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Leave the fecha of the publication of WordPress [2022] 💥

October 4, 2022 | by: |Martijn Assie Países Bajos Delaware

Eliminate fecha from WordPress post

All WordPress pages and posts are automatically printed and marked in a predetermined format. Estas fechas pueden ser útiles a la hora de organizar, pero no siempre son apropiadas para exhibiciones públicas. Algunos artículos son perennes, lo que signifiea que siguen siendo relevantes incluso después de las fechas de publication. Una fecha de publication anterior a algunos años podría dissuadir a los clics de los resultados de búsqueda. It is possible that you may wish to conceal the failure to publish the public areas of your web site for your reasons and yours.

Anuncio publicitario


Hay varias formas de occultar la fecha. Puede occulter la fecha de publication agregando CSS a la personalización de su tema. Also hay available complements that deshabilitarán la visualization de la fecha si no desea la option CSS. El método que elija dependerá de lo que prefiera, ambos métodos funcionan muy bien. Diría that experts prefer to use the CSS method and the principles an add.

Ocultar la fecha de publication usando CSS adicional

Así es como escondo las fechas de publication y cualquier otra información que mi tema muestre que no quiero. CSS adicional puede hacer mucho, y es algo que uso en all mis instalaciones de WordPress. Launch the session in the WordPress administration panel. Personalizaremos el real theme. To customize the current theme, check the cursor on the “Apariencia” link in the navigation bar of the column izquierda y haga click on the “Customize” link.

Ocultar la fecha de publication usando CSS adicional

The “Additional CSS Control” button is usually located at the very bottom of the menu. Click on it to open the CSS input box.

Eliminate la fecha de publicación using adicional CSS

This is the base CSS that hides the publication date. Add this CSS in the “Additional CSS” box.

.entry-date published { display: none; }

When the date is still there, we try a different code with “!important” in it. It would look like this.

.entry-date published { display: none !important; }

If the date is still there, your theme is probably using a different CSS class for the date. To see the CSS class, right click on the date and select “Inspect”. I use Firefox browser, Chrome and Opera are very similar. In Safari, use the Option + C key.

Eliminate CSS class inspection failure

In my case, the CSS class used by my theme is the base class. But if you do this test and see a different CSS class, of course replace it in the codes mentioned above. I’m 100% sure that your message no longer displays the date.

Hide post date using a plugin

There are many plugins available to remove the date from posts. I chose WP Date Remover because in my opinion it is the best of all.

Go ahead and download this plugin using the link above and install + activate it. Of course, you can also go to the “Install a new plugin” section in your back-end and use the search option to find it, then install the plugin from there.

Remove WP Date Remover post fecha

You can now go to the bottom of your back-end menu and hover over “Settings”. Click on “WP Date Remover”. You see all the categories you use on your website. Simply choose one or more categories and “Save”. The date will no longer display on all posts or pages in these categories.


¿How to easily eliminate the fecha from the publication of WordPress?

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Écrivez-vous pour un blog ? Voulez-vous supprimer la date des publications WordPress et la garder nouvelle et fraîche tout le temps ?

Many bloggers and site owners prefer to hide the publication date rather than display it.

A cornerstone of blogging is ‘evergreen’ content, which refers to postings that are always relevant and never go out of style. However, including dates in your URLs can make your articles appear outdated, even if the content is still relevant.

A publication date that is more than a few years old may hinder clicks in search results. You may want to hide the post date on public-facing areas of your site or for other reasons. Also, sometimes many blogs have posts that are not time or date-oriented.

In such a scenario, removing or hiding the post date is very important. You can remove the date from your post either from the WordPress dashboard, using custom CSS, using a theme editor, or with the help of a plugin. These methods can help to make your older posts look new.

So, in this post, we’ll show you all the methods to remove the date from WordPress posts. But before we begin, let us first understand why dates appear in WordPress URLs.

Tabla de contenido

  1. ¿Por qué aparecen fechas en las URL de WordPress?
  2. Importancia de eliminar las fechas de publicación
    • Mejore la experiencia del usuario
    • Mantiene el contenido relevante para Google y los usuarios
  3. ¿Cómo quitar la fecha de las publicaciones de WordPress?
    • Eliminar la fecha del panel de WordPress
    • Eliminar la fecha mediante el uso de un complemento
  4. ¿Cómo ocultar la fecha de las publicaciones de WordPress?
    • Usa el método CSS
    • Usa el editor de temas
  5. Conclusión

1 Why Do Dates Appear in WordPress URLs?

For post and page URLs, WordPress uses a non-human-readable link structure that looks like this:

It uses a post ID in the URL, which isn’t very appealing or informative. The number won’t inform readers much about a post, and it won’t give search engines much to work with.

Fortunately, WordPress allows you to change the structure of your URLs and create more meaningful and SEO-friendly URLs. It gives you many options under the Settings > Permalinks page.

Cambie the configuration of the permanent link to eliminate the failure of the publication of WordPress

The Post name or Custom Structure formats are usually preferable. These formats make your URLs more legible for visitors while still providing search engines with the information they need to index your sites appropriately.

2 Importance of Removing the Post Dates

2.1 Enhance User Experience

When you publish a blog, you usually share the link on your social media accounts and website. Users will appreciate seeing where a link will lead them right away. If your URL contains a date, the link will likely be chopped off, preventing your users from reading the whole URL. As a result, users may choose not to click on a link, thereby impacting a post’s performance.

2.2 Keeps Content Relevant to Google and Users

Imagine going through the search results and coming across two results with titles that are nearly identical. Both will very likely respond to your query; however one utilizes the post name structure (, and the other contains a date from 2022 (

Which outcome will you pick?

Most likely, the link that appears to be the most relevant and up-to-date. Removing dates from your URLs is a simple technique to increase click-through rates and offer your website a competitive edge in search engines.

3 How To Remove the Date From WordPress Posts?

You can use the dashboard settings or a plugin to remove the date from WordPress posts.

Note: Before making any changes to your site, create a fresh backup. Whenever you fiddle with your site, it’s always crucial to have an immediate backup so that you can restore it if something goes wrong.

You must set up appropriate redirects if you’ve removed the date from your WordPress URLs. Managing redirects couldn’t get easier with the help of Rank Math’s powerful Redirect Manager.

Users will be redirected to the revised URLs without receiving a 404 error with the help of redirects. This will also assist search engines in recognizing that the old URLs have been redirected to the new URLs.

Now let’s have a look at both the methods in detail.

3.1 Remove the Date From WordPress Dashboard

To remove the date from WordPress posts, navigate to Settings > General from your WordPress dashboard. Here on the Custom field, remove or delete the F j, Y as shown below, and click on the Save Changes button.

remove fecha from WordPress panel

This method is handy and helps to remove the date from WordPress post with ease.

3.2 Remove the Date By Using A Plugin

Several free WordPress plugins are available to remove the date from WordPress posts. However, out of all of them, you must choose the optimum one that would work best for you. In this instance, the WP Date Remover WordPress plugin is recommended.

At first, install and activate the plugin by navigating to Plugins > Add New section from your WordPress dashboard.

Agregar nuevo complemento

Search for WP Date Remover plugin in the search bar, install and activate it.

Install and Activate the WP Date Remover Addon

As you can see below, the date for the post is visible. With the help of WP Date Remover, you can remove the date.

The fecha is visible

Once the plugin is installed and activated, navigate to Settings > WP Date Remover from your WordPress dashboard, as shown below. You’ll see a listing of all your WordPress post categories.

WP Charge Eliminator Setup

Select the category for which you want to remove the date. Click on Save all changes button.

select categories in addition to WP Date REMover

Now when you check the selected category post, the date will be removed from the post.

Fecha de elimination de las publications

With the help of the WP Date Remover plugin, you can easily tweak the settings and remove the date from WordPress posts.

4 How To Hide the Date From WordPress Posts?

4.1 Use the CSS Method

Vous pouvez utiliser un CSS personnalisé pour masquer les dates de vos publications WordPress.

Pour ce faire, accédez à Apparence  >  Personnaliser depuis votre tableau de bord WordPress.

aggregate css to hide the news of the WordPress publications

Accédez au contrôle CSS supplémentaire qui se trouve généralement en bas ou près du bas du menu de gauche.

Aggregate CSS code

Insérez le code suivant dans le champ de saisie CSS.

.entry-date published { display: none; }

If the code above does not hide the date, check the CSS class, right-click the date and select the Inspect Element option.

Comprobar CSS class

The developer tools area will appear. The page element you right-clicked on (the publish date) will be highlighted. The CSS class is usually visible in the highlighted part as shown below.


Copy the class name and set display: none.

.class-name { display: none; }

Replace the class name with your theme’s post date class name, and paste it to the Additional CSS section.

Aggregate CSS code

Once you’ve added the CSS code, click on the Publish button. The date will now be hidden from the WordPress post.

La fecha hides itself with the help of CSS code.

However, note that  this method doesn’t completely delete the date and time . It only hides the date and the metadata from the front end.

4.2 Use the Theme Editor

You can remove the date from WordPress posts using the WordPress theme editor.

Para hacerlo, vaya a  Apariencia  > Editor de temas desde su control panel de WordPress.

On the Template-parts mat , select the plantilla archive, en su mayoría llamado content.php , and eliminate el código de fecha.

Use the theme editor

Cuando guarde y actualice, la fecha se eliminará de sus publicaciones de WordPress.

5. Closing

Las fechas en sus URL de WordPress pueden hacer que su contenido parezca déactualizado, lo que resulta a loss of clicks. Eliminarlos limpia sus enlaces y maintaine su contenido ‘siempre verde’ como nuevo.

To eliminate the failure of the publications of WordPress, have a security copy, take care of the previously mentioned forms and create redirections to ensure that the usuarios lleguen has known new URLs without problems. Is a quick process that has to be done much more easily.

¿Evitas hacer clic en los enlaces de los resultsados ​​de búsqueda that conducen a artículos más antiguos? ¿Crees que utilizarás uno de los enfoques cubiertos para eliminar las fechas de publication? Háganos saber tuiteando a @rankmathseo. 💬


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