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How to Fix Facebook Messenger Error 504

old icon Wrong number: Error 504
Bug name: Facebook Messaging Error 504
Description error: Error 504: Facebook Messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Developer: facebook inc.
Software: facebook messenger
It applies to: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11

Facebook Messenger 504 Error Definition

The Facebook Messenger 504 error is commonly referred to as a form of “runtime error”. Programmers like Facebook Inc. strive to produce software free of these bugs until release. Unfortunately, issues such as the 504 error may not be resolved at this final stage.

“Facebook Messenger Error 504” may occur to Facebook Messenger users even during normal use of the application. When this occurs, end users can report Facebook Messenger 504 errors to Facebook Inc. Facebook Inc. can fix any issues discovered and then upload a revised source code file, allowing users to update their version. To fix these 504 errors, the software vendor will release an installable software update.

What causes runtime error 504?

Facebook Messenger startup failures are the times when you are most likely to encounter Facebook Messenger error 504. The following three main causes of Error 504 runtime errors include:

Error 504 Crash – Error 504 can cause the program to crash completely, preventing you from doing anything. This usually happens when Facebook Messenger can’t handle the provided input or when it doesn’t know what output.

Facebook Messenger Error 504 Memory Leak: The 504 memory leak error causes Facebook Messenger to use more and more memory which slows down the system. It can be triggered by software misconfiguration by Facebook Inc., or when a command starts a cycle that cannot be completed.

Error 504 Logic Error: A “logical error” is said to be generated when software receives correct input but produces incorrect output. This can happen when Facebook Inc.’s source code has a data handling vulnerability.

Corrupted, missing, or deleted Facebook Messenger Error 504 files can lead to Facebook Messenger errors. A large percentage of these file issues can be resolved by downloading and installing the latest version of your Facebook Inc file. As a final measure, we recommend using a registry cleaner to repair any Facebook Messenger Error 504 file extension, Facebook Inc. and other file path references that might be causing the error message.

Errors Facebook Messenger Error 504

Facebook Messenger complications with Facebook Messenger error 504 include:

  • “Facebook Messenger Error 504 Program Error.”
  • “Facebook Messenger error 504 is not a Win32 program.”
  • “Sorry for the inconvenience: Facebook Messenger error 504 has a problem.”
  • “Facebook Messenger error 504 not found”
  • “Facebook Messenger error 504 is missing.”
  • “Error starting program: Facebook Messenger Error 504.”
  • “Facebook Messenger error 504 not working.”
  • “Error Facebook Messenger Error 504.”
  • “Facebook Messenger error 504: Application path fails.”

Facebook Messenger Error 504 Facebook Messenger problems occur during installation, while Facebook Messenger Error 504 related software runs during shutdown or startup, or less likely during system updates. exploitation. Documenting the occasions of the Facebook Messenger error 504 problem in Facebook Messenger is essential to determine the cause of Windows problems and report them to Facebook Inc.

Epicenters of the Facebook Messenger 504 Error Headaches

Facebook Messenger error 504 problems are caused by corrupted or missing Facebook Messenger error 504, invalid registry keys associated with Facebook Messenger, or malware infection.

Specifically, issues with the Facebook Messenger error 504 caused by:

  • Corrupt or invalid Facebook Messenger Error 504 registry entry.
  • Malware has infected Facebook Messenger error 504 creating corruption.
  • Malicious (or mistaken) removal of Facebook Messenger Error 504 by another application (not Facebook Messenger).
  • Other software application conflicting with Facebook Messenger Error 504.
  • Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Facebook Messenger software.

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Facebook ne peut pas être installé. Code d’erreur : -504 sur Android. Comment réparer?

2020-10-122015-10-25 par Adam Swift

facebook-app-cannot be installed0 facebook-app-cannot be installed0

When trying to install the Facebook app for Android, many users encounter the following error:

Unable to install “Facebook” application cannot be installed. Try again, and if the problem persists, get troubleshooting help. (Error code: -504)

Here you will find the solution that worked for us.

facebook-app-cannot be installed001 facebook-app-cannot be installed001

1. Go to Settings > My device tab > Language & input:

facebook-app-cannot be installed002 facebook-app-cannot be installed002

Tap Language and change the system language. We switched to German:

facebook-app-cannot be installed003 facebook-app-cannot be installed003

2. Go to Play Store and try to install Facebook app for Android.


facebook-app-cannot be installed004 facebook-app-cannot be installed004

And in a few seconds the application is installed. We see ‘Installiert’:

facebook-app-cannot be installed005 facebook-app-cannot be installed005

Run the app and use it! 

By the way, now you can go back to your language. Most likely, the Facebook app will work fine with the English locale.

Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon by the developers. 

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How to Restore Original Launcher on Android Device

Ultra Adware Killer. Adware Removal Utility

unknown error code when installing the application: “-504”

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unknown error code during application install: -504

Actually i try to install an android app in LAVA android Phone with OS version is 6 but Downloaded app is not installing in my device.

Updat 1: I done all basic cleanup and all

update 2: Checked with device comparability.

  • android
  • apk
  • android-install-apk


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Methods to solve error 504

Method 1:

Go to Settings>> Application Manager or Apps>> Open “All” apps From the list of apps find Google Play store >>Clear Data and Clear Cache From the list of apps find Google Service Framework >> Clear Data and Clear Cache Now install or update app from Google Play Store

Method 2:

Go to system settings>> Accounts>>Google>>remove your Gmail account Now from settings>>Apps>>All> Force stop, Clear data and cache for Google Play Store, Google Service Framework and Download Manager (like in method 1) Now again go to settings>> Accounts>>Google>>Add your gmail account Restart your android and then accept all the Google terms and setup Google settings Rerun Google Play Store and update or install your app.

Method 3: Installing a VPN app

Install Hideman VPN app from Google Play Store Now open the app and select US as the country of connection and press connect Open Google Play Store and Download app

These error 504 fixes should work for Google Play Store errors. If any suggestion or problem, please comment below with you smartphone model.


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answered Dec 14, 2017 at 7:19

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This error occur when you are trying to download and updating the app

To solve this problem

Method 1:

  • Google play store
  • Google play service

If you see google services framework ,Download manager Clear their and Data as Well

  • If you are updating an App then try to clear their Data and cash.
  • Remove your Google Account and Re-create it.

If you have more then one google account :

  1. Go to settings > Accounts > and than Google
  2. Remove yours all Google accounts
  3. Open Play Store and add Accounts again

Restart your device and try to install or update the application

Method 2:

Check your Date, time and also Time Zone if its not correct then Please correct it and try to install app and update.

Method 3:

Uninstall the updates of google play store if you have it.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Uninstall Play store updates

Method 4:

This method requires your phone to be Rooted

If you had installed app before and unistalled app without clearing its cash and Data, there might be change some files are leftover.

  1. Allow installing Apps from unknown resources
  2. Go to apkmirror.com and do search for Es File Explorer Download it and install it
  3. Enable Root Explorer
  4. Go to device/data/app
  5. If you see the folder of the app that you trying to install,Just Delete it
  6. Restart your device and try to install or update the application

Hope this will be work for you.


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answered Dec 14, 2017 at 7:47

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“Application not installed” error on Android


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Unknown error code when installing application “-505”


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