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Why Fake Likes Will Ruin Your Instagram Account

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Shannon Cox

01 September 2022• Proven solutions

Many influencers believe that they have found a secret to grow quickly on Instagram: buy fake likes. They believe that fake Instagram likes will provide more exposure at a faster rate. In fact, brands are more likely to work with someone who has 1,000 likes rather than 100 on an image. That is why fake purchases have become a popular bronzage idea among influencers.

But it is not recommended that influencers buy fake likes on Instagram. If you are considering this option to improve your profile, please read the following points before making a final decision.

  • Part 1: Why do influencers buy fake likes?
  • Part 2: 3 Reasons to Avoid Buying Instagram Likes
  • Part 3: How to identify accounts with fake likes

Part 1: Why do influencers buy fake likes?

Before 2016, it was the most important factor for an Instagram influencer to have their number of followers. But the platform started to care more about engagement than followers, so brands are very interested in the likes you get on each post.

People now think about buying likes if they feel like their engagement levels aren’t increasing fast enough to get more exposure or interesting sponsorship deals.

Why buy fake likes?

Part 2: 3 Reasons to Avoid Buying Instagram Likes

1. It will hurt your commitment

When you have more followers on Instagram, it is inevitable that your engagement levels will drop. When an account has fewer than 1,000 followers, engagement levels hover around eight percent. It will drop to four percent when you have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Between 10,000 and 100,000 followers you have an engagement level of around 2.4%. And it drops to 1.7% when you’re at a million.

What do all these numbers mean ? It means that if you were to buy likes, you would be arousing suspicion from brands that might want to hire you for sponsorship purposes. Let’s say you’re buying a lot of likes because they’re cheaper to get than followers. If you have 15,000 followers and an engagement level of 6 or 7 percent, your account is suspicious.

2. Buying fake likes is a black hole

Es muy fácil pensar que comprará Me gusta falsos in Instagram para uno o dos usos. “Solo quiero promocionar un par de mis publicaciones para ganar exposición”. Estas son las palabras que pronuncia cada comprador. Un mes después, están comprando gustos furiosamente para cada publicación que publican en Instagram.

Es un círculo vicioso, porque te vuelves adicto a esos likes comprados. Y si está haciendo todo esto para impresionar a las marcas, debe mantener sus niveles de participation o asumirán que su publicación se volvió viral, lo que no es necesariamente indicativo de una cuenta popular.

moi like fake

3. Violation des règles d’Instagram

Instagram has very strict guidelines and rules of engagement. Buying likes and followers is against those rules. Of course, they are not going to strike down every single account that buys likes and followers. If they did, it would completely stop as a practice.

But there is a good chance that you will get caught eventually. And the risk is that your entire account is deleted, including all your followers, likes and posts. You may have a hard time opening up another account with the same identity.

And many of the sites that offer like buying services get shut down, which instantly impacts the likes you get on your next posts. It can turn into a race of you buying more likes from other sellers, until they get shut down too.

Part 3: How to Identify Accounts with Fake Likes

1. Followers and Engagement Levels Are Off

There can be anomalies in how many likes an Instagram post gets relative to the account’s followers. For instance, a post may be shared by an influencer and celebrity, causing it to go viral.

But accounts that have multiple posts with engagement levels of 9 or 10 percent, or even higher, are immediately suspicious. It is not probable for an account to have such a high level of engagement without some like buying.

Those who are insistent on buying likes will need to buy followers to match up the engagement levels with the numbers we mentioned above. But it is more hassle than it is worth!

2. Posts and Likes Do Not Match Up

When an account has very few posts, but any likes on each post, it is unusual. It generally takes a lot of posts before an account can rack up a high follower and like count. The only time accounts with few posts have a lot of likes is when they are started by a celebrity.

If you notice an influencer has three or four posts in the past month, but they have thousands of likes on each post, it is suspicious. There is a good chance the influencer used inauthentic methods of gaining those likes.

3. Spam Comments

Ever noticed that some Instagram accounts are dominated by spam comments? You may see two or three genuine-sounding comments in the section. Everything else is some version of “follow me” or a single word phrase. It is indicative of an account where likes, followers and comments are bought.

Influencers think they can trick people into buying their engagement levels with spam comments. But companies that care about where they spend their marketing budget will do research that goes beyond a cursory glance at the number of followers, likes and comments. They will notice spam comments.

desired commentary


Instagram is about so much more than showing off your latest look or meal. It is a platform dominated by influencers, which is why brands are so interested in leveraging it for their own success. Influencers get tempted to buy likes so they can raise their profile and attract better sponsorship offers.

More likes on Instagram is a complex process and easy to repeat. Even if you don’t want to descend into a trou noir in achetant constamment des likes et des followers, it is preferable to concentrate your efforts on the croissance organique de votre name de followers et de vos niveaux d’engagement.

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Reseaux sociaux TikTok

What is it that spams you on TikTok?

Steve KuhnPar steve kuhn 19 août 202219 août 2022

What is it that j'ai le goût du spam sur TikTok ?

Once you let me tell you about notifications on your compte TikTok, what are you sometimes your owner and regarder toutes? Ces likes peuvent come from spam comptes.

get up quick

« J’aime le spam » fait référence à la pratique des utilisateurs de TikTok de cliquer à plusieurs reprises sur le bouton “J’aime” sans d’abord regarder ce qu’ils ont aimé. 

When someone spams, your inbox is filled with notifications from random accounts.

No worries, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I will explain what spam liking on TikTok is and whether or not it affects your account. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  1. What Exactly Is Spam Liking?
  2. TikTok’s Reaction to Spam Liking
  3. What Happens When Things Go Wrong?
    • Shadowbanned
    • Manipulate Algorithm 
    • Less Visibility
  4. 3 Simple Methods For Stopping TikTok Spam
    • Method #1: Filter Spam
    • Method #2: Report the User
    • Method #3: Block the User
  5. Conclusion 
  6. FAQs

What Exactly Is Spam Liking?

When scrolling through your TikTok feed, you may have noticed that some of your videos have unusually high likes. In some cases, the videos have thousands of likes. 

While this may seem impressive at first, there’s a reason why some videos have so many likes. It could be due to a technique known as “spam liking.”

Spam like occurs when someone (or a group of people) likes a video on TikTok to artificially inflate the number of likes or attract the attention of other users. 

The goal of spam liking is to make a video look more popular than it is. It, in turn, can encourage other users to watch the video.

If you’re wondering why someone would spam like a video, there are a few reasons:

  • Spammers want to sell you something
  • Promote their content
  • Trying to build an audience
  • Trying to get views for their videos
  • For fun or to make a joke

TikTok’s Reaction to Spam Liking

Is spam liking good or bad on TikTok? It’s a question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer, as there is no official word from TikTok on the matter. 

So, is spam liking a good way to get more followers and likes on TikTok?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. At best, spam liking boosts your total like count, and at worst, it may harm the person being spam-liked.

When it comes to social media, quality trumps quantity; it’s better to have a small group of engaged followers than a large group of people who don’t care about your content.

However, TikTok knows this is a common practice and doesn’t give as much weight to these likes as to more organic engagement. 

Spam liking may increase views, but it is unlikely to increase likes, comments, or shares – the types of engagement that matter on TikTok. 

En d’autres termes, le spam like n’est pas un excellent moyen d’augmenter votre visibilité sur TikTok.

Que se passe-t-il lorsque les choses tournent mal ?

Bien que les spams soient techniquement contraires aux conditions d’utilisation de TikTok, il est difficile pour TikTok de contrôler. Voici quelques conséquences graves de l’appréciation du spam.

Banni de l’ombre

Le shadowbanning se produit lorsque les algorithmes de TikTok empêchent les autres utilisateurs de visionner vos vidéos. Cela peut être un gros problème si vous essayez de développer votre compte sur TikTok.

Les Shadowbans durent généralement deux semaines si vous ne faites rien. Certains utilisateurs signalent des shadowbans d’une durée de 24 heures, tandis que d’autres affirment qu’ils durent jusqu’à un mois. 

Manipulate the algorithm 

Lorsque quelqu’un spamme vos videos, il essaie de manipular l’algorithme de TikTok. Although it seems that there is a big problem at its debut, it can only have a negative impact on your compte.

Moins of visibility

The algorithm of TikTok appears to contain the most popular and the most relevant for the users. Cela signaled to TikTok that your content in this peut-être pas also good qu’il n’y paraît lorsqu’un spam encourages your videos.

Consequently, you videos peuvent être moins susceptible d’être vues par d’autres utilisateurs. A petit groupe ne verra que vos videos de personas au lieu d’être largely diffused.

3 simple methods to stop TikTok spam

If you are like the plupart of the gens, you probably use TikTok quotidiennement. Vous avez probably aussi reçu des spams de personnes essayant de vous vendre des choses.

Cela peut être ennuyeux, surtout lorsque vous essayez de profiter d’une video amusante. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, il exists des moyens d’arrêter le spam.

Method #1 : filter spam

Vous pouvez vous débarrasser des spams sur TikTok. Suivez simply ces étapes:

  1. Ouvrez TikTok sur votre appareil mobile.
  2. Appuyez sur l’onglet «  Profil  » dans le coin inférieur droit.
  3. Appuyez sur l’ icône du menu hamburger dans le coin supérieur droit.
  4. Selection ”  Parameters and confidentiality  “.
  5. Selectionnez ” Confidentiality “.
  6. Appuyez sur «  Commentaires  ».
  7. Activate the option “Filter the spams and the offending comments”.

Method #2 : Signaler l’utilisateur

The premiere chose that you could faire est de signaler le contrevenant à TikTok. Ils prendront des mesures et, espérons-le, supprimeront l’utilisateur de la plate-forme.

Method #3 : block the utility

You can also block the utility so that you can also send the message. And if you voulez aller plus loin, vous pouvez les signaler au site du spammeur afin qu’ils puissent être fermés.


If you receive spams, ne vous en faites pas trop. Ce n’est pas grave et ça ne vaut pas la peine de s’énerver. Restez fidèle à vous-même et ne cédez pas aux spammeurs.

Ne vous embêtez pas à aimer quelqu’un si vous pensez que cela vous aidera. Parfois, il vaut mieux laisser les gens faire leur propre truc.

F AQs Is spam liking caused by shadowbans on TikTok?

Oui, spams peuvent être une cause de shadowbans sur TikTok. Lorsque you aimez et suivez une groupe de personas sur une courte période, TikTok peut reconnaître ce behavior comme un spam et shadowban votre compte. Pour éviter d’être banni de l’ombre, essayez d’espacer vos préférées et suivantes activities, et ne faites pas tout en même temps.

Dois-je m’inquiéter si je suis aimé comme spam ?

No, you will never become restless if you will once again be aiming for a Tiktok user. It is not a problem that if you demand more than one person from the faire to the fois or if you combine it with other tricks to try to trick the algorithm of TikTok. Jouez le système à vos risques et périls ; Sinon, vous pouvez être banni.

Et si j’aime mes propres TikToks?

Like most people, you probably enjoy watching your own videos more than anyone else’s. You may like your TikToks to pat you on the back, but they won’t help you become famous. People like content because they enjoy it, and artificially increasing the number of likes won’t change that.

What is the purpose of spammy likes on TikTok?

There are a few reasons why people may spam likes on TikTok. Maybe they are trying to get your attention, or they want to try to get a following. Alternativement, they may just like your content and want to show their support.

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Video Spam me with likes and comments

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