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Old WordPress main file was not deleted during upgrade

  • a83baf3a4e9ce1d9ead62bb9a3ad3f6bSakuwasan resolved


    1 year, 2 months ago

    I got a warning that the old WordPress main file mentioned below was not deleted in the (latest 5.8) WordPress update.

    wp-includes/css/dist/editor/editor-styles-rtl.css wp-includes/css/dist/editor/editor-styles-rtl.min.css wp-includes/css/dist/editor/editor-styles. css wp-includes/css/dist/editor/editor-styles.min.css

    Should I remove them or ignore this warning?

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  • 04726faac6e566cceb4b25b4c9965bb6Plugin support


    1 year, 2 months ago

    Hi @sakuwasan, thanks for reaching out.

    I actually received the same message on my personal site. These are old files that needed to be removed but weren’t in the latest WordPress update. You can discard the changes or delete the files immediately using the ”  Delete all deletable files ” button  if you wish. I didn’t have any problems after doing it.

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How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files

By / Advanced WordPress Robert Giaquinto

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Looking for a way to delete old WordPress core files? WordPress is the most popular website building platform in the world. The platform is regularly maintained and updated to improve security and user experience. These updates are for core WordPress files, but not all core files are needed after an update.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not automatically delete unnecessary core files after updating. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. These outdated files become vulnerable over time and are a prime target for hackers. Today I will show you how to delete old core files from WordPress using the Old Core Files plugin.

Why Delete Old WordPress Core Files?

Whenever there is an update of the main file in WordPress, the platform will update several files, but some files become obsolete and will not be used by WordPress. These files can remain there for a long time if you do not delete them manually. This creates an easy-to-target access point for hackers.

Ces fichiers obsolètes ne bénéficient d’aucune des améliorations de sécurité apportées par WordPress à chaque mise à jour. Les fichiers anciens et obsolètes auxquels personne n’accède jamais sont des cibles de choix pour les pirates. Cela s’applique à d’autres types de fichiers inutilisés, tels que les fichiers de thème et les plugins.

Los archivos que no reciben atención facilitan que los piratas informáticos dejen puertas traseras en su sitio web. Una puerta trasera es esencialmente una forma para que un pirata informático obtenga acceso a su sitio web sin activar la seguridad. Pueden usar ejecutables y robar información valiosa de su sitio web.

Cómo eliminar archivos antiguos del núcleo de WordPress

Hoy, demostraré cómo eliminar archivos antiguos de WordPress usando el complemento Old Core Files . Este complemento detecta y enumera los archivos principales obsoletos que WordPress ya no usa. Puede eliminar directamente los archivos principales antiguos en WordPress con este complemento. Eliminar estos archivos antiguos no mejorará el rendimiento de WordPress, pero lo hará más seguro.

Siempre que confíe en un complemento para eliminar archivos, siempre es una buena política crear una copia de seguridad de su sitio web . Esto asegurará que si se comete algún error, puede usar la copia de seguridad para volver a antes de que se cometiera el error.

Instalación de archivos básicos antiguos

Comencemos haciendo clic en Complementos y seleccionando la opción Agregar nuevo en el panel de administración de la izquierda.

Step-1-1024x456 Step-1-1024x456

Search for Old Core Files in the available search box. This will pull up additional plugins that you may find helpful.

old-1-1024x456 old-1-1024x456

Scroll down until you find the Old Core Files plugin and click on the “Install Now” button and activate the plugin for use.

old-2-1024x456 old-2-1024x456

On the left-hand admin panel click on Tools and select the Old Core Files option. This will pull up the main settings page.

old-3-1024x456 old-3-1024x456

Using Old Core Files

This plugin is really easy to use. There are two viewable options, “Existing” and “All”. It is very important to understand the difference.

old-4-1024x456 old-4-1024x456

“Existing” refers to all of the obsolete core files found on your website. If files appear under this section, there will be a delete option. Use the option to delete these unused files to secure your website.

“All” refers to every core file found on your website. There will not be a delete option for these files through the plugin. Do not try to manually delete the files that are listed under this section. Your website will no longer work if you do.

Congratulations, you have successfully learned how to delete old core files in WordPress. This will improve WordPress security by removing vulnerable files that hackers can take advantage of. Many security plugins will delete these files automatically, so if you do not see any existing files, it is probably because of them.

Keep WordPress Secure

Keeping your website safe against hackers and other threats is not an easy task. It is important to remove vulnerable files from WordPress. The most common files include old core files, plugins, and themes. Most of the vulnerable plugins and themes are no longer activated but remain installed.

Pour cette raison, vous devez supprimer tous les plugins ou thèmes que vous n’utilisez plus. Vous pouvez facilement réinstaller n’importe quel plugin ou thème en quelques minutes, il n’y a donc aucune raison positive de conserver les fichiers inutilisés dans WordPress.

Trouvez-vous facile d’utiliser le plug-in Old Core Files ? Supprimez-vous régulièrement les plugins et thèmes inutilisés ?

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Comment réparer l’ancien fichier principal de WordPress non supprimé lors de la mise à jour

Last update: May 13, 2022 by the editorial staff

fix old WordPress main file not deleted on update error

After upgrading WordPress to WP 5.8, you might have received this WordFence plugin low severity issue security warning message stating “The old WordPress core file was not deleted during of the upgrade”.

Files with a problem

The problem here is that after upgrading to WordPress 5.8, some old WP Core files below are not deleted as they should.



wp-includes /css/dist/editor/editor-styles.css

wp-includes /css/dist/editor/editor-styles.min.css

How to fix the error

Using Cpanel or FTP File Manager

  • Go to publi_html
  • So wp-include
  • Select the CSS folder
  • Select the remote folder.
  • Select editor folder
  • Delete the following files (editor-styles-rtl.css, editor-styles-rtl.min.css, editor-styles.css and editor-styles.min.css).
  • Return to Wordfence and run a new scan. The issues should have been resolved.

Deleting these four files will not cause any problems on your website, as they are not supposed to be included in the 5.8+ versions of the WordPress Core files.

Alternatively, you can leave the files there and wait for the next WordPress update to go live. This will probably fix the problem as it has been reported as a known wp core bug.

If you have any questions about Blogging Tools, this article, or anything else related to website technologies, we answer them on the Blogiestools Ask Community.

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