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AdBlock Plus – hide targeted messages popup

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Chris Jonot

  • 6 months ago

If you see a message on an Adblock Plus PC asking if you want to hide targeted messages, you can safely select ‘ Yes ‘ and then the message will stop appearing



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AdBlock Plus – hide targeted messages popup

If you see a message on an Adblock Plus PC asking if you want to hide targeted messages, you can safely select ‘ Yes ‘ and then the message will stop appearing



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I see a popup asking if I want to hide targeted messages

Rhana Cassidy

Modified on: Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 10:56

Update November 25, 2017: This week, a faulty filter in one of the filter lists used by AdBlock, the Adblock Warning Removal List, caused this notification to appear constantly. The authors of the list (not affiliated with AdBlock) fixed the filter and updated the list. AdBlock received the update automatically.

If you see the “Hide Directed Messages” notification and it doesn’t appear consistently, this is expected behavior. Keep reading!

What’s going on?

You visit a website and a small box appears that looks like the image below.


What does mean?

This site is known to display messages targeting AdBlock users. The current website is on a list of sites known to use annoying messages to ask visitors to disable AdBlock. “Obtrusive” posts are those that pop up and take up the whole screen, like the one on Sites that display discreet requests, such as, are not included in the list.

Do you want AdBlock to hide targeted messages? Do you want to enable a list of filters in AdBlock that can prevent these websites from showing you annoying requests to disable AdBlock?

The list of filters is called the Adblock warning suppression list. Note the lowercase “b” in “Adblock”. This filter list suppresses warnings about ad blockers in general, not AdBlock specifically. Subscribing to this list of filters is a technique for accessing the content of anti-ad blocking sites.

The notification should only appear the first time you visit a website on Adblock’s warning removal list when the list is disabled.

What can I do about this?

Click Yes to enable Adblock warning suppression list. Click No to leave the filter list disabled. Either way, you should no longer see the message. Making a choice tells AdBlock that it no longer needs to show you the notification.

If you close the notification without selecting Yes or No , it will return the next time you visit a website included in Adblock’s warning suppression list.

The website you are currently visiting when the notification appears is the one to which the notification refers. However, the choice you make applies to all websites you visit from that moment on. The settings are not specific to any website. All the notification does is make it easy to enable or disable the Adblock warning removal list. You can easily do this manually in the FILTER LISTS tab in AdBlock’s options.

I clicked “Yes” but changed my mind.

If you clicked Yes but now want to allow sites to show you requests to disable AdBlock, whether annoying or not, disable the AdBlock warning suppression list in AdBlock options , FILTER LISTS tab.

I clicked “No”, but changed my mind.

If you clicked No but are tired of seeing annoying requests to disable AdBlock, please enable AdBlock warning suppression list in AdBlock options, FILTER LISTS tab.

Please note that the Adblock warning removal list may not be able to prevent all websites from displaying AdBlock opt-out requests. If an application is not blocked and the site does not allow you to view its content with AdBlock running, see this article for guidance.

Video Adblock hide targeted messages

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