How do i change my shop name on etsy

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How Your Username, Store Name, and Preferred Name Represent You

There are three types of names you can use to represent yourself on Etsy.


You may have registered with a username when you created your account. You can login with your username or email address.

  • You cannot change your username. 
  • Your username is public information. 
  • Your username is on the web address to access your profile: 

Learn more about usernames.


name of the shop

If you sell on Etsy, your shop name represents your Etsy business.

  • Your shop name is in the web address to access your shop: shopname
  • Store names can be changed. 
  • Stores are add-ons to shoppers’ accounts, so you’ll always have your username. You cannot login with your store name if it is different from your username.


favorite name

Your favorite name can appear on your Etsy profile, making it easy for your friends to find you on Etsy. The name that appears on your profile cannot be the name of a business, but it can be any name you prefer, be it a nickname, your full name, or a name of your choice. 

Changes to your name on Etsy cannot be made through the mobile app. If you need to change or remove your name, you’ll need to sign in to Etsy on your desktop or mobile browser. 

To change your name:

  1. Sign in to and go to Your Account , then Account Settings .
  2. In the About You section , select edit profile 
  3. Next to Your name, select Edit or delete .
  4. You can edit or remove your preferred name from your public profile. It is not necessary to have an entry in both fields before saving changes. 
  5. Select Save Changes and your preferred name will appear on your public profile. 

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How do I change the Etsy shop name? Step by step guide 2022

May 14, 2022

how to change etsy shop name

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A commercial number is one of the initial steps for alcanzar el éxito in Etsy . Sin embargo, nombrar su negocio implica mucho más que une number pegadizo. If no está satisfecho con el actual number of the tienda y desea cambiarlo por el motivo que sea, no se preocupe, ¡lo tenemos cubierto! In this article, LitCommerce will explain how to change the number of the Etsy store and include more.

Te estaremos mostrando:

  • Reglas a seguir cuando cambias el nom de tu tienda de Etsy
  • Una guía paso a paso sobre cómo cambiar el nombre de tu tienda de Etsy
  • Los mejores consejos y la lista de verificación para generar el nombre de la tienda de Etsy

Do a big drumroll and let the show begin!

Multi-selling Made Easy

Want to minimize manual efforts when selling multi-channel? Try out LitCommerce – The Multichannel Selling Tool! LitCommerce allows store owners to list products on marketplaces and integrates Etsy store with other selling channels.


Rules to Follow When You Change Etsy Shop Name

Before coming to how to change Etsy shop name, there are a few regulations you should follow. Keep this guide in mind before altering, and now let’s see what you have to take notice:



  • Keep short names under 20 characters

  • Capitalize words to tell apart separate words

  • Follow Etsy guidelines

  • Use punctuation and spacing

  • Reuse your old store name

Note: You can rename as many times as you want if you store has yet opened. But once it goes online, only five times are allowed.

Maintenant que vous connaissez parfaitement les règles d’Etsy, vous devriez être prêt à changer les noms des boutiques Etsy !

Comment changer le nom de la boutique Etsy

Outre l’intégration d’Etsy à d’autres canaux de vente comme l’outil de référencement Etsy ou l’ouverture de plusieurs boutiques Etsy, vous pouvez renommer votre boutique pour améliorer les performances de votre entreprise. Heureusement, changer le nom de la boutique Etsy est facile et peut être fait en une minute. Passons aux choses sérieuses et apprenons comment changer le nom de la boutique Etsy.

Step 1: Log in to your Etsy account

Log in to and sign in to your account. If you already had an account, create a new one.

how to change etsy shop nameLog in to your Etsy account

Step 2: Click Shop Manager

Choose Shop Manager in the top right corner.

how to change the name of your etsy shopClick Store Manager

Step 3: Click Settings

You’ll see Settings just above your sales channels in the drop-down menu.

how to change etsy shop nameClick Settings

Step 4: Select information and appearance

Next, select the Info & Appearance button to preview your store.

how to change etsy shop nameSelect Info & Appearance

Step 5: Change the name of your Etsy shop

To change the name of your Etsy shop, you can either click Shop Name or Edit.

how to change etsy shop nameChange Etsy Shop Name

Step 6: Enter your new store name

Now it’s time to write a new store name. As we mentioned above, your store name can be up to 20 characters , and it can’t include spaces or punctuation . To differentiate separate words, you can put capital letters in your store name.

how to change etsy shop nameEnter the new store name

Step 7: Click Save

Finally, complete your process by clicking Save .

how to change etsy shop nameClick Save

Félicitations, le nom de votre boutique a changé avec succès. Comme “comment changer le nom de la boutique Etsy” n’est plus un problème, jetons un coup d’œil à quelques conseils et listes de contrôle pour créer les meilleurs noms de boutique !

Idées de noms de boutique Etsy : conseils et liste de contrôle

Un nom de magasin est l’épine dorsale de toute entreprise. Avec un nom accrocheur, créatif et descriptif, vous inciterez sûrement les clients à remarquer votre marque au lieu de regarder vers le haut, vers le bas, puis de vous oublier.

Lisez les conseils et les listes de contrôle pour trouver de bons noms de boutique Etsy qui correspondent à votre entreprise maintenant et même à l’avenir.

Rendez-le clair et original

After learning how to change Etsy shop name, the very first thing you need to know about naming your shop is that it should be precise, direct, and product-focused . By reading the name, customers should get an idea of ​​your business. Many Etsy brands have short, creative names that include the following attributes:

  • the description

You can choose a word or phrase that describes the vibe you want customers to feel about your business. In other words, it should reflect your business. Some such examples include UrbanCheesecraft, TheLinensDelight, etc.

how to change etsy shop nameTheLinensDelight

Cependant, ce type de nom peut limiter les produits que vous souhaitez vendre. Ce sera impossible si vous vendez différentes gammes de produits à l’avenir.

  • Nom du fondateur

One significant benefit of using this type of name is that your Etsy shop name will not restrict you to extending new product categories in the coming time. However, one downside is that the shoppers might not promptly understand what you sell. Thus, try to add “Studio,” “Co,” “Inc,” or “Workshop” to clarify your business name.

Make it SEO-friendly

When changing Etsy name, you should consider Etsy SEO best practices. Here are some essential SEO criteria you should bear in mind:

  • Include keywords

Your items will be more likely to appear in the seller’s general catalog if the main keywords appear in the store name, tags, and descriptions. You can collect keywords using different services, like Sales Samurai, Google Keyword Planner that help you research keywords to give your products more visibility online .

Here is an example of a brand name that includes the main products of the store: SoapBotanist, a store that only sells vegetable soaps.

how to change etsy shop nameSoapBotanist

  • be different

The more unique your shop name is, the better it will rank. Avoiding choosing similar terms to other stores will enable you to outshine other Etsy stores. However, for the sake of being different, it will flex your creative muscle to develop a word or phrase to distinguish your business. You can think of abstract names or meaningful words like adding a business story and inspiration to your brand name. But be careful when using unusual words. Or else your brand name might be as clear as mud.

Check your rivals

Before changing Etsy shop name on Etsy, look around on Etsy website to see other shops that sell similar products to yours. In this way, you may utilize them as a lucrative source of references for your name ideas.

We don’t recommend you copy other sellers’ styles or names, but getting a sense of what renowned shops use might inspire you to come up with a pattern of names or types that you like for your store.

You nailed it if your customers don’t even need to click on your name but still grasp a good idea of what your shop is about.

Innovate, don’t imitate

Bill Capodagli, author of The Disney Way

Make it future-proof

Whatever you do with your shop name, ensure you have thought thoroughly about the long-term goals that you aim for your business. For example, your store sells kids’ shoes, but you’ll someday branch out into the adult market. Concerning this, you should consider some names that are not too specific on kids’ products which might later limit your reach.

One approach to future-proof your Etsy shop name is to think about your business’s story, values, and unique selling points (USP) when you brainstorm. Afterward, choose a broad name that allows your future growth on Etsy.

As researching for a proper name is undoubtedly a daunting task, choosing a proper name will save you tons of effort and time. Accordingly, double and even triple check the chosen name to ensure that it’s not something you’ll have to adjust in the future.

Check availability

Please be aware that, in accordance with Etsy’s privacy policies, shop names on Etsy must be completely unique. Therefore, you cannot reuse an old name, either as a store name or username. So, it would be frustrating if you searched for your shop name and even how to change Etsy shop name for days and nights and couldn’t use it.

To find available Etsy shop names, you can type a shop name in the second step of setting up a shop. All you have to do is type, then Etsy will automatically check if the name is taken or not.

how to change etsy shop nameCheck Etsy Shop Name Availability

Si vous trouvez un nom qui existe déjà, pensez à faire des variations sur le nom. Vous pouvez ajouter des chiffres ou des mots comme “byA”, “Design”, etc.

Avoir un retour

After applying all the above tips and checklist, you might now have one Etsy name or even more ideas. Ask your friends, family members, or whoever is in your target market to see what they think about your business name. Or you can go to Etsy Teams, a vibrant Etsy community, to consult and get helpful support from those who are also using Etsy.

Best Etsy Shop Names Examples

Still in two minds about the best Etsy shop name ideas? Here are some Etsy shops that prove the credential of the above tips and checklist which might inspire you:

1. CaitlynMinimalist

Referring to Etsy’s Top 100 Sellers, CaitlynMinimalist currently ranks #1 in the United States. As you can see, all product images show off a delicate, unassuming vibe that embraces minimalism. The mood and name of this shop give the overall appearance of this Etsy shop . In addition, this name also allows the owner to expand her product line through a broad name.

how to change etsy shop namecaitlynminimalist

2. Heather Robert Art

how to change etsy shop nameHeatherRobertsArt

Art is among the most profitable digital products to sell online , so no surprise that art shops are top best-sellers on Etsy. One store we want to mention here is HeatherRobertsArt. Their store name shows who they are and what they sell as well. Thanks to their great technique for SEO which is filling in keywords in their shop’s tagline and description, this shop can easily be found when you look on Etsy shop search.

3. GoldHillJewelry

Jewelry has always been one of the top selling items on Etsy so far. So again another jewelry store has the name at the top of the list. GoldHillJewelry is another example of a big name telling shoppers directly what the brand is selling . The name specifies the category of products that the merchant sells: gold jewelry accessories.

how to change etsy shop nameGoldHillJewelry

4. Personalization Mall

It’s all in the name! When purchasing products from this store, customers can put their name on their products. This also reflects their activity. With this name, PersonalizationMall sellers can also add more product lines without worrying that it will affect the essence of their business. PersonalizationMall is descriptive, scalable, and straightforward .

how to change etsy shop namePersonalizationMall

5. WoodByStu

WoodByStu immediately tells the buyer what it is selling. Their products are usually made of wood, and any new wood products will not detract from the essence of the brand. It’s quite easy for customers to find their Etsy shop link simply by searching for “handmade wood” or “wooden decor”.

how to change etsy shop nameWoodByStu What happens when you change the name of your Etsy shop?

After being able to answer the question of how to change Etsy shop name, sellers may wonder what would happen after that.

Pour trouver une boutique Etsy, vous pouvez parcourir ou . Ainsi, lorsque vous modifiez le nom de la boutique, cela modifie rapidement l’URL de votre boutique Etsy . C’est crucial, surtout lorsque vous avez des backlinks vers votre site.

Don’t expect your customers to receive an automatic notification from Etsy about your changes. In fact, you must notify them yourself, or customers may get confused and think that your shop has closed down. You can announce your name’s modification on your social media channels or through emails.

How Many Times Can You Change Your Shop Name on Etsy?

If your shop hasn’t opened yet, you can change your shop name many times. However, you can only change store name, information, and appearance up to five times after it goes live.

But if you still want to change it after the fifth time, submit a request to Etsy support. Once they approve your request, you can change your store name again.

Keep in mind that if you have used the shop name once, neither you nor other sellers can reuse it. This is because Etsy will prohibit the used name and make it no longer available to anyone. Ensure you grasp how to change Etsy shop name and crucial rules not to waste your time and resources on nonessential tasks.

How to Change Etsy Shop Name – FAQs

#1. How do I change my Etsy shop name on mobile?

You can’t change your Etsy shop name on your phone. However, you can change your username on mobile devices.

#2. Can I close my Etsy shop and start over with the same name?

No, you can’t. You cannot reuse your name to open another store when you close your Etsy shop. You’ll have to think of something new. But should you insist on using the prior name, try to add numbers or letters on the end or post your old shop name in About me.

#3. Why can’t I change my shop name in my shop?

It’s how Etsy works. Hence, it would be best to make most adjustments via Shop Manager, which can be easily accessible via your storefront. So, think of this tool when you want to make any adjustments!

That’s a Wrap!

Renaming your Etsy shop name is a critical factor contributing to business growth and perception. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can answer the question “How to change Etsy shop name” and have a prudent decision when choosing a name for your store. Don’t expect your business to achieve great results just by changing a name. To boost your business performance, you need Etsy marketing strategies, tips and tricks to stand out, selling tactics, and much more. This is a backbreaking but exciting journey. Keep an open mind and trust the process!

Supongamos que desea aumentar sus ventas aún más en Etsy , puede integrar Etsy con otros mercados globales o plataformas de comercio electrónico con LitCommerce , una herramienta de venta multicanal simple y asequible. O simplemente envíenos una nota si necesita más información, nuestro personal de soporte siempre está aquí para ayudarlo.

¡ Únase a nuestra comunidad de Facebook para obtener más consejos y noticias útiles sobre comercio electrónico!

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cambiar el nombre de la tienda de Etsy Tutorial de Esty Etsy cómo cambiar el nombre de la tienda de Etsy tutorial técnico


Autor Phoebe Hoang

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Cómo cambiar el nombre de su tienda

Para cambiar el nombre de tu tienda:

  1. En , haz clic en Administrador de la tienda .
  2. Haga clic en Configuración .
  3. Cliquez sur Infos et apparence .
  4. Click Edit next to Store Name .
  5. Enter the new name for your store.
  6. Click Save .

Store names can be up to 20 characters and must not contain spaces or punctuation. You may want to capitalize the letters of your store name to distinguish between distinct words.

The name you choose becomes part of your shop URL: and

Get more tips for creating a great store name.

What if I need to change my store name again?

If your shop is not yet open, you can change the name as many times as you want before opening your shop.

Once your store is open, you can edit your store name in Info & Appearance up to five times. If you need to change it again, use the same form to submit a name change request to Etsy Support. Etsy Support will review the request.

How do I know if a store name is available?

Once a store name has been used in an open store, it cannot be used again. Searching Etsy isn’t an effective way to see if a name is available because it may be tied to a closed shop.

Please note that the name will not appear in search if it is a username or a store that has been closed.  

You also cannot use a store name that you have already used on another account, even if that account is closed. Instead, you can reopen your store. 

What happens if the name I own the rights to is not available?

If you own the intellectual property rights to the store name you have chosen and find that this store name is currently unavailable, you may choose to contact the member to resolve the issue amicably.

You also have the option of filing a notice of intellectual property infringement. However, filing a notice of copyright infringement will not release the store name for use.

To edit your store name, click Edit next to Store name .

Once your store is open, you can change your name up to five times. If you need to change it again, please use the same form to submit a name change request to Etsy.

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