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How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram: 3 Important Things to Know

Sharing others’ work without tagging them or giving proper photo credits will result in copyright infringement which could lead to the termination of all your social media accounts.

  • Amuthini Ponnusamy

Amuthini Ponnusamy

August 19, 2021 • 13 min read

How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram: 3 Important Things to Know

When posting a photo on Instagram, you must give credit where it is due. Giving credit can be as simple as mentioning the photographer, hair and makeup artist, model, or anyone else who helped create the image in your post.

It’s okay if you’ve reposted a photo before without giving proper credit, but now you know better!

Esto no solo es importante para Instagram: esta filosofía se aplica a todas las plataformas de redes sociales que nos permiten compartir y promocionar imágenes de otras personas mediante el uso de hashtags, enlaces y @menciones.

¿Qué es un crédito fotográfico?

Photo Credit es el ‘crédito’ de los fotógrafos . Es un reconocimiento a su trabajo. Es la etiqueta estándar mencionar al fotógrafo en su título de Instagram, ya sea solo con su identificador (en el caso de compartir la foto de otra persona que le gusta) o mencionándolo primero y luego etiquetando su identificador (si está publicando una imagen que es no es tuyo).

Photo Credit va más allá de una simple mención y es más que decir:

“I, as the person who shared this image, give acknowledgment and recognition to this photographer. This photo belongs to them and their creative vision.”

It is also your recognition that you used their intellectual property (an image they created) by posting it on social media for all to see.

What comes before credits?


Proper Posting Etiquette Every time you post a photo on Instagram, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Does this image belong to me? Am I re-sharing another original artist’s work that belongs to them? Including someone else’s handle in your post is called “tagging”– doing so will help the person receive more exposure for their work!

Have I asked permission from the creator if it is ok to share this image? how to give credit to the photographer on Instagram? If you are not sure if it is ok to re-post another artist’s work, at the very least you should ask permission before proceeding.

How do I give credit to Instagram?

Three Steps for Proper Posting Etiquette: 1. Mentions 2. Hashtags 3. Links It may seem like a tedious task, but the creator will appreciate your effort.

STEP 1: Mentions

Using “mentioned” is one of the best ways to get credit for your post on Instagram. The three ways you can mention are with hashtags (#hashtags), @mentions (at mentions), and tags (@tags).

@mentions (at mentions) is the standard way of giving credit on Instagram, just copy and paste the other person’s Instagram handle into your post.

Tagging is another method of giving credit on Instagram but is not as effective as using @mentions. Tagging works similar to how you would tag a friend if you wanted them to see a photo or comment on it- it adds that extra bit of exposure for the person whose handle you tagged.

STEP 2: Hashtags

Hashtags (#) are sometimes seen as spammy by Instagram users, yet still are an effective way to get more exposure on your posts. For example, #photographer would be relevant for you to use if posting another artist’s work.

Using hashtags is one of the many ways you can get recognition for your post if the person whose photo you are sharing does not have their Instagram handle mentioned in your caption (using @mentions).

Here are some hashtags that would be appropriate if posting another artist’s work: #photooftheday #photography #photographer If you follow the same photographer on Instagram or have seen their work before, you can also mention them in your caption and tag their handle too!

STEP 3: Links

A link, whether it be to another social media profile (article, Tumblr, etc.) or a website/online portfolio will make sure that your post gets the recognition it deserves.

There are numerous ways to share links on Instagram, but using comments is one of the most popular because it does not take up any of the precious caption real-estate.

When sharing a hyperlink in your caption to another person’s work, be sure to @mention them first! This will notify them of your post and they will be able to see it in their activity.

Photo Credit is not just a simple mention that says: “I recognize this photo belongs to another person.” It also means that you recognize the hard work and effort that went into creating such a beautiful image!

Now that you know what Photo Credit is, here are some pointers on how to give Photo Credit:

Photo Credit can be given in a few different ways:

1- In the Caption of the image itself. Example: ” Shot by @camerahotty “

2- Through a comment under the post. Example: ” Shot by @camerahotty and styled by @styledbyjennifer

3- Through a mention: “@stylebyemily and shot by @cameragabriel”

Something to Note: Be mindful of how you give credit. Don’t just assume that the name of the photographer is always ‘@nameofthephotographer’. It is fine to ask their permission before posting their work.

When you mention them in the caption of your post, they will get an email notification that they have been mentioned. If you don’t give credit where it’s due, then what is the point of sharing?

Giving the proper photo credit will help ensure that you have more followers on Instagram because people can see who created an image they like or follow one of your favorite photographers!

You can give credit in a variety of ways, but the most common way is to tag them within your caption along with mentioning their name.

The commenting within the caption allows users to see instantly who created the piece and tagging within the photo will show up in the tagged section for easy browsing.

Important tips for giving Photo Credit


1. Tag the person you are giving credit to in your caption

a. If the photographer has an Instagram account, don’t just put their name in a hashtag

b. Tag them with “@” and link to their profile!

c. Put “via @username” at the end of your post if it is not clear who the photographer is.

d. Try to make sure you have their name in your caption somewhere- this will help users find them if they are looking for more of that person’s work!

e. If a photo has multiple photographers, it can be helpful to mention each one in order.

f. Please credit hair and makeup artists as well- without their hard work taking photos would just be selfies with some filter applied!

g. Make sure the proper people get credited on all social media platforms, including Instagram Stories (put “via” at the end). When reposting a photo from someone else always give credit where credit is due!!!

2. If you want to share a photo of someone else’s work, it should be done in the following way:

a. Link back to where you found the original post (our photographer) and make sure that your followers know who created the image they are enjoying

b. Share credit with people on social media platforms by tagging them or using their username when giving credit. This will encourage followers to follow those accounts as well!

c. Don’t use tags like “fashion,” “style” or anything generic- find out what specific category this person belongs under and tag accordingly! Tags help photographers get more exposure for their images too because users can search within certain categories without having to scroll through an entire feed!

3. Include the username of the account you are posting it to. For example, @username or ‘@username’. Or mention them within your caption in quotes and include their username: “Photo credit goes to @username”

Also, add a hashtag for visibility (#photographer #model) so that people can search through it and find your post. It is also prominent to give credit in your caption so that people can find the post.

What is a Proper Photo Credit on Instagram?

There is no one, right way to give proper photo credits on Instagram. Here is the way I like to give proper photo credit and how I see most of my followers give credit as well.

You simply comment on the name of the creator within the caption and you tag them within the photo. In the example below I have tagged @maddieyahzee and used #madisonbond in both the caption and within the photo.

In most cases, I do not need to tag the photographer in every photo because they are easy to find by their username with a simple search. However, if it is a difficult task then tagging them in I photo will prove useful.

Proper Photo credit on Instagram can be done in many different ways, but there are some guidelines that I follow.

First of all, if you cannot find the person on Instagram make sure you search similar hashtags to see who created it. If you try #fashion and nothing comes up then try searching #style or #outfit or any of those words with “fashion” in them.

You can comment on their username within your caption and highlight it by making it bigger, bolder, or using “quotes”. It’s important to mention the creator so people know who to go find on Instagram!

You can also tag people in each photo if you wish- I do this for hair/makeup artists.

If you are re-posting someone’s content make sure to give credit where it is due! Acknowledge the creator and tag them for a chance of additional exposure. You can also mention people in your caption so that way they get recognized within the photo as well!

It is important to note, if you have a lot of followers it may be difficult to tag everyone in each photo. Make sure you mention them within your caption as well!

There are many different ways for how to give proper credit on Instagram, but the key is to acknowledge the creator and make it easy for people to find you or other creators. It’s important to know who created the content that you are posting.

It is not necessary to tag all of your friends in each photo, but if you are re-posting something that another person created it’s important to give them some credit!

People need to know where the content they are enjoying comes from. Acknowledge people when you can because this will lead to more followers, likes, and a happier Instagram community!

The commenting within the caption allows users to see instantly who created the piece, and tagging within a photo would also show up in the tagged section for easy browsing!

Why is it important?


Because that photo/piece of art/creation is not ours. We know that someone planned, shot, edited, and most likely spent a great amount of time on that piece.

We owe it to them, and the rest of their followers/friends who may not see this post, to give credit.

Some could even say they poured their hearts into that creation. A lot of work and time goes into creating content- whether it be a photograph or drawing, and those responsible for its creation should be credited.

Always give credit where it is due!

“It is never okay to give credit where it is not due.”

This should go without saying, but in case it doesn’t always, always credit the source. Even if they’re your competitor, give credit. Even if no one else is crediting the original poster, give credit. Even if it takes some time and effort, give credit.

If there are multiple sources (designer, builder, photographer), give credit to as many as you possibly can. Social media is one of the only places where plagiarism isn’t strictly punished; that doesn’t make it ok!

Sharing others’ work without tagging them or giving proper photo credits will result in a copyright violation which could potentially lead to having all of your social media accounts terminated.

When you give credit or mention someone in a caption, it allows followers to see who created the piece they enjoy and follow them!

It also encourages following that account because your followers will want more content like what they found from other people with pictures on their feed.

People are always looking for new photographers and artists so by giving photo credit, you’ll be helping get exposure for these talented creatives as well!!!

Giving proper attribution is never not important- this should go without saying but don’t forget to tag those involved if there are multiple sources (designer, builder, photographer)!!

Ask Permission

If you aren’t sure whether you should repost a photo from an account, ask for their permission first. Photographers, especially, make a living from the use of their photos by brands and shops.

Don’t assume that their shots are free for the taking. If you’ve been tagged in a photo or your specific hashtag has been used, you can usually assume that sharing is okay, but it never hurts to go the extra step and ask.

If you are not the original photographer, then it’s best to ask for permission if you can repost or “reframe” their photo with a quick DM or comment on their post. If they say yes, share your experience! It will only help promote them and allow more people to find them.

This kind of thoughtfulness creates respectful relationships on and off the app.

Importance of Photo Credits


The importance of giving credit when posting a photo on Instagram is to make sure that the person who created it gets the proper recognition. It is crucial to give credit so that the creator gets more followers and social media visibility.

Include a hashtag for searchability (#photographer #model) to make it easier for people who are looking for these posts

It’s important to be courteous when posting photos on Instagram- use your common sense, don’t steal photos or repost them without the creator’s permission!

Photo credit can be added by writing the user’s name under the photo or over the photo (there are third-party apps that can do this for you).

It can help the creator get more followers and social media visibility. It’s great to use hashtags for searchability (#photographer #model) Don’t steal photos or repost them without the creator’s permission!

  • Photographers

It adds richness and depth to the original post! It also encourages following that account because your followers will want more content like what they found from other people with pictures on their feed. It can give exposure to talented creatives!

Photographers need credit to get more followers and social media visibility. Photo credit can be added by writing the user’s name under the photo or over the photo (there are third-party apps that can do this for you).

Give all of those involved with a post-credit by tagging them- designer, builder, photographer. If you’re not sure whether to repost a photo from an account, ask for their permission first.

It’s great to use hashtags for searchability (#photographer #model) Don’t steal photos or repost them without the creator’s permission!

  • Models/Designers/Makeup Artists

Remember to tag those involved if there are multiple sources (designer, builder, photographer). If you’re not sure whether to repost a photo from an account asks for their permission first. It adds richness and depth to the original post!

It’s important to be courteous when posting photos on Instagram- use your common sense, don’t steal photos or repost them without the creator’s permission! It is essential to give credit to photographers and models, as well as makeup artists.

Claim your Credit

If you find yourself on the other side of an Instagram faux-pas, remember it doesn’t cost you anything to be kind. Claiming your credit is as simple as tagging the original poster and @ing them in a comment to make sure they see your post.

While it’s not likely you’ll be losing followers by giving credit, if you think about how much time and effort goes into creating content for Instagram users to enjoy, we must give proper credit where credit is due.

I know it may come as a shock, but there are people behind the hashtags you use to filter your photos with or strange emojis that accompany your latest photoshoot selfie. These creatives deserve to have their time in the spotlight, too.

You have to know how to ask for photo credit on Instagram to elevate your success. Community over competition, right? Leave a friendly, but a straightforward comment like “Thanks so much for sharing my [insert photo content here]! I’m so glad you like it!”

If they don’t correct their error, follow up with a DM. We like to send something like: “Hey there! Thanks so much for sharing my [insert photo content here].

Would you mind please crediting me (or whoever is responsible) as the source by tagging me in the caption and photo? I so appreciate the share!”

Do the same if you were tagged (provided that your account is public), but other than that, blocks are the next step.

Benefits of Giving Photo Credits on Instagram

It goes without saying that if you’re the one taking the photograph, you should be given credit for your work.

However, there are some other good reasons to give photo credits. The most obvious of which is traffic! More exposure means more followers who will hopefully submit their photos in the future.

It also shows the community that you respect the rules and are willing to follow them yourself.

If you tag someone in a photo, they might notice your profile and visit it. If they like what they see, they may even follow you!

This is especially true if said person’s account has lots of followers or if their photos receive lots of likes! It will be that much more likely that they will check out your page.

It’s always better for exposure to tag the original person who took the picture, but you can also tag yourself in a photo if it’s an image you’re proud of and want more people to see!

Sometimes, this means tagging others in your post. It doesn’t have to be the original photographer- you can tag anyone who is in a photo! This will help to give them exposure as well.

The #nofilter hashtag is one of my favorites. It’s a way to spread positivity and encourage creativity! If you have ever used that hashtag or plan to, be sure to follow @nofilter_magazine on Instagram!


This article highlights the importance of proper Photo Credit on Instagram and the importance of doing so.

It is all about being a good person and showing some respect to those who have created your content, whether it be someone else’s photograph or artwork that you are posting on Instagram.

The photo credit will also give them more followers because their work will now be seen by many more people! Giving Photo Credit on Instagram is important!

Citing Images, Diagrams and Tables

An image found online:

In-text citations

Mention the image in the text and cite the author and date:

The cartoon by Frith (1968) describes …

If the image has no named author, cite the full name and date of the image:

The map shows the Parish of Maroota during the 1840s (Map of the Parish of Maroota, County of Cumberland, District of Windsor 1840-1849)

List of References

Include information in the following order:

  • author (if available)
  • year produced (if available)
  • title of image (or a description)
  • Format and any details (if applicable)
  • name and place of the sponsor of the source
  • accessed day month year (the date you viewed/ downloaded the image)
  • URL or Internet address (between pointed brackets).

Frith J 1968, From the rich man’s table, political cartoon by John Frith, Old Parliament House, Canberra, accessed 11 May 2007, <>.

If there is no named author, put the image title first, followed by the date (if available):

Khafre pyramid from Khufu’s quarry 2007, digital photograph, Ancient Egypt Research Associates, accessed 2 August 2007, <>.

Carte de la paroisse de Maroota, comté de Cumberland, district de Windsor 1840-1849, image numérique de documents cartographiques, Bibliothèque nationale d’Australie, consultée le 13 avril 2007, < >.


Images/diagrammes en ligne utilisés comme figures :

Las figuras incluyen diagramas, graficos, bocetos, fotografías y mapas. Si está escribiendo un informe o una tarea en la que incluye una imagen como figura, a menos que la haya creado usted mismo, debe incluir una referencia a la fuente original.

Las figuras deben estar numeradas y rotuladas con subtítulos. Los subtítulos deben ser simples y descriptivos y estar seguidos de una cita en el texto. Los títulos de las figuras deben estar directement debajo de la imagen.

Citas en el texto

Citar autor y año en el pie de figura :



Figure 1 : Bloom’s cognitive domain (Benitez 2012)


If you reference the Figure in the text, include a citation as well:

As can be seen in Figure 1 (Benítez 2012)


List of references

Proportion of complete citation information:

Benitez J 2012, Blooms Cognitve Domain, imagen digital, ALIEM, accessed 2 August 2015, <https://www.>. 


Inline data in a table title:

Text quote

If you reproduce or adapt data from tablas found online, you must include a citation. Todas las tablas deben estar numeradas y los títulos de las tablas deben estar encima de la tabla.

 Table 2: Agricultural water use, by state 2004-05 (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006)

État Total LA
New South Wales (and buy Canberra) 3 976 108
Vic. 2 570 219
Queensland 2 864 889
on 1 004 828
Washington 429 372
Tasks 255 448
New Testament 45 638
Total LA 11 146 502


If you reference the table in the text, include a citation:

As indicated in Table 2, a total of 11,146,502 ML was used (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006)


List of references

Include the name of the web page where the table data is located.

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006, Water Use on Australian Farms, 2004-05, Cat. non. 4618.0, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra, accessed 4 July 2007, <https://www.>.


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