE.
  2. On the Poptin dashboard, choose the pop up you want to edit. Click the Pencil icon on the right part. Click the “Edit Display Rules”.

Note: If this is your first time creating a pop up with Poptin, you can always create one from scratch or use any of the ready-made customizable templates.

3. Scroll down to Targeting Rules. Find the Adblock Detection and turn it on. You’ll see it in the summary.

4. Click Publish.

And that’s it! You will now be able to show your popup to Adblock users. 

Common Use Cases of Adblock Detection Targeting

You can create a pop up that encourages users to turn off their Adblocks so they can receive updates and notifications from you.

According to studies, 77% of visitors won’t mind disabling their Adblocks if you humbly ask them, more so if there’s an exclusive giveaway in exchange. This also helps you recover lost income from advertisements and even boost conversions.

Because of adblockers, your visitors won’t see your pop ups clearly. But with Poptin, you can convert more visitors into email subscribers, leads, or customers as you get to prevent the impact of ad blocking software.

Whenever you display an enticing offering to visitors, you can replace the button to “Turn off Adblock for this site and get the offer” so they’ll be able to accept the offering. 

Wrap Up!

Thanks to Poptin’s new Adblock detection targeting feature!

You can continuously convert more visitors without being interrupted by Adblocks. Your business funnels won’t get affected. You will drive more leads and subscribers. And your revenue will continue to grow.

If you want to know more about other Poptin’s display rules to grow your business, click the links below: How To Display A Pop-up When User Is Inactive (User Inactivity Trigger) Exit-intent Technology: How It Works And How Exit Popup Can Grow Your Business How To Effectively Target Desktop And Mobile Users For Your Campaign

Ready to get started?

Sign up with Poptin for FREE!

Abadía Claire Dela Cruz

Elle is the Marketing Manager of Poptin. Her experience as a content writer and marketer revolves around designing effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. When she doesn’t work, she gives herself over to nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all kinds.

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Rules for displaying OM documentation

How to Create a Campaign to Target AdBlock Users

You can use OptinMonster’s Ad-Block Targeting Display Rule to specifically show or hide a campaign from visitors using ad blocking tools including AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and uBlock Origin.

Dans cet article, vous apprendrez à cibler les utilisateurs de blocs publicitaires pour afficher ou masquer votre campagne OptinMonster.

Avant de commencer

Voici quelques éléments à savoir avant de commencer :

Get started with OptinMonster today!

BONIFICATIÓN: hecha para usted campaign setup ($297 value) Nuestros conversion experts diseñarán 1 free campaign to get the best results, ¡absolutamente FREE! Click here to come →

Configure ad blocker orientation rule

Because OptinMonster itself is not affected by ad blocking, you can use OptinMonster to send targeted messages directly to your website visitors using ad blocking.

When you’re ready to use the ad blocker targeting rule, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Display Rules and select the Ad Blocker Targeting rule .
  2. Next, set this to show to users who have ad blocking enabled or disabled .
  3. When you’re done, click Save .

frequent questions

Why would I need to use the ad blocker targeting rule?

The ability to target users running ad blocking is incredibly beneficial because it helps ensure your ads are seen .

One of the main reasons people allow ads on their site is because sponsors pay money for that ad space. That money goes to site maintenance (or should!)

Therefore, if web visitors do not see the ads, the sponsors do not pay money. If there is no money paid by the ad sponsor, then there is no money to help maintain the site. If the site becomes too expensive, the site is down and the valuable resources that web visitors are looking for are gone.

Can I protect my site from those who use ad blocking?

You can create an online content blocking campaign.

Will my other campaigns conflict with each other when using an ad block campaign?

Non, pas besoin d’éditer his other campaigns. Your ad unit-focused campaigns will automatically have a higher priority over your other campaigns.

Therefore, any active ad blocking campaigns will load first and should take precedence over your other campaigns.

Problem solving

My anuncios blocker is an interfiriendo with OptinMonster.

For the most consistent experience, we recommend using our Custom Domains feature to serve OptinMonster resources from your own domain.

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