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Top 11 Websites to Sell Your Beats Online (2022)

Porbrian Clark Last Updated: June 24, 2022


Selling beats online is one of the best ways to make money as a music producer. If you’re constantly creating new leads, beats selling websites are the perfect platform to earn an equally consistent income from your hard work.

Making a living selling beats is far from impossible, but it takes a lot of patience, hard work, and business acumen. “Business” is the key word here: when your job is to sell beats, you should treat your beats like a product and your beats sales pages like a real business .

Typically, artists who sell beats have two types of customers: other artists and businesses . Rappers especially enjoy buying beats online to use in their songs. For example, the hit song “Old Town Road” was composed to a beat that Lil Nas X bought for just $30. Companies also buy tons of beats because they often need royalty-free music to use in promotional campaigns, training videos, and more.

Beats can be rented or sold permanently . Leases are non-exclusive contracts. When you sell a non-exclusive beat, you can keep selling the same beat indefinitely . When you permanently sell a beat, you are selling it exclusively to one person ; you can no longer sell the beat once you have entered into an exclusive agreement. This is why exclusive beats are usually more expensive than non-exclusive ones.

There are other disclaimers that artists selling beats use to inflate the price of their beats. You can sell high-quality versions of a beat for an extra charge, for example. You can also sell tagged and untagged versions of the same beat (a tag is a sound signature that some producers use to tag their songs), and charge an additional fee to sell the roots or music project file used in a beat.

Unless you sell beats exclusively to your closest friends, you should create an online page . Below is a list of the 10+1 best websites to sell your beats online.

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  • 1. Your own website
  • 2. Air bit
  • 3. Beat the Stars
  • 4.TrakTrak
  • 5. Click sound
  • 6. Premium Beat
  • 7. Sound
  • 8. Sound Engine
  • 9. GoBuyBeats
  • 10. Audio Jungla
  • 11. Sonido’s Nube
  • ¿Existen otras alternativas para vender tus beats?
  • ¿Sell latidos are a profitable esfuerzo?
  • How much should I sell my beats for?
  • Can you make a living off selling beats?
  • What are the exclusive rights to a beat?
  • Conclusion

1. Tu propio site web

Como modelo de negocio, nada greater que tener tu propio sitio web para vender beats . You can check the appearance and the flujo of this page, get 100% access to what you sell and promote you mark at a deeper and personal level. Create your own site web es algo que debes hacer incluso si tienes beats a la venta en otras plataformas .

Puede sentir que crear un sitio web es algo que solo debe hacer después de ganar toneladas de dinero vendiendo ritmos. Sin embargo, ¿por qué esperar? Es más fácil que nunca crear un sitio web de música y hay muchos creadores de sitios web de música para elegir. La desventaja es que atraer a la gente para que visite y compre en su sitio web puede ser difícil . A diferencia de los negocios de venta de ritmos ya establecidos, estás comenzando de nuevo y tienes mucho camino por recorrer, especialmente en términos de promoción.

Invertir en las redes sociales es una de las mejores estrategias para correr la voz , especialmente si ya tiene una base de seguidores decente en Instagram o TikTok. Comenzar una lista de correo de la banda también puede ser bastante efectivo . Algunos artistas y corporaciones compran ritmos regularmente, entonces, ¿por qué no mejorar la lealtad de los clientes mientras intentan atraer la atención de nuevos clientes?

2. Bit de aire

Screenshot from Screenshot from

AirBit es uno de los sitios web líderes en el mundo para la venta de ritmos , lo que tiene un costo. Hay tanta competencia en AirBit que puede ser un desafío hacer esa primera venta tan deseada . Sin embargo, aparte de eso, AirBit es casi perfecto . ¡Ayuda a los músicos a licenciar fácilmente su trabajo y no cobra comisión !

Customizability is also a big advantage of using AirBit. While on AirBit, you won’t feel like you’re selling beats in a place that’s not yours. Thanks to its custom web stores, it’s up to you to create the look of your page. The fact that you can embed your store is also a big plus: you can easily sell your AirBit beats on your website, blog, or even e-mail.

3. BeatStars

Screenshot from Screenshot from

There are two ways of using BeatStars to sell beats: you either do it for free or pay a subscription. Subscribed users get to sell their beats with zero commission, while free users need to give away 30% of their earnings. This may seem like a huge disadvantage but it’s actually a smart move.

You can try out BeatStars for free to sell your first beats and get a subscription once it’s worth your money. BeatStars is as popular as AirBit, it’s the website where Lil Nas X bought the beat for “Old Town Road,” for instance, but is slightly less competitive. It lacks AirBit’s customization features, but it does have some interesting extras, such as payment splitting for artists.

4. TrakTrain

Screenshot from Screenshot from

Quality beats sell more than low-quality beats, that’s obvious! But, if you plan to sell beats at TrakTrain, you need to deliver the goods even before setting up an account. Unlike AirBit and BeatStars, TrakTrain vets its producers, meaning you need to show them samples of your work before signing up.

Since TrakTrain gets to pick only the best of the best, it’s no wonder so many artists and corporations choose to buy from them. After joining TrakTrain, you get a personalized online store and access to a community of over 30K members. If you believe in the quality of your beats, it’s a great place to sell.

5. SoundClick

Screenshot of Screenshot of

SoundClick was around even before selling beats on the Internet became mainstream. As a website that was launched in 1997, SoundClick pioneered the online music market for up-and-coming artists without a record label deal.

SoundClick looks nothing like a website from the ’90s, but its business model is somewhat dated. SoundClick’s library is huge and extremely eclectic, but not all beats are up for sale, some songs are only available for streaming.

What’s even more confusing is that a good chunk of SoundClick’s library is made of complete tracks with vocals, which isn’t exactly the type of product most artists and corporations are looking for.

6. PremiumBeat

Screenshot of Screenshot of

Ever heard of Shutterstock? Well, that’s the company behind PremiumBeat, Shutterstock’s musical version. Selling your beats through PremiumBeat is very easy: you just need to submit your music and ensure it’s 100% original.

PremiumBeat is great because of Shutterstock’s reputation and its amazing discounts for subscribed sellers. There’s a catch, though: PremiumBeat insists on exclusivity, meaning you cannot upload your music anywhere else once you submit it.

7. Soundee

Available on a free, a starter, and a pro version, Soundee is a sleek-looking music website for selling beats that’s great for artists looking to increase their streams and sell through social media. Even though it’s not as popular as AirBit and BeatStars, it draws some influences from both websites.

At Soundee, you pay a 30% commission unless you sign up for a monthly subscription. Free users are also limited to 10 uploads, whereas starter users can upload up to 50 beats (there’s no limit for pro users). You also get free access to one embed player.

8. Soundgine

With no free version available and zero commission for all of its artists, Soundgine is perfectly designed to fit the needs of experienced music producers. According to their official website, members of Soundgine have already received over $390 million selling their beats!

Soundgine’s library, though, seems to be lacking in some aspects. I searched for the keyword ‘punk’ and only found two tracks. Remarkably, the keyword ‘indie’ presented no results. It can be a sign that there are plenty of opportunities for alternative musicians at Soundgine, or… a sign that the website’s tagging doesn’t work that well.

9. GoBuyBeats

Screenshot of Screenshot of

Sometimes, making good business is all about judging something not by what it’s worth now, but by what it can be worth in the future. While GoBuyBeats is still a mostly unknown beat-selling platform (just look at their YouTube channel), that means you can be one of the very first producers to start selling there.

To be honest, GoBuyBeats has potential because it’s free to use (no limitations or premium plans) and extremely easy to navigate. It’s simple and straight to the point.

10. AudioJungle

Screenshot from Screenshot from

One of the best things about AudioJungle is that it’s not just a website for selling beats. Functioning under the Envato domain, AudioJungle is a virtual marketplace for all sorts of audio files, including corporate audio logos and music kits.

If making beats isn’t your thing but you love to come up with original sounds for movies and TV shows or even create sample packs for other artists, you’ll love AudioJungle. Due to its library of close to two million tracks, AudioJungle is packed with resources for musicians too.

If your goal is to improve your beats as well as sell them, you should join AudiJungle as both a seller and buyer! There are great sound packs and SFX in there for as little as $1.

11. SoundCloud

Screenshot of Screenshot of

Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this one before. SoundCloud is such a popular website it gave way to its own genre of hip-hop music. Yes, Mumble Rap was initially referred to as SoundCloud rap. You probably know SoundCloud for being a popular website for streaming music, but is it any good for selling beats?

It depends. On one hand, SoundCloud is massively popular, and there are millions of people tuning in to the website every day to discover new artists. This means you get access to a huge audience. On the other hand, SoundCloud is not known for being a music-selling website, meaning most of your potential loyal customers (i.e., other artists and corporations) will be browsing for royalty-free music elsewhere.

SoundCloud is great for selling your beats if you also want to become famous as a producer. In other words, it’s not the place for uploading generic, instrumental hip-hop beats and background music.

Are there any other alternatives to sell your beats?

Having your own website and treating it as a business is probably the best option. However, you can sell beats virtually anywhere you can reach an online audience. All social media platforms are great for promoting your beats and YouTube is an absolute must-have if you’re in the game.

Is selling beats a profitable endeavor?

The beat-selling industry is growing as you read this sentence, and it generates yearly revenues of over $30 million already. This means that it’s more than possible to make a profit (and even a comfortable living) selling beats.

How much should I sell my beats for?

To sell your beats, consider the price of the average beat on your favorite website and your experience as a producer. Are you a recognizable artist? Then you can sell exclusive beats for $500 and even more. Are you just starting? Asking for more than $100 for an exclusive can be too much.

Can you make a living off selling beats?

It’s not easy and it requires some business savviness, but you sure can! There are plenty of producers who make a living selling beats, including Kyle Beats:

What are the exclusive rights to a beat?

If you sell a beat exclusively, it means you can only sell it once. Once you sell it, it no longer belongs to you, but to the client. If you sell beats non-exclusively, you’re leasing your beat to the client but you can continue to sell the same beat to others.


There are plenty of ways of making money online as a musician, but few are as interesting as selling beats. If you’re producing new tracks every day, beat-selling websites are the perfect place to make something out of all of those unreleased project files on your hard drive.

But more than just a way to make extra money, selling beats can also be a business . If you take the job seriously enough, you should find enough resources online to make a living selling beats. And in the end, isn’t that being a music pro?

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How to Create a Website to Sell Beats Online

Melanie Keley

Updated by Melanie Kealey on December 10, 2021 in: Website Tips, Selling Music Online

Posted Jul 30, 2015

How to Create a Website to Sell Beats OnlineTout le monde peut créer des mixes et de nouveaux rythmes sortent chaque jour. Pour vous démarquer de la foule, créez un site Web pour vendre des beats de qualité en ligne et mettre en valeur vos compétences en tant que producteur. 

If making a website for your music has been on your ‘should do’ list for awhile, today is a great time to get to it! Networking is an important key to establishing your brand in the beats market, and your custom beats website presents a picture of who you are and what you do, without ads or interruptions. Here’s how to get started:

Choose a website template to sell your beats

You’re busy creating rhythms, loops, and sounds, tracking them, and getting them into people’s ears. But you know you could use a website to take your music career one level higher. Without the time or inclination to figure out how to code, choosing a website template that suits your vibe is a great way to quickly create a online store for your beats. .

With a beats website template, you can rest knowing that your beats play properly online and that e-commerce functions work perfectly on mobile devices. All you have to do is create your pages, add imagery and text, and then upload your beats. You can customize your website from there, or if you like the look and feel of the template, go with that and focus your time on creating more music to build your brand.

Once you’ve got your beats website template looking the way you want it, add pages with information about you: who you are, how to contact you, how to buy your beats, and so on.

Build a professional website to sell beats in minutes with all these features and more. Create your beats website with Bandzoogle today.

How to Create a Website to Sell Beats OnlineProducer website: FakeJaz

Add a homepage

The homepage of your website is an introduction. Be sure to let your website visitors know who you are and what you’re all about. You can do this in a few ways, from adding text that details what you do, to posting images that convey your vibe. Be sure to add a sample of your music on your home page as well! If you’ve got a playlist or video to embed from an external service, that’ll help fill out  the page.

Use a powerful image either as your main banner or your background image. Whether you use an image that shows you at your workstation or with an instrument, or you pick an abstract image that conveys your sound, be sure to use colors from this image in the rest of your website design.

An important element to include in building a perfect homepage is a call-to-action. This draws attention to a current promotion. Whether you’re working on building your mailing list, or dropping a new track soon, or you just want to send visitors to your beats store, add a call-to-action that includes a button to click to get them there.

You can also add news to your homepage. Swap in regular updates  with new videos, or posts that  draw attention to a new beat.  Add a Blog feature to share success stories as they happen!

How to Create a Website to Sell Beats OnlineProducer website: Harmony

Create a Bio/About page

Put your face behind your music by creating a detailed Bio page. Your About or Bio page is the place to post your story: who you are and how you came to be doing what you do. Mention any highlights that you’re proud of, like successful collaborations, streaming numbers, or podcast appearances. Everything that came before your website has made you who you are, and your website is the perfect place to let that show.

Adding text that mentions your name will help your website be more easily discovered in search engines. So in addition to posting information  about who you are, be sure to discuss your musical style on this page.

Sell beats from your website

As a beats producer, you want to create a commission-free space where people can easily  purchase your work. Whether you’re offering exclusive rights or free samples, a page dedicated to building up a beats store is essential.

Keep your website’s beat store page up to date, offering new releases when they’re available. Post text on this page, as well – from ideas on how to use your samples in production to further information about licensing options. If you have a lot of variety here, plan to add your contact information on this page as well. It may help a potential purchaser or collaborator with any questions to get in touch quickly.

If you’re planning to sell branded apparel as well, create a Store page on your website with a feature to sell your beats. Then add a feature to sell your merch online as well (print-on-demand is an option to save you the trouble of storing or shipping products). Adding one section background for your beats store and a different one for your merch store will add clarity to your layout and flow to the page. 

How to Create a Website to Sell Beats OnlineProducer website: Mertz Music

Gear or Equipment page

A Gear page is a great page to add to a beats website. It allows you to show what tools you’re using, and will illustrate to fellow producers that you’re on top of trends. On this page, list allf your gear and include some text and images for context. If you fill several musical roles, perhaps recording and producing for other artists, make a note on your gear page of any additional services you offer.

Posting a photo of yourself at work lends a nice touch to this page and builds upon the image of you as a hardworking musician, producer, or engineer, who is constantly innovating and creating.

Press kit page

Every beats producer should add a press kit to their website. It quickly communicates the path of your career to date. Use a preset EPK page template to create a page that includes a short musician bio, press materials including photos and video, a sample of your music, and some promotional photos. 

If you’ve received any write-ups talking about your success to date, those belong on your press kit page as well. Take a quote or the headline of the interview, and put that in text on this page. You can link out to the full story, or add a paragraph here that’ll intrigue anyone visiting your press kit page.

Your press kit gives industry professionals an easy and familiar way to review your work and let you know if they like what they see. Include your contact details, including social media links in your press kit.

contact page

Being reachable is an important aspect of maintaining an online presence. This doesn’t mean you have to reply to fans on Instagram every half hour, but there should be a place on your website where someone can easily contact you. 

Adding contact information to a dedicated contact page on your website is a great way to weed out spammers and ensure that the people following you are genuinely interested in collaborating, buying beats, or getting beats. learn more about your music.

Also add your social media icons to make sure you start building a community, giving people multiple ways to connect as you build your brand online.

How to Create a Website to Sell Beats OnlineProducer’s website: t6mlinworld

With so much buzz online, stand out as a quality producer by creating a website that gives you a professional appearance and lets you sell your beats commission-free. With a Beats store hosted on your personalized website, you control when and how much music is downloaded and available for sale or license. Create a space where fans can stay in touch, buy merchandise, join your mailing list or keep up to date with your projects; you will make more sales by having everything in one place.

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Video How to make a website to sell beats

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