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How to optimize script and stylesheet to increase page speed?

How to optimize script and stylesheet to increase page speed-oxo-solution-digital-marketing-sompany

Organizing styles and scripts in a particular order is one way to improve page load speed

It is recommended to keep the style sheets at the top and the hyphens after them. This is because when the browser displays your web page, it first gets the HTML code, then comes the CSS, JS, images, etc.

When the javascript is downloaded, it stops loading all other files until the script tag has been downloaded, parsed and executed. This is the reason why web pages spend around 80-90% of their load time waiting for a network. 

La seule solution pour réduire le temps perdu est de supprimer les modèles qui obligent le navigateur à sérialiser le téléchargement des ressources. 

How to optimize the order of your styles and scripts?

#Method 1 – Optimize Styles and Scripts

This is the simplest method. Here you just need to make a few changes in the HTML of your webpage. Styles and scripts are placed in the head section of the HTML. Here is the correct order to follow:

‘ <head>



css code should be here



JavaScript should be here



By keeping the files in this order will result in rapid increase of speed. 

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#Method 2 – Optimize Styles and Scripts

Applying Filters to Optimize the script and style order. 

Filters such as ‘Move CSS Above Scripts’ makes sure that scripts do not halt the process of CSS resources loading. 

By using the Apache Server, one enable the file by adding below code in the configuration file. 

ModPagespeedEnableFilters move_css_above_scripts

#Method 3 – Optimize Styles and Scripts

Use a WordPress Plugin

Activating a plugin in WordPress is the easiest thing one can do. Autoptimize plugin is a multitasking plugin, whereby it can perform the following functions:

  • Concatenar, minimizar y almacenar en caché el archivo de estilos y scripts
  • Agrega CSS directo en el encabezado
  • Añadir Javascript en el pie de página
  • Minimizar HTML

Si el complemento que usa agrega dinámicamente JS y CSS, debe cambiarlo al almacenamiento en caché de la página. Paralelamente a Autoptimize, también puede usar Cache Enabler, HyperCache, WPSuper Cache y Comet Cache.


Si el rendimiento del sitio web es importante para usted, considere optar por una de las formas mencionadas en el artículo. Esta es la forma más fácil de obtener un sitio web que funcione rápidamente.

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PageSpeed: optimize the order of styles and scripts (deprecated)


Properly ordering external style sheets and external and embedded scripts allows for better parallelization of downloads and speeds up browser rendering time.

How does your site score on this recommendation?


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Because JavaScript code can modify the content and layout of a web page, the browser delays rendering any content that follows a script tag until that script has been downloaded, parsed, and executed. However, more importantly for round-trip times, many browsers block downloading resources referenced in the document after scripts until those scripts are downloaded and executed. On the other hand, if other files are already being downloaded when a JS file is referenced, the JS file is downloaded alongside them.

Video Optimize the order of styles and scripts

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