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How to eliminate “Dejar una respuesta” in the WordPress site?

¿Cómo eliminate “Dejar una respuesta” in the WordPress site?

74827b2f930f66b45cb3350194772e53lizy-ross preguntado 6 years ago

In the lower part of cada página estática de WordPress hay a sober section “Dejar una respuesta”, pero me gustaría eliminar this section en varias páginas de mis sitios. No puedo encontrar una manera de apagarlo. ¿Cómo puedo hacer eso?

e71fa40824e7f88b9f7192e45d486ed3Rachel Stinson replied 3 years ago

In the general chat settings, uncheck the “chat, comments and allow comments” box. It also works. And if you keep leaving a reply, turn on jet pack comments.

cb57752d318715bfb195afecd8d7157cmanar76 replied 3 years ago


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5 answers

91c1cf1416af6d05612cea479f3b22d5Lucy Steele replied 6 years ago

Hola, ¿cómo elimino el cuadro “Dejar una respuesta” in enteras pages of mis site web? No tengo ningún blog, as it is not necessary this section. ¿Alguien puede ayudarme? ¡You will be much appreciated!

16f9d83ba485abf0b2449f407046c739cindy replied 6 years ago

Hola chicos,

Please contact DesignWall. Siga estos pasos y podrá eliminate the section “Dejar una respuesta” from su sitio.

1. If you want to disable the commentaries for todas on publicaciones or future pages, go to Configuración > Discusión , you will unmark the casilla “Permitir que las personas publicn commentarios in nuevos artículos” in the sección Configuración predeterminada del artículo . 2, in the event that solo wishes that the section of comments does not appear in certain pages, you may hacerlo siguiendo estos pasos: Paso 1: Vaya su área de wp-admin. Luego, desplácese hacia abajo hasta la sección Páginas , haga clic en Todas las páginas . Step 2: Elija la page que desea eliminar en el cuadro “Dejar una respuesta”, luego haga click in Editar . Step 3: haga click en laspantalla options tab ➡ ➡ ➡ at the top right of the dashboard. Make sure the “Discussion” box is checked in this tab. ➡Step 4: Next, move down the page to find the Discussion section . ➡Step 5: Uncheck the “Allow Comments” option in the Discussion section and save the changes made to the page by pressing “Update”

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Best wishes,


cb57752d318715bfb195afecd8d7157cmanar76 replied 3 years ago


74827b2f930f66b45cb3350194772e53Lizy Ross replied 6 years ago

I did – it works. Thanks for your immediate help!😀

16f9d83ba485abf0b2449f407046c739Nathalie replied 6 years ago

Glad to know your problem is solved.

91c1cf1416af6d05612cea479f3b22d5Lucy Steele replied 6 years ago

I understood! Thanks a lot!

16f9d83ba485abf0b2449f407046c739Nathalie replied 6 years ago

Glad you found my answer is useful. If there is any other issue, please feel free to contact us again. We’ll be happy to help!

aad257917dea7eacb6baf755c1008698antivirussupport answered 5 years ago

How to remove leave a reply this thing made me sick but I am glad I finally now came to know how to do this.i appreciate this post keep providing such usefull things.I am looking forward to learning more things from you guys.

6860e479f0022214600b6acff11fa235hprinter answered 4 years ago

If you want to remove Leave a reply section in your WordPress site. Follow these step. Step 1: Go to your wp-admin area. Then scroll down to the Pages section, click All Pages. Step 2: Choose the page that you want to remove “Leave a reply” box, then click Edit. Step 3: Click the Screen Options tab on the upper right of the dashboard.

593e035dc151f64e060fd7420d459d2aDominic Staff a répondu il y a 4 ans

Merci pour votre réponse. On apprécie ça.

6298fed9476112bf9136ac2a4b3e9eaaFerry a répondu il y a 4 ans

Vous devez modifier via wp-admin. Ensuite, recherchez l’option “pages”, les options avancées pour “toutes les pages” et dans ces paramètres, saisissez l’élément dont vous n’avez pas besoin. tel est le travail avec Word press. Par conséquent, je vous recommande fortement de sélectionner le site que vous avez créé pour une meilleure compréhension de la conception et de la programmation Web. Si vous n’avez pas assez de connaissances, vous pouvez toujours commander un site Web auprès de la société de services de développement Web ou le créer vous-même.

AATXAJxwGN3gGkpLt-eM2s-q_ZtimYC6VjCYhytq6kmn=s96-cAkash Aslam a répondu il y a 6 mois

Salut, c’est un joli blog que je lis vraiment attentivement, continuez à nous mettre à jour avec un nouveau  

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WordPress: How to Remove Leave a Reply: Step-by-step Guide

WordPress: How to Remove Leave a Reply: Step by Step Guide WordPress: Cómo eliminar Leave a reply: Step by step guide

The “Leave a Reply” text on WordPress is the default prompt that’s displayed on every post and page with comments enabled.

Disabling the comments eliminates the prompt.

If you want to have comments enabled but without the default “Leave a Reply” message, there are easy ways to hide, remove, or edit the text that’s displayed.  

WordPress: How to Remove “Leave a Reply”

Disabling comments on WordPress removes the “Leave a Reply” prompt. Installing the “Say What?” plugin is an easy way to edit the text. You can also hide comments with custom CSS. The “Disable Comments” plugin works on all post types including custom post types and attachments.  

5e6ade4959e67 5e6ade4959e67

1.     Remove “leave a reply” from published posts and pages

The “leave a reply” text in WordPress is controlled by the comments template. The text will only show when you have comments open.

If you don’t want comments, you can disable these across your site from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Go to your “posts” menu, select “all posts”

Check the first box in the posts nav menu to select all posts. From the “bulk actions” dropdown menu, select edit, then click apply.

Where it reads “comments” change that to “do not allow”.

quick edit menu to disable comments quick edit menu to disable comments

Click the Update button and then all those posts will have the comments disabled.

To apply the same changes to all your pages, do the same from your pages menu.

5e6ade4959e67 5e6ade4959e67

Pages > All Pages > Select All, > Edit > Apply > change comments from “no change” to “do not allow”.

You can use these settings on single posts and pages too in case there are some pages you want people to “leave a reply”.  

2.     Disable comments on a single page or post via the discussion panel

If you want to enable or disable the “leave a reply” message on a single post or page, then that’s done from your post editor.

In the block editor (Gutenberg) it’s under the “post” menu labeled “discussion”.

single post comment control in block editor-1 single post comment control in block editor-1

If you have the comments disabled by default, you’ll need to manually enable comments in the discussion tab for it to appear.

If you haven’t disabled comments by default, unchecking the “allow comments” box will remove the comments section, thus, you won’t see the option to “leave a reply”

If you’re using the “classic editor”, the “discussion” panel is only shown in the “quick edit” option, not on your main WP editor screen.

5e6ade4959e67 5e6ade4959e67

Save to draft first, go to your post, and instead of clicking edit, select the “quick edit” option then change the comments field from “no change” to “do not allow” for comments.  

3.     Use a plugin to disable all comment fields

When you’re certain that you have absolutely no advantages to having comments open, you can disable them by installing a plugin called “Disable Comments”.

comment disable plugin comment disable plugin

This takes the hassle out of editing your theme files to remove or edit the comments.php file.

Effectively, all the changes you would make by editing your theme files get done by a single plugin from within your WP admin dashboard.

What’s more is that if you have any image attachments showing with comment fields, it lets you disable those too.

And, it can be used for your custom post types too, like removing the “leave a reply” from your WooCommerce products pages.

This will be needed if you want to install another feedback plugin to collect and show user reviews instead of comments.  

4.     Hide comments with custom CSS

Rather than disabling comments, you can tweak your CSS to hide the comments.

Go to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS”.

5e6ade4959e67 5e6ade4959e67

Paste the following

#comments, #respond { display: none !important; }


This-hides-your-comments This-hides-your-comments

Another method is to use the “visibility:hidden” tag instead of “display:none”.

The display: no CSS visually hides the content. It will still be read by screen readers such as JAWS and NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) software.

For accessibility with screen readers, use the “visibility:hidden” CSS tag to hide elements with CSS both visually and so that they are ignored by screen readers.

Si vous souhaitez uniquement masquer les commentaires sur des publications individuelles, incluez l’ID de l’article. Cela s’affiche dans la barre d’adresse de votre navigateur lorsque vous modifiez le message.

L’ID de publication est le nombre qui suit le point d’interrogation dans l’URL de l’adresse du navigateur, tel que “post=297&action=edit”. Dans cet exemple, “297” est l’identifiant de la publication.

To hide the comments on this post only, add “.post-id-297” before the CSS to hide the comments fields.

Then, when you want to turn it back on, remove the CSS.

5e6add9863d97 5e6add9863d97

It’s a handy CSS trick for posts or pages that’s riddled with comment spam.

You can hide them from public view with CSS until you get a chance to moderate your comments, then show them once they’re cleaned up.  

5.     Edit the Leave a Reply message

You can easily tweak various strings with a plugin called “Say What”. One example is when you want to tweak the prompt to use a stronger call to action.

This can be done by editing your theme files, however, finding the template to edit isn’t always straightforward.

If it was, it’d always be in the comments.php file.

When it’s not there, you need to go hunting for the right file to edit, or the easier method is to use this plugin.

Say What?

say-what-plugin say-what-plugin

Once the plugin’s installed, you just need to click the “text changes”, and select “add new”.

Type in “Leave a Reply” in the “Original String” field and what you want it to be changed to… type that into the “replacement string” field.

edit-text-to-leave-a-response edit-text-to-leave-a-response

Once that’s done, you’ll then see your comments field has a different text.

This is the simplest way to alter your Call to Action to encourage visitors to engage in the comments of your blog.

It can be made much more effective than your typical “Leave a Reply” prompt.

The added benefit is that scrapers (blog comment spamming software) are often programmed to find blogs with comments open using standard “leave a reply” fields.

5e6add9863d97 5e6add9863d97

Having a custom string instead can help avoid spam scrapers plaguing your website.

This is the same with “post comment”, “submit” and similar text on buttons for user-generated content.

You can use the Say What? plugin to change the codes in your file templates, without needing to edit coding directly.

Marcel Iséli (Maschi) Marcel Iséli (Maschi)


Hey guys! It’s me, Marcel, aka Maschi. I earn a full-time income online and on MaschiTuts I gladly share with you guys how I stay on top of the game! I run several highly profitable blogs & websites and love to speak about these project whenever I get a chance to do so. I do this full-time and wholeheartedly. In fact, the moment I stopped working an 8-to-5 job and finally got into online business as a digital entrepreneur, is probably one of the best decisions I ever took in my life. And I would like to make sure that YOU can get on this path as well! Don’t let anyone tell you that this can’t be done. Sky’s the limit, really…as long as you BELIEVE in it! And it all starts right here..at Maschituts!

By Author Marcel

Posted on Posted: June 24, 2021

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Support » Fix WordPress » how to remove “Leave a Comment” from theme homepage

how to remove “Leave a comment” from theme homepage

  • c6facd58f079681cf6e005d3ca2abe43coscienzainfinita


    10 months, 1 week ago

    Hello everyone, I have to remove the “Leave a comment” link that appears under each preview of an article that I publish, I find it as a kind of “metadata” (it is close to the author of the article , date, etc.), so I would like to remove it, because I would like it to be able to comment under one post, but on the homepage I would not want a “leave a comment” link under the article preview image.


    • This topic was modified 10 months, 1 week ago by dca16b1361966d42bbc04881219489d8Jan Dembowski. Reason: Moved to Fixing WordPress, this is not an Developing with WordPress topic

Viewing 2 replies – 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

  • Thread Starter c6facd58f079681cf6e005d3ca2abe43coscienzainfinita


    10 months, 1 week ago


    Ciao a tutti, avrei bisogno di rimuovere il collegamento “Leave a comment” che compare sotto ogni anteprima di un’articolo che pubblico, lo trovo come una sorta di “metadati” (è vicino, all’autore articolo, data, ecc) , vorrei dunque rimuoverlo, perchè vorrei che si potesse commentare sotto un singolo post, ma nella homepage non vorrei nessuno collegamento “leave a comment” sotto l’immagine dell’anteprima articolo.


    4f4bebfbf7af1575bf4b8455881d1ccaKartik Shukla


    10 months, 1 week ago


    To do this, go to Settings » Discussion in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin panel.

    On this page, you need to uncheck the “Allow users to post comments on new posts” option, then click the Save Changes button to save your settings.

    This will disable comments on all your future posts.

    Reference picture

    Reference link

    I hope this helps you.


    • This answer was edited 10 months, 1 week ago by 4f4bebfbf7af1575bf4b8455881d1ccaKartik Shukla.

Showing 2 answers – 1 to 2 (of 2 total)

  • The topic ‘how to remove “Leave a comment” from theme homepage’ is closed to new replies.

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Comment changer le texte “Laisser une réponse” dans WordPress

6 septembre 201913 décembre 2017 | Scott Hartley

Already an answer Leave a comment

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The default WordPress comment section is useful for basic interaction on your website. This feature allows users, guests, and anonymous users to comment without needing a social media account. However, customizing the comments feature is surprisingly difficult. This is because it is almost always uniform across all WordPress websites.

In order to change the comments section, edit the code manually in the comments.php file. To edit the code use file transfer protocol (FTP) or the WordPress File Editor. I recommend only using this method on a local install (and to have made proper backups).

Easy Method to Change the “Leave a Reply” Text

Follow the following steps using the WP-Admin panel.

    1. Log into WordPress.
    2. Open the “Appearance” section on the menu on the left-hand side and click editor.
    3. Click the comments file (it should read as comments.php).
    4. If you are on Windows hit Control F to search for “Leave a Reply.” Hit enter to search.
    5. Locate the line that reads as the following: “<?php comment_form_title( __(‘Leave a Reply’.” Some themes might have slightly different code wrapped around it, but you want to find the form_title with the Leave A Reply text.
    6. Edit the title to whatever you wish.
    7. Click update and the settings will be saved.
    8. Reload your website in order to verify the changes were made.

Harder Method to Change the “Leave a Reply” Text (I recommend this!)

This is the recommended way of changing the text, but it is harder. To do this correctly, do the following:

  • Create a child theme.
  • Agregue el nuevo archivo al tema secundario. Avoid that the archive is borre in futuras actualizaciones del tema.

Pro Tip: No editing code on a live website with the WordPress editor. If an error occurs, it will cause the web site to log.

If you do not have experience in the use of PHP, the recommendation that is communicated with the author of this topic o contracts a desarrollador como yo.

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Categories WordPress Tutorials Tags WordPress Mensaje de navegación

¿How to eliminate metaetics from the WordPress generator? Import ?

Cómo eliminar cadenas de consulta de recursos estáticos en WordPress

scott hartley Scott Hartley

Sobre el auteur

Scott est un fanático del rendimiento web, amante de todo lo relacionado con el café y un ávido jugador de videojuegos. Trabajo en WordPress profundiza en el rendimiento web, la seguridad web y el SEO.

9 thoughts on “How To Change The “Leave A Reply” Text In WordPress”

  1. 72a59ab01e0234a95bbf118baf0d65e5 72a59ab01e0234a95bbf118baf0d65e5

    Matt Watson

    February 28, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    Very well written blog post. Thanks for sharing.


  2. 2d6c72f08bf9c2151cbf35522a35821c 2d6c72f08bf9c2151cbf35522a35821c


    January 25, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumble upon everyday. It will always be helpful to read articles from other authors and practice a little something from their sites.


  3. e33bd61dd0592a0e80bd3a7d7f50e055 e33bd61dd0592a0e80bd3a7d7f50e055


    November 3, 2020 at 3:52 am

    I like the “Easy Method to Change the Leave a Reply Text ” content. this is really helpful for all new users.


  4. 89cb1e13c8e16c4272016de4fa7c483b 89cb1e13c8e16c4272016de4fa7c483b


    November 3, 2020 at 3:58 am

    I like the Pro Tip you are given, Do not edit code on a live website with the WordPress Editor. If an error is made, it could cause your website to go down. My interest has genuinely peaked in this post.


  5. 255a8be74d62f3ce07f473d3e1be81c4 255a8be74d62f3ce07f473d3e1be81c4


    February 6, 2021 at 5:49 am

    Very useful at the moment, not sure if this method still works. Tried it and couldn’t find it 🙁 Any update on this would be lovely. Thanks


  6. 0300e781422cb850e0b45ce81b947b77 0300e781422cb850e0b45ce81b947b77

    Sahat Varris Tua P

    October 1, 2021 at 9:29 a.m.

    ok thanks for your info


  7. d5458802c0b1b3a6eb54f8c6db9a6d8e d5458802c0b1b3a6eb54f8c6db9a6d8e

    Ravi Vishwakarma

    October 16, 2021 at 10:25 p.m.

    Thanks for saving time, now I know all about comments in wordpress.


  8. b1fc7df26280ad6add73dfecb7923f39 b1fc7df26280ad6add73dfecb7923f39

    Dr Maruf Hossain

    December 20, 2021 at 03:35 am



  9. c321b22be8a53e98f2fbf8967d035edb c321b22be8a53e98f2fbf8967d035edb


    April 19, 2022 at 7:39 p.m.

    Right after I started commenting it seems I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are included- checkbox and further every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with all similar comments. Can you find a way to eliminate me from this supplier? Many thanks!


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