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Troubleshooting Google Chrome Invalid URL Error

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Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser in the world. It’s fast, secure, and highly customizable thanks to the plethora of extensions users can download from the Chrome Store.

But despite its reliability, even Chrome can sometimes display various errors that prevent users from accessing the websites they want to visit. And one of these issues is invalid URL error which can occur even after users copy and paste the problematic URLs.

What does it mean when it says invalid URL? What is an invalid URL?

A URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the web address of a specific web page. If your browser says the URL is invalid, it can often mean one of five things:

  • The page does not exist – it has been removed or removed, or the owner has closed the website completely.
  • You misspelled the URL; there may have been a typo in the web address, you added an extra character, or you forgot to enter one or more characters).
  • The URL is incomplete: parts of the URL are missing.
  • The page you are trying to access was redirected to another page or website, but the redirect was not done properly by the developers.
  • You are not allowed to visit the respective website.

How to Fix Invalid URL Issues in Chrome

First, make sure the page you want to visit exists and you entered the web address correctly.

1. Clear browser cache and disable extensions

If you get the Invalid URL error when trying to access a webpage from a bookmarked URL, you may need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Here’s how to clear your cache in Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome and click on the Menu button
  2. Select History and click History again
  3. Click Clear browser data  on the left panel
  4. Select the time range (we suggest selecting the 4 week option) and check all three boxes to delete browsing history, cookies and other site data, and cached images and files.clear chrome browser cache cookies clear chrome browser cache cookies
  5. Tap the Clear Data button and wait for your browsing history and cache to be completely cleared.

Restart your browser and see if you get the same invalid URL message. If the error persists, try disabling all extensions in your browser.

2. Log out of your Google account

Signing out of your Google Account, closing the browser, and then signing back in is a proven method that can fix many Chrome browsing issues.

Alternatively, if you have a second Google account, you can use that to sign in and test if the problem persists with another account. If not, you may need to create a new Google Account.

3.Reinstall Chrome

Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome can help you to fix various glitches related to the extensions you’re using, pop-ups, Chrome updates, browsing problems, and more.

Ten en cuenta que si aceptas eliminar los datos relacionados con tu profile de usuario al desinstalar Chrome, los perderás. To recover it partially, you can enable the option of synchronization of data and deberia to restore algunos of the associated data with its profile of usuario eliminado of the servants of Google.

4. Usa otro navegador

Si tiene prisa y desea acceder a la URL problemática lo más rápido posible, puede cambiar a un navegador diferente y verificar si funciona.

Es posible que algunos sitios web, especialmente los sitios web antiguos que no se han actualizado durante mucho tiempo, no estén completamente optimizados para las últimas actualizaciones del navegador y que Chrome no pueda abrir ciertas páginas web.

5. Revisa tus permisos

Si obtiene el error de URL no válida cuando intenta acceder a encuestas u otros recursos en línea relacionados con sus tareas laborales, esto puede indicar que la encuesta respectiva no se le ha asignado o que no tiene los permisos necesarios para acceder a la página web respectiva.

Póngase in contacto con su administrador de TI or con el owner del documento/página web y pídales qu’verueben if este problema ha desencadenado par una configuration de permisos incomplete or faltante.

Listo, esperamos que algo haya ayudado, y el mensaje de URL invalida ya no está.

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Invalid Facebook URL with Classic Access Point

When setting up the Facebook Like or Subscribe social action on your homepage, you see the following error “Invalid Facebook URL”, like in this image. User added image What happened

The URL provided is not in the correct format and cannot be recognized by Facebook. Consider that Facebook makes Facebook pages accessible via multiple URLs, which can be swapped (all of which will work if you try to access them through the browser). For example, these can be equivalent URLs of the same Facebook page:


  The solution

Of the alternative URLs above, you should use the last one, removing the “/pages/” part of the URL and leaving only the page number (also known as page ID) or page name. This way the error will go away.  

NOTE Also ensure that the Facebook page meets the requirements for the specific social action: Facebook page requirements for likes Facebook page requirements for registration


Video Error not a valid facebook page url

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