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Never Launch on a Friday: The Best Day to Launch a New Website


By Gordon Smith on June 27, 2019

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calendar-of-the-day-of-launch-of-the-site-450Time and time again, clients schedule the launch date of a new website, new feature, or paid search campaign for a Friday.

We advise you never to post such things on a Friday. And below, we’ll reveal the right time to launch your new existing project!

Over the years, Dotwise has handled dozens of new website launches.

Launch day is an exciting time. Champagne corks can burst. Eyes will be firmly fixed on the website as it welcomes new visitors.

But unfortunately, the most popular day to plan a major release is Friday.

And frankly, it’s the worst possible day to do it.

Why you should never pitch on a Friday

A release is the culmination of a long process. But it is also the beginning of a much longer story: the life of the site (or campaign) will last several months or even years.

It’s up to the developers to take care of the publishing process while the client celebrates.

Development team availability

Site or campaign launches often take several hours. It’s not just about browsing, editing and activating your website. There are many, many tasks to perform, from functionality tests to DNS updates to email checks.

At Dotwise, we write a timed checklist to know exactly when and in what order these tasks should be done.

Launch can often take more than one business day. Launching on a Friday brings us to the weekend, which is the worst possible time to do anything new.

External development teams

External development teams should be available to oversee the release and troubleshoot initial issues.

And there will always be starting problems.

If we work with teams around the world who are in different time zones, the Friday launch can cause problems.

The Far East and Asian teams have already left for the weekend just when we need them.

The teams from the United States and Canada did not come to work.

Regarding internal staff, we would need to schedule staff to be on call and on call on Friday evenings and throughout the weekend. This is the most expensive period to employ staff.

Hosting and Third Line Support

Hosting companies often reduce their operations over the weekend. This always makes it difficult for development teams to get web hosting support when needed.

customer availability

Dans tout cela, on pourrait penser qu’au moins le client serait entièrement disponible et sur appel pendant ce premier week-end crucial. Mais étonnamment, ce n’est pas toujours le cas.

Clients : si vous souhaitez lancer le vendredi, vous devez être prêt à être disponible 24h/24 et 7j/7 tout au long du week-end.

website launchEntonces, ¿cuál es el mejor día para lanzar, entonces?

OK, la gran revelación.

Según nuestra experiencia, estos son los mejores y los peores días para lanzar un nuevo sitio web o campaña, clasificados en orden, de peor a mejor.

Malo Viernes El final de una semana dura no es buen momento para lanzar. La disponibilidad del equipo de desarrollo es baja o costosa los viernes por la noche, los sábados y los domingos.
  sábado Después de una larga semana de trabajo, el sábado no es buen día para lanzar. La disponibilidad del equipo de desarrollo puede ser baja.
  Domingo Mismas razones que el sábado.
OK jueves Whilst dev teams will be available on Thursday and Friday, if any teething problems occur we’re headlong in the weekend. Not the best day.
  Monday With the whole week ahead of us and fresh from a resting weekend, Monday could be a good day to launch.
Good Wednesday Avec deux jours complets de disponibilité à venir et beaucoup de temps pour consacrer le début de la semaine à la planification et aux tests de dernière minute, le mercredi est une excellente journée pour le lancement.
Meilleur mardi Rested after the weekend and having had a full day at the office preparing for the upcoming launch, and with three full days of a clear week ahead, Tuesday is the ultimate day to launch a new website or campaign!

So you can see that from our experience and that of development teams around the world, the best possible day to launch your new website or campaign is…Tuesday!

Happy launch day!

Determine the right time for a product launch

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By Eric Dickman

September 28, 2021

Product launch at the right time

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It’s important to get the timing of your product launch right. Around 13% of startups failed because of mistimed products. Timing is the number one factor that determines if a startup will be successful; If your idea comes too early, customers may not be ready for it. However, if your idea comes too late, you may not be able to squeeze in front of a market crowded with competitors. You can’t ignore timing even though there’s no scientific process for determining it.

“Creating a product launch roadmap will make it easier to identify your goals, set out your strategy, and designate tasks to different teams and members. It sounds like this one document has a lot to cover, but with a designer or just a good roadmap maker, you can design a product roadmap that will help you implement your launch strategy and get members aligned around a single source of truth,” according to Chameleon. In this article, we will dig deeper into the importance of determining the right timing for a product launch.

Elements of a Successful Product Launch

Aside from the hustle and bustle of making sure that their product functions accordingly and attracts the right niche, businesses should also focus on the external factors that can support their product launching. Keep in mind that the crucial part of a product launch is letting people know that you have something new and exciting for them to try out. CHRON shares the three essential elements of a a product launch:

  • Pre-Launch Buzz- Maximize the technology accessible to your business and create relevant online posts, ads, and promotions that can engage your customers and prospects on various social media platforms. Other ways to spark customer interest are through product sneak peeks, pre-launch product testing, and getting relevant brand ambassadors to help with your campaign.
  • Comprehensive Media Planning- Your plan should focus on your product’s most compelling features and the reason why people should consider trying your brand out- competitive pricing, unique features, creative packaging, accessible. The company’s media planning can  include promotional strategies such as- television and radio commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and live product demos.
  • Social Media Outreach- According to research, a product that is partnered with a social media marketing campaign has the greater advantage of generating a greater amount of sales and conversions. The best thing about establishing your social media outreach along with your product is that people recognizes you and your brand almost immediately even before your official product launching. Their satisfaction can lead to positive reviews, recommendations, and closed deals.

8 launch tips 8 launch tips

Importance of Timing a New Product Launch

Launching a product is often a make-or-break moment for a company. Effective timing is critical to attracting customers. It optimizes revenue and profit on a new product. In Neil Kokemuller’s article at Chron, he cited the following importance of timing for a new product launch: 

  • Customer Preferences: You want to launch your product at the perfect point. When the market is most anxious for the features and benefits offered by your product or service based on customer preferences. It will attract the most sales and generate the most revenue.
  • Competitor Launches: Your competitor’s launch also affects the timing of your launch. First-movers try to beat the market and attract eager buyers. Other companies prefer being a second-mover. They wait until the market becomes familiar with a product’s features. Then, they launch when demand begins to grow.
  • Quality: The timing of your launch may also affect the quality of the product at offering. The life cycle is often short for companies who rushed production and quality suffered. A pilot rollout is often a good first step. It’s a way to get real customer feedback on the first batch of product and adjust the next wave before it hits customers or retailers.
  • The Marketing Process: The product’s launch needs to be in sync with marketing activities. Use advertising and other promotional techniques to introduce the product’s benefits to targeted customers. Establishing a product launch date and building toward that, and then launching on-time is important. Missing a marketed product launch date can alienate potential customers.

The 5 main success factors The 5 main success factors

How to Determine the Right Timing 

When is the right time to launch a new product or service? There’s no scientific process for determining the best time. Omar Zenhom, in his article at The $100 MBA,  recommended these five factors to determine the right timing for a product launch:

The Readiness of the Product

In general, the best time to launch is as soon as your product is ready. Release a product as soon as it’s working. It has to perform the stated function, and that’s all. Do all the honing and perfecting when it’s already in the market. You can start profiting from your product before you start tweaking it. Take advantage of customer excitement. Then sell the refined versions later.

That’s not to say you should release something inferior to the public, of course. It describes a different way of looking at product development. Product development should be a never-ending process. It’s a lifelong struggle for perfection that’s never actually achieved. Knowing that, why not make money as soon as the product is viable? If Apple waited until the first iPhone could do what the latest ones can, we’d still be flipping open our Motorolas.

Sales Cycles

The exact time of the year, month, or even week you choose can make a difference. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a particular time when your target audience will want to use that product?
  • When would they enjoy your product most?

Research proves that Tuesday is the best day for launching a product. On Mondays, consumers are too focused on the coming week. While on Fridays, people look forward to the weekend. On Tuesdays, you can be sure that people have already dealt with issues from the previous week. It also gives you enough time – a total of three days – to spread your message and follow-up on questions.

A seasonal product will itself determine the best time of the year to launch. Self-improvement products can work well in January to help fulfill New Year’s resolutions. While outdoor products are best for spring and summer.

The time of the year matters as well. It doesn’t make sense to reveal your product before a major holiday. People tend to travel back home and have no time to read when surrounded by family and friends.

Your Schedule

Your ideal launch time will also depend on your own schedule. Schedule the launch when you have as little going on as possible. so that you can devote the needed time and energy for the launch. It makes sense to focus on product launches over other considerations. You only get one shot at a successful launch! Expect glitches, customer service issues, and other unpredictable demands on your attention. It’s important to have all hands on deck, and yourself at the helm, ready to execute the launch with 100% presence.

Launch Conditions

There are conditions you need to meet to have a successful product launch.

  • First, establish your brand’s credibility to justify excitement for your new product. If you haven’t already given your consumer base a reason to trust you, it’s time to lay that groundwork down. More customers will be willing to gamble on the certainty that a product will meet their needs.
  • Make sure that you prepare your business infrastructure for the spike in sales. Is your distribution system in place? Is your payment system glitch-free? Do you have team members standing by for customer service and tech support? Expect success, and you’ll guarantee it.
  • Finally, time the launch in relation to existing products and their performance. The best time to launch a new product is when another product of yours is reaching the peak of its success. You can ride that momentum into the next wave of sales.

Marketing and Communication

La mejor manera de asegurarse de que su lanzamiento salga bien es tener un producto único y creativo en primer lugar. Más allá de eso, es una cuestión de marketing y comunicación. Mantente en contacto con tu audiencia. Utilice el correo electrónico y las redes sociales para crear entusiasmo en torno a su producto y esté presente para introducirlo en el mercado. Esperar lo inesperado. Esté preparado para manejar preguntas, inquietudes y otros comentarios de su audiencia. Defiende tu producto pero busca formas de incorporar comentarios rápidamente. Necesitarás saber qué salió bien y qué no. El día de tu gran lanzamiento es el día en que empiezas a prepararte para el siguiente.

Product launch schedule Product launch schedule

Algunas reflexiones finales

Lanzar un producto puede ser estresante pero también muy gratificante. No hay garantía de que las cosas salgan según lo planeado y es aconsejable “esperar lo inesperado”. Pero hay cosas que puede hacer para aumentar sus probabilidades de éxito:

1. Pregunta si deberías ser el primero

Si bien ser el primero en el mercado puede tener muchas ventajas, a menudo conlleva una gran cantidad de problemas. Con frecuencia hay problemas imprevistos, desde desafíos legales hasta problemas de la cadena de suministro. Ser el segundo, especialmente en los lanzamientos iniciales problemáticos, puede ser una gran ventaja si puede aprender de los desafíos que enfrentó su predecesor. Tiene la oportunidad de abordar esos problemas de lanzamiento iniciales y disfrutar del resplandor de un lanzamiento de producto más exitoso. ¡No tienes que hacerlo primero si lo haces mejor!

2. Asegúrate de estar listo

Si desea aprovechar al máximo las oportunidades del mercado cuando se presenten, debe estar preparado. Cuando hay demanda en el mercado, debe solicitar la venta y estar listo para entregar. Cuando el mercado está preparado para su nueva y emocionante oferta, debe tenerla en preparación. Se necesita previsión para leer las hojas de té del mercado, pero para obtener una ventaja competitiva real, debe estar listo para la acción en cualquier momento.

3. Haz la investigación

Take the time to find out if consumers really want what you offer and if there is a fit between the product and the market. Know who your customers are and what matters to them. Make sure their needs are incorporated into your offer and that they can see and understand the value proposition. If your “plan” is to throw a bunch of stuff against a wall and see what sticks, then that’s not a good plan. You risk losing money, losing customers, and damaging your entire brand. Proper preparation can save you valuable time and money. This is not a step to skip!

4. Spread the word 

Build anticipation and excitement around your new offering. Whether you’re adding services you already provide or launching a new product, getting your new customers excited is key to achieving rapid success. When it comes to marketing, your goal should be to reach as many ideal customers as possible. Make them excited and intrigued by letting them know how your offer will solve a problem. If marketing isn’t your forte, hire a virtual CMO as a split executive to help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and launch plan.

5. Don’t be blinded by what you’ve built

It can be easy to lose perspective when so much energy has been invested in creating a new product or service. It’s your baby! Make sure you stay focused on the fundamentals of the business. The goal is to make a profit, not to see your creation in the wild. Many good products and ideas have failed because they weren’t profitable. Sometimes new products aren’t profitable at first, but as they gain traction, they become profitable. If this is the case with your deal, make sure you understand how much lead you have and if things don’t go as planned, when you should cancel or regroup. More than a few companies have gone bankrupt due to their stubborn refusal to admit that their product does not was not profitable. Make sure you understand your metrics and what it will take to make a profit.

It’s time to grow your business!

Find out how a fractional CMO can help your business grow!

Contact us today to learn more about our virtual CMO consulting service.

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Eric Dickman

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About the Author

Eric Dickmann is the Founder/CMO of The Five Echelon Group, host of “The Virtual CMO” weekly podcast and “Work-Life” YouTube series and a split CMO for a variety of small and medium businesses. An executive leader with over 30 years of experience in marketing, product development and digital transformation, he has worked with large global enterprises and small startups to develop and execute marketing strategies to bring to market innovative products.

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