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What is the task scheduled CreateExplorerShellUnelevatedTask?


raymond chen

May 24, 202214 0

Explorer must run without elevated levels because it must be available to other applications that are not necessarily elevated. To make sure it can do that, Explorer detects that it’s running in elevated mode and slows it down by using a scheduled task called CreateExplorerShellUnelevatedTask which you can do: start Explorer unleveled. The elevated version of Explorer exits after prompting the scheduled task to run.

So, the raised Explorer goes out and is replaced by a non-raised Explorer.

A client wanted to know why, when they looked at several of the servers they had deployed, some of them had CreateExplorerShellUnelevatedTask and some didn’t. Does this mean that systems that do not have the special task have been corrupted or compromised?

There is no need to worry.

CreateExplorerShellUnelevatedTask Allows you to create a request when Explorer is initialized for the first time elevated. If your system doesn’t have this task, then pat yourself on the back. It means that your system has never needed it.


raymond chen


Optimization of the Inicio menu in Windows 10

  • October 22, 2015

📄 Contents

  1. Organization of all tiles
  2. Customizing tile groups
  3. Start menu navigation menu organization
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This chapter of the Windows 10 Absolute Beginner’s Guide covers working with and resizing tiles, using groups in the Start menu, and customizing the Navigation menu.

This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Windows 10 Absolute Beginner's GuideGuide to Windows 10 Absolute Principles More Info  Buy

This chapter is taken from the book

This chapter is taken from the book 

Absolute Guide to Windows 10 PrinciplesGuide to Windows 10 Absolute Principles More Info  Buy

In this chapter

  • Trabajar with mosaics
  • Resize mosaics
  • Using groups in the Start menu
  • Navigation menu customization

Debido a que el menú Inicio sirve como panel de control para acceder a las muchas funciones y aplicaciones contenidas en Windows 10, debe dedicar algún tiempo a organizar y personalizar su apariencia. Hay infinitas posibilidades de arreglos de mosaicos utilizando diferentes tamaños de mosaicos. También puede nombrar grupos organizados de mosaicos o aplicaciones mediante etiquetas lógicas.

Organizando todos esos mosaicos

En el Capítulo 1, “Conozca Windows 10”, tuvo una introducción rápida al menú Inicio y se familiarizó con algunas características básicas. A estas alturas, sin duda, ha comenzado a anclar aplicaciones a su menú Inicio, y puede notar que puede convertirse en un juego gratuito para todos muy rápidamente, como se muestra en la Figura 3.1 .


FIGURA 3.1 El menú Inicio puede comenzar a verse como un desorden aleatorio.

En esta sección, descubrirá cómo cambiar la apariencia del menú Inicio manteniendo cierto orden. La clave del menú Inicio es hacer que las cosas sean fáciles de encontrar sin anclar tantas aplicaciones que se sienta frustrado al buscar una aplicación.



Consulte el Capítulo 1 para conocer los pasos sobre cómo anclar aplicaciones al menú Inicio.

Acceso al menú contextual de un mosaico

Before you change any tile’s appearance or function, you need to open the context menu for that tile. This is different from selecting the tile and opening the application.

The context menu will vary a bit between Desktop applications and Windows apps such as the one shown in Figure 3.2. To open the context menu, do one of the following based on the device you use:

  • common.jpg Touch and hold a tile for a second or two until an ellipsis appears in the lower-right corner of the tile. Select the ellipsis to reveal the touch-friendly context menu.
  • common1.jpg Use your left- and right- or up- and down-arrow keys to move across the Start menu. As you do so, a checkered border appears around tiles as you pass over them. Press the menu key when you have moved to the tile you want to select.
  • comun2.jpg Right-click the tile.


FIGURE 3.2 The context menu provides a few tools for organizing your tiles.

Making a Tile Bigger or Smaller

With the context menu you can select the size for any tile. There are four sizes for Windows apps: large, wide, medium, and small (refer to Figure 3.2). Desktop applications that are pinned to the Start menu will offer only two size choices: small and medium. You might prefer smaller tiles to fit more tiles on the screen. Other tiles that have live tile capabilities will work better when a larger size is used. You also can use size to indicate priority or importance to your routine. For example, apps you use often, such as Calendar and Mail, might be represented by large tiles, and apps you use to pass the time, such as a social media app, could be represented with small tiles. The size of the tiles can be changed to suit your individual preference—there is no right or wrong tile size.

To change a tile’s size, follow these steps:

  1. Open the context menu for the tile using the methods outlined in the previous section.
  2. Select Resize. Choose from the size options indicated.
  3. As you make changes to tile sizes, the surrounding tiles will move to accommodate the new size. Figure 3.3 shows a mosaic composed of four different sizes.

    FIGURE 3.3

    FIGURE 3.3 Use different tile sizes to make certain tiles more prominent.

Controlling Live Tiles

Many Windows apps are designed to provide updates, images, and information through the use of Live tiles. This can be distracting in some cases, and you can even feel that your Start menu has become too busy with so many tiles morphing and changing constantly.

Live tiles can be disabled very easily by following these steps:

  1. Open the context menu for the tile using the methods outlined earlier in this chapter.
  2. Select Turn Live Tile Off (refer to Figure 3.2).

Live tiles are generally designed to display more content with larger sizes and usually will not function when set to the smallest size. Some Windows apps also include Live tile options within the app that can provide settings for transparency, images, or which information from the app will appear in the Live tile.

Moving a Tile

You can reorganize the tiles on the Start menu as you like. No rules dictate where certain tiles should appear, so you can move a tile to whatever position you like.

To move a tile, do one of the following based on the device you use:

  • common.jpg Touch and hold on the tile to be moved, and immediately drag it to its new location.
  • comun2.jpg Click and drag the tile to its new location. Notice when you click and hold the tile that the other tiles dim and shrink slightly. Also notice how the other tiles on the Start menu seem to move out of the way and open an empty spot as you drag a tile across the screen (see Figure 3.4).

    FIGURE 3.4

    FIGURE 3.4 Moving a tile.

Show More Tiles

One result of pinning more tiles to your Start menu is that your screen can only display so many tiles at a time before you need to scroll down to see additional tiles you have pinned. This is especially noticeable on devices with smaller screens. For this reason, devices like tablets running in Tablet mode will display the Start menu full screen, and the navigation menu will be reduced to a hamburger menu icon.

Having larger screens, desktop and laptop computers will run in Desktop mode by default with a Start menu that takes up just a portion of the screen and an expanded navigation menu. You actually can manually change the size of the Start menu or make it full screen.

To show more tiles, follow these steps:

  1. From the Start menu, hover your mouse cursor over one of the two edges of the Start menu. The cursor will turn into a two-sided adjustment arrow. Select the edge and drag it to reposition the size of the Start menu. The horizontal adjustment will depend on your screen resolution. Release the edge when it is in the correct position.
  2. From the Start menu, select Settings to open the Settings app.
  3. Select Personalization and then Start from the navigation pane.
  4. Under Start, slide the switch to On for Use Start Full Screen, as shown in Figure 3.5. The Start menu will now be full screen with a condensed navigation menu similar to Tablet mode.

    FIGURE 3.5

    FIGURE 3.5 You can use a full-screen Start menu while in Desktop mode if that is what you want.

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Delete the “Optimize Start Menu Cache Files” task

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Many of you are probably familiar with the fact that when a new user logs into a server in Windows, there will be a new task created in the Task Scheduler which is called “Optimize Start Menu Cache Files-{SID}” with the sid of the user.

I’m guessing these tasks have something to do with optimizing the start menu. This doesn’t sound very important. Often these tasks are even disabled. On a server which is used by many people, the Task Scheduler can sometimes be filled up with many of these, and it can be annoying to scroll through them to find the tasks you are looking for.

Is there ever any harm done by deleting these tasks?

  • windows-server-2012
  • windows-task-scheduler


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asked Dec 12, 2017 at 4:12

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Nacht Nacht

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  • No, there is no harm in deleting them. However, I don’t have an authoritative source, just my own experience, so I’ll leave that as a comment for now. If anyone comes up with an answer, ping me or flag this comment for deletion.

    – TylerH

    March 25, 2019 at 6:42 PM

  • For the record, I do it regularly and I haven’t noticed any problems.

    – barbecue

    April 22, 2020 at 1:37 PM

  • @barbecue at this point I would accept that as an answer…

    – Night

    April 22, 2020 at 1:41 PM

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Le but de ces tâches est d’effectuer une maintenance sur le cache du menu Démarrer.

I have been routinely deleting these scheduled tasks on servers for years now with no issues. Because these are production servers, not workstations, they rarely have changes to the desktop environment, and few users log in, so there is no real benefit to optimizing the cache.

In most cases, a server won’t have a lot of these, so there’s little performance impact. Removing them is more a matter of keeping the task list clean and organized, and eliminating possible sources of errors, such as triggering account lockouts.

In the case of RDS servers, though, it’s possible for hundreds or even thousands of these tasks to be created, which can make task management very difficult, and cause slow startup.

If you want to see if there will be any impact from removing the task, simply disable it for a while, then if you’re satisfied there are no problems, you can delete it.

Note that these tasks can be recreated automatically, so if you have a lot of these, you may want to revisit it occasionally.


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edited Apr 22, 2020 at 16:47

answered Apr 22, 2020 at 16:42

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