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How to Speed ​​Up or Slow Down a GIF in Photoshop

5549d2b3fc7e837b555967dbc5f2d7c8 5549d2b3fc7e837b555967dbc5f2d7c8By June | Updated August 2, 2021


speed gif speed gif

Changing the speed of a gif is probably one of the easiest steps to creating animations in Photoshop. All you have to do is select the frame and choose a speed. 

Whether you want to speed up or slow down the gif, the method is the same, the difference is the number you choose, which represents the speed. 

Before moving on to the detailed steps, keep in mind that if you want to edit an animated gif in Photoshop, you will need the original .psd file. If you try to open an existing .gif file, you will find that you can only see one frame of the animation. 

Once you have the gif in  .psd format, let’s get started.

Step 1: Open the PSD file and open the Animation (Timeline) panel in the top menu Window > Timeline

Note: All screenshots are from Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 Mac version. Windows or other versions may be different. 

speed up-slow-gif4-440x1024 speed up-slow-gif4-440x1024

Le panneau Chronologie ressemble à ceci. Comme vous pouvez le voir, j’ai sept images et sa vitesse est de 0 sec. 

speed up-slow down-gif6 speed up-slow down-gif6

Voici à quoi ressemble le gif en ce moment. Dans les prochaines étapes, je vais vous montrer comment accélérer et ralentir ce gif. 

1TbRTRfp0gZx8l_aYDdjUIj-yEcL4v2XkB7YQZ_2R3OQMDOWlBCtlM0IH_7WpyACaawSLbD_tSHfA3XZ9ON-02vjDeQwq7_7yrG8SsdsKxnwtta1KXvr_CRCeyY46Uqh3j8efdFW 1TbRTRfp0gZx8l_aYDdjUIj-yEcL4v2XkB7YQZ_2R3OQMDOWlBCtlM0IH_7WpyACaawSLbD_tSHfA3XZ9ON-02vjDeQwq7_7yrG8SsdsKxnwtta1KXvr_CRCeyY46Uqh3j8efdFW

Étape 2 – Si vous cliquez sur la case 0 seconde sous chaque image, vous verrez d’autres valeurs numériques, choisissez le nombre pour accélérer ou ralentir votre image. Plus le nombre est élevé, plus la vitesse est faible. 

speed up-slow-gif1 speed up-slow-gif1

Sin demora (0 segundos) es la velocidad más rápida. Si desea ralentizar el gif, puede elegir cualquier valor que no sea Sin demora. Por ejemplo, elegí 0.2 y así es como se ve, un poco más lento que antes.

fa8T9idJ-MUzKXPZEzohZYCecRLPIrxkHgRqnTMadSIyry6KxWcoSG9Mq2TSdC5H9mU4V1n2jeyKHA4eYPCJ6M6Ipbpk372M6kEz242T4bOozkVOIsPbcwtQCTZlEXxzzfIZdzRb fa8T9idJ-MUzKXPZEzohZYCecRLPIrxkHgRqnTMadSIyry6KxWcoSG9Mq2TSdC5H9mU4V1n2jeyKHA4eYPCJ6M6Ipbpk372M6kEz242T4bOozkVOIsPbcwtQCTZlEXxzzfIZdzRb

Nota: tendrás que hacer clic manualmente y seleccionar en cada cuadro para cambiar el valor (velocidad). 

speed up-slow-gif2 speed up-slow-gif2

You can click on the Reproducer button to see the gif and adjust the speed accordingly. 

speed up-slow down-gif3 speed up-slow down-gif3

Por supuesto, también puede seleccionar diferentes velocidades para diferentes marcos. 

speed up-slow down-gif5 speed up-slow down-gif5

Aquí he mezclado 0.2 y 0.5 entre los fotogramas.

XwsiqLtRupkCSXttYgpeNL4uD07MGnfI-i0bLzSW3INIhdqV1ikDrr7wCC2cnsEjO6r1S84dvbeMLIxuYAKc8P8R-OyMpHGef0-3FTUgsU4_CAPugXHUgaSAPKHkSM_cuW5jPo6c XwsiqLtRupkCSXttYgpeNL4uD07MGnfI-i0bLzSW3INIhdqV1ikDrr7wCC2cnsEjO6r1S84dvbeMLIxuYAKc8P8R-OyMpHGef0-3FTUgsU4_CAPugXHUgaSAPKHkSM_cuW5jPo6c


Making a gif is all about adding motion to the layers and speed does the motion. You can create a fun gif by manipulating the speed in two quick steps! If you want to learn more about creating animations in Photoshop, check out another fun tutorial for creating gifs that I created.

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5549d2b3fc7e837b555967dbc5f2d7c8 5549d2b3fc7e837b555967dbc5f2d7c8

June is an experienced graphic designer specializing in brand design. Photoshop is the essential tool you use every day along with other Adobe programs for your creative work.

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  • c3d131aa3dd427cf62b96568bd625ed9 c3d131aa3dd427cf62b96568bd625ed9


    Thanks! helped a lot


  • 0b017a0d3c07f463eb32b3d8d723c641 0b017a0d3c07f463eb32b3d8d723c641


    helped, thanks


  • 529fb91a7a51450fb3a4634300b45de0 529fb91a7a51450fb3a4634300b45de0


    Thank you very much, I really needed it 😉


  • c4503a3b8adcc3efa4fb1a858b09c204 c4503a3b8adcc3efa4fb1a858b09c204


    But then is there a way to change the time on all images in the same way? I have one which is at 0.03 but I want to change them all but there are 150 frames in total!


  • 74b230c32f82ec05ad3c8f79d218e6f9 74b230c32f82ec05ad3c8f79d218e6f9


    You can select all images so they are highlighted, click on one of the arrows and change the timing – this will change the timing on all images.


  • 3f009d72559f51e7e454b16e5d0687a1 3f009d72559f51e7e454b16e5d0687a1


    What about the frame rate? I set the delay to 0 but it’s still too slow. I know you go to the animation panel and then document something, but I can’t find any of that. I have an open timeline


    • 5549d2b3fc7e837b555967dbc5f2d7c8 5549d2b3fc7e837b555967dbc5f2d7c8


      What version of Photoshop are you using? In CS5 you can click on the triangle at the top right of the animation panel, this will then bring up a menu where you can change the document settings. Which allows you to change the frame rate. This option does not seem to be available in CS6. If anyone knows how to change frame rate in CS6, please post an answer.


  • 577b87eb8cb3a3764c7ff3bb4faa3ad0 577b87eb8cb3a3764c7ff3bb4faa3ad0



    Is it possible to make 2 elements move at different speeds on the same layer?



    • 5549d2b3fc7e837b555967dbc5f2d7c8 5549d2b3fc7e837b555967dbc5f2d7c8


      Hi Peter,

      I’m afraid that’s not possible because the gif is made up of individual layers. If both objects are on the same layer, when you animate, the same effects apply to everything on the same layer.


Video How to slow down a gif in photoshop

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