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How to set up a free chat room on the website.

by tyler garrett| January 21, 2017 | Negotiations , Solutions , Websitehelp |3 comments

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Are you interested in setting up a free chat room on your website? Chatroll offers a secure game to configure a free chat room on your website! Au dernier blog, you will understand how to quickly set up a Chatroll chat room, embed dans WordPress et how the chat room will look like when you are done.

When looking for a free chat room to embed on your website, you’ll find plenty of great apps along the way. Heureusement, Chatroll plays the role of filling the void with easy to embed chats and allows you to create multiple chat rooms to embed in HTML wherever you want.

We are new to this process and want to show you how we did it.

First, go to and click on the bright green button to sign up for free!

Click here to access Chatroll:

register for free on - alt text - dev3lop

Register for free on and get the chat room for free.

As soon as the registrar is on the chatroll account, then go back to the URL.

From the main page, they offer a ‘new live event’ button, which in our tutorial will turn into a chat room to embed on your website.

Click create a new live event to start your free chat room.

Click create a new live event to start your free chat room.

¡Setting up a free chat room on your website!

Follow the steps and name your new live event! Then step two offers modifiable code.

Ici, dans cette prochaine capture d’écran, notez le code d’intégration. Copiez ce code pour le coller sur votre site Web ou votre blog.

Copy and follow the embed code into your website html. paso dos crear una sala de chat gratis en chatroll. Dev3lop

Copy and paste your embed code into your website HTML.

In WordPress, swap to a TEXT editor, and paste the HTML.

The text click is in the top right of every blog post on WordPress blogs.

Visual or Text on WordPress. HTML Cambia a text editor.

Visual or Text on WordPress. Swaps from HTML to a Text editor.


Chatroll lets you pay monthly depending on how many users are in your chatroom. 250 users = 49$ monthly.

For more strategic chatrooms we prefer using

Learn more:

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Elija un nombre de dominio

Cómo instalar el tema de WordPress

Aprenda a configurar una cuenta de Google Analytics para aumentar los ingresos

Want to learn more? Check out these forums, apps, etc:

  18. More coming soon!

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    Thanks for helping us setup a free chatroom!! Yes yes yes. Exactly what we needed.


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    Boom now my team has a free chatroom. Too easy. Thank you.


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    Elwood on July 18, 2018 at 11:13 am

    I blog quite often and I seriously thank you for your information. This great article has really peaked my interest. I will book mark your website and keep checking for new details about once per week.

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  1. Dev3 tutorial – free chatroom on your website. – Dev3lop – […] in setting up a free chatroom on your website? Chatroll offers a safe place to set up a free…

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Chat room website with WordPress

How to Create a Chat Room Website of Your Own with WordPress

By Robert Giaquinto / WordPress

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If you used the internet about 20 years ago, you might remember the huge selection of public chat rooms available. However, due to social media and other platforms like Discord or Reddit, the concept of a chat room website has been retired.

Yet, who’s to say they should stay retired. The last two years have been difficult when it comes to meeting new people due to lockdown restrictions and social distancing, but an online chat room might just be the perfect solution.

Today, I will demonstrate how to build a chat room website on a conceptual level with WordPress.

What Is A Chat Room Website?

Many websites have a live chat component, but that doesn’t make them a full-fledged chat room website. Instead, this title is reserved for websites that only contain chatrooms.

The only purpose of the website is to allow users to communicate with one another.

Typically the website will be comprised of multiple chatrooms that each focus on a unique subject.

For instance, there may be a chat room dedicated to car repairs. Users will be able to enter and talk to like-minded individuals that are interested in performing their own bodywork.

It’s very similar to different Reddit forums or Discord servers.

However, the biggest difference is that it is live and you cannot edit what is said. This also requires a much higher level of moderation. After all, you may discover that some not-so-great topics might end up being discussed on your platform.

Is It Worth Building One in 2022?

If I’m being completely honest, probably not.

Platforms like Discord allow for users to create their own server and invite other users to join to communicate with each other. Not only does it work with text chat, but you can also utilize both voice and video chat.

And it’s completely free to use.

You can even take it a step further by creating Discord bots to help assign roles to users and even moderate content.

Similarly, Reddit has become one of the most popular website’s in the world because you can find like-minded individuals to talk with about any topic. This is more limited than Discord, but its popularity is simply too large to ignore.

There are also multiple chat services that businesses use to communicate like Microsoft Teams or Slack. Not to mention the countless phone apps.

That said, if you still want to try building your own, let’s begin.

How to Build A Chat Room Website

Step 0: Decide on A Focus

All websites need a direction, and a chat room is no exception. In fact, I would say a focus is more important than ever. Without a focus, a bunch of people with nothing in common would start talking, and this probably won’t end well.

Or, your website may become associated with a specific topic that you are not comfortable with. The internet is not a nice place.

Instead, you need to decide the focus of the website. For instance, do you want to create a free chat site that lets users talk about any topic, or create one about a specific niche and have multiple sub chats for different subjects?

Hopefully, it is the second, because the first option would be a disaster. Of course, it’s not only the topic that is important.

You also need to think about the maturity level of the site. Let’s face it, if you allow users to anonymously chat online, it can get nasty, dirty, or both. That’s not suitable for all ages.

You need to decide the age group it is intended for to help create a moderation system.

Have a clear idea of the topic and values of your website before going any further.

Step 1: Choose A Platform to Build With (WordPress)

Next, you would normally take the time to examine the hundreds of CMS available that you can build a website with. However, I’ll save you a lot of time, by just recommending WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market and over 40% of the internet is built using it. This is because it is easy to use, free, and can build any type of website.

With WordPress, you won’t have to write a single line of code, but having that knowledge can help.

In fact, that’s exactly why the platform is loved by both beginners and experts in the web design industry.

It accomplished this balance by offering users a huge selection of plugins and themes. A plugin is a small software package that adds a specific feature to your website. Without it, you would have to code it manually.

Whereas, a theme is a collection of templates and style sheets that give your website its appearance. Everything about a theme is customizable. Both of these come in free and premium versions, and there are plenty of great options for an online chat site (See Step 3).

Step 2: Choose A Web Host and Domain Name

Next, you need to find a web hosting company. This is the company that will rent you a web server to store your website on. Every time someone accesses the website, they are actually connecting to that web server.

Thus, the web host you select is going to have a direct influence on its performance. And let’s face it, a live chat needs to be fast and responsive.

The good news is that web hosting is a very competitive industry, which has driven the cost down and forced the service you get to be much better. That said, not all web hosts are equal, so you need to find a great one.

That is why here at GreenGeeks, were proud of our award-winning web hosting services. And we are able to accomplish this while not impacting the environment negatively.

Instead, we are able to have a positive effect.

For each website we host, we purchase three times the energy it uses in clean energy. And for our new customers, we plant a tree.

You will also need to choose a domain name. This is simply the URL of your website, so make sure it is short, easy to remember, and reflects the topic of the website.

Step 3: Install WordPress and Select A Theme And Plugins to Use

At this point, you are ready to begin creating a chat room website. First, install WordPress using Softaculous.

Once you have WordPress installed, it’s time to pick out a theme and select the plugins your website will need. You have a lot of options at your disposal, so be sure to spend some time testing out each tool to see what is right for you.

When it comes to picking out a theme, my advice is to pick one that fits the style you are going for, but remember that you can customize it. Thus, if you are not a fan of a color or font, don’t worry…that can be changed in the settings.

Aquí hay algunos complementos que pueden resultar útiles:


AtomChat AtomChat

AtomChat es un complemento premium que convierte su sitio web en un sitio completo de chat de video en línea, y sí, también es compatible con el chat de texto normal. El complemento le permite crear múltiples salas de chat a las que los visitantes pueden acceder desde el menú de WordPress.

Incluso tiene una funcionalidad de Chatroulette que permite a los visitantes unirse a un chat aleatorio. En términos de uso, el complemento se ha simplificado para que los desarrolladores web puedan configurarlo fácilmente.

Chats can be organized by topic to help organize them. You can use the free trial version to see if it’s right for you.

BuddyPress Group Chat Room

buddy press buddy press

BuddyPress Group Chatroom is a plugin for BuddyPress. It allows users to create their own groups and allows them to create a chat room. It provides more privacy and power to users and is a great option if you plan to have a membership.

The good news is that these chats close themselves once 15 minutes have passed without a new message. This helps ensure that your website doesn’t use too many resources.

It’s a great way to create a live chat site.

Step 4: Tenga a moderation plan

In step 0, I mentioned that you should have an idea for content moderation, and now it’s time to implement it. Unfortunately, I can’t give you detailed instructions because the tools at your disposal depend on the plugin you choose.

What I can tell you is that if you want to be mainstream, you really want to try to block out profanity or any kind of racial slur. Obviously, if your website is targeting a larger audience, profanity may be acceptable.

Most of these tools have ways to censor certain words or phrases. Check out the plugin of your choice for more information, but don’t let your website run unmoderated.

At this point, your chat room website is ready to go; Congratulations.

Make a chat room today

If the cat salas can be a bit old, it is easy to learn how to create a cat sala. WordPress is a great platform for creating a specific type of website, for what, regardless of skill level, can be created incredibly in multiple times.

¿Qué temas se discutirán en su sala de chat? ¿Has he considered other options like Discord?

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Google Google translator

Google Google Translate

Video Free chat room code for my website

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