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Align text left or right, center text, or justify text on a page

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Alignment determines the appearance and orientation of paragraph borders: left-aligned text, right-aligned text, centered text, or justified text, which aligns evenly along the left and right margins. For example, in a left-aligned paragraph (the most common alignment), the left edge of the paragraph is aligned with the left margin.

Vertical alignment determines the position of text in a section of a document relative to the top and bottom margins and is often used to create a cover page.

Align text left or right

  1. Select the text you want to align.

  2. On the Home tab , in the Paragraph group , click Align Left 7c0246d7-b23a-4115-ad05-6be4997f24d9 or Align Right f8b76e67-9418-4219-ac92-b3b3a761e5bc .

Center text horizontally between side margins

  1. Select the text you want to center.

  2. On the Home tab , in the Paragraph group , click Center 9c81a42b-2a3b-4e14-b1e4-6cc2e29836bd .

Center text vertically between top and bottom margins

  1. Select the text you want to center.

  2. On the Design or Page Layout tab , click Dialog Box Launcher in the Page Setupdialog button group , and then click the Design tab .

  3. In the Vertical alignment box , click Center .

  4. In the Apply to box , click Selected text , and then click OK .

Justify Text

When you justify text in Word, you give your text straight borders on both sides of the paragraph. Justify extends each line of your text to the left and right margins. Wrapping text can make the last line of text in a paragraph considerably shorter than other lines.

  1. Select the text you want to justify.

  2. On the Home tab , in the Paragraph group , click Justify 1a5acfde-05ae-4968-98ee-9d9560946f18 .


  • In the Paragraph group , click the Dialog Box Launcher dialog buttonand select the Alignment drop-down menu to set your justified text.

    You can open the Paragraph dialog box by clicking the Expand icon. In the Paragraph dialog box, specify the direction of alignment.

  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J to justify your text.

Create a centered cover page

In Office Word 2007, you can choose from a selection of predefined covers to quickly and easily create a professional-looking document.

  1. On the Insert tab , in the Pages group , click Cover Page .

    word ribbon picture

  2. Click on the desired cover page.

    A cover page is always added at the beginning of the open document.

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What shortcut key is used to “center align” selected text in MS Word?

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  1. CTRL+R
  2. Ctrl+J
  3. CTRL+U
  4. CTRL+E

Answer (detailed solution below)

Option 4: Ctrl+E

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La bonne réponse est Ctrl + E.

keypoint-imagePoints clés

  • Las teclas de método abreviado de Microsoft Word facilitan todo, desde guardar el documento hasta deshacer un error.
  • La tecla de método abreviado Ctrl + E se usa para alinear la línea o el texto seleccionado al centro de la pantalla.
  • Microsoft Word  es un procesador de textos desarrollado por  Microsoft.
  • Fue lanzado el  25 de octubre de 1983,  bajo el nombre  Multi-Tool Word  para el  sistema Xenix.
  • La versión comercial de Word tiene licencia como producto independiente o como componente de  Microsoft Office  o  Windows RT.

image-point-errorPuntos de error 

  • Ctrl + U is used to override the selected text.

Additional Informationimage-additional-information 

Tecla de acceso directo usar
Control+R Alinea la línea o los textos seleccionados a la derecha de la pantalla.
Control+J Alinea el texto o la línea seleccionados para justifyar la pantalla.
Control + U Underlines the selected text.

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