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How to delete emojis on Android

charles bradleyBy Carlos Bradley April 6, 2022July 30, 2022

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Android phones became mainstream in the late 2000s; emojis too, and since then they have had a significant impact on the way we interact. Since emojis aren’t for everyone, it would be nice if you could delete them on your Android device.

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It is possible to remove emojis on Android by disabling the Emoji Keyboard, Emoji app, Emoji bar in Gboard, or switching to a new keyboard without emoji.

We have written this guide to provide information on the many step-by-step methods to remove emojis from your Android device. 


  1. Are emojis installed on Android?
  2. How to delete emojis on Android?
    • Method n.º 1: disable the cambio tecla de emoji
    • Method n.º 2: borrar la memoria hidden del teclado de Google
    • Method #3: disable the emoji bar in GBoard
    • Method #4: cambiar has a nuevo teclado
  3. Eliminate Emoji Launcher in Android
  4. Summary
  5. Frequent Preguntas

Are emojis installed on Android?

For the most part, Emojis are already supported by Android’s keyboards , especially with preinstalled Gboard.

Like most people, you might be using Gboard as your primary keyboard on your phone.

With swipe-to-text functionality , you can search Gboard for an Emoji, monitor your most frequently used Emojis , add animated stickers to your chats , and utilize gifs and old-fashioned emoticons .

How to delete emojis on Android?

Emojis are part of your keyboard and their settings can be found in the keyboard layouts. Depending on the keyboard you’re using, you’ll need to access these settings differently.

Our step-by-step instructions will help you navigate these settings quickly and effortlessly. Now it’s time to find out the four methods to remove Emojis on Android.


Gboard devrait être le clavier par défaut des derniers smartphones Android. Les méthodes suivantes peuvent différer un peu, mais elles sont toutes basées sur Stock Android.

Méthode #1 : désactiver la touche de commutation Emoji

Dans la première méthode, vous désactiverez la touche de commutation Emoji pour masquer les Emojis. Suivez ces instructions :

  1. Accédez aux paramètres Android  (vous pouvez également accéder au menu Paramètres en maintenant la touche virgule [,] enfoncée lorsque le clavier virtuel est visible).
  2. Appuyez sur Système et sélectionnez Claviers et saisie  parmi les options disponibles.
  3. Next, find Gboard and tap on it to access its settings .
  4. Now choose Preferences and toggle the Show emoji toggle key to the Off position.

You will no longer be able to access Emojis with a dedicated key. To insert them back into the text, you need to press and hold the comma key.

Method #2: Clear Google Keyboard Cache

Clearing Gboard cache deletes emoji history and hides them until you use them again. To do this:

  1. Go to Google Keyboard  in Settings under Apps .
  2. Now tap on the Storage option .
  3. Finally, tap Clear Data and Clear Cache simultaneously .


You can also clear the caches of your social apps to hide emojis there. Also, if you are using an alternate keyboard , clear its cache as well.

Method #3: Disable Emoji Bar on GBoard

A quick way to remove Emojis is to disable the Emoji bar on Gboard. You can do it in the following way.

  1. Open a chat on any messaging app and locate the Emoji bar .
  2. Swipe left on the emoji bar once you’ve started typing to bring up the emoji menu.
  3. Select the delete bar to access the settings.
  4. Finally, turn off the settings to remove the Emoji quick access bar at the top of your Gboard.

Method #4: Switch to a New Keyboard

If you can’t remove or hide Emojis on Gboard, use another keyboard.

  1. Go to the Play Store, download and install the keyboard of your choice.
  2. Now access the Settings menu of your Android device and navigate to System > Languages ​​& input.
  3. Next, select the Virtual Keyboard option and choose your newly installed keyboard.


To use Emojis again , switch to Gboard by selecting the keyboard icon at the bottom of your keyboard app .

Remove Emoji Launcher on Android

Emoji Launcher for Android is a dedicated app filled with the trending Emojis that can appear on any platform. You can uninstall the app to remove Emojis on your Android device.

  1. In Settings > Apps , find the Emoji launcher app .
  2. Tap the Open by default option  when opening the app.
  3. Return to the previous screen and Uninstall should now be available.
  4. To uninstall the application, click Uninstall and OK.


If you cannot uninstall Emoji Launcher , you may need to disable it as a system administrator . Uncheck the Emoji launcher in Settings > Security > Device administrators.


In this article on how to delete emojis on Android, we have tackled the issue of emojis. It is impossible to remove emojis from your phone or tablet as they are an integral part of the Android operating system. However, we discuss different methods to hide or disable them.

Hopefully now you won’t have to see emojis popping up on your screen every time, and you can make your conversations look professional if you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions Are Emoji keyboard apps safe?

Not all apps threaten your data security on Android device, especially keyboard apps. So we don’t recommend deleting them, but there are safe options like SwiftKey, GBoard and Fleksy for your smartphone.

When installing them, carefully review the list of permissions they want to access to better understand if they are secure.

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