Call to undefined function get_header

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Fatal error: it has the function no defined get_header() in index.php in line 1 [cerrado]


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Tengo el mismo problema. Be totally new to PHP. Install XAMPP and download the WordPress hatch theme. Cuando ejecuto index.php me da el following error

“Fatal error: missing the function no defined get_header() in C:\xampp\htdocs\hatch\index.php in line 1”

¿Cómo puedo arreglar esto?

  • indefinite
  • fatal error

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Parece que está intentando ejecutar un tema de WordPress fuera de una instalación de WordPress.

Debe descargar una copia de WordPress , extraerla en su htdocscarpeta (como hizo con el tema) y luego navegar hasta ella en su navegador.

Después de configurarlo (simplemente siga las instrucciones), debe colocar ese tema wp-content/themesdentro de la instalación de WordPress.

Luego, puede cambiar el tema a uno nuevo en su panel de administrador de WordPress.


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Solo está accediendo al archivo del tema. Esa es la razón del error.

Primero debe incluir el archivo del tema que descargó en la carpeta de instalación de WordPress:wp-content/themes

Luego active el tema desde el panel de administración. Ahora puedes usar el tema.


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Está intentando acceder al archivo del tema directamente desde la carpeta de XAMPP htdocs.

Copie el archivo del tema y agréguelo a htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes. Ejecute WordPress y agregue el tema desde el panel del administrador.


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WordPress Error Fix: “Call To Undefined Function Get_Header()”

June 29, 2022

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Are you getting Call to undefined function error while accessing? Do you need help? If yes, then you should read this blog. In this, we have discussed every detail that you need to know before fixing this error and steps to fix them. Let us get started!

What Is A Call To Undefined Function Error?

It is a fatal error which increases day by day that target themes directly. They receive a URL to your theme directory. Well, there are a numbers of ways to get this information. Let me explain you with an example. Most themes include JavaScript files, CSS, and link of URL.

The bad bots send a request to a popular theme file as index.php or header.php. With this, requesting files outsource security susceptibilities, which is a major attack. This also triggers Call to Undefined function error. The best part is you can fix it easily.

In other words, you can say when a user request to header.php file, any important function as exc_url () are not available, because it is outside the WordPress. Or this is happening because WordPress core is not loaded, loading the template files.

This may happen because of bad bots and depending on your theme, how it is coded. This may be because of bad actions or executing the code out of context.

Call to an undefined function Call to an undefined function

Does Your Site Under Attack?

First, you will need to check whether your site is targeted or not. To check this error see error logs. For example: Got error”PHP message: PHP Fatal Error: uncaught error: Call to undefined function

get_header() htttps:// 1’ Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in htttps:// on line 1’

If your site is getting this type of error, this means your site is targeted or attacked by bad bots. You can see many types of these errors. In the example, you can see index.php, 404.php, and header.php. After research and getting reviews from sources, lots of people see this kind of error in WordPress files instead of example.

See this: /archive.php /Wp-includes/rss-functions.php ..Various theme template files ..Various files in the WP media library

Fundamentally, the direct access from WordPress core, plugin or a file triggers an error. To solve this query we have shared the methods to solve call to undefined function error to the better overall security of your theme.

What’s The Issue?

– If you are trying to log-in to your WordPress account. – If you have updated the WordPress. – If you are getting this message; is_network_admin() error message or “Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin()”

How To Fix Call To Undefined Function Fatal Error To fix this issue you have multiple ways. Here we will talk about the best techniques that may help you without trouble.

One of the beats and easiest ways to overcome this type of error is, exit the script if WordPress is not available. It is an efficient and well-known technique to fix the issue.

In other words, if ABSPATH constant is not definite, exit the script. The ABSPATH works when WordPress is loaded. When bad bots come and request a theme template, it gives a blank page.

For example: <? Php if (! defined (‘ABSPATH’) exit ;?> You have seen such code during WordPress sessions. It is vital to protect direct script access to PHP security. After all, you do not need bots/attackers on site.

So, to exit from the script you will need to follow the given way.

First open any theme file, which is targeted. Now, include the given line at the top of the file.

When you get no access or exit from the script you will see the given code:

<? Php if (! defined (‘ABSPATH’) exit ; get_header(); ?>

If you want to format the code, it is normal.


To move on further, you can protect vital files by restricting the directory views. Let us consider an example: when you visit the parent directory via browser, you will directory views are enabled. If it is, you will get a linked list of files, which is not good.

Either you see a blank screen or maybe some other messages. You will need to keep your file secure and safe. To restrict the directory views, you will need to create the first empty file index.php file, whichever you want to disable.

To disallow the code do this: <!–?php // Silence is golden.</p> <p>WordPress uses this technique for a long time to prevent hackers/boaters. You should try this if any trouble you are getting while accessing WordPress.</p>

The Final Verdict As you can see, we have shared a simple yet effective way to prevent pages from attackers/hackers. In this technique you will not need an expert, if you are not able to do so then add a suitable plugin for better security. With this, you will get better performance, protect plugin files, and direct access. Good Luck!

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Shri Messages Shri Messages Shri shares exciting WordPress themes, plugins and other WordPress related news for our viewers. He also posts selected WordPress developers interviews from time to time.

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WordPress Error Fix: “Call to undefined function get_header()”

♦ Posted by Jeff Starr in PHP, Security

January 11, 2019

[Llamado una funcion indefinida] I’m seeing a big increase in bot attacks targeting theme files directly. First they get the URL to your theme directory. There are numerous ways for a bot to get this information. For example most themes include assets like CSS and JavaScript files, and the link includes the full URL. So then once they have the theme URL, bad bots will make direct requests for well-known theme template files, like index.php and header.php. Requesting template files directly may reveal possible security vulnerabilities, which apparently is an increasingly popular attack vector. It also triggers the “Call to undefined function get_header()” (and similar) errors. Fortunately there is an easy fix.

Is your site targeted?

To find out if your site is getting hit with direct requests for theme files, you can check your site’s access/error logs. Here are some examples from my own logs that should help show what to look for:

Note: In the following log entries, all file paths are changed to example URLs to prevent Google from crawling and reporting errors. In the actual log files, errors contain file paths, not URLs. P.S., it is most ridiculous that Googlebot crawls plain-text path information, inside of <pre> tags no less.

2018-12-30 17:54:07 Error AH01071: Error message ‘PHP: PHP fatal error: Undetected error: Call to undefined function get_header() in themes/digwp/ index.php:1 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in on line 1’ 2018-12-30 12: 53:55 Error AH01071: Error message ‘PHP got: PHP fatal error: Undetected error: Call to undefined function get_header() in php:1 Stack trace: #0 {main } thrown in on line 1’ 2018-12-30 12:53:55 Error AH01071: Error received ‘PHP Message: PHP Fatal Error: Not Detected Error: Call to undefined function esc_url() in Stack trace: #0 {main} run in on line 8’

So if your site is targeted by direct template attacks, you will see a LOT of such errors. In these examples, the requests are for index.php, 404.php, and header.php. From my analysis, most template requests are for these three files, but you can also find them looking for other well-known WordPress files, such as:

/archive.php /wp-includes/rss-functions.php ..various theme template files ..various files in WP media library

Fondamentalement, toute demande directe d’un noyau, d’un thème ou d’un fichier de plugin WordPress déclenchera très probablement une erreur, à moins que des mesures appropriées ne soient prises au préalable. Par exemple, plus tard, nous examinerons un moyen simple d’arrêter l’erreur “fonction indéfinie”, qui à son tour aidera à conserver les précieuses ressources du serveur et à améliorer la sécurité globale du site.

Comprendre l’erreur

So what’s with the “call to undefined function” fatal errors? They happen because WordPress core is not loaded for directly loaded template files.

For example, if you request header.php directly, any core functions such as esc_url() are not available because the file is requested outside of WordPress.

¿Qué pasa si no haces nada ? Bueno, es posible que su tema ya haya implementado una técnica similar, o tal vez no. ¿Cuál es el riesgo? Depending on how this codified on the subject, it is possible that the bad actors ejecuten code on the context, where you can expose possible attack vectors.

How to adjust

The easiest way to avoid this type of error is simply to mess up the script if WordPress is not available. Este es un antiguo pero efectivo Técnica PHP utilizada para evitar el acceso directo a archivos:

<?php if (!defined(‘ABSPATH’)) output; ?>

Simply dice: if the ABSPATHconstante no está definida, salga del script. Esto funciona porque ABSPATHsolo se define cuando se load WordPress. Entonces, cuando aparece un bot malo y comienza a solicitar sus plantillas de temas, simplye obtentiondrá una página en blanco (respuesta vacía) del servidor.

You may see similar code on WordPress. Removing direct access to scripts is an important part of PHP security. No desea que los atacantes/bots ejecuten scripts fuera de contexto, cuando no estén autorizados, etc.


Para implementar esta técnica, abra cualquier archivo de tema que esté destinado e incluya la línea en la parte superior del archivo. For example, muchas plantillas de temas incluyen el encabezado antes que cualquier otro código, se ve así:

<?php get_header(); ?>

Después de agregar el fragmento “sin acceso directo”, tendrá algo como:

<?php if (!defined(‘ABSPATH’)) exit; get_header(); ?>

Independently of how decided to format the código, está bien, el punto es incluir la línea ABSPATH antes de llamar a cualquier otra función.

Consejo profesional: ¿Quiere detener más bots malos? Check out my free WordPress addon, Blackhole for Bad Bots, available in the WP addons directory.


Para ir más allá, puede protect the information of confidential archives al deshabilitar las vistas de directorio. For example, if visita el directorio principal de su tema en un navegador, ¿qué ve? If the vistas of directorio están habilitadas, obtentiondrá una lista vinculada de todos los archivos. Non es bueno. Lo que debería ver es una pantalla blanca en blanco o alguna otra respuesta del servidor. Ya sabes, para ayudar a maintener la información de tus archivos segura y protegida.

Existen numerosas formas de deshabilitar las vistas de directorio. The form of WordPress is to create a new index.phparchivo (vacío) en cualquier directorio que dessee proteger.

Important ! Create solo un nuevo index.phparchivo if NO exists uno en el directorio. Es decir, no sobrescriba ningún archivo de índice existente.

Luego, in index.php, aggregates the following code:

<?php // Silence is golden.

The core of WordPress uses a technique in several directories. To deshabilitar las vistas de directorio abierto, avoid that los attackers obtain information sober qué archivos exist in el servidor. Therefore, benefit from security and a recommended practice for all public directors, a menos que lo tenga cubierto con .htaccess , o tal vez tenga motivos para hacerlo de otra manera y deje las vistas habilitadas para un directorio específico.

Final Thoughts

Las técnicas simples descritas en este artículo son medidas de seguridad comprobadas que evitarán la ejecución de código inseguro y evitarán que los errors llenen sus registros. Eso signifies a better return and seguridad for su sitio. Included if not experimenting with the type of errors described in this article, protect your subject and your files for additional direct access to safety.

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jeff starr

About the author

Jeff Starr = Web developer. Security specialty. WordPress buff.

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