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How to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in Chrome (9 consequences)

Brian Jackson, October 7, 2022


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In a digital world enganchado to the instantaneous gratification, one of the últimas cases queeres experimental cuando navegas is an error message, such as ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED . This could be incredibly frustrating and included could be a sign of serious harm.

Para los usuarios average, los errors really confusos son aquellos en los that a veces can be ser difícil to distinguish between a problem cons su site of WordPress y otra cosa, como a problem of red o del navegador.

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The “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” message is a particularly common and usually unrelated to WordPress site error message that you will sometimes see in Chrome. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to identify the cause of this problem. In this article, we will explain what the message means and how to fix it. This usually involves the following steps:

  1. Check if the page itself is down.
  2. Restart your router.
  3. Clear your browser’s cache.
  4. Evaluate your proxy settings and adjust them if necessary.
  5. Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall software.
  6. Clear your DNS cache.
  7. Change your DNS address.
  8. Désactivez toutes les extensions Chrome obsolètes.
  9. Réinstallez votre navigateur Chrome.

But first, let’s take a deeper look into what this error actually means.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error?
  2. How to Fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error in Chrome (9 Possible Solutions)
  3. What to Do If None of These Solutions Work

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Unfortunately, encountering errors comes hand-in-hand with using the internet. There are hundreds of possibilities, from the white screen of death to the classic 404 error , the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error or the ERR_CACHE_MISS. Trust us, our support team deals with all sorts of WordPress errors on a daily basis. So this is nothing new for us.

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Google Chrome (This site can’t be reached)

In Google Chrome, users may also be familiar with the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED page . You will see a message stating:

This site is inaccessible or This web page is not available.

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in Google ChromeERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in Google Chrome

When you visit a website using Google Chrome and encounter this message, it means that your login attempt was denied. This error code also appears in other browsers, but in different forms.

A similar message that can also appear here is the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error, which is a DNS error that reports that the requested domain name does not exist.

Mozilla Firefox (unable to connect error)

In Mozilla Firefox it will just show as Unable to connect .

Firefox cannot establish a connection to the server at

Unable to connect error in Mozilla FirefoxUnable to Connect Error in Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge (Hmmm… can’t access this page Error)

In Microsoft Edge, it will simply show as  Hmmm… can’t reach this page . Which isn’t very helpful.

Make sure you have the correct web address:

Microsoft Edge Hmmm... no se puede acceder a esta page ErrorMicrosoft Edge Hmmm… can’t access this page Error

L’erreur ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED est parfois causée par un problème côté serveur, plutôt que par un problème lié à votre tentative de connexion individuelle. Ce n’est généralement rien de grave et peut simplement être le résultat de paramètres de pare-feu ou de serveur incorrects. Cependant, cela peut également être le signe que quelque chose de plus important s’est mal passé, comme une attaque de logiciel malveillant ou un temps d’arrêt inattendu. Une connexion Internet peu fiable peut également y contribuer.

As with most error messages, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED lets you know that something has gone wrong, without being kind enough to tell you why it’s happened. This means it’s up to you to find and resolve the root issue (if possible). [CTA]

How to Fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error in Chrome (9 Possible Solutions)

Although the range of potential causes can make troubleshooting tricky, it is possible to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. Let’s walk through nine steps you can take, starting with the ones most likely to provide an answer.

1. Check the Status of the Website

Your first port of call should be to check the status of the website you’re trying to access. As we’ve already mentioned, the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error can sometimes be caused by the site’s server, rather than your own internet connection.

Un moyen simple de vérifier si c’est le cas est de visiter une autre page Web. Si le message d’erreur se reproduit, le problème provient probablement de votre connexion. Si la deuxième page se charge correctement, cependant, le premier site était probablement en faute.

Vous pouvez également utiliser Down For Everyone ou Just Me :

¿Abajo para todos o solo para mi?Down with everyone or just me?

Enter the address of the page that is not working, and click Or just me?. This site will then evaluate whether the page is offline (down) or online (up). Unfortunately, when a page is down, the only thing you can do is wait for it to be fixed. However, if the page is open and still not loading for you, it’s time for some additional troubleshooting.

2. Restart your router

As a tried-and-tested method for fixing many internet-related issues, your next step will be to try ‘turning it off and back on again’. Restarting your home or office router doesn’t come with a 100% success guarantee. However, the process takes just a few minutes, so it’s more than worth a try when you’re dealing with a potential connection issue.

To do this, disconnect the power supply to your router. You’ll then need to wait for about 30 seconds, before plugging it back in. Once the router has booted up again, try to access the page that returned an error. If it loads, then you’re good to go. If not, there’s likely another cause at play.

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3. Clear your browser cache

Like any good internet browser, Chrome will store information in its cache on your computer or device. This includes your browsing history, saved login data and cookies – all of which are saved in order to load relevant pages faster on their next visit.

Although useful, caches can cause a lot of problems when they become outdated. This is because the cached version of a page will likely no longer match the current live version. Fortunately, this problem is easily fixed by clearing your cache.

But before that, you can easily check if it is a browser cache issue by first opening your browser in incognito mode. Or you can try another browser. If you still see the error, then you will need to clear your cache.

To do this, start by opening Chrome’s main menu (in the upper-right corner of your browser window). From there, select More tools: You can then click on Clear browser data.

Borrar chrome navigation dataChrome clear browsing data

On the resulting page, you will need to ensure that all listed file categories are selected. If not, Chrome will not be able to clear all cache. Instead, it will just delete the most recent entries, which won’t have the desired effect:

Delete browsing dataClear browsing data

Another way to complete this process is to enter the following URL into your address bar:


The resulting screen should give you access to the same options as described above. Here are some other useful links for clearing the cache.

  • How to force a single page refresh for all browsers
  • How to Clear Browser Cache for Google Chrome
  • How to Clear Browser Cache for Mozilla Firefox
  • Comment effacer le cache du navigateur pour Safari
  • Comment effacer le cache du navigateur pour Internet Explorer
  • Comment effacer le cache du navigateur pour Microsoft Edge
  • How to Clear Browser Cache for Opera

4. Assess Your Proxy Settings and Adjust Them as Needed

With security threats consistently on the rise, it’s no wonder that many people are now using individual solutions to protect their sensitive data. A popular way of doing this is through the use of proxy servers.

A proxy lets you go online under a different IP address, and acts as an intermediary between your browser and the websites you visit. As well as keeping your IP address private, it can also help to filter cache data and server communications.

Just as with caching, a proxy server can be useful, but it can also cause the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message. For example, a web server might reject the IP address attached to a proxy server, and then reject the actual connection as a result.

Il est également possible que le proxy soit hors ligne ou mal configuré. En bref, si le message d’erreur en question se produit, cela vaut la peine de vérifier vos paramètres de proxy.

Chrome a en fait sa propre section proxy, ce qui peut faire de cette étape un processus particulièrement simple. Après tout, vous n’aurez pas besoin de passer du temps à chercher les bons outils dans votre navigateur.

To get started, go to your Chrome browser’s Settings menu. This will open the full options menu. Under the System section (you’ll need to click Advanced at the bottom to see this) you should find an entry labeled Open proxy settings. By selecting it, you will be redirected to the corresponding menu:

Open proxy configuration in ChromeOpen proxy settings in Chrome

Your next step depends on the system you are currently using. Windows users will want to click LAN Settings and uncheck the Use proxy server for LAN option. If you are a Mac user, you should immediately find yourself in the corresponding menu. You will then need to uncheck all selectable proxy protocols and check if the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message has been resolved.

Remove proxies on MacUncheck proxies on Mac

5. Désactivez temporairement le pare-feu et le logiciel antivirus

Les pare-feu et les logiciels antivirus sont destinés à protéger les utilisateurs et leurs systèmes. Ils analysent régulièrement votre appareil et bloquent automatiquement toute activité suspecte. Cependant, vous pouvez commencer à remarquer un thème récurrent ici, car (tout comme avec la mise en cache et les serveurs proxy), ce type de sécurité avancée peut parfois entraîner des problèmes de connexion.

This is because firewalls can often block pages they don’t need to, or reject content that is completely safe. To check whether this is the case for you, try disabling your firewall and antivirus programs. Of course, this is only advised if you know for sure that the site you’re intending to visit is safe.

Additionally, you should only disable this kind of software temporarily. Switch it back on after you’ve finished checking to see whether the error has been resolved, so you don’t become vulnerable to attacks. If you repeatedly encounter errors because of your firewall or antivirus software, you may want to consider changing what you’re using.

6. Clear Your DNS Cache

As somewhat of an extension to an earlier troubleshooting step, your next task will be to clear your DNS cache. Although most people are aware that their browser creates a cache, not as many know that their operating system does the same thing.

For example, your DNS cache contains all of the temporary entries for pages you’ve accessed with your browser. These entries store key information related to the domain names and addresses of the pages you’ve visited.

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Le but de cette fonctionnalité est similaire à celui des autres types de caches. Il accélère le processus de chargement, car il élimine le besoin de contacter le serveur DNS d’un site à plusieurs reprises. Cela vous fera gagner du temps à long terme. Cependant, vous pouvez parfois rencontrer des problèmes à court terme.

Si une entrée stockée ne correspond plus à la version actuelle du site Web auquel elle se réfère, des erreurs techniques telles que le message ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED ne sont pas inhabituelles. Heureusement, vider votre cache DNS est une solution simple et rapide.

Encore une fois, la manière dont vous procéderez dépendra de votre système d’exploitation.

les fenêtres

Launch the Start menu by pressing the Windows key and search for “CMD”. This should return the command prompt.

ventanas of the symbol of the systemCommand Prompt in Windows

In the command prompt, run the following command:

ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig vaciar dnsipconfig /flushdns

You will then see a confirmation that it has successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache.

hidden dns resolution vaciadaCleared DNS resolver cache

For the purposes of this article, we’ll walk you through the process when using a Mac – although you can find plenty of useful resources online if you’re a Windows fan.


On a Mac, you will need to do the following:

Click “Go” on the toolbar, then click “Utilities”. (Shift-Command-U)

Mac utilitiesMac utilities

Open the terminal.

terminal macTerminal Mac

Run the following command. You will need administrator access to do this.

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder && echo macOS Reset Mac DNS Hidden BorrarDNS Cache Clear Mac DNS Cache

When you’re done, try accessing the problem site again. Hopefully if you followed all our advice it should work now. Otherwise, your DNS may need more attention.

7. Change your DNS address

As we mentioned above, an outdated DNS cache entry is a potential source of issues such as the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message. However, the DNS address itself can also be responsible for such issues. Indeed, it can often become overloaded, or even completely offline.

In most cases, your DNS server address is automatically obtained from your Internet service provider. However, you can also modify it if necessary. How you do this will again depend on the operating system you are using.

Let’s explore how Mac users can complete this process. First, you will need to open System Preferences. On the resulting screen, select the option marked Network. You will then need to click on Advanced:

mac advanced redAdvanced Mac Network

From there, select the DNS option which is at the top of the screen. To add a new DNS server, click the + button. To edit an existing DNS server instead, double-click the DNS IP address you want to adjust:

red dnsNetwork DNS

Vous pouvez essayer de les remplacer temporairement par un serveur DNS public, tel que Google ou Cloudflare.

  • Certains préfèrent utiliser le DNS public de Google ( et à long terme car ils sont parfois plus fiables.
  • Cloudflare propose également son DNS gratuit sécurisé et ultra rapide ( et

Conseil : si vous utilisez déjà un serveur DNS gratuit et que vous rencontrez des problèmes, sa suppression et le retour par défaut aux serveurs DNS de votre FAI résolvent parfois les problèmes. Google et Cloudflare ne sont pas parfaits à 100 % et il y a eu quelques cas où nous avons remarqué que le retour en arrière avait résolu le problème.

You can then attempt to access the site again – and cross your fingers.

8. Disable Any Chrome Extensions

There’s no denying that installing extensions often contributes to a more well-rounded Google Chrome experience. The many extensions on offer can add key features, and even help to automate complex processes.

However, a large number of the extensions available for Google Chrome are not developed by the browser’s developers. Instead, they’re usually created by third parties. This can mean there’s no real guarantee they’ll work as you intended, or that they will be correctly updated over time.

Incorrect or outdated extensions are likely to cause numerous issues – including the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message. For this reason, it’s important to regularly audit the extensions that are attached to your browser.

To do that, first open the Extensions menu in your Chrome browser. You can then begin to assess each of your installed extensions in turn. Start by questioning whether you actually need each one. If an extension is no longer necessary, you can simply remove it.

Next, find out when each extension that you want to keep was last updated. Ideally, it should have been updated within the last three months. Anything longer than that could be a sign that the extension is being neglected by its developers. If possible, you’ll want to remove those extensions and replace them with newer alternatives.

Of course, new (and fully updated) extensions can still sometimes cause problems. If you suspect that this is the case, begin by disabling all of your attached extensions. If the site you’ve been trying to access loads after doing this, you’ll know that at least one of them is at fault. You can then reactivate one extension at a time, until you’ve honed in on the problem software.

9. Reinstall the Chrome Browser

As with any other application, Chrome itself is never going to be completely bug-free. Your installation of the browser can contain various issues, especially if it hasn’t been updated in a while. What’s more, problems between your browser and operating system are surprisingly common.

As a result, sometimes the only solution is to completely reinstall Chrome. You can do this by removing the current installation from your device. You can then download the most recent version of the browser by visiting the official Chrome website.

What to Do If None of These Solutions Work

If none of the solutions we’ve walked you through fixes the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message, it’s usually a sign that something more serious has gone wrong on the server-side (in other words, with the website itself).

Unfortunately, in this scenario, the only thing you can do is be patient. It’s likely that the website’s owners are working hard to resolve any issues, and it will resume business as usual before too long.

With expert know-how and fast feedback, our support team will never let an error stand in the way of your website and its visitors. Try Kinsta for Free.

If accessing the site is a matter of urgency, you could try reaching out to its owners directly. There are numerous ways to do this, although social media and email are particularly effective – and unlikely to be affected by any website downtime.

Explain the problem you’re facing, and mention that you’ve tried several solutions to no avail. Hopefully, the team behind the website should get back to you and discuss the best course of action. You may even be doing them a favor, if you happen to make them aware of an issue they didn’t know was preventing access to their site.

If you’re a Kinsta customer and it’s your own WordPress site that’s having issues, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We are here to help you 24/7.

Browser errors are never fun. 😩 Here are some tips to fix the stubborn error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.Click to tweet the summary

While connection errors are endlessly frustrating, it’s important to remember that they can often be fixed. Your first stop should always be to check if the problem is with the webpage itself. If the problem is with your own connection, on the other hand, you’ll need to do a bit of work to get things back up and running.

To try to resolve the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message, you can:

  1. Vérifiez si la page elle-même est descendue.
  2. Redémarrez votre routeur.
  3. Videz le cache de votre navigateur.
  4. Assess your proxy settings and adjust them as needed.
  5. Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall software.
  6. Flush your DNS cache.
  7. Change your DNS address.
  8. Disable any outdated Chrome extensions.
  9. Reinstall your Chrome browser.

Do you have any more questions about this particular error message, or is there another commonly-encountered problem that you’d like us to explore? Let us know in the comments section below!

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ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED: The best solutions when dealing with this Chrome error

Connection errors are equally annoying for visitors and website operators. However, very few of these error messages are caused by the website itself. Usually, the problem lies on the visitor’s end and they can correct it themselves. However, the situation can quickly become frustrating if you try to fix it without any information. One of the most persistent errors is the message “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”, which should be well known to most Chrome users. If the 102 error appears in Google’s browser, it is usually not enough to reload the page or access it again at a later time.


  1. What is behind the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Chrome error?
  2. How to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message
    1. Solution 1: Check the website status
    2. Solution 2: Restart the router
    3. Solution 3: Clear Browser Cache
    4. Solution 4: Check proxy settings and adjust them if necessary
    5. Solution 5: Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus software
    6. Solution 6: Clear DNS cache (DNS flush)
    7. Solution 7: Change DNS server
    8. Solution 8: Disable Chrome extensions
    9. Solution 9: Reinstalling Chrome
    10. Solution 10: Contact provider

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What is behind the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Chrome error?

When you visit a website with Google Chrome and receive the error message ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, it means that your attempt to connect with the page was refused. While the error message with the error code 102 only appears in this form on Google Chrome, the problem itself also occurs on other browsers like Firefox if a connection to the target website is unavailable or impossible. The ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error is a client-side problem that can be caused by incorrect firewall, system or browser settings, but also by malware or a faulty Internet connection. In exceptional cases, however, the message is also displayed if the website is unavailable (however, other messages are provided for this by default).

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message in Google Chrome. If the 102 error appears on Google Chrome, the browser first provides instructions on how to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message.

The connection error does not necessarily affect website visitors, as the following example shows: if web developers work with Google Chrome and temporary local addresses for individual resources of a website, these addresses are often inaccessible when their URLs end on .localhost. The ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message in this case is due to a security feature introduced on Chrome version 43 that automatically blocks these localhost subdomains.


A rejected connection message may appear regardless of the operating system used. You can therefore encounter an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message on Windows 10, as well as on a Mac. Android users can also be confronted with the connection problem if they use Chrome.

How to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message

The fact that the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message appears almost always due to a client-side misconfiguration or a technical problem on the user’s side means that you have the chance to fix the problem on your own. However, the difficulty is that there are many potential causes of errors that can be responsible for blocking the connection. However, the browser message does not indicate what prevented the desired page from being accessed in the specific case. Therefore, you have no other choice than to try out the various solutions one by one until the error is corrected and the website can be accessed again as usual.

Which methods for correcting the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message are most likely to succeed?

Solution 1: Check the website status

Before looking for a solution to your internet connection and the internet or browser settings, you should rule out that the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error is caused by the contacted web server. Even if the likelihood of this is minimal, you should first check if the website is just offline and the Chrome 102 error is displayed instead of the usual messages like a HTTP 503 message.

In principle, you have two options for checking the status of the website: the classic way is to try and access other sites. If these can be loaded without the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message, this is a clear sign of a server-side problem on the actual target page. A second option is to use the web tool Down For Everyone Or Just Me?. Enter the web address of the non-functioning webpage and start a quick check by clicking on “or just me?” to check the general functionality of this page. After a few seconds, you will receive a result: the website is offline (“down”) or online (“up”).

The herramienta in line "¿Abajo para todos o solo para mí?". Down for Everyone or Just Me? not just shows the website’s status, but also lists existing reviews and information about the respective hosting provider.

Solution 2: Restart the router

One of the most common solutions to various errors on the internet is to restart the network device that connects you to the internet. Although the chance of success is rather low in most cases, you should also try this when this ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message appears – especially since restarting the router is a matter of a few minutes. Just disconnect the power supply by unplugging the router’s power supply and wait about 30 seconds before reconnect with the plug. When the router boots up again, try to access the target website again with your browser. If the connection problem persists, there must be another cause.

Solution 3: Clear Browser Cache

Like all internet browsers, Chrome stores a lot of information in the program’s cache. These include the history of visited websites, cookies, or static content like images or log-in data, which are recorded in the cache in order to be able to load the corresponding pages more quickly the next time they are accessed. However, this can become a problem if these cache states are outdated and therefore no longer match the current version of the contacted website. A possible solution to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message in Chrome is to clear the Google Chrome’s browser cache.

The menu needed to achieve this can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Click on the three-point symbol in the browser’s menu bar and then select “more tools” and click on “delete browser data”.
  2. Access the address chrome://settings/clearBrowserData on the Chrome address line.

In both cases, you can go directly to the browser cache menu, where you can remove the cache files with a single click on the “DELETE DATA” button. Please make sure that all listed file categories, as well as the option “total time” (under “period”) are selected, otherwise Chrome will not empty the entire cache, just certain files and the cache from the last couple of hours or days.

Delete browser data in Google Chrome. After clearing the Chrome cache, some websites may take longer to build than usual – but the “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” error message may be fixed on Windows 10.

Solution 4: Check proxy settings and adjust them if necessary

The protection of privacy on the internet has been an important issue for browser manufacturers and users for years. However, the increasingly important role security features have played in the development of websites does not prevent many users from using individual solutions to protect their own data. Particularly popular is the use of proxy servers, which act as an intermediary between the browser and websites. In this way, they can filter communication and cache data, as well as keep the IP address of the user secret from the contacted web server.

However, there are various scenarios in which a proxy server can cause problems like the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message. For example, the web server could block the proxy or its IP address and therefore reject the connection. Another possible source of errors is the caching function of the proxy servers – as soon as the cache contains obsolete data, connection errors cannot be excluded. Of course, it is also possible that the proxy is offline or incorrectly configured, which would also cause the connection to fail.

If you receive a message like the Chrome 102 error, it is recommended to check your own proxy settings and delete registered servers in case of doubt. For this purpose, Chrome even has its own entry in the browser options, which saves you having to search for the corresponding menu in your system settings. In the first step, open the Chromes settings by entering the following address in the search bar:



Click on “advanced” to open the complete menu. Under “system”, you will find the entry “open proxy settings”, which takes you to the corresponding menu on your operating system.

Advanced Chrome Setup: System If you do not want to open the proxy settings via Chrome, you can also load them in the usual way.

Windows users then click on “LAN settings” and uncheck (if necessary) “use proxy server for LAN”. Mac users immediately land in the appropriate menu and only have to uncheck all selectable proxy protocols.

Solution 5: Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus software

Firewalls and programs against malware and the like also serve to protect users and systems. To this end, they filter network traffic and scan the system at regular intervals to automatically block malicious and conspicuous (potentially unsafe) pages or detect known malware. However, as important as this security software is, it is also problematic if it unjustly blocks pages or content and therefore prevents connections from being established.

In order to protect your privacy, the video will not load until you click on it.

A solution to the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message is therefore to temporarily deactivate the firewall and the like. If the project can then be called up, you know the cause of the connection problem and can make corresponding changes to the programs filter lists. Alternatively, you can switch to other security tools.

Solution 6: Clear DNS cache (DNS flush)

While most people are probably aware of the browser cache, only a few internet users know that the operating system also collects information about browsing habits. For example, the DNS cache contains temporary entries for all pages that you have called up with your browser. In detail, these entries contain all the information required for the name resolution of the respective domain addresses, which means that the DNS cache performs a similar task as the browser cache (acceleration of the loading process). This caching eliminates the need to contact a DNS server again, saving a lot of time.

However, the fact that the query is answered directly from the cache is not always an advantage. If an entry no longer matches the current version of the website, technical problems and connection errors like the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message are not unusual. The simple and quick solution is to clear the DNS cache, which you can easily do from your systems command line. With Windows, the command required for this is as follows:

ipconfig /flushdns


You can find out what the corresponding commands for macOS and Linux look like in our guide – including more information about the DNS cache and DNS flush.

Solution 7: Change DNS server

Name resolution is one of the basic building blocks of computer network functionality. This means that an outdated DNS entry is not the only potential source of errors like the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message on Android and iOS that originates from the Domain Name System. The DNS server itself can also be responsible for these kinds of connection errors if it does not function properly, for example, because it is overloaded or even offline.

In most cases, the DNS server address is automatically obtained from the internet provider, although selected name server can easily be entered for name resolution. The Google servers ( and and the CDN provider Cloudflare ( and are particularly recommended.

Solution 8: Disable Chrome extensions

Extensions broaden the functionality of your Chrome installation, but the majority of these are not from Google, instead they have been developed by third parties. If you use extensions, you have no guarantee that they will work as intended, and will be updated regularly (to be compatible with the current Chrome version). Since incorrect or obsolete extensions can also cause error messages like ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, you should always consider a thorough check of the chrome add-ons you have installed. First, open the “extensions” menu by accessing the following address:



The individual extensions can now be deactivated by moving the slider to the left:

List of extensions installed in Google Chrome Click on the “Details” button to display detailed information about the installed Chrome extensions.

If the target website can be executed correctly after you have switched off all extensions, you know that at least one extension is responsible for the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message. Activate the extensions one after the other to find the culprit(s) and then delete them using the “REMOVE” button.

Solution 9: Reinstalling Chrome

Like any other application, Chrome is not bug-free. Many errors can be quickly corrected thanks to regular updates, but problemsbetween the browser and the operating system can still occur, which cannot be solved despite updates. If this even results in connection errors like the 102 error, you will usually just have to completely reinstall Chrome completely. You can delete the current installation from your software center and download the required file for a new installation from the official Chrome Website.

Solution 10: Contact provider

While you can change DNS servers on your own and therefore replace the standard solution of your internet provider, you have no influence whatsoever on the packet filtering performed by your provider. Since there is at least the possibility that this blocks the website you are targeting through the provider’s own firewall system, you should not hesitate to contact support if these DIY solutions are not successful. If you are lucky, the page in question is actually blocked, so it is sufficient to order an unblocking to correct the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error.

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How to solve google chrome “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” issue in windows 10 when server is running on Ubuntu 18.04?

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I am trying to run this project on Ubuntu 18.04 server. I am running both server and client on this machine. Then from windows 10 with port 9000 I am getting access to client in my chrome browser at http://localhost:8000/#/

The browser loads the project but the problem is I can’t log into the website with trusted account and some other data do not get loaded . When I see browser console I see an error message saying:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

This is the server setting: Go to the description of the image above

This is the client setting and putty setting to connect to client. Go to the description of the image above

VPN has been used to connect to server via PuTTY.

The error message in browser: Go to the description of the image above

Could anyone shed some light on this issue? Is it related to windows 10 or VPN or some other issues? I followed some steps from here

  • windows
  • google-chrome
  • flask
  • vpn
  • ubuntu-18.04


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asked Jan 12, 2020 at 1:30

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Par défaut, l’environnement de développement Flask utilise (localhost), ce qui limite l’accès aux processus sur le même hôte (à l’exception des machines virtuelles/conteneurs, qui ne sont pas un facteur ici).

Pour accéder à Flask depuis l’extérieur de localhost (par exemple, depuis votre machine Windows 10), utilisez l’adresse IP (Vous pouvez le passer à run(), ou via une option de ligne de commande de la commande flask.

Cependant, notez les avertissements concernant (ne pas) utiliser l’environnement de développement pour une utilisation en production.


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  • The IP address has already been used here.

    – Shadekur Rahman

    Jan 12, 2020 at 3:38 am

  • Your logs show in use. How are you launching the app? If you’re using the flask command, it’s doing the run() for you. flask –help will point you in the right direction.

    – Dave W. Smith

    Jan 12, 2020 at 5:32 am

  • The client is also hosted on Ubuntu server. Windows 10 (port 8000) is just listening to remote host client (port 9000)

    – Shadekur Rahman

    Jan 12, 2020 at 7:07 am

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