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Android system update not installing? how to fix it

Don’t be frustrated if your device can’t install Android Pie, by reading this guide, you will know the reasons why you can’t install Android Pie and methods to fix it.

Author AvatarJoy Taylor Last Updated: January 19, 2022

Android problems and solutions

Android System Problems
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  • Wi-Fi authentication problem
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DroidKit: fixes all Android system issues

Download DroidKit for free to fix any Android system issues you may encounter, including Ok Google Model Update Download Failed issue.

Download for free Get it nowdl_safe_img

Recently, Google has officially released its latest version of Android Pie which comes with lots of inbuilt features which has developed a huge craze among Android users to have this version on their device. However, apart from these attractive features, there is a growing problem: Android update not installing in Android users when they update their device to the latest version .

  • Why your Android failed to install Android Pie?
  • Fix Google Ok template update download failed issue
  • Check your device model
  • Own storage space
  • Check internet connection
  • Clear Google Play Store app data

People were obviously upset by this unknown error and don’t know why this problem appears and how to fix it. That’s why this guide exists. In this guide, we’ll tell you why your device isn’t updating and what you need to do to fix it.

Ok Failed to download Google model update

Ok Failed to download Google model update

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Why your Android failed to install Android Pie?

There can be many reasons why the system update failed on a smartphone. Here we have listed the most common reasons as follows.

  1. Your device is not compatible with Android Pie.
  2. Insufficient storage space for update.
  3. Bad internet connection.
  4. Les mises à jour du Google Play Store créent des problèmes.

If you are also facing the problems mentioned above while installing a system update on your phone, how to fix the problems of Android software update? No worries! You can follow the solutions we prepared below to fix it.

1. Fix Ok Google Model Update Download Failed Issue

No matter what caused the Ok Google model update download failed on your Android device, you can easily get it fixed with DroidKit – Android Phone Toolkit. As an Android troubleshooter, DroidKit helps millions of users get off the “Ok Google Model Update Download Failed” issue. Not just this problem, DroidKit is capable of fixing all Android system issues without root, especially when you ungrade the system. Check what else it can do for you below.

DroidKit – Full-Way Android Phone Toolkit

  • Fix all kinds of Android system issues after upgrading/downgrading.
  • Recover lost data from your device even without Backup.
  • Save data from system-crashed Samsung device easily.
  • Lightning fast speed to fix all system issues at once.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Let’s check out how to get the ok google model update download failed fixed now.

Step 1. Download and run DroidKit on the computer. Plug your device into the PC with your USB cable. Choose the “Fix System Issues” function in DroidKit.

Click Troubleshoot System

Click Fix System Issues

Step 2. Then it will lead you to the issue removal page. Tap on the Start to go on fixing. Ok, you need to know that the Fix System Issues function can only apply to Samsung devices so far.

Click on the Start button to continue the repair

Click Start Button to Continue Fixing

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions, you will be asked to download the firmware and get your device into Download Mode. Then DroidKit will start your device fixing process.

Troubleshooting Android System Issues with DroidKit

Fixing Android System Issues with DroidKit

Minutes later, when you see your device get over-started, it means your device fixing process has been completed. Restart your device to check if it is all right now.

2. Check Your Device Model

You can go to check if your device is on the list that allows updating. Only when your device is included on the list can you update it to Android Pie.

3. Clear Storage Space

Many Android users face an Android system update failure due to the lack of storage space. So, before the system installation process, you should make sure that you have enough storage space for the next update on your phone. If there’s not enough storage space on your device, you can regain it by deleting unnecessary apps and data from your phone which you do not use. With the help of a reliable fine manager, you can delete junk and redundant files.

Own storage space

Clear Storage Space

4. Check Internet Connection

To make sure that your system update does not get fail during the process, check your internet connection before starting the process. If you are using the Wi-Fi network for a system update, then you must have good internet speed. Otherwise, you can use your mobile network. Updating through a mobile network is a good option as there are various reasons that will cause you to disconnect from your Wi-Fi.

Check internet connection

Check Internet connection

5. Clearing Data from Google Play Store App

If the problem occurs due to the Google play store updates, then you can follow the below instructions to fix the update problem.

1. Open the “Settings” menu, and then go to the “Applications”. Now, find the Google Play store from the list.

2. Once you find the Google play store app, then tap on “Storage” and then, clear cache and data.

Clear Google Play Store app data

Clearing Data from Google Play Store App

3. Incluso puede volver a la versión de Google Play instalando actualizaciones. Hacer esto puede solucionar su problema.

La línea de fondo

Ahora, conoce las razones por las que la actualización de Android no se pudo instalar. Si su problema de actualización del sistema se resuelve con las soluciones mencionadas anteriormente, comparta esta guía con sus amigos que también enfrentan el mismo problema de actualización. Esta guía puede serles útil para evitar problemas durante la instalación de la próxima actualización. ¡Descarga DroidKit para solucionar tu problema ahora!

Descarga gratis

Descarga gratis

* 100% limpio y seguro

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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Comprueba y actualiza tu versión de Android

Puede encontrar el número de versión de Android de su dispositivo, el nivel de actualización de seguridad y el nivel del sistema de Google Play en su aplicación de Configuración. Recibirás notificaciones cuando haya actualizaciones disponibles para ti. También puede buscar actualizaciones.

Ver qué versión de Android tienes

  1. Abre la aplicación de configuración de tu teléfono.
  2. Cerca de la parte inferior, toca Acerca de la  and so versión de Android del teléfono .
  3. Busque su “versión de Android”, “actualización de seguridad de Android” y “número de compilación”.

Obtenez les dernières mises à jour Android disponibles

When you receive a notification, open it and tap on the update action.

If you cleared your notification or your device was offline:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. At the bottom, tap  System System  update . and so
  3. You will see your update status. Follow the on-screen steps.

Get security updates and system updates from Google Play

Most system updates and security patches are done automatically. To check if an update is available:

  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Security .
  3. Check for an update:
    • To check if a security update is available, tap Google Security Checkup.
    • To check if a Google Play system update is available, tap Google Play system update .
  4. Follow the on-screen steps.

When will you receive Android updates

Update schedules vary by device, manufacturer, and mobile carrier.

  • If you have a Pixel phone, find out when you’ll receive updates.
  • If you have another Android device, contact your manufacturer or carrier for more information.

Important: Older devices can’t always run newer versions of Android.

Solve an update problem

Not enough space available

If you see an “Insufficient space available” notification, learn how to free up storage space on:

  • Pixel Phones
  • Other Android devices

An update was not downloaded

Let the update retry automatically

If an update starts downloading and doesn’t finish, your device will automatically try again over the next few days. When it tries again, you will receive a notification. Open the notification and tap on the update action.

Update Android version for security updates

To get the latest security update available for your device, make sure you have the latest version of Android available for your device.

When updates go live

Pixel Phones

Pixel phones install downloaded Android updates in the background. Installed updates become active the next time you restart your phone. Learn how to restart a Pixel phone.

Other Android devices

Many Android phones and tablets restart automatically when they install downloaded Android updates. Updates become active when installation is complete.

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