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6 Apps to Find Awesome Podcast Recommendations to Listen to

By Mihir Patkar

Posted on December 10, 2019

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Want to discover amazing new podcasts? Take a look at these recommendation engines and blogs to find things you’ll enjoy listening to.

Find awesome podcasts

What is the podcast recommendation engine for?December 13, 2021

What does the podcast recommendation engine do?


Did you know that according to a report by Podcast Insights, there are around 48 million podcasts available on the internet? There are literally thousands of podcasts available, and unlike music and movies, where you can watch a small preview or trailer, with a podcast you have to read each description and title to decide whether to listen to the rest of the podcast or take a random podcast. To guess. Basically, a lot of time passes before anyone can start listening to podcasts, which most often leads them to lose interest. What could be the possible solution to this? A recommendation engine. More importantly, a podcast recommendation engine. 


What is a recommendation engine?

A tool that analyzes users’ usage behavior on a website as well as likes and dislikes with the product or services present on the website and then, based on different algorithms, creates a list of recommendations. There are different algorithms used in a recommendation engine, such as content-based filtering, collaborative filtering, and hybrid filtering. Learn more about the different types of algorithms and how recommendation engines work by reading this white paper on recommender systems. 


What is a podcast recommendation engine?

A recommendation engine that uses content-based filtering to recommend podcasts to its users is known as a podcast recommendation engine. 


Note: It is essential to understand that a recommendation engine is not “one size fits all”. For example, a music app’s recommendation engine is trained to recommend music, and Netflix’s recommendation engine is trained to recommend movies. The factors that affect your decision will be different from a movie recommendation engine or a book recommendation engine. 


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What does a podcast recommendation engine do?

Did you know that over 62 million people in the United States alone listen to at least one podcast a week? (Source: Edison Research). This number can easily be considered a milestone. However, this number represents only a fraction of listeners who listen to music or watch movies. The podcast industry has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, however, the numbers are still small compared to other similar industries. Giants like Spotify and Pandora are now constantly updating their recommendation engines and adopting new methods to promote podcasts on their websites. 


 Users cannot find relevant podcasts at the right time like they do when listening to music or watching movies. Time and patience are the important factors here. So what is a podcast recommendation engine for? Reduce the time a user has to search for a good podcast to listen to. This will help increase the popularity of on-demand podcasts and more listeners will join, which will lead to an increase in total revenue. 


How does a podcast recommendation engine work?

Each website collects information about user usage trends. For example, what this user last listened to or just visited. The recommendation engine traces all this information and a profile for each user. After that, the recommendation engine groups all similar podcasts together. How will you recognize the similarity? There can be different methods like podcasts by the same person being grouped together, podcasts including certain similar words can be grouped together and of course according to the metadata. Then, the next time the user visits the website, based on the last viewed podcast, the recommendation engine will find similar podcasts and recommend them to the user. Also keep in mind Keep in mind that in order to give personalized recommendations, it is important to have some information about the user. A new user accessing the website may not be able to receive personalized recommendations. However, new users can browse the list of ‘Top 10 Most Listened to Podcasts’ or ‘Motivational Podcasts’ etc. 



“One size fits all” does not work as far as recommendation engine functionality is concerned. It is important to recognize the difference between different recommendation engines and incorporate it into your website. Get started now by exploring recommendation engines and their features. Visit Alie – an AI-powered recommendation engine that offers multiple algorithms, making it easy to adapt to any industry. Take advantage of Alie’s 14-day free trial now to see how dramatically it can improve your recommendations. 



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