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New World : How to transfer your character between servers

The mise à jour 1.0.3 of New World finally adjusted the ability to transfer people between services. Here’s what you need to know about the process.

matthew byrdPar Matthew Byrd | 20 October 2021 |

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new worldPhoto : Studios d’Amazon

The dernière partie du Nouveau Monde (mise à jour 1.0.3) includes some fixes and improvements, but the big news right now is that the game’s long-awaited free server transfer feature is finally here.

While finally having the ability to transfer from your New World person to an autre server should help players battle the MMO’s often absurd queue times, you may not be able to rest easy just yet. While this won’t surprise veteran players of the genre, it turns out that New World ‘s server transfer feature requires you to consider a number of variables.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about transferring your character from the New World to another server.

Nouveau Monde: When can I transfer my character between servers?

Here’s what the New World team has to say about the game server port rollout schedule:


Announcement: content continues below

“When all worlds come back online after downtime (October 19-20), our plan is to monitor the framework we create without triggering transfers immediately. Once we’ve confirmed that the framework is kept at At scale, we will first activate character server transfers on the world of Utopia in the southeastern AP region. We will closely monitor transfers on this world, and if anything out of the ordinary occurs, our team will need to perform manual interventions. If all goes well, we’ll turn it on for the rest of the AP Southeast region and continue to monitor. If after 8 hours our team hasn’t discovered any issues, we’ll fully implement character server transfers to the other regions.”

La redacción de esa declaración parece ser intencionalmente vaga, pero parece que las transferencias de personajes no estarán disponibles para todos los jugadores a la vez. De hecho, esa declaración realmente hace que parezca que el equipo de New World inicialmente será selectivo en términos de cuándo los jugadores en servidores específicos obtienen acceso a las transferencias.

Habiendo dicho eso, salvo complicaciones, parece que el plan es hacer que las transferencias de servidor estén disponibles para la mayoría de los jugadores al final de la semana.

New World: ¿Cómo transfiero mis personajes entre servidores?

Afortunadamente, es bastante fácil transferir tus personajes del Nuevo Mundo entre servidores, pero hay algunas cosas que debes hacer antes de completar el proceso.

  • Log into the character you want to transfer (you will need to be able to control them in-game, so you will need to wait through any existing queues).
  • Open the in-game store and navigate to the “World Transfer” tab. There, you will need to claim your complementary character transfer token.
  • Before you transfer your character, you will need to leave your current Company.
  • Remove any active sell orders and buy orders you may have at the Trading Post.
  • You will also need to go to a sanctuary location before you’re ableto transfer your character.
  • Choose the “Confirm Transfer” option once you’ve completed the steps outlined above and pick the server you wish to transfer to.

Ideally, the transfer itself will be pretty much instantaneous, but given that this is a new feature that a lot of people could be trying to use at once, don’t be surprised if there’s a delay or if you end up needing to go through the transfer process again.

New World: Will I Lose Anything If I Transfer My Character to Another Server?

The good news is that the New World team has confirmed that you will keep the following things if you transfer your character between servers:


Anuncio: el contenido continúa a continuación

  • All character progression benefits and unlocks
  • Your inventory and storage
  • All of your currency
  • Your houses and decorations
  • All of your quest progress

The bad news is that you will lose the following items if you decide to transfer your character:

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  • You perdrez votre adherence to the société lorsque you transfer des serveurs
  • Vous perdrez toutes les transactions que étaient en su le Trading Post
  • Your list of friends will not be available on the new service

All right, this is a standard MMO transfer process in terms of what you lose and keep.

New World: What are the restrictions on the transfer of personnage?

Il ya quelques restrictions à prendre en compte lorsque vous trasférez votre personnage New World  :

  • Vous ne pouvez pas déplacer votre personnage New World vers un serveur répertorié comme “complet”.
  • You do not have the pleasure of your personnage vers a serveur who is active in maintenance
  • Vous ne pouvez pas déplacer votre personnage vers un serveur sur lequel vous avez un autre personnage actif

Again, that’s all pretty standard, but not being able to transfer a character to a server that’s already full is a potentially big deal. We’ll talk more about that in a bit.


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As Amazon previously mentioned, your first transfer of person is free and remains apparemment free for an indeterminate period (after we understood just now).

From là… eh well, ça devient intéressant.

one day

Annonce – content continue ci-dessous

Amazon has said that they are working on ways to allow New World players to complete additional transfers, but it’s not clear how that process is going to work at this time. The New World team has suggested that they will monitor the ongoing server situation to see if and when they need to enable future free server transfers, but they haven’t shared the specifics regarding when that might happen or what they’re looking for to “justify” that move.

The New World team has also said that they’re open to enabling a permanent “premium” transfer option, but again, there’s no word regarding when that might happen. It seems like the plan is to offer an additional free transfer opportunity before making the premium switch (and to warn players before they’ll have to start paying for transfer tokens), but we’re all still waiting on the specifics in terms of the price of those premium tokens and when they will become the new standard.

New World: Can You Transfer Characters Between Global Regions?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to transfer your New World character between global regions. While the New World team previously hinted that would be a possibility, the first wave of transfers forces you to stay within your current region.

However, the New World team has mentioned that they’re looking into ways to enable cross-region transfers and will update players if and when that option becomes available. We assume that Amazon will still allow you to transfer your character for free at that time, but we’ll just have to wait for the full details.

New World: What Are the Best and Worst Servers to Transfer To?

There’s no universal rule for finding the “best” server to transfer to, but here are a few points to consider before you choose your new home:

  • If you mostly play New World with friends, be sure that you and your friends all have characters on the same server.
  • While you can’t transfer to “full” servers, be aware that New World servers tend to fill up quickly. As such, you may end up still having to deal with long queue times if you try to transfer to a “nearly” full server.
  • Servers with very low populations aren’t necessairly a bad thing. Not only do servers fill up quickly in New World, but low-pop servers could be ideal for PvE minded players or those who simply want to be able to log-in at will.
  • Olympus, Valgrind, and El Dorado are some of the absolute biggest New World servers at the moment, so you may want to avoid transfering your characters to them even if you somehow have the option to. Alternatviely, you may want to transfer your character soff those servers when possible.
  • Most players are looking to transfer their characters in order to play with friends on another server or avoid long queue times. If you’re pretty happy with your current server, there’s very little strategic benefit to moving your character to another server at this time.
  • It is absolutely possible to transfer your character to a server that will “die” in terms of population size over the next few weeks or months. While the New World team will likely enable additional transfer options if that becomes a widespread problem, you might want to wait a little bit for transfers to play out if you’re worried about sending your character to a potentially barren server.

While there’s currently no great way to see exactly how many people are on a particular New World server, this website that monitors streamer activity on New World‘s various servers could give you a slightly better idea of which servers you absolutely need to avoid because they’re way too full or, perhaps, too empty.


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También es importante recordar que algunos servidores del Nuevo Mundo están diseñados para soportar/enfatizar ciertos idiomas. Ya sea que esté buscando evitar o unirse a esos servidores debido a esa característica, aquí está la lista conocida actualmente de servidores globales que enfatizan ciertos idiomas:

Servidores en español/inglés del este de NA:

  • Silha
  • Bilskirnir

Servidores en español/inglés del oeste de NA:

  • Liliput
  • Rarohenga

Servidores en español/inglés de América del Sur:

  • Irkalla
  • Tuma
  • Svarga

Servidores en francés/inglés de la UE:

  • Lyonesse
  • nisa
  • Bajú
  • Ifé
  • melinde
  • Charadra
  • Jumala
  • kaloon
  • leteo

Servidores en español/inglés de la UE:

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  • Bengodi
  • Kor
  • Kvenland

Italian/English EU servers:

  • Jotunheim
  • brittany

Servers in polo/French de l’EU :

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Common problems

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  • My character is locked after trying a free transfer
  • I bought a realm change and it hasn’t been done yet.

Character transfers, guild name changes, and faction changes may take up to 24 hours to complete. If you purchased a character transfer and haven’t received it or can’t use it after 24 hours, it’s most likely due to a payment issue. Check the status of your page on your page Order History and see below by status.

  • Select your payment status
    • Queued, Pending or Processing
    • Erreur, rejected or canceled
    • Returned
    • Sent or Completed


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Your payment is in progress and the transfer will not be available until it is complete. If your order remains in this status for more than 24 hours, please contact us for assistance.

Error or Rejected

Your payment did not complete and you will need to start a new order.

You will not be charged for incomplete orders. Your financial institution may hold the funds for a time, even after an order is canceled or fails, but they should release them shortly.

If you are unable to cancel your paid service, please contact us for assistance.


Your bank returned the funds. You may have received an email notification. Visit the article Chargeback payment options.

Sent or Completed

The payment was successful and your character should be ready to play on the new realm. If you can see your character on the select screen, but it’s not playable, please contact us.

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