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Schedule an automatic daily download with FileZilla [closed]


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I would like to use FileZilla to automatically upload PDF files to my GoDaddy hosted site every day, replacing sheets from the day before. Is there a way to do this? I read online that batch files might work, could someone post an example version of a batch file that would work?

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FileZilla no tiene argumentos de línea de comandos (ni de ninguna otra forma) que permitan una transferencia automática.

Algunas referencias:

  • Argumentos de la línea de comandos del cliente FileZilla
  • ¿Cómo envío un archivo con FileZilla desde la línea de comandos?

Aunque puedes usar cualquier otro cliente que permita la automatización.

No ha especificado qué protocolo está utilizando. ¿FTP o SFTP? Definitivamente podrá usar WinSCP, ya que admite todos los protocolos que admite la versión gratuita de FileZilla (y más).

Combine the scripting capabilities of WinSCP with Windows Scheduler:

  • Automate file transfers to FTP server or SFTP server;
  • Schedule File Transfers to FTP/SFTP Server

A typical WinSCP script to download (using SFTP) looks like this:

open sftp://user:[email protected]/ -hostkey=”ssh-rsa 2048 xxxxxxxxxxx…=” put c:\mypdfs\*.pdf /home/user/ close

With FTP, simply replace sftp:// with ftp:// and remove the -hostkey=”…” switch.

The same for the download: How to program an automatic FTP download under Windows?

WinSCP can even generate a script from an imported FileZilla session.

For more information, see the FileZilla automation guide.

(I am the author of WinSCP)

Another option, if you are using SFTP, is the psftp.exe client from the PuTTY suite.


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Documentation » Using WinSCP » Guides » Scripts/Automation »

FileZilla Automation

The FileZilla client does not support any type of automation.

Although you can use WinSCP to easily create scripts for your FileZilla sites.

  • FileZilla site import
  • Directly referring to the FileZilla site in the script
  • Automation of file transfers
  • further reading


FileZilla site import

Use the Import Sites command to import your FileZilla site into WinSCP.

After the site is imported, use the Generate Session URL/Code command to generate a script or .NET assembly code (C#, VB.NET, or PowerShell) for the site.

Directly referring to the FileZilla site in the script

Alternatively, you can refer directly to the FileZilla site from the WinSCP script, if you want to retain the ability to manage site settings from FileZilla.

Use the -filezilla switch from the open command:

# Open FileZilla site open -filezilla “My site” # Change remote directory # Download file to user’s home directory put d:\examplefile.txt /home/user

However, this is not recommended as it relies on a setting stored in your Windows account profile. For this reason, the script is not portable.

Automation of file transfers

Once you’ve established a connection, you can follow a generic guide to automating file transfers with WinSCP.

Or you can even have WinSCP generate a complete file transfer script or code for you.


Further reading

  • Solving problems;
  • script documentation;
  • Sample scripts;
  • Advanced scripting guide;
  • WinSCP .NET Assembly;
  • Sample .NET assembly code;
  • Schedule file transfers or synchronization.

Video Schedule ftp download filezilla

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