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WordPress plugin for car dealership (dealership) and vehicle sales

Porbill Minozzi

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The description


Car dealerships can quickly manage, list and sell cars and vehicles online. The plugin provides the ability to include (no quantity limit) and manage car field names. You don’t need another plugin or extension (or coding) to complete the job. Responsive, lightweight and very easy to install and manage. Online getting started guide available on plugin settings page.

You can find :

  • demo page here
  • demo video here
  • online guide here
  • support page here
  • Free car dealer theme page here
  • Download demo data here
  • FAQs here
  • plugin site
  • To share🙂
  • Add your own featured fields/teams (unlimited)
  • Really designed for car dealerships and not for car classifieds websites
  • Range slider for price
  • Multilingual support
  • English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish Files included
  • Contact me to translate into another language
  • Easily customize search options (up to 7 fields to filter)
  • Currency manager
  • 3 widgets (search, featured and recent cars)
  • Option for thumbnails with 4:3 or 2:1 ratio
  • Multiple dealership locations
  • Built-in Flexslider gallery (optional)
  • Call to action contact form
  • Modèle de galerie, de vue de liste ou de grille pour la page Show Room
  • 3 templates for Single Car Page (one with Sidebar)
  • Summary for the most important data, when mouse on car image (gallery)
  • Team Page Included.

If you are a car dealer and need sell another product (not cars), like, for example, Planes, Trucks, Motorcycles, Scooters, Campers, RVs, Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Trailers, Lifts, Tractor, Forklift & Lift Truck, Snowmobile, MotoSnow, Snow Motorcycle, Motorbike Motor Full, and even Aircrafts, Jets Aircrafts, Helicopters, Turboprops, Charter, Airplanes, Aerotrader AirPlanes, Articulated Trucks, Dozers, raglines, Drills, Electric Rope Shovels, Excavators, Loaders. Industrial Machinery, Diesel driven air compressor, Eletric Power Generator, take a look in our free Multi Dealer Plugin

If you sell boats, take a look in our free plugin: Boat Dealer Plugin

If you a Real Estate Agency, take a look in our plugin: Real Estate Plugin

This plugin was tested and work fine with this themes:

  • WordPress Oficial Themes
  • For Dummies (free)
  • Vertical Menu (free)
  • Kar Dealer (free)


Some Icons made by www.freepik.com Royalty free photos www.pixabay.com


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screenshot-1 Front cars Page Template Gallery

screenshot-2 Front cars Page Template List View

screenshot-3 cars Table Page

screenshot-4 Front car Post Page

screenshot-5 Search Filter Settings Setup

screenshot-6 Features Fields Page Setup

screenshot-7 Settings Page

screenshot-8 Fields Table

screenshot-9 Página del equipo

Front car page template gallery

Front car page template list display Car table page Front car post page Configuring search filter settings Function Fields Page Settings Settings page table of fields team page


1) Install Car Dealer via wordpress.org 2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress or Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


How to Install? 1) Install Car Dealer via wordpress.org 2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress or Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page. Where is the OnLine Manual? http://cardealerplugin.com/guide/ Where is the OnLine FAQ page? http://cardealerplugin.com/faq/ Where is the Demo page? http://cardealerplugin.com/demo/ How can i get support? http://cardealerplugin.com/contact/ Can i translate to my language right away? Yes. Please, contact me about that. Start from this file cardealer.pot at /wp-content/plugins/cardealer/language



Holy crap…. it works, BUT

flouu September 16, 2021

This plugin is half a disaster. It works, but when you want to edit the CSS you see a lot of crap. Example: Invalid instructions, lots of “! Important” and unfinished instructions. The mobile view is also bad. What happened here?! Does the premium version look like this too? If so, don’t buy it! Have a great day everyone!


Great plugin and service

calabriacar July 28, 2021

I asked for a problem with php8 and in few day he make an update for solve the problem. Easy to use and work good



mahwash October 21, 2020

Great job guys, easy to use, and works as it should. Cheers


Fantastic plugin

stephenb4real April 6, 2020

Simply a Fantastic plugin.


Great Plugin!

Winner Farias January 8, 2020

Great plugin and amazing support!


Just what I needed.

codegumbo May 23, 2019

While building three reseller sites, I’ve used both plugins and themes and have always been hampered by unique limitations and/or complexity. This time around I went with CarDealer for an easy and straightforward plugin that gets straight to the point. If you need flexibility in designing your dealership inventory, CarDealer is a must. First class support. I had a little shortcode issue and Bill handled it through his support portal resolving the issue within a day, amazing!

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Contributors & Developers

“Car Dealership (Dealership) and Vehicle Sales WordPress Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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3.03/3.04 2022-05-03- Improved language. 3.02 2022-02-05- Small improvements. 3.01 2022-01-05- Small improvements. 3.0 2021-12-30- Fix saving settings issue. 2.99 2021-12-29- Minor bug fixed 2.98 2021-12-29- Minor bug fixed 2.97 2021-12-02- Minor bug fixed 2.96 2021-11-30- Minor bug fixed minor bug 2.95 2021-11-29- Minor improvements 2.94 2021-11-29- Minor improvements 2.93 2021-10-19- Help improved 2.92 2021-10-19- Help improved 2.91 2021-07-28- Warning removed in PHP 8 2.90 2021-06-16- Added Nigerian Naira currency. 2.89 2021-04-12: Improved help and warning from 5.7 removed. 2.88 2021-03-05- Help improved. 2.87 2021-03-05- Minor improvements. 2. 86 2021-03-05- Improved memory and feedback checking. 2.85 2021-02-18- Thai Bath – THB – Currency added. of them. 84 2021-01-22- Improved compatibility with more themes, also WordPress 2021. 2.83 2021-01-06- Minor improvements. 2.82 2021-01-06- Add Indian currency. 2.81 2020-12-04- Minor improvements. 2.80 2020-11-30- Added sidebar on search page results. 2.79 2020-11-28 – Added unique car popup window. 2.78 2020-10-10- Added more options and 3 models. 2.77 2020-03-20 – Philippine Peso added. 2.76 2020-03-20- Added Croatian Kuna currency. 2.75 2019-12-12- Improved dashboard. 2.74 2019-11-12- Improved compatibility with other plugins. 2.73 2019-10-28- Improved price slider. 2. 72 2019-10-08- Fixed a small bug in the templates-functions.php file. 2.71 2019-10-07- Improved language translation. 2.70 2019-07-31- Improved field table form. of them. 69 2019-07-24- Improved translation language. 2.68 2019-07-13- Improved translation language. 2.67 2019-07-10- Checkbox fields now show Yes or No instead of OK. 2.66 2019-06-05- Improved field form help. 2.65 2019-06-05- Improved field form help. 2.64 2019-05-20 – Improved site health page. 2.63 2019-04-03 – Added support for country to want to use KW keyword instead of HP. 2.62 2019-03-20 – Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2. 2.61 2019-03-13 – Improved low memory fix system. 2. 60 2/11/2019 – Help improved – Pointers. 2.59 2019-01-25 – Improved translation. 2.58 2019-01-23 – Improved translation. 2.57 2018-11-23 – Improved compatibility with wordpress 5 and gutenberg. 2.56 16/11/2018 – Compatibility with wordpress 5 and gutenberg. of them. 55 01/11/2018 – Minor improvements. 2.54 10/31/2018 – Help improvements. 2.53 2018-09-05 – Gallery improvements. 2.52 05/09/2018 – Help improved. 2.51 9/3/2018 – Improved design. 2.50 2018-08-08 – Help form improved. 2.49 07/08/2018 – Improved search form. 2.48 7/10/2018 – Improved price slider position. 2.47 2018-06-15 – Added new Danish language file. 2.46 2018-06-15 – Minor bug fix template page. 2.45 2018-05-25 – Fixed product page for minor bug. 2. 44 2018-05-11: Added team shortcode. 2.43 2018-05-07 – Added low memory check and warning. 2.42 04/19/2018: fixed a minor bug in the widget (price slider). 2.41 2018-03-23 ​​– German language added. 2.40 2018-03-19 – Minor improvements. of them. 39 2018-03-15 – Minor improvements. 2.38 2018-03-08 – Language improvements. 2.37 2018-02-20 – Added Serbian language. 2.36 02/18/2018 – Added Hungarian language. 2.35 2018-01-31 – Minor BackOffice improvements. 2.34 2018-01-17 – Minor improvements. 2.33 01/09/2018 – Improved language file. 2.32 09/01/2018 – Improved single page layout with back button. 2.31 08/01/2018 – Improved design. 2.30 05/01/2018 – Improved security. 2.29 05/01/2018 – Improved security. 2.28 2017-12-28 – Improved price format. 2.27 2017-12-23 – Improved price format. 2.26 2017-12-21 – Added fields table. 2.25 2017-12-17 – Improved contact form. 2.24 05/12/2017 – Help improved. 2.23 2017-11-29 – Search improved. 2.22 2017-11-28 – Added permalink control. 2.21 2017-11-25 – Spanish language file added. of them. 20 2017-11-18 – Improved template CSS colors. 2.19 11/15/2017: Added option to disable contact form and option to format thumbnails. 2.18 2017-11-09 – Gallery theme improvements. 2.17 11/08/2017 – List View theme improvements. 2.16 2017-11-03 – Fixed minor bug Translation of miles x km (model list display). 2.15 2017-10-27 – Added French file. 2. 14 2017-10-25 – Improved help. 2.13 2017-10-20: Improved model list view. 2.12 10/19/2017 – Improved aligh widget slider. 2.11 2017-10-17 – Added price slider to widget search 2.10 2017-08-16 – Models list view improved 2.09 2017-08-16 – Search fields configuration improved of widgets. 2.08 08/15/2017 – Improved help and comments. of them. 07 04/08/2017 – Fixed a minor bug in the blog template. 2.06 2017-07-31 – Help improved. 2.05 2017-07-24: Improved model list view and getting started guide. 2.04 2017-07-19 – Minor slider price improvements on small devices. 2.03 2017-07-17: Improved language file 2.02 2017-07-14: Added a second template to display the room page. Now you can choose Gallery or List view. 2.01 2017-07-13: Add command per selected control (optional) 2.0 2017-07-12: Add more search options, customize search bar and add more car information when mouse over Image 1.9 2017-07-10: Improved system help 1.8 07/07/2017 – (Late) Improved slider range Max value 1.7 07/07/2017 – Cursor included for price 1. 6 06/07/ 2017 – Minor (late) bug fixes 1.5 06/07/2017 – Language file improved 1.4 05/07/2017 – Portuguese language file included and getting started guide improved 1.3 01/07/2017 – Italian language archive included and improved help (how to crop images) 1.2 2017-06-29 – Added search by body type and call to action form 1.1 2017-06-28 – Added improved location table, featured/team fields and thumbnails. 1.0 2017-06-21 – Initial release. add location table, featured/team fields and improved thumbnails. 1.0 2017-06-21 – Initial release. add location table, featured/team fields and improved thumbnails. 1.0 2017-06-21 – Initial release. featured/team fields and improved thumbnails. 1.0 2017-06-21 – Initial release. featured/team fields and improved thumbnails. 1.0 2017-06-21 – Initial release.


  • Version: 3.04
  • Last update: 2 months ago
  • Active installations: more than 1000
  • WordPress version: 4.0 or higher
  • Tested up to: 6.0.2
  • Languages:

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    Danish, Dutch, English (United States), Italian, Spanish (Colombia), Spanish (Ecuador), Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Venezuela).

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  • Key words:

    Car dealership Car dealership Car salesman

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