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How to move a WordPress site to a new host (2022)

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Mueva su WordPress site to another domain

As a guide, mostramos cómo mover manually a WordPress site exists a different domain name.

Step 1 – Verify that your site is actually functional Step 2 – Download your website archives Step 3 – Export your database Step 4: sube archivos a vos nuevo dominio Step 5 – Import your database Step 6 – Access wp_options Step 7 – Update siteurl and home Step 8 – Update connection details in wp-config Step 9 – Verify your site on your new domain Step 10 – Fix permalinks (optional) Step 11 – Fix broken images (optional) Step 12 – Verify your site again (Optional) Tip: Sound too difficult? So why not use our 1-click migration tool? It is included in all of our WordPress hosting packages. Step 1 – Check that your current site is working

Open your current WordPress site and check that everything is working.


Step 2 – Upload Your Website Files

First, you need to create a backup of your website, both your webspace files and your database.

Download your website files to your computer and save a copy of the files to a separate folder on your computer for backup.

Check out one of our guides if you want help with this:

  • Backup your web space with file manager
  • Back up your web space via FTP

Step 3 – Export your database

Export your database with phpMyAdmin and save a copy of the exported sql file to a separate folder on your computer as a backup.

Si vous avez besoin d’aide, consultez notre guide sur la sauvegarde de votre base de données.

Étape 4 – Téléchargez des fichiers sur votre nouveau domaine

Connectez-vous via FTP et téléchargez votre sauvegarde sur l’espace web de votre nouveau domaine. Si vous avez fait votre sauvegarde avec le gestionnaire de fichiers, n’oubliez pas de la décompresser avant de la télécharger.


Étape 5 – Importez votre base de données

Import the backup of your database to phpMyAdmin. Check out our guide on how to import a database, if you would like some help.

Step 6 – Go to wp_options

Once your database has been imported, locate the table called wp_options in the menu to the left.


Step 7 – Update siteurl and home

Next, you need to change the location of your site in the database.

  1. In wp_options, locate siteurl and home. Usually, these records are at the top of the table on line 1 and 2.
  2. For siteurl, click the field under option_value and replace the old domain with your new domain name.
  3. Press enter to save.
  4. Do the same for home.


Step 8 – Update connection details in wp-config

You now need to replace the login details from your old domain, with those of your new domain in WordPress. We have created a guide on how to update the connection details in case you need some help.


Step 9 – Check your site on your new domain

Take your old site offline, to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your new site. You can do this by moving the files to a different folder.

Open your new domain in your browser and check how it looks. If everything is working as intended you are now done. However often you still need to do some manual fixes.


Step 10 – Fix permalinks (Optional)

If you experience that you get a 404 error when you try to open links on your site, the Permalinks are broken. Luckily it is very easy to fix this.

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Cliquez sur Paramètres puis Permaliens
  3. Faites défiler vers le bas et cliquez sur Enregistrer les modifications .


Étape 11 – Réparer les images cassées (facultatif)

If you find that the images are not displaying correctly, it means that the links are still referring to the old domain. You can solve this problem by re-inserting the images manually.

When you have a website with lots of images, you can try a plugin called Better Search Replace. It automatically replaces your old domain with your new domain in your database.

Note: Plugins are third-party products and we cannot help you. Please contact the plugin manufacturer if you encounter any issues. We recommend backing up your website files and database before making any changes.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click Plugins and then Add new.
  3. Search for Better Search Replace and install the plugin with that name.
  4. Click Activate to make the plugin active.
  5. Click Tools and Better Search Replace.
  6. Search for the old domain name and Replace with the new domain name.
  7. Select the tables that you want to search in. Your posts are located in the table wp_posts, but usually you can safely select all tables.
  8. Uncheck the box for Run as dry and click Run Search/Replace. If you want to do a test run before making changes, leave the box for Run as dry checked.


Step 12 – Check your site again (optional)

In most cases, your website is now successfully moved, including images and links. If you’re still having trouble, we recommend checking out the WordPress codex for more help.


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