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Top 10 pirate countries to block on your firewall

Which countries have the most toxic hackers?

A toxic hacker attack on your network has a list of top 10 countries of origin.

Types of attacks may vary.

There are different types of attackers, such as worm or bot background attacks.

They often search for certain known vulnerabilities by scanning millions of IP addresses until they find an open system to attack.

Subsequently, it will infect the target and include it in a botnet.

There may also be other types of attacks where you lean more towards the criminal aspect.

This may be where experienced pirates meet and form a group.

Professional criminal hacker gangs

Then, on a professional scale, sue big corporations to break in and steal data.

They will then demand a ransom of millions for not disclosing the information to the public.

Ransomware attacks cost businesses, public sectors like governments and hospitals billions of dollars in losses every year.

It is recommended to start implementing strong anti-hacking measures to prevent ransomware attacks.

1 – Russia

Often from here we see gangs of professional hackers hunting victims and then blackmailing them.

They have been accused of being a haven for ransomware gangs as long as they are not hacked in their own country.



A large number of automated robotic worms are emerging from China to add victims to botnets.


3 – Turkey

Here we see gangs of professional hackers growing.

They tackle SQL injection flaws to quickly compromise a target in order to steal data.


4 – Brazil

Botnet activity and automated scans.



Low-level vulnerability scanners.



Scanners for common vulnerabilities that most victims have in the medium-low risk category.



It is not only limited to hacking activities but also a large number of call center scams.

Where they call people and get them to send them money.



Much of the botnet activity originates here.


9 – Romania

Romania is popular with hacker gangs, there was even a TV show called Hackerville about it on HBO since 2018.


10 – Afghanistan

More of the type of botnet activity

Blocking traffic from other countries and its effect on Google

So for about a month I have been discussing blocking traffic to Kashmer Interactive from a few select countries. The main reason I want to do this is that my site, like almost every other website, has recently received spam. This spam tends to come in many forms. Trying to hack my website CMS and even mentioning us on social media where we are not related or relevant to them or their country.

We also have the common Google Analytics issues with false page views and bad data. The multi-country blocking thought process was not born because of the GA data issue, but it made me think… “It might also help us clean up some bad GA data!”

So of course my next thought was if this could affect SEO in any way. While researching this topic, I came across a few conclusions.


There were quite a few different opinions and articles on how this will or will not affect SEO. Here are some reviews from moz users. Based on everything, my opinion is this… Every time you block a country’s access to your website, you’re blocking users as well as the ability to protect inbound links from those sites/audience. So when you block specific countries, you have some risk that it will affect your SEO results. That said, it all depends on the countries you are looking to block and how your linking profile might be affected by those countries.

In the specific case of Ki, we do not target countries outside of the United States where we provide services. In addition to this, we do not actively work to attract or secure inbound links from these countries. And more specifically, we only look at 2 or 3 countries that could be blocked. Therefore, our risk of this affecting SEO from a traffic or inbound link perspective is extremely low.


I wanted to see how Google was blocking traffic from entire countries to our site. Interestingly enough, there was also a bit of confusion at Google. John Mueller, a well-known Google voice, claimed that Google could potentially view blocking incoming traffic from entire countries as a cover-up. It didn’t make much sense to me. Many other internet marketing gurus had the same opinion. I discovered a specific Google View article being discussed: Contribution from Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts was present.

Google’s position was initially incorrect. Danny Sullivan cleared the air with a response from Google: “As long as the webserver is still blocking IP addresses from (say) Africa, it’s not doing anything special/different for Googlebot, so it wouldn’t be considered a camouflage, but like a geolocation.”

To summarize

Should I block web traffic from outside countries and will this affect search engine optimization efforts?

Blocking external countries is a completely acceptable practice and will have little to no effect on your SEO efforts, it all depends on how you implement the blocking. In other words, if you decide to block all countries outside of your service-oriented country, there will be some kind of negative effect. But, if you selectively choose outside countries that cause more trouble than good and you will never serve those countries and your information will never benefit those countries, that makes no sense.

It is important to understand that by blocking one or more countries, you will not receive any inbound traffic or links from those parts of the world. You must weigh this in your final decision.

Part 2 of this topic… How to Effectively Block External Countries will appear in our next blog post.

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