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Why (and how) to switch from Squarespace to WordPress

Written by Zach Wiesman in January 21, 20215 July 2022

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Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress?

– Squarespace supports customization options

– WordPress has more capabilities

– WordPress is an add-on for every problem

– WordPress sites are able to rank higher in search

– WordPress is better for e-commerce and international traffic

– You can increase the speed of your site with WordPress

How to migrate your site from Squarespace to WordPress

– Step 1: Sign up for hosting

– Step 2: Install WordPress

– Step 3: Export your content from Squarespace

– Step 4: import your content into WordPress

– Étape 5 : Importez vos images sur WordPress

– Étape 6 : Correction des liens internes

Avez-vous besoin de trouver un hébergement WordPress fiable et puissant ?

¿Estás pensando en cambiarte un WordPress?

Según la investigation, WordPress actualmente impulsa el 39,7% de tous les sites Web existants. Aussi le CMS plus grand.

Hay una razón por la que tantos sitios usan WordPress. Et différentes razones pour las que alguien querría cambiar de Squarespace a WordPress.

Malheureusement, le processus de migration peut être un peu compliqué, il y a la fonction d’exportation de Squarespace qui n’est pas la meilleure. Est-ce déjà beaucoup de preguntándose, “¿debería cambiar de Squarespace a WordPress? ¿Vale la pena el esfuerzo?”

La buena noticia es qu’una vez que sepa los pasos a seguir, puede migrar con éxito de Squarespace a WordPress.

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Are you ready to make the move to WordPress, the most popular CMS on the planet? Stay with us as we walk you through the steps involved in migrating from Squarespace to WordPress.

Should I Switch From Squarespace to WordPress?

Before we dive into the process of moving from Squarespace to WordPress—let’s take a look at whether it’s worthwhile.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress,” the answer is probably yes. Here’s why.

Squarespace Lacks Customization Options

One of the primary reasons people want to migrate from Squarespace to WordPress is a lack of customization options.

Squarespace is very beginner-friendly, and you can design a Squarespace site with a minimum of technical know-how.

However, if you start needing more customization for your site, Squarespace can be quite limiting. Thanks to this, a lot of site owners “grow out” of Squarespace.

WordPress Has More Capabilities

As we just mentioned, Squarespace’s customization options only go so far.

WordPress, on the other hand, offers users vast customization capabilities. Between the thousands of free and paid themes (and theme builders), CSS styles, and the sheer power and flexibility of the CMS, you can get almost limitless customization.

WordPress Has a Plugin for Every Problem

Another thing that WordPress has which Squarespace doesn’t is plugins. There is a saying that as soon as you have a problem that’s gonna require a lot of time and manual work—look for a plugin first.

This is because there is literally a plugin for almost any WordPress problem. Plugins can solve issues from loading speed to mobile optimization, broken links, and more.

WordPress currently has over 54,000 free plugins.

Its vast array of free and paid plugins also make third-party integrations very easy.

WordPress Sites Are Capable of Ranking Higher in Search

Another benefit of moving from Squarespace to WordPress is that WordPress sites can be more SEO-friendly.

According to the former head of Google’s webspam team, “sites built with WordPress are capable of ranking higher in search results because the CMS takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues.”

Besides this, WordPress’s customization capabilities and optimization plugins can also facilitate in-depth SEO.

WordPress Is Better for Ecommerce and International Traffic

WordPress also provides broader e-commerce functions and integrations. Although Squarespace does have a convenient built-in e-commerce function, it does have some limitations.

For one, Squarespace’s commerce function does not allow for multi-currency payments. It also does not support Google Pay, and automated tax rate conversion only applies in the US.

In contrast, WordPress has none of these issues and integrates with numerous dedicated e-commerce systems, including Shopify and Bigcommerce.

Besides this, WordPress is also better optimized for international traffic. Through translation plugins, you can make your site available in almost all languages of the world.

Squarespace is only fully translated into six languages and has far fewer localization options.

You Can Increase Your Site Speed With WordPress

Another valuable advantage you get when moving from Squarespace to WordPress is that you can increase your site speed through better hosting.

With Squarespace, you aren’t in control of your hosting. This means that you can only optimize onsite factors that affect load time, such as image sizes.

With WordPress, you have the option to choose a hosting provider that will supercharge your site.

According to findings from Google, site abandonment increases by 32% with every extra second of load time. Therefore, being able to increase site speed through premium hosting services is key.

How to Migrate Your Site From Squarespace to WordPress

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to migrate from Squarespace to WordPress.

If Squarespace’s capabilities can no longer keep up with your needs, it’s time to make the switch. Here are the steps involved in shifting your site from Squarespace to WordPress.

Step 1: Sign up for Hosting

The first step you’ll need to take when migrating from Squarespace to WordPress is to find a hosting provider.

We recommend that you take your time over this step, as there are numerous providers out there, and not all of them are created equal.

Ensure that the provider you choose can guarantee at least a 98% uptime rate and offers access to a good CDN. Also, make sure you vet for round-the-clock support and watertight security.

If you would like to know more about our hosting packages, you can check out our features and pricing here.

Once you have chosen a hosting provider, you may also need to transfer your domain to your web host. This only applies if your Squarespace site has its own domain name.

Step 2: Install WordPress

Next up, you will need to install WordPress on your site.

WordPress is famous for its 5-minute install, so this shouldn’t take too long. The process for installation will depend on your host.

However, with most hosting providers, you can do a one-click install from your hosting dashboard.

Step 3: Export Your Content From Squarespace

Once WordPress is installed, the next step is to transfer your blog from WordPress to Squarespace, as well as any other content.

Unfortunately, Squarespace’s export function is somewhat limited. Squarespace will only allow you to automatically export:

  • Your basic pages (which will become WordPress pages)
  • One blog page (this will appear as a WordPress blog page)
  • The blog posts under that one blog page
  • Text, embed, and image blocks
  • Your gallery pages

Here are the things Squarespace will not allow you to automatically export:

  • Product pages
  • Event pages
  • Album pages
  • Style changes and custom CSS
  • Video, audio, and product blocks
  • Folders and index pages
  • Secondary blog pages

Besides this, your Squarespace images also won’t be imported to WordPress. However, there is a workaround for this, which we’ll get to in a bit.

To export your content, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Import/ Export.

Once you are at the export settings, click Export.

After this, a popup will give you the option to export pages to WordPress or download a CSV file. Choose the first option.

Once the export is complete, click Download. The export file will now be on your computer.

Step 4: Import Your Content to WordPress

Now it’s time to learn how to import Squarespace to WordPress.

Start by logging in to your WordPress admin panel. Head to Tools > Import. From here, select the Install Now button below the WordPress option.

The reason you must select this option is that Squarespace exports your content in a WordPress compatible XML file.

WordPress will now install the importer for you. When this is done, you will need to click “Run Importer.”

Then click “Upload file and import.”

Once WordPress has uploaded and analyzed your file, it will display the import settings page. From here, click “Submit.”

Once this is done, you should be able to view your posts and content on your WordPress site.

Step 5: Import Your Images to WordPress

As your Squarespace images will not have imported, you will need to import them semi-manually.

One way to do this is by installing the Auto Upload Images plugin.

To trigger the image import process, you will need to edit all the posts and content containing images from your Squarespace site.

WordPress allows you to bulk edit, so this can be done fairly quickly. Head to Posts and click on Screen Options at the top right-hand side of the posts list.

Aumente el número de elementos a  999 Número de elementos por página. Seleccione sus publicaciones de forma masiva, haga clic en  Editar  y luego  en Aplicar .

Después de esto, presione  Actualizar . WordPress actualizará todas tus publicaciones e importará automáticamente tus imágenes de Squarespace.

Paso 6: Reparación de enlaces internos

Lo último que tendrás que hacer es arreglar tus enlaces internos. Como sus enlaces permanentes serán diferentes en WordPress, cualquier enlace interno que haya hecho llevará a los visitantes a una página de error.

Vaya a  Configuración > Enlaces permanentes . Aquí, seleccione la estructura de enlaces que mejor se adapte a la de Squarespace, que suele ser el día y el nombre.

Luego, recorra los enlaces y edítelos insertando /blog-1/ como prefijo de cada enlace.

Después de esto, es posible que aún tenga algunos errores 404, por lo que también es mejor instalar un complemento que encuentre y corrija los errores 404 por usted.

¿Necesita encontrar un alojamiento de WordPress fiable y potente?

Gracias a las capacidades mejoradas de WordPress, puede valer la pena migrar de Squarespace a WordPress.

Recuerde, necesitará un lugar para alojar su nuevo sitio de WordPress. Aquí, en Pressable, ofrecemos  alojamiento adaptado a WordPress  y creado por las mismas mentes detrás de y WooCommerce.

Nuestro alojamiento ofrece un rendimiento y una velocidad de sitio web sobresalientes, junto con una seguridad inigualable, soporte las 24 horas y acceso a nuestra CDN líder en la industria.

Are you curious to know more? Schedule a demo today!

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