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Youtube Studio not updating


My youtube studio is not updated. My subscribers, views, and watch time have gone down. I can see on the channel page that the views have increased, but in Youtube Studio nothing has been updated. I’ve had this problem for 2-3 weeks. How can I solve it?


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Fix: YouTube watch history not updating

Posted on May 11, 2021 by madalina dinita 10 comments

YouTube uses very complex and efficient algorithms that keep you hooked in front of your screen for hours. Initially, you might go to YouTube to watch a video that a friend of yours said you should watch, but often you end up watching ten other videos. There are also times when you would like to watch a specific video again but you don’t know what to type in the search bar.

And so, you click on More options, then History, and start scrolling through your watch’s history. The only problem is that sometimes YouTube fails to update your watch history. Let’s explore how you can solve this problem.

Why is my YouTube watch history not updating?

⇒ Quick note : Check if this is a known issue. In fact, this seems to be a recurring problem. Check if other users have recently complained about the same problem.

Disable Watch History Pause

Check if you have accidentally enabled the “Pause watch history” option. If you did, YouTube won’t save your watch history. Also, your watch history will not show up in the YouTube app. Click More options , select History , then click Enable watch history .

youtube-enable-watch-story youtube-enable-watching-history

Refresh your browser tab or restart the YouTube app and check if your watch history is available now. If not, sign out of your Google Account, restart YouTube, sign back in, and try again. Otherwise, switch to another account and check if the problem is gone.

Update your app and clear the cache

If you are experiencing this issue on the YouTube app for Android, check for updates. Launch the Play Store app, search for YouTube and tap the Update button.update-youtube-app update-youtube-app

Then, navigate to Settings , select Apps , and tap YouTube . Go to Storage and tap the Clear cache button.empty-cache-youtube empty-cache-youtube

If your YouTube history still won’t show up, uninstall the app and restart your device. Then launch the Play Store app again and download YouTube. Check if installing a fresh copy of the app solved the problem.

If this issue is affecting your web app, clear your cache and disable your extensions. If you’re using Chrome, use this step-by-step guide to clear your browsing cache. Restart your browser and check the results.

Disable Your Ad-Blocker

Some people fixed this problem by removing the YouTube ad-blocker they previously installed on their browser or phone. Ad-blockers and privacy extensions are known to interfere with the scripts of the web pages you’re visiting. For example, ad-blockers can block the URLs that YouTube uses for history tracking (, and Whitelist these URLs or disable your ad-blockers and check the results.

Additional Solutions

  • Disable any software solutions that might be interfering with your YouTube connection. For instance, disable your antivirus, firewall, VPN, IP hiding tools, and so on. Re-launch YouTube and check the results.
  • Check your Internet connection. Restart your router if you’re on PC. If you’re on Android, disable cellular data, and enable Airplane Mode for one minute. Then go back online or switch to a different connection.


If YouTube won’t save your watch history, log out of your Google account, restart your YT app or refresh your browser tab, and log back in. If you’re using an ad-blocker, disable it and check if the issue is gone. Many users confirmed ad-blockers often block YouTube’s history tracking URLs. Did you manage to troubleshoot this problem and get your watch history back? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Comment réparer l’historique des vidéos regardées sur YouTube ne fonctionne pas ?

Comment réparer l’historique des vidéos regardées sur YouTube ne fonctionne pas ?

Par Vicky | Suivre | Dernière mise à jour28 décembre 2021


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Many YouTube users are annoyed by “ YouTube history not working ” issue. If you’re wondering how to fix the problem, here’s everything you need. This article of MiniTool uTube Downloader details 4 solutions to the problems.

In this page:

  • Solution 1: check if the viewing history is activated
  • Solution 2: Vuelva to host the web site or the YouTube application
  • Corrección 3: Borrar hidden y datos de YouTube
  • Solution 4: update the YouTube app
  • Background line

Gracias a la función de historial de reproducción de YouTube, podemos encontrar videos que vimos fácilmente y ver muchas recomendaciones para nuevos videos en YouTube. Sin embargo, muchos usuarios se quejaron del problema “El historial de reproducción de YouTube no funciona”.

¿Por qué deja de funcionar la función? ¿Cómo hacer que funcione correctamente de nuevo? Todo esto se discute en el siguiente contenido.

Solución 1: compruebe si el historial de visualización está activado

Cuando encuentre que el historial de YouTube se está actualizando, primero verifique si la configuración Pausar el historial de reproducción se ha activado.

Si está utilizando el sitio web de YouTube, siga el tutorial a continuación:

  1. Cambia al sitio web de YouTube.
  2. Haga clic en la opción Historial en el panel izquierdo del sitio web.
  3. Si ve PAUSAR HISTORIAL DE REPRODUCCIÓN , significa que ha activado el historial de reproducción; si ve ACTIVAR EL HISTORIAL DE REPRODUCCIONES , significa que ha desactivado el historial de reproducciones. y debe hacer clic en él y luego hacer clic en ENCENDIDO .

click on History, then on PAUSE WATCH STORY

Si está utilizando la aplicación de YouTube, siga el tutorial a continuación:

  1. Ve a la aplicación de YouTube.
  2. Ve a la configuración de la aplicación de YouTube y luego elige Historial .
  3. Dirígete a la sección Privacidad y luego elígela.
  4. Vous verrez l’ option Suspendre l’historique . S’il est allumé, éteignez-le.

Si le paramètre n’a jamais été activé, passez aux corrections suivantes.

Solution 2: Reopen the YouTube website or app

Have you tried reopening the YouTube website or app? To kill all the uncertain culprits behind the problem, close YouTube and all other background apps or programs.

Then reopen the YouTube website or app and see if the YouTube watch history still not working.

[Fixed] YouTube only not working on Firefox

[Fixed] YouTube only not working on Firefox

YouTube users reported that YouTube does not work on Firefox but does work on other browsers. Why does this happen? How to solve it? This post shows the answers.

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Fix 3: Clear YouTube Cache and Data

Then you can try clearing YouTube cache and data. This will remove temporary files to help free up needed space.

Follow the detailed tutorial in the recommended article below to clear YouTube cache and data on PC or phone.

How to clear YouTube cache and cookies on PCs and phones?

How to clear YouTube cache and cookies on PCs and phones?

The post tells you how to clear YouTube cache on PCs, Android phones, and iPhones to free up your devices’ storage.

Read more

Solution 4 – Update YouTube app

Try updating the YouTube app. Updating to the latest version of the app gives you the best app experience.

To update the YouTube app, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app .
  2. Tap Menu , then go to My apps & games and tap it.
  3. Check if the YouTube app is labeled Update . If so, tap Update to update the app.

If the YouTube history issue still not working, try reinstalling the YouTube app.

At the end of the line

Fixed YouTube history not working? If you have any questions about the fixes above, please leave them in the comment box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any other solutions to the problem, please share them with us in the comment box below. Thanks in advance.

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