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No se pudo completear una automatic update of WordPress; intentionally refresh

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    2 years, 5 months ago

    In mi tablero, tengo este mensaje:

    No se pudo completear an automatic update of WordPress. Vuelva has intentionar la actualización ahora.

    Cuando hago click in the parte con hipervínculo “intente actualizar de nuevo”, me lleva a la página de actualización de WP que muestra que no hay actualizaciones available.

    This started appearing after 5.4. According to lower dash LHS I installed 5.4.

    How can I get rid of this dashboard notice?

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  • Moderator 0aa97265877473ee40d30ec76e1ce2e6Steven Stern (sterndata)


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    2 years, 5 months ago

    Via FTP or the file manager of your hosting control panel, delete the “.maintenance” file at the root of your site.

    Thread 0c216bbbbc1d612c457728c8b9f704d1author MTUser2012


    2 years, 5 months ago

    @sterndata Thanks. This solved the problem.

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Resolution error: “¡No se pudo completear a actualización automática de WordPress! Por favor notifique al administrador del site.

7 months ago

by David Adams

This short tutorial explains how to solve the error message: “¡No se pudo completear a actualización automática of WordPress! Por favor notifique al administrador del sitio”.

After reading this tutorial solve this problem both on Cpanel of share and FTP client of your choice. Ambos metodos son igualmente eficientes y aceptables. Puede elegir cualquiera de ellos según sus credenciales o comodidad.

Todos los pasos descritos en este tutorial incluyen capturas de pantalla para que los usuarios puedan seguirlos easily.


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Solved “¡No se pudo completear a actualización automática of WordPress! Notified to the administrator of the site” desde el tablero:

In all cases, this error can be solved from the control panel if you have access. If you lose access to a panel on this error, be aware that the following sections fix the error from the Cpanel or with an FTP client.

Si tiene acceso a su tablero, en el menú de la izquierda, presione Tablero y luego presione Actualizaciones como se muestra a continuación.

WordPress-update-failed-1 WordPress-update-failed-1

La pantalla selecciona todos los complementos para actualizar en las actualizaciones y presiona el botón Actualizar complementos .

WordPress-update-failed-2 WordPress-update-failed-2

Espere a que se actualicen los complementos.

WordPress-update-failed-3 WordPress-update-failed-3

Después de que el modo de mantenimiento esté deshabilitado y los complementos terminen de actualizarse, su sitio debería estar accesible sin el mensaje de error.

Resuelva el error “¡No se pudo completar una actualización automática de WordPress! Por favor notifique al administrador del sitio” de Cpanel:

Para resolver este error de actualización automática de WordPress desde Cpanel, inicie sesión en su cuenta de Cpanel y, en la pantalla principal, busque la función Administrador de archivos que se muestra en la captura de pantalla a continuación.

WordPress-update-failed-4 WordPress-update-failed-4

After opening the File Manager, press the Settings button in the right upper corner as shown below (Black arrow).

WordPress-update-failed-5 WordPress-update-failed-5

The following window will show up. Ensure the Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) option is selected and press the Save button.

WordPress-update-failed-6 WordPress-update-failed-6

Now on the root directory of your website, find the file named .maintenance, right-click it and press the Delete option as shown in the following image.

WordPress-update-failed-7 WordPress-update-failed-7

When confirmation is requested, press the Confirm button as shown below.

WordPress-update-failed-8 WordPress-update-failed-8

Now the error must be gone.

Solve the error “An automated WordPress update has failed to complete! Please notify the site administrator” using FTP:

You can follow the steps described above using an FTP client. For this tutorial, I’m using Filezilla as an FTP client.

Connect to your server and move to your site’s root directory, as shown below.

Find the file named .maintenance, right-click it and press the Delete/Remove option.

WordPress-update-failed-9 WordPress-update-failed-9

When Confirmation is requested, press the Yes button as shown below.

svg%3E WordPress-update-failed-10

Why the error “An automated WordPress update has failed to complete! Please notify the site administrator” happens?:

This error was reported mainly among Godaddy customers. It seems to be related to hosting settings. The error happens when a plugin or theme tries to get updated automatically, and the process fails.

When an update is executed, WordPress sets itself in maintenance mode; during this process, WordPress is dedicated to applying the update. In some cases, when this process fails, the website remains in maintenance mode, preventing users from reaching it. As explained in the instructions above, removing the .maintenance mode will get WordPress out of maintenance and restore access to the site.


As you can see, solving WordPress errors is typically an easy task. WordPress is widely supported by the community (Including this blog), official, and unofficial documentation. All WordPress-level users can implement solutions by following instructions as described in this tutorial. Both ways described apply to this situation actually with FTP or Cpanel, the steps are the same, and only the interface changes; feel free to implement any of them.

Thank you for reading this WordPress article. Keep following us for additional tips and tutorials on WordPress.

1dc61884508515d5b8bb6c0b7f2dc5fcByKerry Russell November 3, 2020July 25, 2022

Easy Fix: An Automated WordPress Update Has Failed to Complete – Please Attempt the Update Again Now

imagen del message: no se pudo completear un auto refresh de WordPress

Do you see an error notice at the top of your WordPress dashboard saying …

“an automated WordPress update has failed to complete – please attempt the update again now”?

But you don’t know why the message is still there because all plugins, themes, and WordPress, are now updated.

Your website looks and functions okay. However, the message doesn’t go away. In this tutorial, I will show you how to remove it.

The Blog Mechanic helps new WordPress users, non-techie bloggers, and busy website owners with WordPress. See my services or contact me.

How to Fix the Automated Update Has Failed Error Message

When plugins, themes, and WordPress core files are being updated on your website, WordPress temporarily puts itself into maintenance mode.

WordPress does this by adding a “.maintenance” file in the root folder of your website.

Usually, when the update is completed, WordPress automatically removes the maintenance file.

But sometimes, if the update isn’t successful for whatever reason, WordPress fails to remove the file and one of two problems can occur:

  1. Your site gets stuck in maintenance mode. You cannot login to WordPress and if you visit the site, you’ll see a message saying briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.
  2. You see the error message saying an automated update has failed to complete – please attempt to update again now.

Most of the time, you can fix problem number two by manually updating failed automated updates, and the error message goes away.

If the message doesn’t go away, to remove it, you’ll need to delete the “.maintenance” file from the server yourself via cPanel or FTP.

Delete the Maintenance File with Cpanel

Login to your web hosting cPanel area. If you don’t know how to access cPanel, contact your web host for help.


For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m using Bluehost so your cPanel area may look a little different to mine, but the steps are the same.

Go to Files >> File Manager. Once inside the file manager, go to the location where your WordPress site is installed …

For me, that’s public_html and IF you only have one website it will be the same for you too.

bluehost file manager

Double click the root folder to open it up. Then you’ll likely need to adjust some settings to show the maintenance file.

Go to Settings >> Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)

show hidden files

Click save to apply your changes. You will now be able to see the “.maintenance” file in the list of files and folders on your server.


Click the maintenance file to select it. At the top of the screen click delete. A message box will ask you to confirm. Click the confirm button.

And that’s it. When you log back into your website the “automated WordPress update has failed” error message will no longer be there.

Let me know in the comments box below if using Cpanel to delete the “.maintenance” file fixed the problem for you.

Alternatively, in the unlikely event, your web host doesn’t give you cPanel access, you’ll need to delete the file using FTP.

a3194333 img_60dd9168dd986

Supprimer le fichier de maintenance avec FTP

Pour supprimer le fichier via FTP, vous devrez vous connecter à votre serveur à l’aide d’un logiciel gratuit appelé FileZilla.

Si nunca ha usado FileZilla antes, cet article explicite est connecté à votre serveur en utilisant le logiciel.

Una vez que esté conectado, en el lado izquierdo verá todos los archivos y carpetas en su computadora. A la derecha están los archivos y carpetas en su servidor.


To eliminate the “.maintenance” file, in the last case, double click on the carpet so that it is installed on the web site for the shelter…

Para mí, eso es public_html y también lo será para ti SI solo tienes un site web. If you have more than one, it is possible that you have a different location.


In the tapa raíz de su sitio, busque el archivo “.maintenance”:

  • Haga clic para seleccionarlo
  • Mantenga pressured el control de su palabra clave
  • Haga clic con el botón izquierdo del mouse
  • Haga clic in elimination


¡Eso that’s it! Properly disposed of archives. The next time you initiate the session on the WordPress site, the molesto debería error message disappears.

¿Se solve the problem of deleting the management archives of an FTP traffic? Házmelo saber en el cuadro de commentaries a continuation.


In the mayoría de los casos, appears the error message “una actualización automática de WordPress no se ha podido completar; intentione actualizar de nuevo ahora”…

Delete the WordPress admin panel after manually refreshing the fallen auto-refresh.

If not, as you learned in this tutorial, you will need to remove the “.maintenance” archive from the carpet on your WordPress website.

Puedes hacerlo usando Cpanel. If you do not access Cpanel, you can use FTP on this site.

If alguna vez necesita ayuda para corregir errors de WordPress , realize cambios en su site web o maintain su sitio en general, puedo ayudarlo. Check out the attention plans on my website.

Video An automated wordpress update has failed to complete

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