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Calculadora de hipoteca receptiva

(20 total qualifications)

A simple calculator widget for receptive hypotheses and abbreviated codes.

amortizacion-calc.com More than 10,000 installations activated Probado con 5.9.4 Actualizado hace 6 meses


mortgage calculator

(8 total qualifications)

Provides a user-friendly hipotecas calculator widget.

mlcalc.com More than 9000 installations activated Probado con 5.9.4 Actualizado hace 6 meses


Calculadora de hipotecas / Calculadora de préstamos

(13 total qualifications)

Powerful Assumption and Prestamos calculator widget with shortcode.

mlcalc.com More than 3000 installations activated Probado con 5.9.4 Actualizado hace 6 meses


WordPress Estatik Mortgage Calculator

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Estatik Mortgage Calculator will allow visitors to their website to estimate their pages on their home address. Está…

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Simple Mortgage Calculator

(4 total qualifications)

Una calculadora de hipotecas receptiva directa y simple con un diseño limpio y plano, que presenta el precio de la vivienda, …

Simple Mortgage Más de 3000 installations activas Probado con 5.9.4 Actualizado hace 6 meses


WP Mortgage Calculators

(9 grades in total)

Mortgage Calculators WP provides users with a simple, elegant and responsive solution for users of…

1000+ active installs lent Tested with version 5.8.5 Updated 9 months ago


PVB 7 Contact Form Calculator Add-on

(9 grades in total)

Allows you to easily turn any Contact Form 7 form into a quote or price estimate…

Petko Bossakov 1000+ active installs Tested with 5.8.5 Updated 1 year ago


Responsive Mortgage Calculator

(6 ratings in total)

Add a fantastic mortgage calculator to your website, responsive and very easy to…

Afzal 800+ active installations Tested with 5.0.17 Updated 4 years ago


CE Mortgage Calculator

(1 notes in total)

Calculates loan payment and optionally down payment, affordability, taxes, points and PMI. Includes calendar.…

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Advanced Mortgage Calculator

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Advanced Real Estate Mortgage Calculator is an easy-to-use financial calculator and a great tool for…

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CC Canadian Mortgage Calculator

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Add a simple and customizable Canadian mortgage calculator to your website.

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CC Mortgage Calculator

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Add a simple and customizable mortgage calculator to your website.

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Ninja Mortgage Calculator – The Best Mortgage Plugin for WordPress

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The best responsive and responsive mortgage calculator plugin for WordPress.

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mortgage calculator

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Mobile friendly mortgage calculator widget with additional payments and field builder.

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mortgage calculator

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A simple and simple responsive mortgage calculator block with a flat and clean design, with Home…

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Calculate an estimated monthly mortgage payment

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Plugin name: Simplify Mortgage Calculation

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To download

Responsive Mortgage Calculator

By depreciation-calc.com

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The description

The Responsive Mortgage Calculator is a jQuery widget and shortcode that’s designed to fit easily into any theme, on any device, at any size. Just what every “Real Estate Agent on the go” needs. This plugin is, optionally, relying on www.mlcalc.com service to show mortgage amortization and chart.


The mortgage calculator allows your website visitors to estimate their mortgage payments by entering:

  • the total cost of the home,
  • a down payment amount,
  • an interest rate (fixed rate),
  • the amortization period (mortgage term),
  • and they can select a payment period, either monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly,
  • nice popup summary with chart and amortization schedule.

The mortgage payment result is displayed below the form – very simply and very easy to follow. For the savvy user, a click on the information icon reveals more mortgage details…

Redesign It

Il existe des paramètres pour ajuster le style, un thème clair et un thème sombre, ou vous pouvez supprimer complètement le style et utiliser le style de votre thème. Le HTML est construit avec de nombreuses classes, il est donc facile de remplacer la feuille de style incluse par votre propre CSS.

Beaucoup d’options

  • Set the interest rate capitalization period for your region.
  • Format currencies as you wish with your own symbol, ISO code and number format.
  • Hide the deposit field.
  • Set a default interest rate.
  • Accept the amortization period in months or years.
  • Set a fixed payment period.
  • Set the mortgage payment period options available.
  • Rename input labels.
  • Add your own CSS classes.

Shortcode attributes

Use the shortcode on different pages with different field names using shortcode attributes. They’re pretty obvious, but here’s an example:

[mortgagecalculator totalamount=”Mortgage amount”]

or use the first letter of the original tags:

[rmc ta=”Mortgage amount”]

Define input values ​​using attributes for the total amount, down payment, interest rate, and term of the long-term mortgage:

[mortgagecalculator total_amount_value=”$250,000″ down_payment_value=”$50,000″ interest_rate_value=”3.49%” amortization_period_value=”15 years”]

or using the short versions:

[rmc tav=”$250,000″ dpv=”$50,000″ irv=”3.49%” apv=”15 years”]


The responsive mortgage calculator is for demonstration purposes only and may not reflect your actual mortgage numbers.


capture d'écran-1 The mortgage calculator fits in the widgets area of your theme or on any page and blends right in. The form inputs are styled simply and unobtrusively. The ‘Calculate’ button takes it’s styling from your theme.

capture d'écran-2 The mortgage payment amount is displayed below the ‘Calculate’ button. The circled chart icon is clickable.

capture d'écran-3 A longer summary of the mortgage details can be shown by changing appropriate setting.

capture d'écran-4

La calculatrice de hipotecas cabe en el área de widgets de su tema o en cualquier página y se integra perfectamente. Las entradas del formulario tienen un estilo simple y discreto. El botón 'Calcular' toma su estilo de su tema.

El monto del pago de la hipoteca se muestra debajo del botón 'Calcular'. Se puede hacer clic en el icono del gráfico dentro de un círculo. Se puede mostrar un résumé más extenso de los detalles de la hipoteca cambiando la configuración adecuada. capture d'écran-4


Install this plugin just like any other…

  1. Upload the plugin folder responsive-mortgage-calculator.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Widget Installation

  1. Access the Widgets page under the Appearance menu.
  2. Drag the Responsive Mortgage Calculator into the Widget display area of your choice.
  3. If you want, change the title and save it.

Shortcode Usage

You can insert the mortgage calculator into a page or post using the short code [mortgagecalculator] or [rmc].

Set the Compounding Period

The mortgage calculator has a default compounding period that is semi-annual. Visit the settings page under Settings > Resp Mortgage Calculator and change the setting ‘Compounding period for the mortgage interest’ to the correct period for your region.


On submission, the page just reloads and the mortgage calculator shows no results

This is likely a problem with the JavaScript file not being loaded, and seems to occur when using the shortcode with a visual editor plugin, like Visual Composer. This will also prevent the CSS file from loading.

First, try editing the page with the shortcode. Switch from the visual editor to plain text editing, add the shortcode in plain text, and save it. Check the mortgage calculator to see if it working. If that didn’t work, you can…

Solve this problem by manually loading the scripts and styles. In the plugin folder, open the Extras folder, then open the file called manually_load_scripts.php. Copy the contents to your theme’s functions.php file. Even better, copy it to the functions.php file of a child theme. Change the page slug in the if conditional from your-page-slug-here to the actual page slug you’re using for the shortcode. Test it.

The calculated payment is off by a few dollars

The mortgage calculator calculates interest monthly by default, but you can change this on the settings page. Go to Settings > Resp Mortgage Calculator and change the setting ‘Compounding Period’ to the correct period for your region.

When I put two mortgage calculators on the same page, it doesn’t work

This is a known issue. In the current version of the calculator, there can only be one instance of Responsive Mortgage Calculator on a page. This may change at some point in the future.




melvinwang44 June 9, 2021

this is really cool. Thumbs up team 🙂


Love it

rscarter1 June 8, 2021

This is really cool. Love the visuals on “calculate”.


Hijacks mortgage clients and sends them to a competitor

December 13, 2018

The calculator itself works just fine. The problem is that when you click “Calculate”, it takes you to a rate page with a HUGE call to action that takes the user to another website to get competing rate quotes from a different company (and there is no way other than CSS or editing the code, to remove it). Ironic that the one screenshot that they don’t show you, is the one with the pop up that promotes their company. Screenshot here: https://ibb.co/i5PbFA Considering most people looking to download this are wanting to provide real time quotes for mortgage company websites, thats a huge conflict of interest. I get it, its a free plugin (and for them, its a great way to market the developer’s mortgage business by getting links and redirecting potential buyers away from sites who use this plugin, and over to their site). But if you are a mortgage provider and looking to use a plugin to provide real time rate quotes for YOUR clients, this is NOT the one to use if you prefer not to have your clients highjacked by a competitor.



lhilton760 August 9, 2018

How important is outstanding customer support? It takes this clean, simple mortgage calculator to the top of the list!! Super responsive support and I can’t say enough good things. A must have and thank you again.



cchelmo January 13, 2018

When reading reviews many people talk about the level of service. I can tell everyone considering this plugin to not question it. We had a client that needed a mortgage calculator that claimed it would be a breeze and should be one out there. That…was…not the case. Once we found this plugin it did everything we needed with great details. David was amazing and provided support that many plugin developers may not. We were able to complete the clients asks and could not recommend this more.


great plugin, great support

COLORPEAK Web Design & Marketing December 29, 2017

Initially, the plugin seemed intimidating with the amount of logical and math parameters. But the support is excellent and I was able to figure it out and customize it in no time. It would be great if there were some dummy resistant instructions that can point you in the right direction and help you understand how it works, but I can’t really complain as prompt assistance is provided, so after a few e- emails, I knew exactly what I was doing. The calculator works well with Divi (use text instead of code module to insert shortcode). I am currently working on Divi Version: 3.0.92 and WordPress 4.9.1

Read all 20 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Responsive Mortgage Calculator” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


  • 39b7d4912af229ccc10c7193e9092875mortgage calculator

“Responsive Mortgage Calculator” has been translated into 1 locale. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Responsive Mortgage Calculator” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



Tested with WordPress 5.9.3.


  • Small fix to support older PHP versions


  • Added currency support in the graph modal
  • Added jQuery via wp_enqueue_script for graph modal


  • Fixed bug with a label of user-selected Fixed Payment Period


  • Small JS bug fixed


  • Modified chart icon a little


  • Changed default calculation popup to: Show the monthly payment, textual summary and chart icon


  • Tested with WordPress 5.6.1


  • Small fixes


  • Tested with the new version of WordPress


  • Added default values for Total Amount, Down Payment, Interest Rate and Amortization Periods
  • Added beautiful summary popup with chart and amortization schedule
  • Changed summary display options: show popup immediately; show monthly payment along with popup toggle icon; show monthly payment, textual summary and popup toggle icon


  • Fixed a bug that caused error messages to display if no post object was loaded


  • Fixed a bug where localization file was not found if calculator data was submitted to the server
  • Updated widget constructor call to parent constructor since call to WP_Widget constructor is deprecated


  • Added shortcode attributes to set input values. Various permutations of the attributes are available, with some listed below
  • Total amount value can now be set using the shortcode attribute total_amount_value or tav
  • Down payment value can now be set using the shortcode attribute down_payment_value or dpv
  • Interest rate value can now be set using the shortcode attribute interest_rate_value or irv
  • Amortization period value can now be set using the shortcode attribute amortization_period_value or apv


  • Added options to set which payment periods can be selected
  • Added option for semi-annual payment period


  • Fixed a bug where the native select box arrow was displaying in Firefox even when fancy select styling was enabled
  • Modified the arrow on the fancy select box to be a little smaller with no background
  • Added an option for a minimum total amount


  • Added options for fixed yearly and quarterly payments
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the payment period to always be monthly of the payment period is hidden


  • Added fixed height to inputs and select fancy styling.
  • Added a setting to allow for 0% interest
  • Fixed an error on server side calculations that caused total with down payment and interest to be miscalculated


  • Removed dependency on the jQuery.isNumeric method.
  • Fixed bugs in the server side calculation processor.


  • Merry Christmas! Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro is now available! Use coupon code XMAS2015 for 20% off till New Years.
  • Removed dead code
  • Amortization period is now unlimited


  • Detailed summary now has slide animation when toggle is clicked
  • Works over SSL
  • Now performs a basic calculation on the server and returns a payment result if no JavaScript is available
  • Hopefully solved the nested shortcode issue that prevents JavaScript from loading with Visual Composer. Fingers crossed.
  • Default currency format added to JavaScript in case you upgrade from a version without having set the currency format in the settings page


  • Changed default compounding period to monthly
  • You can now set whether amortization period is in years or months


  • Fixed a JavaScript bug where the {code} tag was being replace by “null” if there was no currency code


  • Added a number formatting setting to the options page for international currency systems. You can now choose the thousands separator, the decimal delimiter, and the number of decimal places. Also includes the Indian System.
  • Interest Rate field now corrects for poorly formatted input
  • Options page descriptions are improved and labels are shorter
  • Shortcode detection includes form id detection, in case the post content is preprocessed by Visual Composer or other visual editing tools
  • JavaScript currency code validation imporved


  • This version marks completion of changes to currency formatting. If you skipped update 2.1.9/1, please read those updates.
  • Completed changes to the .pot, and FR and ES .po and .mo files to include changes to the way that currencies are now formatted and displayed. These changes impact the summary section only
  • Currency format has been removed from the translation files and placed into the database via the options page. (see 2.1.9 updates)


  • Updated JavaScript version number to override caching of old JS file


  • This update requires resaving the options or reinstalling to initialize the new currency format and new result settings (see changes below)
  • Currency is now entirely customizable (replaced the select box with a text input)
  • You can now arrange your currency results using the currency symbol, amount and ISO code. See the options page to create your currency format
  • You can now choose to hide the total with interest and downpayment in the results summary. See the options page
  • Moved settings required by Javascript from hidden inputs to localization object
  • Minor changes to localizations. New .pot, .po, .mo files pending. Please await changes to FR and ES language files if you are using them.


  • Added Peso currency symbol


  • Security update: added security check to all necessary PHP files to prevent unwanted access to support files
  • Corrected a class that prevented the ‘i’ icon from being correctly positioned


  • Total Amount and Down Payment fields now accept commas and correct for poorly formatted input
  • Provided a helper php file to manually load scripts for people using visual editor plugins.


  • Changed script loading so that JS and CSS are always registered. JS and CSS can now be enqueued from your own scripts by calling wp_enqueue_script(‘lidd_mc’) and wp_enqueue_style(‘lidd_mc’)… in case you need to manually load them.


  • Added an option to set a default interest rate
  • Accented characters can now be used for field labels


  • Script/style loading moved to ‘wp’ action and combined


  • Completed internationalization
  • Added front end French and Spanish translations – thanks to designium


  • Added missing files


  • Added option for setting a fixed payment period
  • Result now shows the payment period
  • Se agregó la capacidad de establecer etiquetas de botón de entrada y envío usando atributos de código abreviado
  • Comenzando la internacionalización: todavía necesita archivos PO y MO


  • Símbolo de moneda genérico agregado
  • Entrada agregada para el código de moneda ISO en la página de opciones


  • Se corrigió un error por el que JS y CSS no se cargaban con el código abreviado [rmc]


  • Corrección de errores rápidos y sucios.


  • Reescritura masiva de código.
  • Página de opciones añadida.
  • Es posible que los usuarios del widget necesiten reactivar el widget.


  • CSS secundario para eliminar los márgenes del cuadro de selección del período de pago y evitar que el intervalo circundante cambie de tamaño.


  • Se corrigió un error que causaba que el formulario se mostrara en la parte superior de la página en lugar de donde se colocó el código abreviado.


  • Make sure I include JS and CSS when using the shortcode…
  • A minor error was corrected in the user interface donde el fondo de la flecha en el cuadro de selección era demasiado corto.


  • Códigos cortos agregados


  • Version: 2.4.3
  • Last update: hace 6 meses
  • Active installs: 10,000+
  • WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher
  • Probably up to: 5.9.4
  • Idiomatic expressions :

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  • Labels:

    mortgage calculator mortgage calculator responsive mortgage calculator

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