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Easy to use Simply use the abbreviated code [elevated thermometer = ?? target=??] to display a classic style tracking thermometer on any post, page or sidebar.

Fully Customizable Unlimited thermometers can be made, each fully customizable to perfectly match your site’s theme. Thermometers are rendered as vector-based images (SVG) that produce a visually sharp graphic. Since the plugin does not load any remote image files, page load times will remain fast and save bandwidth for users.

Auto Updating Supported Values ​​Thermometers accept values ​​using shortcodes from other plugins (eg WooCommerce), so you don’t need to worry about keeping track of updates.

Display only what you need Optional shortcode parameters can control the thermometer size, orientation, tick alignment, currency symbol and position, thousands separator, fill colors, a drop shadow effect, and plus. Le code CSS peut également être mis en œuvre pour une personnalisation majeure.

Additional shortcodes The ‘elevated’ and ‘target’ values ​​are also bound to separate shortcodes ( [therm_r] , [therm_t] and [therm_%] ), useful for keeping multiple instances up to date on your site, for example if you want to keep a cumulative total title in the footer/sidebar of your site.

Always free and supported. Used by thousands of satisfied people and organizations. Queries and problems are quickly resolved in the support forum.


screenshot-1The termometer configuration page.

screenshot-2Multiple thermometers displayed on one page/sidebar. Unique values ​​and colors can be assigned to each.

screenshot-3Customizable CSS rules for thermometers.

screenshot-4 The help page describing the various shortcode options and functionality.

The termometer configuration page.

Multiple thermometers displayed on one page/sidebar. Unique values ​​and colors can be assigned to each. Reglas CSS personalizables para termómetros. La page aide à décrire les diverses options et fonctions de shortcode.


  1. Extraiga y cargue el contenido del archivo zip en el /wp-content/plugins/directorio.
  2. Active el complemento a través del menú ‘Complementos’ en WordPress.
  3. Configure las opciones personalizadas desde la página de configuración (Configuración > Termómetro).
  4. Inserte el código abreviado [termómetro] en cualquier publicación o página.

Preguntas más frecuentes

¿Cómo uso los valores dinámicos?

Insert the shortcode that produces the dynamically generated number into the thermometer shortcode with single apostrophes instead of square brackets, e.g. [thermometer raised=’sales id=”1947″‘ target=5000].

The [therm_r] and [therm_t] shortcodes show different values to the thermometers.

Values for these shortcodes are set on the Thermometer settings page or dashboard widget. If you want your thermometers to display the same values, remove the ‘raised’ and ‘target’ parameters from the [thermometer] shortcode, e.g. [thermometer width=300 align=right]. Values given in the shortcode will overrule those on the settings page.

Can I display the thermometer as a percentage of the page width?

Yes – just use the percentage symbol in the shortcode. For example, width=30%. As before, values can be set for Width OR height only. The default size is width=200px.

How do I use the alt parameter?

This option will change the title and alt text attributes of the thermometer image. To toggle off, type alt=off. To enter custom text, type alt=’your custom text’ (include apostrophes). If the option is left out the default text ‘Raised xxxx towards the xxxx target.’ will appear.

Can I remove the currency symbol?

Yes – select the empty option on the settings page dropdown menu, or enter currency=null in the thermometer shortcode, e.g. [thermometer currency=null].

How do I rotate the thermometer to be horizontal?

The thermometer orientation can be set on the settings page for your whole site, or individually in the thermometer shortcode using the parameter: [thermometer orientation=landscape]. Raised and target values will also rotate automatically.

What happens when my raised total exceeds the target?

Once this happens the thermometer will completely fill. The shortcode parameter [thermometer swapvalues=true] can also be used to swap the target and raised value locations, thus allowing you to show how far above your target your current raised total stands.



Can we pull in the current donation total with PHP?

jonasweb September 7, 2022

Hi, we’d love to use your plugin for a donation page, but it’s a custom form using PHP. Is there a way in the plugin for the current donation total amount to be automatically pulled in, rather than added manually? Could you provide a link to any documentation on how to do this? Thank you!


This thermometer ROCKs!

betyonfire November 30, 2021

It’s just perfect. Thanks for making such an easy to use and customizable plugin.


Einfach aber gut

movieclass November 28, 2020

Bisher nichts auszusetzen. Sehr schön und einfach


Worked very well

September 4, 2020

This plugin worked nearly perfectly. I specially liked how I could have different categories of donations be shown in the same thermometer in different colors. For my alumni site we collect three different buckets of donations: General Fund, ENdowment Fund, Scholarship Fund. I could show amounts for all three! What I would love to see is some integration with WooCommerce which we use to collect our donations where each Fund is like a product being sold. Barring that some ability to provide custom php code to determine values dynamically would be great. UPDATE: It turns out it seems like what I was wishing for is already supported! https://wordpress.org/support/topic/dynamic-raised-value/#post-12900987 Changing my rating to 5 stars.


So helpful for our fundraiser

Sharonq May 27, 2020

Super simple yet easy customization. Adds a great visual to our donation page and can now use dynamic data which saves a lot of time. Thanks! We fundraise for service dogs and they all send 5 wags.


PHP errors

tajanator 3 septembre 2016

I added the code and got a ton of php errors with the thermometer. They went away once I deactivated.

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Contributors & Developers

“Donation Thermometer” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


  • 5e58db9d4b80d226adf56cbdabe253c1a glacier

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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the dev diary via RSS.

Change log


  • Correction d’un bug d’affichage avec le remplissage du thermomètre.
  • Petit rangement du code.


  • Ajout de mises à jour de sécurité.
  • Correction d’un bug d’affichage des libellés des sous-cibles.


  • Fixed a number formatting bug introduced in v2.1.1.
  • Fixed a display bug for landscape thermometers.


  • New shortcode paramater for defining a decimal separator. Dynamically generated raised values must be consistent with the thermometer settings.
  • Fixed bug where the decimal parameter was not parsed correctly.


  • New option for a landscape orientation.
  • Thermometer fills to the brim if the raised value exceeds the target.
  • New shortcode parameter to swap target and raised value locations – useful if you want to show how far your raised total exceeds your target.
  • Further shortcode parameters added to show/hide the target, raised and percentage values on individual thermometers.
  • Fix for reading shortcode input values with a comma thousands separator.
  • Improvements to the shadow effect.
  • Organised the default settings page into sections.


  • New option for a shadow effect on the thermometer
  • CSS classes added for customisation of the arrow and raised bars.


  • Added option to include decimal places for raised/target/percentage values.
  • Fixed legend bug.


  • Fixed bug for the raised shortcode parameter.


  • Now possible to use shortcodes for the raised shortcode parameter.
  • Fixed a bug where the therm_% shortcode value calculation.


  • Modified settings field arguments and collection of default values.
  • Fixed bug where therm_% did not correctly use the cumulative total of raised values.


  • Fixed a bug where a shortcode raised value of 0 would revert to the default value.


  • Added shortcode options for changing the default colors of the raised, target, percentage and subtarget values for individual thermometers.


  • Added customisable CSS rules for further control over thermometer appearance.
  • Added a preview of the color ramp on the settings page.


  • Added options for placing sub-target labels on thermometer.
  • Added shortcode preview tab on the settings page.
  • Added ability to remove target/raised values on individual thermometers.
  • Fixed bug with thermometer text colours.
  • Fixed bug with raised value in dashboard widget.


  • Meta data bug fix


  • Major upgrade switching the thermometer to be drawn as scalable vector graphic (SVG).
  • New shortcode parameters available to include multiple categories in the thermometer.
  • A new shortcode ‘therm_%’ that states the percentage raised from the default global values.
  • Tick marks can be placed left or right.
  • Multiple target values can be set.
  • An automatically generated legend can be placed below the thermometer.
  • Clean uninstallation.


  • Fixed a minor bug extracting page id.


  • Added new dasboard widget from which raised and target values can be edited.


  • Fill colours can now be assigned for individual thermometers using the new shortcode parameter ‘fill=‘.


  • Fixed minor bug regarding centre alignment of the thermometer.


  • Fixed minor bug with default values when updating from < version 1.3.


  • Error in database changes on upgrade in 1.3.10.


  • Various backend improvements of the code and handling of errors.
  • Added more options for the thousands separator.
  • Confirmed compatibility up to WordPress 4.3.*


  • Move width and height parameters into CSS code.
  • ‘px’ units can now be defined in the shortcode, instead of having to just use a number value.


  • Fixed encoding for currency symbols in the filename.


  • Further fix to the therm_r and therm_t shortcodes.


  • Fixed an issue with the default display of the thousands separator.


  • Added an option to modify the thousands separator in the thermometer shortcode. E.g. sep=,
  • Added an option to move the position of the currency symbol to follow the target/raised value using the thermometer shortcode. E.g. trailing=true
  • Added global currency settings to the plugin options page.


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing absolute values of the width/height parameter working.


  • Added the option to use the width or height parameter value as a percentage (useful for displaying thermometers consistently across various screen sizes).


  • Bug fixed where thermometer settings were overwritten with defaults every time the plugin is reactivated/updated.
  • More efficient code used for filling the thermometer.
  • When percentage raised is greater than 100% the thermometer now fills completely.
  • Thousand’s separator added to the thermometer alt and title captions.


  • New ‘alt’ parameter for the [thermometer] shortcode: toggle the thermometer’s alt & title off, or use custom text.
  • Added option for different raised/target value text colours.
  • Fix for servers with allow_url_fopen directive set to off.
  • Added a ‘donate’ link for the developer 😉


  • New shortcodes for ‘raised’ and ‘target’ values ([therm_r] and [therm_t]).
  • Addressed memory issues concerning the generation of images.
  • A new parameter in the thermometer shortcode now allows for custom currency symbols.
  • Image width now dynamically adjusts depending on the total raised.
  • Target and percentage values change font size depending on string length.
  • Horizontal and vertical margins added to the thermometer image.


  • Improved the fail-safe that makes sure thermometers exist before page load.


  • Code improvements including for align issues, the image title text and references to file paths.


  • New Feature: Multiple thermometers with varying targets/amounts raised now possible.
  • Target/amount raised values now moved from the settings page to the shortcode parameters.
  • Included a cache feature which clears thermometer images on the server after 1 week.


  • Fixed a bug that may have stopped the thermometer appearing in Internet Explorer.
  • Helped an image resampling issue present in some browsers.


  • Custom colour option for raised/target text added.


  • Option added to use custom colours for the thermometer and percentage text.
  • Accuracy of the thermometer-fill and gauge improved to the nearest target unit.


  • Initial release.


  • Version: 2.1.4
  • Last updated: 2 weeks ago
  • Active installations: 3,000+
  • WordPress Version: 2.7 or higher
  • Tested up to: 6.0.2
  • PHP Version: 5.2 or higher
  • Tags:

    donate donation progress thermometer tracker

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WordPress Plugins

Sep 08, 2022


10min Read

14 Best WordPress Donation Plugins in 2022

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Los 14 mejores complementos de donación de WordPress en 2022 14 Best WordPress Donation Plugins in 2022

Download Ultimate WordPress Cheat Sheet

Online donations alone accounted for 26% of total one-off donations being done in 2019. This large number proves the effectiveness of online fundraising, encouraging you to start something of your own.

If you’re thinking of raising funds for a special cause, installing a WordPress plugin that turns your WordPress site into a fundraising platform may be the easiest way to do it.

This article will review some of the best WordPress donation plugins to help you create a compelling fundraising campaign.

  • What to Look For in a WordPress Donation Plugin?
  • 1. GiveWP
  • 2. PayPal Donation
  • 3. Charitable
  • 4. Donorbox
  • 5. WPForms
  • 6. Donation for WooCommerce
  • 7. YITH Donations for WooCommerce
  • 8. Seamless Donations
  • 9. Formidable Forms
  • 10. WP Crowdfunding
  • 11. Donation Thermometer
  • 12. Green Donations for WordPress
  • 13. Cryptocurrency Donation Box
  • 14. SKT Donation
  • How to Choose the Right Donation Plugin for You?

What to Look For in a WordPress Donation Plugin?

Picking out the best WordPress donation plugin is essential to ensure your fundraising campaign is successful. If this is your first time doing so, we have prepared a checklist of all the fundamental functions a WordPress donation plugin should provide:

  • Donor management. Allows you to accept donations, keep track of donors, and gain insights into your donation campaign’s performance via data analysis tools.
  • Donation receipt generator. Provides proof of payment, notifying donors that you have received their donation.
  • Customizable donation forms. Offers multiple customization options to create a personalized donation form or page.
  • Online payments. Supports major payment gateways for better reachability and ease of use.

Taking these factors into consideration, here is the list of best WordPress donation plugins in 2021:

1. GiveWP

Puede establecer objetivos personalizados con el complemento de donación GiveWP You can set custom goals with GiveWP donation plugin

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 100,000
  • Unique Features: Custom goals, recurring donation subscriptions, and advanced reporting
  • Price: $175-$350/year

GiveWP is one of the best WordPress donation plugins on the market. It lets you accept one-time and recurring donations via multiple payment gateways, like PayPal and Stripe.

This WordPress donation plugin provides complete payment history and donor management features. It facilitates donor registration and lets donors keep track of their donations.

You also have insights into your top donors and forms of donations.

Be it a button or a pop-up, the GiveWP donation plugin offers various customizable donation forms. The custom goal feature is also useful for encouraging donors to fulfill the donation goal.

Promoting your WordPress donation campaigns is more manageable with fundraising marketing add-ons. The GiveWP donation plugin supports Mailchimp and Constant Contact integrations.

Other functions that GiveWP offers include encouraging donors to have their company match their donations and customizing a “thank you” message for the confirmation page.

While GiveWP has a vast selection of powerful add-ons to expand its functionality, the premium ones can cost up to $200/year. Its pricing plans range between $175-$350/year.

2. PayPal Donation

Elija entre varios estilos de botones con el complemento de donación de PayPal WordPress Choose from multiple button styles with PayPal Donation Plugin WordPress

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 20,000
  • Unique Features: Translation-ready, PayPal Sandbox account, and multiple donation button styles
  • Price: Freemium

If you’re looking for a PayPal-related donations plugin, PayPal Donation may be a good fit. It lets you accept payments via the “PayPal Donation” button placed within your site, connecting to PayPal accounts hassle-free.

PayPal Donation gives you the ability to create a PayPal Sandbox account. You can test your donation campaign page for any issues before launching it for the public.

Its page/post shortcode inserter and donation widget make it easy to put PayPal Donation buttons anywhere on your WordPress site. There are various buttons to choose from, each accepting one-time or recurring donations.

On top of that, this fundraising plugin supports 18 languages and 25 currencies, allowing you to accept donations from donors across the world.

If the free version isn’t enough, consider opting for the Pro version, ranging from $49.95/year to $249.95/year. Lifetime licenses are also available.

Keep in mind that PayPal charges a 2.2% + $0.30 transaction fee per donation in the United States. If you enable the recurring donation option, the 2.9% + $0.30 per donation rate will apply.

3. Charitable

Configure campañas de donación ilimitadas con Charitable Donation Plugin Set up unlimited donation campaigns with Charitable Donation Plugin

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 367,000
  • Unique Features: Unlimited donation campaigns, offline payment methods, and GDPR-ready donation forms
  • Price: Freemium

Charitable is a robust donation plugin for WordPress. With an easy setup and GDPR-compliant donation forms, Charitable ensures people can quickly and safely donate to your cause.

The free version of this donation plugin comes with useful tools for creating compelling donation campaigns. You’re able to set up unlimited and time-sensitive campaigns with designs matching your website’s theme.

Charitable lets you connect the site to your PayPal account. Offline payment methods via cheque and bank transfer are also available with detailed instructions, further easing the donation procedure.

Usability-wise, Charitable provides a versatile donation management system that lets you sort and search specific donations and export the records into a CSV file. Furthermore, Charitable provides an automated donation receipt generation and custom email tags for personalized emails.

The best part is that Charitable charges no platform fees.

For more functions like recurring donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, and more payment gateway integrations, consider getting the Charitable Pro version ranging from $103.20 to $699/year.

4. Donorbox

El complemento de donación de Donorbox se encuentra entre los mejores complementos de WordPress para su primera campaña de donación Donorbox donation plugin is among top WordPress plugins for your first donation campaign

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 35,000
  • Unique Features: Employer donation matching, auto-detect localization, and cross-device compatibility
  • Price: Free

Donorbox is one of the best WordPress donation plugins if you’re making your first donation campaign. This free donation management plugin packs everything you need to launch a cost-effective donation campaign.

The donation forms are fully customizable, allowing you to change their color scheme, style, and language settings to suit your site’s design.

Donorbox is also able to auto-detect donors’ preferred language for maximum reachability. Efficiency-wise, you can set donation amount options for donors to select a faster payment process. Regular donors will get their login details where they can monitor their transactions.

This free WordPress plugin lets you accept multiple currencies via popular payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, and bank transfers. You’re also able to accept offline donations by cash and checks.

Donorbox ensures all credit card info is encrypted and safely stored via Stripe. The payment processor will transfer your donation amount directly to your account.

While Donorbox is free to download, it charges 1.5% platform fees on top of payment gateways’ transaction fees if you raise more than $10,000. Thus, this donation plugin is best for raising small donations.

5. WPForms

El complemento de donación de WpForms para WordPress ofrece una increíble funcionalidad de arrastrar y soltar WpForms donation plugin for WordPress offers amazing drag-and-drop functionality

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 4 million
  • Unique Features: A drag-and-drop donation form builder, instant notifications, and mobile-friendly forms
  • Price: Freemium

Unlike other WordPress donation plugins on this list, WPForms doesn’t specialize in providing a standalone donation system. This popular WordPress drag-and-drop form builder can be used to create a large variety of forms.

First and foremost, WPForms lets you create personalized fundraising forms hassle-free with its pre-built templates. The PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net payment gateway integrations make it easy to accept donations that are transferred straight to your account.

Additionally, this WordPress plugin lets you create other types of forms to support your donation websites, such as contact, survey, and registration forms. All forms include spam protection, ensuring that all submissions are valid.

The supported email marketing add-ons, like Mailchimp and AWeber, help you grow your email list, further expanding your campaign’s reach. Meanwhile, the form abandonment add-on lets you turn partial entries into potential leads.

WPForms comes with a free and premium version. To get past the free version’s limitations, consider opting for the premium plans ranging from $39.50 to $299.50/year.

6. Donation for WooCommerce

Si ya tiene una tienda en línea, Donation for WooCommerce es adecuado para usted If you already have an online shop, Donation for WooCommerce is right for you

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Undisclosed
  • Unique Features: Donation payment limits, multiple campaign donations, and round-up donations
  • Price: $49/year

The Donation for WooCommerce plugin lets you raise money for a good cause through your online shop. So if you already built an eCommerce store with WooCommerce, this may be the perfect WordPress donation plugin to get.

This WordPress donation plugin can create multiple donation campaigns and collect recurring donations per month, week, or even per day. People can choose the “pay what you want” option or select one of the pre-defined donation amount options you previously set up.

What makes this plugin different is the features that integrate your store with the ongoing donation campaigns. For example, the round-up feature encourages customers to round up their bill amount and donate the difference, which benefits both the business and the nonprofit events.

What’s more, you can show a list of charities for customers to choose from. This way, donors can pick the cause they believe in, boosting the chances of successful campaigns.

Donation for WooCommerce has a donation widget you can place anywhere within the eCommerce site using a shortcode. Additionally, the donation widget and form are fully customizable to your liking.

While WooCommerce is free to use, the Donation for WooCommerce plugin costs $49/year. Consider getting the Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin as well, costing $79/year, to allow customers to switch between their preferred currencies.

7. YITH Donations for WooCommerce Yith Donations Plugin para WordPress ofrece múltiples opciones de pago Yith Donations Plugin for WordPress offers multiple payment options

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 3,500
  • Unique Features: Multiple payment methods, mandatory donation via product page, and WPML compatibility
  • Price: Freemium

YITH Donations for WooCommerce is another WordPress donation plugin that can be integrated into your online store. It allows full customization of the donation form, which can be easily embedded using a shortcode.

It also lets you attach donation forms to the shopping cart and product pages. This can potentially encourage people for more impulsive donations, raising the chances of meeting your goals.

Multiple payment gateways are available for customers to choose from, ranging from PayPal and direct bank transfers to offline payments by checks. You’re also able to set a minimum and maximum donation amount.

Furthermore, you can integrate a donation campaign with a specific product and make it mandatory. Meaning, customers may only purchase the item if they support your cause.

Additional features include a customizable “thank you” email and WPML integration for a personalized user experience.

YITH Donations for WooCommerce comes with a free and premium version, ranging from $60/year to $299.99/year. All in all, this WordPress donation plugin is an ideal solution for WooCommerce store owners who want to make use of their platform to support a good cause.

8. Seamless Donations

El complemento de wordpress de donaciones perfectas ofrece integración de Gift Aid Seamless donations wordpress plugin offers Gift Aid integration

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 10,00
  • Unique Features: Tribute donation, Gift Aid integration, and multiple currencies
  • Price: Free

If you’re looking for a reliable yet straightforward WordPress donation plugin, Seamless Donations may be right for you. With an easy setup process, as well as Stripe and PayPal integrations, this free WordPress donation plugin makes it easy to accept donations from across the world.

First and foremost, Seamless Donations charges zero platform fees, making it ideal for website owners with a limited budget. Donors can make recurring donations via desktop and mobile devices and get a personalized “thank you” email in return.

The tribute feature lets you raise funds in memory of a deceased person. You’re also able to contribute to the Gift Aid tax incentive if you reside in the UK.

Seamless Donations is free to download, but it offers paid add-ons for additional functionality and access to premium responsive donation forms. Each premium add-on costs $19.95/site.

9. Formidable Forms

El complemento de donación Formidable Forms viene con numerosos tipos de formularios y plantillas Formidable Forms donation plugin comes with numerous form types and templates

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 300,000
  • Unique Features: Multiple form types and templates, Bootstrap styling, and robust spam protections
  • Price: $49.50-$299.50/year

Formidable Forms is another versatile WordPress form builder you can use to collect donations online. Featuring a drag-and-drop form builder and a visual styler, Formidable Forms allows you to create all types of forms that match your website’s theme.

Lots of form templates are available to ease the overall design process, including donations and payment forms, as well as WooCommerce forms. You can also customize these forms with Bootstrap and custom HTML codes.

Similar to WPForms, Formidable Forms can help to grow your email list for more exposure. It supports integrations with various email marketing tools, like Mailchimp and AWeber, while the SMS notification feature will notify you when a donation has been made.

Payment-wise, Formidable Forms accepts credit card payments and recurring donations via PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net payment gateways. At the same time, spam protection options, like honeypot, reCAPTCHA, and Akismet are ready to protect your donation campaign from fraudulent donors.

You can use this WordPress plugin by purchasing one of its plans ranging from $49.50-$299.50/year.

10. WP Crowdfunding

El complemento de donación de WordPress WP Crowdfunding tiene un sistema de billetera nativo WP Crowdfunding WordPress donation plugin has native wallet system

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Undisclosed
  • Unique Features: Native wallet system, Stripe Connect, and unlimited rewards
  • Price: Freemium

WP Crowdfunding is an excellent WordPress crowdfunding plugin for funding projects through a collective effort of backers online.

Powered by WooCommerce, WP Crowdfunding has a native wallet system that lets you accept and manage multiple donors’ pledges. As the administrator, you can approve the withdrawal requests once the goal has been reached.

Sending the funds to the project owners is hassle-free with the Stripe Connect payment gateway. Other payment methods include PayPal, Skrill, and credit cards.

While the Basic version covers a crowdfunding system’s basic functionality, the native wallet system and Stripe Connect integration are only available within the Pro version, ranging from $149 to $299/year.

11. Donation Thermometer

El complemento de termómetro de donación tiene un diseño personalizable único Le plugin Donation Thermometer a un design personnalisable unique

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 3,000
  • Unique Features: Customizable vector-based design and easy integration
  • Price: Free

Donation Thermometer is a great complementary plugin for other WordPress donation plugins. Using a “thermometer image” to display the number of donations you have collected, this plugin makes an excellent motivator for people to support your cause.

While the design is fully customizable to your liking, Donation Thermometer uses vector-based images, meaning that the metrics will be of high quality across all screen sizes. However, advanced CSS customization is possible.

Integrating a donation campaign with the plugin is hassle-free as it supports shortcodes from other plugins. Thus, you won’t have to update the value periodically.

The best part is that the plugin is free to use.

12. Green Donations for WordPress

Le complément de WordPress Green Donations est équipé avec la barre de progrès de la donation Le plugin WordPress Green Donations est équipé de barres de progression des dons

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 350
  • Unique Features: Donation progress bars, email notifications, and multisite installation
  • Price: $19-$95/license

Green Donations for WordPress offers a simple yet powerful donation system with no platform fees.

This donation plugin supports PayPal and Stripe integrations and is optimized for SEO. Multisite installation is also available to promote donation campaigns on multiple WordPress websites.

You can easily embed a donation form using a shortcode or via a widget. Donors will receive an automated notification email once you have received the payment.

The plugin offers “Goals” and “Top Donors” features. They display the donation progress and a list of top donors for each campaign, further encouraging donations.

Green Donations offers its functions from $19/license to $95/license.

13. Cryptocurrency Donation Box

La caja de donación de criptomonedas es su opción preferida para aceptar donaciones en criptomonedas The Cryptocurrency Donation Box is your go-to option for accepting cryptocurrency donations

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: Over 1,000
  • Unique Features: Multiple cryptocurrencies support and QR code payments
  • Price: Free

Take advantage of the rising popularity of cryptocurrency by installing this free WordPress donation plugin. Cryptocurrency Donation Box accepts donations in over 20 major cryptocurrencies, giving people more options for donation.

The donation process is easier as you can convert the payment address into a QR code. Plus, it’s a free WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your donation card by matching it with the WordPress theme and embed it anywhere within your post, page or sidebar.

Last but not least, the plugin is compatible with the Metamask cryptocurrency wallet for hassle-free and secure transactions.

14. Donation de SKT

SKT Donation plugin for WordPress has currency control SKT Donation Plugin for WordPress has currency control

Plugin Statistics

  • Dumps : Over 300
  • Unique characteristics  : division control and compatibility with several divisions
  • Price : Free

SKT Donation is a WordPress donation plugin developed to facilitate non-profit charities and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). It allows you to accept payments through all major payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and Authorize.net.

In addition to charging no platform fees, SKT Donation also provides a drag and drop form editor with a color picker for an easier customization process.

You can send a correo electrónico de agradecimiento personalizado y recibos deducibles de impuestos para los donantes. Plus, the add-in’s integrations with formula builders like Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms allow you to generate other types of formulas to suit the donaciones website.

SKT Donation comes with a free and premium version; esta última cuesta $69/license .

How to choose the right donation plugin for you?

With all the WordPress plugins available, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Here are several factors to consider when choosing a WordPress donation plugin:

  • Functionality – Make sure the plugin includes all the tools and features you need.
  • Payment gateways  – The plugin must support the payment methods preferred by your target audience.
  • Currencies  – Having the ability to accept donations in multiple currencies will broaden the reach of your fundraising.
  • Ease of Use  – A good donation plugin should be easy to use for both you and potential donors.
  • Responsiveness  – Making your donation page accessible through additional plugins will increase your traffic and the potential donation you can collect.
  • Personnalisation  – You should be able to design a donation campaign that best suits your needs and place it anywhere on your site for maximum visibility.
  • Affordability  – Choose a plugin within your budget. Beware of upselling, as some WordPress donation plugins tend to sell additional essential features as plugins.
  • Support  – Check if the plugin has a support team available in case you need help.

We hope this article has helped you find the best WordPress donation plugin for your campaign or nonprofit.

Is there your favorite accessory that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments section.

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