Problem copying the file with the following error code 5

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How to fix CopyFile() error 5 – access denied error


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Try writing an archive copy function that you can use on both Linux and Windows. Works on Linux, for Windows detects error code 5 intending to use WinApi CopyFile() function.

En el encabezado Archivo.h

Esta is the personalized function defined in the space of file numbers that debería can use both in Linux and in Windows.

class File { public: static bool copyFile(std::string source, std::string destination); private: }

In Archivo.cpp

For Linux it’s simple:

#ifdef __unix__ #include “File.h” bool File::copyFile(std::string source, std::string destination) { std::string arg = source + ” ” + destination; return launchProcess(“cp”, arg); } #end if

Blocking Windows specific code, use WinAPI’s CopyFile() function (#include <windows.h>). Esto acepta tipos de datos LPCWSTR en lugar de padlock. To superar esto, it created a function that converts padlock to LPCWSTR types.

#ifdef _WIN32 #include “File.h” #include <Windows.h> std::wstring strtowstr(const std::string &str) { // Convert an ASCII string to a Unicode string std::wstring wstrTo; wchar_t *wszTo = new wchar_t[str.length() + 1]; wszTo[str.size()] = L’\0′; MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, str.c_str(), -1, wszTo,(int)str.length()); wstrTo = wszTo; remove[] wszTo; return wstrTo; } bool File::copyFile(std::string source, std::string destination) { std::wstring wsource = strtowstr(source); std::wstring wdestination = strtowstr(destination); int result = CopyFileW(wsource.c_str(), wdestination.c_str(), TRUE); //for debugging… std::wcout << “The error is ” << GetLastError() << std::endl; std::wcout << wsource.c_str() << std::endl; std::wcout << wdestination.c_str() < <std::endl; if (result == 0) { returns false; } returns true; } #end if

In my prueba program

TEST(all,main_copy_file) { std::cout << “Testing the copyFile() function…” << std::endl; std::string srcDir = File::currentWorkingDirectory() + “srcDir”; File::makeDirectory(srcDir); std::string destDir = File::currentWorkingDirectory() + “destDir/”; File::makeDirectory(destDir); File::makeFile(srcDir, “testFile”, “.txt”); ASSERT_TRUE(File::fileExists(srcDir + “/testFile.txt”)) << “Error: The test file was not generated” << std::endl; ASSERT_TRUE(File::directoryExists(destDir)) << “Error: destination directory does not exist” <<std::endl; ASSERT_TRUE(File::copyFile(srcDir + “/testFile.txt”, destDir)) << “Error: Copy failed” << std::endl; ASSERT_TRUE(File::

When exiting the application (in Windows)

/* Test copyFile() function… Error is 5 C:\GIT\CorteX\Externals\OSAL\build\Debug/srcDir/testFile.txt C:\GIT\CorteX\Externals\OSAL\build\ Debug/destDir/error: Value of: File::copyFile(srcDir + “/testFile.txt”, destDir) Real: false Expected: true Error: Copy not successful */

Error code 5 is an access denied error. I think it gives this error when the directory doesn’t exist, the directory is open elsewhere, or I don’t have the permissions.

Since I tested that the directory exists, I think it must be one of the last two. I may only have restricted admin rights (I don’t know), but I can paste in the “destDir” without admin permission. So maybe he thinks the directory is open? Is there a command to make sure the directory is closed?

The test is passed when running on Linux.

  • c++
  • the Windows
  • winapi
  • copy

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modified on July 14, 2017 at 3:11 PM


requested on July 14, 2017 at 2:15 p.m.

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  • 1

    notez que C++ propose déjà des fonctions pour copier des fichiers.

    – Le Techel

    14 juil. 2017 à 14:16

  • Pouvez-vous m’orienter vers une/certaines de ces fonctions ?

    – Bleu7

    14 juil. 2017 à 14:20

  • 2

    vous n’avez aucune autorisation. si quelqu’un d’autre ouvre le dossier avec un accès exclusif – ce sera une autre erreur – ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION, si le fichier/dossier n’existe pas – ce sera encore une autre erreur. aussi cette erreur dans le cas où le fichier existe déjà et en lecture seule

    – RbMm

    14 juil. 2017 à 14:20

  • 1


    – Le Techel

    14 juil. 2017 à 14:20

  • @RbMm Do you have any guesses on why I do not have permissions? I am only trying to copy a file from one directory to another. Both of the files are in directories that are inside the current working directory, so I shouldn’t have a problem, should I?

    –  Blue7

    Jul 14, 2017 at 14:24

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The CopyFile API expects file names for both source and destination files. Your code passes a directory name for the destination. This causes the API to fail. You need to append the file name for the destination as well.

Besides that, there are several other issues with your code:

  • The path separator on Windows is a backslash (\). Your are mixing forward slashes (/) and backslashes. Depending on the arguments passed, the system won’t translate forward slashes to backslashes, before passing them on to lower-level file I/O API’s.
  • You are calling GetLastError too late. You need to call it immediately, whenever it is documented to return a meaningful value. Do not intersperse it with any other code, however trivial it may appear to you. That code can modify and invalidate the calling thread’s last error code.
  • Your code assumes ASCII-encoded strings. This will stop working, when dealing with files containing non-ASCII characters. This is quite common.
  • new wchar_t[…] buys you nothing over std::vector<wchar_t>, except the possibility to introduce bugs.
  • Your MultiByteToWideChar-based string conversion implementation makes (undue) assumptions about the code unit requirements of different character encodings. Those assumptions may not be true. Have the API calculate and tell you the destination buffer size, by passing 0 for cchWideChar.
  • Your string conversion routine ignores all return values, making bugs ever so likely, and unnecessarily hard to diagnose.


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answered Jul 15, 2017 at 7:55

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I know this is an old post, but for anyone who stumbles here needing more help:

CopyFile has the following constraints which if not met can give access denied error:

  1. Insufficient permissions for the current user
  2. File is in use
  3. Filepath is a directory and not a file
  4. File is read-only

In my case all the above were met, still I kept getting the same error. What helped me was a simple SetFileAttributes(filePath,FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL)

Retrieving and Changing File Attributes



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answered May 29, 2019 at 20:12

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Cómo corregir el código de error 5 (ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED)

Última modificación el 14/02/2020 5:44 p. m. EST

Error code 5 is a Windows error code that appears when the user does not have sufficient permissions to access the archive or the requested location. Aparece cuando al software se le negó el acceso a una ubicación con el fin de guardar, copier, abrir o cargar archivos. It is only possible to access any Windows user account without having administrative privileges where you intend to access a red carpet location that is protected by Windows user security control policies. Este error puede aparecer cuando intenda buscar una ubicación, guardar un archivo o uncargar un archivo. This error can also reveal the intention to eject the Buscar actualizaciones function , que descarga un instalador para actualizar el software.

If you find the code of error 5, try the following:

  • Asegúrese de haber iniciado session en Windows con una cuenta de usuario que tenga permiso para acceder a la ubicación. In the case of downloading updates, you will need to make sure that your user account permits permission to keep the files in the software installation mat (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\GoFiler Complete or a mat in C: \Program Files ( x86) with software su count). If su cuenta de usuario no tiene permiso para acceder à la ubicación, comuníquese con el departamento de TI de su organización o ejecute el proceso con privilegios elevados.

Nuestro equipo de soporte puede ayudarlo a identificar este problema, pero no podemos resolverlo directamente por usted. This error usually indicates an ambient problem that the IT department debería solved.

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Error 5: Windows 10/11 Access Denied Error [Complete Solution]

by Matthew Adams

Matthew Adams Matthew Adams

Matthew Adams

Windows and software expert

Matthew is a freelancer who has produced a variety of articles on various technology-related topics. Su enfoque principal es el operating system Windows y all the cosas… read more

Updated on August 26, 2022

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Video Problem copying the file with the following error code 5

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