Error loading stream id not found on server

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JWPlayer 6 error message “Error loading stream: ID not found on server”


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I use JWPlayer to connect to Wowza Media Server. I am using RTML URL to login. When I make a video request, I can see the video playing very clearly and with good video quality. But sometimes I get the message “Error loading feed: ID not found on server”. 80% of video requests are successful, but 20% of video requests display this error message. I connect to Wowza Media Server. I contacted JWplayer support team but they replied saying it might be wowza server side. I checked the wowza logs and sometimes I get the NetConnection Fail message, but the logs also show the client disconnecting.

The javascript code for the JW player is as follows:

jwplayer(“myElement”).setup({ ‘file’: url, ‘flashplayer’: ‘jwplayer.flash.swf’, ‘provider’: ‘rtmp’, rtmp: { ‘bufferlength’: 5 }, ‘primary’: “flash”, ‘wmode’: ‘opaque’, ‘autostart’: ‘true’, ‘allowfullscreen’: ‘true’, ‘controlbar’: ‘none’, ‘controlbar.idlehide’: ‘true’, ‘logo.hide ‘: ‘true’, ‘image’: imageurl, ‘stretching’: ‘exactfit’, ‘height’: ‘500px’, ‘width’: ‘500px’ }); jwplayer(“myElement”).onError(function(event){ setTimeout(function () { jwplayer(“myElement”).load([{‘file’:url}]); },5000); } );

I ran wireshark on my Windows machine and I can see the following error message NetConnection.connect.Rejected. The client disconnects and attempts to reconnect, but fails to connect and displays the error message “Error loading stream: ID not found on server”.

It’s JW Player because when I click start video, JW player shows the buffer icon visible on the screen and doesn’t show the video, only shows the buffer icon buffer at the moment if I maximize the video, the video plays immediately. I also managed to find links similar to my error message for JWPlayer 6 but they use a secure token but I’m not doing any authentication on the wowza side so I don’t have to worry about that. The links are as follows: =437093#437093

Any help is welcome.

  • javascript
  • jw player
  • wow
  • jwplayer6
  • flash video


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requested on February 6, 2015 at 5:38 PM

Neelesh User Avatar

Neelesh Neelesh

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  • You’re using a number of attributes that simply don’t exist in JW Player 6, and you’re using illegal values ​​for some of the others (like 500px for dimensions, instead of just 500). If you don’t see something in the setup guide, you can’t use it! And get rid of the timeout function until everything works fine.

    – Mister Neutron

    February 6, 2015 at 7:48 PM

  • Do you have a link too?

    – emaxsaun

    February 6, 2015 at 11:27 PM

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Problems with JW Player

JW Player is a browser-based media player used to showcase content streamed at Indiana University.

While using JW Player, you may encounter the following issues:

  • “Error loading playlist: no playable source was found”

    Call 812-856-2020 or email [email protected] to report problems loading a playlist in JW Player.

  • “Error loading stream: ID not found on server”

    No content is currently serving at this URL. This may mean that the event has not yet started or that it has ended. Please try refreshing the page or contact the event organizer for broadcast schedule and availability.

    This error can also be caused by a bad URL or hyperlink. Please check the URL and consider copy/pasting instead of clicking the URL. If you believe you have an incorrect link, please contact the event organizer.

  • Player shows spinning graphic, but content never loads

    This can be caused by a malformed URL or hyperlink, especially when the link is emailed multiple times. Check the URL for extraneous punctuation and consider copy/pasting instead of clicking the URL in an email. If you believe you have a malformed link, please contact the event organizer or conference support.

  • Live streaming suddenly stops or stutters

    Network issues, both at the event site and on your local network, can cause playback issues for live events. If you experience any interruption, please wait a few moments and refresh your browser. If playback does not resume after a few minutes, check your network connection.

    If you believe there is a problem with the event site, please contact the event organizer or conference support.

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Video Error loading stream id not found on server

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