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Fixed ! Android white screen of death

If you are producing mouse white pants issue on your android device i.e. Samsung s20 mouse white pants issue then your device is totally unusable. Para solucionar esto, debe seguir varios métodos, ya que no hay una forma directa de solucionar este problema. Aquí te ofrecemos algunos métodos.

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DroidKit – Android System Repair

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Android is one of the best mobile operating systems. If you’ve been using an Android phone for a while, you’ll probably encounter all the issues that one can encounter when it comes to devices. Uno de estos problems es que la pantalla de su teléfono se vuelve blanca.

When this white screen of death issue occurs, you cannot use your phone as it will not go past the white screen. So how to fix white screen on Android phone? Fortunately, there are several solutions to this problem.

  • What is the white screen of death?
  • Why does my phone screen turn white?
  • How to fix Android white screen of death?

What is the white screen of death?

Basically, whenever there is a problem, the telephone pantalla is completely blank. No ve nada más que el color blanco en su pantalla. Todos sus menús y options se han ido. If you are using a computer with Windows, you can compare this issue with the blue mouse panties issue that is showing on your machine with Windows.

How to fix Android white screen of death

How to fix Android white screen of death

Why does my phone screen turn white?

Why has my Samsung screen turned white? You can’t really tell what is causing the white screen of death issue on your device. However, there are a few causes that are common to most phones experiencing this problem.

  • Aplicaciones de Android problemáticas : una de las razones más comunes de este problema son las aplicaciones que ha instalado en su teléfono. No todas las aplicaciones son totalmente compatibles o están libres de errores. Cuando termina instalando una aplicación que tiene problemas , la aplicación hace que su teléfono se ponga en pantalla blanca.
  • Espacio libre insuficiente en el teléfono : es fácil llenar la memoria de su teléfono . Si su teléfono se está quedando sin memoria, esta podría ser una posible razón por la que está experimentando el problema de la pantalla blanca de la muerte en su dispositivo.
  • Almacenamiento insuficiente : evita que su teléfono almacene archivos temporales del sistema. Sin estos archivos, su teléfono no puede iniciarse, por lo que todo lo que ve es la pantalla blanca y nada más en su teléfono.
  • System Issue – It is possible that there is an issue with the internal system of your Android phone. These internal issues are hard to find and recognize, but these usually have to do with the core system files. When a system file gets corrupted or becomes unavailable for some reason, your phone can end up being on the write screen.
  • Physical Damage to the Android Phone – It might be that your phone has had physical damage made to it. This usually happens when you end up dropping your phone somewhere, or you put something really heavy on the phone that causes internal damage to the device.

How to Fix Android White Screen of Death?

As long as the issue lies with your phone’s system, you can use a method to get around it. In this section, we’ll offer you 6 methods to fix the white display problem in mobile.

Fix 1. Clear Cache and Data on the Faulty App

How do I fix the white screen of death on my Android? If you are aware of the app that is causing the issue, and you can somehow access your phone and get into the settings, you can remove the problematic app’s data and this might fix the issue for you. Deleting the data and cache will log you out from your account in the app, but this will not delete the actual app.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Apps & notifications.
  2. Find and tap on the app that you think is causing the problem.
  3. Tap Storage & cache and then tap Clear cache followed by Clear storage.

Clear app storage

Clear App Storage

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Fix 2. Repair Android System Issue

Chances are that you fail to recognize the problematic or faulty apps or fail to fix the white display problem by dealing with apps on your Android phone. In this case,  you may encounter an Android system issue instead, and you need to use some professional Android System Repair tool to get your mobile out of the problem. The newly-developed DroidKit – Android Repair Tool can be your best choice! Its “Fix System Issues” feature has helped many Android users address many Android system issues involving phone screen frozen, black screen of death, touch screen not working,  etc.

Get the latest version of DroidKit and take the following detailed steps to make your Android phone workable again.

DroidKit – Android Repair Tool

  • Fix various Android OS issues in minutes.
  • Find the best solution for your Android problems.
  • No need to root your Android device and no technical skills required.
  • Revive dead Android devices in a few simple steps.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Descarga gratuita * 100% limpio y seguro

Step 1. Free install DroidKit and open the program on your computer > Click the System Fix mode in the middle of the welcome page.

Click System Repair Feature

Click System Fix Function

Step 2. On the System Fix page, you can read the notes before hitting the Start button to initiate the process.

Start to repair Samsung phone

Start to Repair Samsung Phone

Step 3. DroidKit will match Android PDA code automatically > If you see the page below, click  Download Now to get the firmware package, which is used to repair the system issue.

Access Coincident PDA Code and Download Firmware

Access Matched PDA Code and Download Firmware

Step 4. When the firmware is downloaded, please follow the instruction to put your phone in Download Mode > Tap on the Next button to continue. When the Fix process is complete, you will see the page below.

Complete the repair process

Completing the Repair Process

If DroidKit fails to match PDA code, follow the on-screen instructions to put your Android device into recovery mode.

Fix 3. Remove the Problematic App

If deleting the cache and data did not fix the issue for you, the other thing you can do is to remove the app altogether. This will remove all your personal preferences saved within the app.

You can always reinstall the app if you have the app’s APK file or if the app is available on the Play Store, in case you really need to do that.

  1. Head into the Settings app and select Apps & notifications.
  2. Find the app you want to get rid of from your phone.
  3. Tap the option that says Uninstall to remove the app.

Uninstalling apps from Android

Uninstall Android Apps

Fix 4. Move Your Apps to the Internal Storage

Even though there is an option to move and run your apps from an SD card, you should always try and use your apps from the internal storage. That is because the apps are supposed to run from the phone’s internal memory.

If your apps are moved to your SD card, and you are running them from there, this might be the cause of the white screen of death issue. You can fix this by moving the apps back to the internal storage.

  1. Install the free Move app to SD card app on your phone.
  2. Open the app, tap the menu, and select Move to phone.
  3. Select your apps to move them to your internal memory.

Fix 5. Factory Reset the Android Phone

If your Android phone still shows the white screen of death when you turn it on, it might be time to reset your phone to the factory settings. This will erase all your data, including your problematic files, so you’d better backup your important data before doing that.

It is worth giving this method a shot, and you can do this even when your phone will not boot-up.

Reset the Phone from Settings:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap System.
  2. Tap Reset options on the screen that follows.
  3. Select Erase all data (factory reset).

Android factory reset to get out of safe mode

Factory Reset Android

Reset the Phone from Recovery Mode:

Step 1. Reboot your phone into recovery mode. The key combination to do this varies by device. On most phones, press Volume Down and Power at the same time to do this.

Step 2. Select the Wipe data/factory reset option.

What is Android's recovery mode

Factory Reset Android from Settings

Note: make sure you back up your important data before you reset your device.

Fix 6. Bring the Phone to a Repair Center

If the mentioned tips failed to help you out of the problem, your phone should be fixed now. In case it is not, your last resort is to bring it to a repair shop. You usually need to do this when you cannot resolve a software issue by yourself, or if your phone is physically damaged.

Find a trustworthy after-sales service shop around you, bring your phone there, and let the technicians take a look into the issue for you.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to fix white screen on phone. You might start panicking when you see your phone shows nothing but the white screen. However, this issue is not as difficult with the help of DroidKit. Use one of the solutions above and bring your phone back to normal.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Descarga gratuita * 100% limpio y seguro

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Easy Ways to Fix White Screen of Death on your Android Phones/Tablets

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How to fix white screen of death on your Android phones/tablets

The use of an Android phone offers beneficial benefits. It became more interesting with tablets where you can watch videos, movies, surf the web and enjoy other Internet services at your convenience. Sans however, your Android phone can be shorted with a white screen, leaving your phone blank for minutes. As the name “white screen of death” implies, your phone screen turns white and you start worrying if you can fix it. The reality is that there are ways to fix the white screen of death on Android phones or tablets, and you don’t need to spend anything or go to a phone technician.

At first, the White Screen of Death only occurs slowly and then it becomes frequent. Many have inflicted further damage to their Android phones or tablets due to unprofessional phone technicians. Perhaps, you are upset and yourself “Why does my phone screen turn white when I turn it on?” Maybe you notice your phone screen slowly turning white or your phone screen flickering after water damage. We have highlighted three ways to fix white screen of death on Android phones and tablets without much stress.

1. Fix the white screen of death by restarting or restoring factory settings

Android phones and tablets are just like the normal laptop or desktop system that exhibits the feature of freezing or better yet the popular parlance “hang” and won’t work until you reboot. One of the reliable ways to fix white screen of death on Android phones or tablets is to restart your phone. First, press the power button and volume  down button  together, then tap restart.

Once your phone restarts, it might be caused by a virus that causes the phone’s IOS not to load in time. The solution is to do a factory reset so your phone can work fine again without worrying about the white screen of death. However, we understand that you may have some files on your phone, so it’s ideal to move them onto a memory card or use a Gmail backup. Pour factory restore on your phone, follow the next step :

  • Click Setup  in the Android phone or tablet menu.
  • Locate  Backup and Restore , click on it and follow the process until everything is ready.

Note: Some Android phones may need memory insertion, and on some Android phones, you’ll find  Backup and Restore  under the System icon . The same applies to tablets.

2. Clear app cache and data, then uninstall unnecessary apps.

It is another reliable way to fix white screen of death on Android phones/tablets, although it can be stressful because you have to go through all the apps on your phone and repeat the process. When there is too much app with too much app and cache, it is inevitable that your phone will have a white screen. It is worse when you have applications that are not even necessary or an updated version that is superior to the IOS of your phone. You will need to uninstall them no matter what purpose they serve. To clear the data and cache of the application, follow these processes:

  • Click on  Configuration  in the menu of your phone
  • Click on  Apps and notifications
  • Touch the first app on your phone; it can be the twitter application
  • Locate  Storage and cache  and click on it
  • Click  Clear Cache 

Repeat this process for all the apps on your phone and you’re good to go.

3. Take your phone to a professional technician to check for any technical faults.

Sometimes the reason for the white screen of death on your Android phone or tablet could be a technical glitch. One of the reliable ways to fix white screen of death on Android phones/tablets is to take it to a professional technician. For example, the following technical failure could occur:

  • suelto LCD connector
  • Internal damage (could fall out of your hand or pocket, fall into water, or sit on it unknowingly)
  • disconnected cable

These are glitches you have no control over and you don’t attempt to unless you have reliable phone repair knowledge. 

However, we understand that fixing the white screen of death on your Android phone or tablet can be tricky due to the large number of unprofessional phone technicians out there. The only reliable solution is to visit Carlcare, where a trained and professional technician will access your phone and repair it in minutes or hours, depending on the problem. We are not difficult to locate as our office location, social media handles and contacts are all over the internet. Go to our nearest office and we will make your phone work properly as when you bought it again.

Google Google translator

Google Google Translate

Video Android tablet white screen of death fix

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