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Everything you need to know about web databases

A brief introduction to the basics.


What-is-a-web-database What-is-a-web-database

With our love and trust in information technology, we humans have amassed a vast amount of data. So it makes sense to have a place to house some of it. Enter web databases.

Zenkit Web Database Zenkit Web Database

Designed to hold a large collection of organized information that can be accessed by multiple users with optimal speed and minimal processing overhead, we already know that a database is a convenient way to store information. But what is a web database?

Web Database Definition

Une base de données Web est essentiellement une base de données accessible à partir d’un réseau local ou d’Internet plutôt qu’une base de données dont les données sont stockées sur un ordinateur de bureau ou son stockage attaché. Utilisés à la fois pour un usage professionnel et personnel, ils sont hébergés sur des sites Web et sont des produits Software as a Service (SaaS), ce qui signifie que l’accès est fourni via un navigateur Web.

L’un des types de bases de données Web que vous connaissez peut-être le mieux est une base de données relationnelle. Les bases de données relationnelles vous permettent de stocker des données dans des groupes (appelés tables), grâce à leur capacité à lier des enregistrements entre eux. Il utilise des index et des clés, qui sont ajoutés aux données, pour localiser les champs d’informations stockés dans la base de données, ce qui vous permet de récupérer rapidement des informations.

To paint a picture, just think of when you are shopping online and want to take a look at a specific product. Typing in keywords like “black dress” allows all of the black dresses stored on the website to appear directly in the browser you are looking for as the “black” and “dress” information is stored in their database entries .

Did you know that you can use Zenkit to create a relational web database using reference fields to link two tables (collections)?

Some advantages of using a web database include:

  1. Web database applications can be free or paid, usually through monthly subscriptions. For this reason, you pay for the amount you use. So whether your business is shrinking or expanding, your needs can be met depending on the amount of server space. You also don’t have to shell out the cost of installing full-featured software.
  2. Information is accessible from almost any device. Having stuff stored in a cloud means you’re not locked to a computer. As long as you have access to it, you can technically get the data from almost any compatible device.
  3. Web database programs usually come with their own technical support team so that people in your IT department can focus on other pressing business issues.
  4. It’s convenient: Web databases allow users to update information. So all you need to do is create simple web forms.


Something you’ll commonly see related to the topic of web databases, and also worth mentioning due to its use on many high-profile websites, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, is MySQL. Based on the Structured Query Language, MySQL is a relational database management system (DBMS).

For your information, a database management system is software that manages the movement of data in, out and around the database. The term “database” refers to the actual data that is stored.

MySQL is not the only database management system, but it is one of the most popular types. The reasons are:

  • It is an open source relational database management system, which means it is free to use and modify.
  • It is cross-platform compatible, making installation easy.
  • It’s known for being easy to use, promising that even the most inept of tech users will find initial setup and usage relatively straightforward.

final thoughts

As mentioned, web databases can be used for business and personal purposes. Common ways businesses use web databases are customer feedback forms, website surveys, and inventory listings. Personal web databases are a useful way to store email addresses, or even for a household inventory list.

Have you used a web database for purposes unrelated to your job? (Hint, you probably did!) We’d be curious to see other ways people have adopted these for personal use. Let us know in the comments section below!


Dinnie and the Zenkit team

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Databases and hosting: everything you need to know

Written by Adam Michael Wood

Updated on June 11, 2022

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