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10 pasos para dejar mensajes de voz profesionales


Aunque dejar un mensaje de voz es algo simple, los nervios, el estrés y la falta de comunicación pueden hacer que dejes un mensaje poco profesional. Estos son algunos consejos para dejar mensajes de voz corteses y profesionales que serán devueltos.

1. Piénsalo bien primero

Siempre es una buena regla pensar detenidamente sobre lo que quiere hablar antes de hacer una llamada. Go over the points that you want to address with the person you are asking for and mentally note the most important element to mention if you finish using your score. Sea conciso para que su correo de voz indicates el propósito de su llamada y no pierda el tiempo de nadie.

2. Present

Comience cada mensaje de voz presentándose para que la persona o empresa sepa quién está llamando de inmediato. Debe indicates the complete number and the company number.

Avoid saying “Hola, soy yo”. Can you create that the persona to which you will direct the mensaje reconocerá tu voz, pero ¿por qué dejarlo al azar? Indicates its complete number cada vez. Y, if you already have an initial message with commercial fines, you should recommend that you read a number of items.

Asegúrese de saber cómo decir el nom de la persona a la que llama. If no sabe like pronouncing a number, pregúntele a alguien que pueda saberlo o busque en Google la pronunciación. No querrás comenzar tu relación insultándolos antes de haber hablado en persona.

do you have telefono-entrevistas

3. Habla space

If you speak too fast, the person on the other end might not understand your message. They may need to rewind your voicemail over and over to catch everything.  We recommend talking slightly slower than you usually do. If you are a speedy talker, slow it right down.

This is incredibly important to remember when you are saying your name, contact number, or email address. Keep in mind that people write slower than they talk. No one wants to listen to a voicemail message ten times; they simply might decide not to return the call.

4. Speak clearly

Think about how you speak to someone who is elderly – you slow down and clearly enunciate your words. Do the same when you leave voicemails.

Bad phone connections happen all the time. Try your best to mitigate any issues that might prevent the person you are calling from getting all the details they need to call you back.

5. Mention your availability

Clearly state if you would like to receive a callback, or if you will retry your call. If you wish to be called back, state when you are available to take the call. If you are the one calling back, let them know when to expect your call. Just make sure that you follow up and try again exactly when you said you would.

6. Keep it short and sweet

This is not a university lecture. It’s more of an Oscars reward speech. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Make sure you touch on the most important reason for your call. If your voicemail is over 30 seconds long, it is far too long. Work on trimming the insubstantial information our of your voicemails.

You are asking for a call back to discuss all the details in depth, and your voicemail messages should reflect this.


7. Make sure your details are clear

Just like any professional business communication, make sure the last items you leave are your name and contact details. Repeat both at least twice during your voicemail.

With regards to your telephone number, pauses in your speech will give your listener a chance to catch up and not miss any details. For example, say your telephone number this way “1-2-3-pause-4-5-6-pause-7-8-pause-9-10″.

If you need to leave an email address, spell it out. You may need to make sure to clarify letters like “D-for-Delta.” If your name is long and complicated, it is doubly important to spell it out. If you can’t remember army call signs, then a more common word like “D-for-Dog” is perfectly acceptable.

8. End the voicemail professionally

End your call by saying “I look forward to hearing from you” or “Can’t wait to talk with you.” Both are warmer than a more generic “Have a nice day.” Don’t feel the need to summarise your message one last time. If they need to, they can replay your message.

9. Disconnected mid message

If you think your voicemail got disconnected before you finished, here is an easy solution. Simply call back, stating first that you believe your previous call was cut off. Finish the rest of your message, keeping it short and to the point. Always restate your name and telephone number on any second call.


10. Practice makes perfect

As with most things, practice takes away your nerves. Use your mobile phone to call your home phone and leave several messages. Then listen to them all.

Note what you did well, and what didn’t work. If you are calling friends, end your message by letting them know you are working on your voicemail skills and would love their feedback. Alternatively, watch YouTube videos of communication experts leaving voicemails to see how they do it.

Tips to remember

  • Smile while you are talking. You will be able to hear the smile in your voice, which creates a positive impression.
  • Make sure there are no background noises in your message – like tv, radio, or traffic.
  • If you are calling about a confidential matter, don’t leave all the details on the voicemail. You never know who may have access to the voicemail or may overhear it.
  • Listen to all voicemail prompts and follow instructions carefully as every phone system is different.

When good voicemail is important

Every time! But even more so in certain situations. If you are applying for a job or returning an interview call, this may be the first impression you are making. If you are in customer service, clarity cannot be overemphasised. On any sales call, you need to come across as well informed and prepared – a good voicemail will convey that.

The ability to leave an excellent voicemail message is not a thing of the past. It is still important, especially in a work environment. Use these tips to stay on point. Soon you will wonder why you ever hesitated to leave voicemails, and any anxiety you may have will be a thing of the past.

No matter who you are leaving a voicemail for, or the situation, make sure it is a good one.

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How to Activate Voicemail on Your Android

Jessica Canning – June 4, 2021 How to activate the voz button on Android

You will have people who want you to ignore their calls.

Beaucoup d’entre nous mènent des vies si trépidantes qu’il n’est pas toujours facile de décrocher nos téléphones portables chaque fois que quelqu’un appelle. Ou pour ceux qui mènent une vie plus calme, peut-être que vous n’avez tout simplement pas envie de répondre et c’est bien aussi.

C’est peut-être votre belle-mère qui vous rappelle à propos de la même chose dont vous avez déjà parlé quatre-vingts fois. Bien sûr, vous l’aimez, mais il n’y a qu’un nombre limité de fois où vous pouvez répéter la même chose.

Si vous êtes un utilisateur Android, vous avez de la chance. Vous pouvez créer votre propre message d’accueil personnalisé qui atténuera un peu le coup lorsque les gens atteindront votre messagerie vocale.

Here’s a handy guide to help you set up your voicemail and create your own greeting.

Please leave your message after the beep.

Voicemail seems like such a basic thing, but there are lots of cool little hacks you can set up to make it even more fun.

A pantalla of impression of a correo de voz in Android.Set up voicemail on your Android today. 

Before you begin, it might be a good idea to make sure that voicemail is turned on.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Select Phone Settings.

3) Tap Voicemail.

4) Enable Call to Listen.

5) You will be prompted to create a PIN here if you haven’t already.

Right now, when people access your voicemail, they’re greeted with the same annoying message everyone else uses.

Es esa mujer robótica cuya voz hace que nunca más quieras hacer una llamada telefónica. No estamos diciendo que necesites algo divertido y extravagante, solo a simple ‘hola, te comunicaste con el correo de voz de Paul, already un mensaje después del tono, ¡gracias!’ Enough.

Pero si está ignorando las llamadas, parece justo darle a la gente algo para disfrutar hasta que esté listo para devolverles la llamada.

Tenemos algunos favorites that hemos sacado of Internet. ‘¡Lo siento, perdí tu llamada a menos que estés vendiendo algo! Por favor, deje un mensaje después del tono.’

Oh hey. Probably estoy en casa; Solo estoy evitando a alguien que no me gusta. Déjame un mensaje y si not te devuelvo la llamada, eres tú.

A print pantalla from the personalization of voz correo.Personalize you mensaje de correo de voz.

Ya sea que elija ser sensato o ingenioso, aquí le mostramos cómo comenzar.

1) Open the Google Fi app on your Android device.

2) Select the Cuenta section from the menu.

3) In Configuración del teléfono, toque Correo de voz Administrar saludo.

Esto lo llevará a la pantalla donde graba su saludo personalizado.

4) Toca el ícono del Microfono.

5) Tienes hasta 40 segundos para grabar tu saludo.

6) La application puede solicitar permiso para grabar, si esto ocurre, seleccione Permitir.

7) If you are satisfied with your creation, toque Conservar.

8) Seleccione Rehacer si desea volver a grabarlo.

9) Assign a name to your saludo and toque Guardar.

¿T’apetece un cambio?

Tal vez grabaste tu mensaje después de unas cuantas copas de vino, o decidiste que lo que pensaste que era tan divertido en ese momento en realidad no es tan divertido.

¡No se asuste, hay una manera de cambiar el saludo de su correo de voz para que no tenga que lidiar con la vergüenza que conlleva el suyo por más tiempo!

1) Open the Teléfono app on your Android device.

2) Mantenga presionado 1 para llamar a su correo de voz.

3) Today, access PIN and press #.

4) Press * for the menu.

5) Press 4 to change the configuration.

6) Presione 1 para cambiar su saludo.

Receive the message.

Esta práctica guía lo ayudará en su camino hacia el correo de voz en su Android. Replace la voz robótica que tanto odia y sustitúyala por algo más particular y divertido!

If you are in the market for a new mobile Android, tenemos imperdibles en lo plus de Samsung, Sony, Google and more. Únase a la diversión del correo de voz tan pronto como mañana con la entrega gratuita al día following.

Video Leave a message after the beep

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